SEPT 23th 2018

On this day

1641; The Merchant Royal, a 17th century English merchant ship was lost at sea off Land's End.
On board were at least 100,000 pounds of gold (nearly one billion pounds in today's money), 400 bars of Mexican silver and nearly 500,000 pieces of eight and other coins, making it one of the most valuable wrecks of all times.
The wreck remains undiscovered.
Does the human race know more about deep space around the planet than the deep depths of the very so vital expanses of water so vital to his/her existence.
Afraid so! a the moment there is more private money in research into space than discovery into the depths.
Take the easy way...
Man and now woman; is always taking what he thinks is the easiest way; in his short term search for gold. NO GOSH

1779; During the American Revolution, John Paul Jones on board the USS Bonhomme Richard beat British forces at the Battle of Flamborough Head, off Yorkshire.
It became one of the most celebrated naval actions of the American War of Independence.
An important tactic of playing away.
I never heard of that battle; I know we lost the war, that was fought to win.
If you think that we can win the economic war from the outside of a present day trading block! You need some more savy; not being full of what one puts in the lavy...
Splosh GOSH

1952; The star of the silent movies, Charlie Chaplin, returned to his native England after 21 years in the US.
The cockney kid of the workhouse whose' second American tour at the age of 24 as a comedian in Fred Karnos Army seen his first foray into fame.
Chaplin was considered a communist by the American capitalist establishment.
Mr Chaplin - a top of the money tree - film star and film maker, claimed he was just a peace monger; as opposed to war monger.
He ended his days as a rich man in the still neutral to this day - yet majority german speaking - nation state of Switzerland.
Those Swiss bankers know how to go for gold.GOSH

1986; England and Yorkshire batsman Geoff Boycott was controversially sacked from Yorkshire Cricket Club after playing for the county side for 24 years.
This outspoken controversial cricketer was sacked more for political reasons than professional.
Not quite collateral in the less than casual conflict.
Right or wrong the establishment rules OK - Mr marmite had to go GOSH

1987; Britain ended arms sales to Iran.
The establishment on behalf of the country had spoken.
The UK arms industry took time to readjust.
Most have heard of the controversial universal credit - how many know of the system of arms sale credit.
The 'doyens' of death and destruction cant lose...
The man/men with the golden gun(s) GOSH

The Greeks still have a Nationalised arms industry - or have they!
Who knows! the privatistion provisos of the Greek loans repayment plan are not exactly public knowledge.

SEPT 24th 2018

On this day

1645; The Battle of Rowton Heath took place some 2 miles to the south-east of Chester.
The Parliamentarian victory over a Royalist army, commanded in person by King Charles, prevented Charles from relieving the Siege of Chester.
It is alleged that King Charles 1 stood on Phoenix Tower in Chester and saw his army defeated in battle.
The king is dead; long live the king.
Charlie 1 was given the chop by the hierarchy of the plebs.
It is reckoned that the son Charlie 11 lied when he promised no retribution on regaining power.
We all tell porkies to some extent - even the old dear that says, 'what have you got to hide' in the era of establishment oversurveillance.
In my experience; those in pursuit of power and wealth; lie more.
Plebs enter into the realm of porkies...
Is royalty rotten to the core! Spin is being economical with the truth.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH.

1853; Liverpools' Northern Daily Times became England's first provincial daily newspaper.
Daily newspaper; Europe was years ahead of the UK when it comes to newspapers.
Three quarters of Liverpool have nothing to with 'the sun'; due to the lies about the Hillsborough stadium deaths.
The sun - a centre right tabloid - read by taxi drivers, hair dressers and others who should know better, was Englands best selling publication.
The metro now has the largest circulation - recently overtaking the sun.
The metro is a free paper found on trains, planes and buses and other places that the public uses.
The metro is published by the same group that owns the right of centre 'Dail Mail'.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Having a Liquid lunch! the paper is free; go on have another glass GOSH

The number of Greek publications increased with the increasing affluence of the late 60's.
Mostly small independent outfits.
Since the loans fiasco (loans arranged by the greedy gits and condoned by a centre right government) mergers and acquisitions have returned the 'press' to the hands of the rich few.

SEPT 25th 2018

On this day

1066 England's King Harold II defeated the King of Norway, at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire.
After a horrific battle, Hardrada and most of the Norwegians were killed. Although Harold repelled the Norwegian invaders, his victory was short-lived and he was defeated and killed by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings less than three weeks later.
Don't mention them romans and Empires.
Them bloody mainland Europeans and economic refugees coming over here; killing us and changing our culture.
If! we don't stop them soon - I'll be a gonad of a GOON GOSH

1818; The first blood transfusion using human blood took place at Guy's Hospital in London.
In the 1970's/80's over 2,000 UK citizens died and heavens knows how many lives were seriously affected by Hepatitus caught from contaminated blood imported from America.
Despite the WHO more than advising that each Nation state should be self sufficient in blood supplies.
Blood was purchased from the USofA by private companies under the supervision of the NHS.
The vast majority of those infected were haemophilliacs - a genetic disease now curable. Is it an undesirable trait of all nation states that establishments are guilty of nowt.
When a loved one dies; time is not a great healer In 2018, nearly all of those responsible will be long gone GOSH

