I only put these two in because their is nothing more certain than death and taxes - or is there!
We are living longer but we still die. Start off with one funeral parlour and build up a chain, then charge a fortune! Sorry you have missed the hearse - the large American undertakers have cornered the corpse market. They bought out the UK family firms a generation ago.
You can get cremated for a bargain price online - send your unwanted dead body to CORPSE R US .gon.
No seriously; they send your body to the nearest contracted crematorium - there's a choice of urns but you can't choose between heaven or hell. If you have no disposable income you will be disposed of ASAP - bad news has more chance of being buried than you.
One has to take out a mortgage with a 99 year lease on a burial plot in London nowadays. 

Tax consultancy has been one of the biggest growth industries since viagra and gm crops raised their ugly stalks. They are supposed to be stopping tax evasion but don't worry; there's still tons of time to make piles of pounds. The gravy train is still hurtling along the track. Many large firms and individuals will still be paying little or no tax for many years to come - in a recession the rich need all the help they can get.
There are about 70 tax havens in this wonderful world.
The UK is one and has close links to a surprising number of the others. here's most of them: USA...Alderney...Bahamas ... Jersey ... St. Kitts and Nevis... Bahrain... St. Vincent... Gibraltar... Barbados ... Botswana... St. Lucia... Belize ... Singapore ... Ireland ... Isle of Man... UAE... Marshall Islands... Bermuda... Cook Islands... Sark ... British Virgin Islands.

If you are considering a career in the accountancy of avoidance and evasion... go for the nouveau-riche clientele, such as comedians and footballers - you'll be able to laugh when you kick the rest of society in the balls.