1929; Comedian Ronnie Barker was born. TV programmes included - Porridge, Open all Hours and The Two Ronnies.
The demise of TV and radio is put down to competition from those little telly internet things.
The media has become an unnecessary obtrusive growth industry. An industry of repeats and programs that rely on a more often than not talentless public.
Originality is dead ; long live originality.
Has the changing economy stifled mass originality in the developed world!
All living generations are now saying, 'Where has all the talent gone!'.NO GOSH

1956; A Transatlantic telephone service was inaugurated. It consisted of 4,500 miles of cable, laid in waters up to 2.5 miles deep between Gallanach Bay, near Oban in Scotland and Clarenville, Newfoundland in Canad.
Initially, it carried 36 telephone channels. Despite being in the era of WI FI and international networks - mass communication and power still rely on the cable; they call it hard wired...
No matter what they tell you; it's nowt to - or is it - to do with gravity GOSH

Will the next important technoligical innovation come from EU member Greece or China.
It used to be the British Empire and then America with its' funny money empire.

SEPT 26th 2018

On this day

1580; The Devonshire born seaman Francis Drake returned to Plymouth, in the Golden Hind, becoming the first British navigator to circumnavigate the earth.
Franky plundered a few Spanish ships en-route to keep morale high! In this era of the keyboard - generations past the crayon - ruling over the sword; our nation still hasn't accepted the demise of the economic advantage gained from the Empire.
The most capitalist nation states of the UK and The USofA didn't see the banking crash coming.
The American powers to be are still coming to terms with the election of Donny boy.
The UK is now a divided nation arguing ferociously over Brexit.
Both phenomena wouldn't have come about without inequality.
Soon the UK will use the keyboard to increase the fishing area around its borders.
The irony is at the moment; we haven't the sword to defend the new zone.
We have to make it up as we go along - nobody knows where we are going GOSH

1997; Queen Elizabeth II and the British Government announced that the Royal Yacht Britannia would neither be refitted nor replaced because of the high cost.
Just recently; a few of the greedy git establishment more than mooted the building of a new 'royal yacht'
Talk about another planet; inequality pales into cliched insignificance.
This is what happens when half of developed society is doing OK; and, the other half of all levels and types of income is existing on/in debt.
As power and wealth moves to the east; the societies of the western developed world have turned inwards on themselves.
One hell of a GPS induced wrong turn - do we know where we are going GOSH

PS. In the second year of the first socialist government of UK modern times; labour MP's started wearing top hats and sending their sons to Eton.

Greece is a divided nation governed by a coalition government; yet still in the EU.
My heart is with the pleb leavers; but, my head is with the remainers.
DO I know where I am going!

Ps. Much has been made of the contrived Lib Dem revival.
Perhaps the need for a revival is down to the reason that just before the Tory/Lib Dem coalition; the Lib Dem party was taken over by those to the right of centre - how far to the right!

SEPT 27th 2018

On this day

1066; William the Conqueror and his army set sail from the mouth of the Somme River in Picardy, northern France, beginning the Norman Conquest of England.
The plaque at St Valery Sur Somme - which like many places in the UK has seen better times - dedicated to the sailing is such a small insignificant thing; blink in any language and you'll miss it.
The era of leading countries killing each other lasted for centuries.
Times change and people move on.
However; many nation states have a minority that make a living from death and destruction.
The woman say, 'it will be different' when we are in charge.
The bliar babes voted almost to a man to wage war away.
Whose for war! as long as it's someone elses gore GOSH

1672; A new British company, the 'Royal Africa Company' was given a monopoly of the African slave trade to America, with discounts for those who purchased entire shiploads.
It was no myth that some British boarding houses - called bed and breakfast today - had no, 'Blacks Irish or Dogs' in the window.
Today it is un/officialy dogs - remind me of that Billy - moved through the classes - Connolly obversation joke, @have you ever seen a dog step in dog shit!
Today it is how much you earn that keeps class distinction alive but not so well.
We are not as nice as we like to think we are!
Got any gash gold gov! GOSH

The warmth and difference of Greece used to attract vast numbers of British tourists Is it a lack of cash that keeps people at home - home as in nation state.
The internationality of the haves is certainly making all nation states the same - especially the new places of worship; the shopping malls.
Everybody in all nation states of the developed western world is after your money now.

SEPT 28th 2018

On this day

1066; Claiming his right to the English throne, William, Duke of Normandy (or William the Bastard, as he was often called at the time, due to his illegitimate status ) landed at Pevensey in East Sussex to begin his invasion of England.
1106 Henry I of England defeated his brother, Robert Curthose, the Duke of Normandy at the Battle of Tinchebray, in Normandy. It was a decisive victory and the battle lasted just one hour. The Duke was captured and imprisoned in England and then at Cardiff Castle until his death.
England and Normandy remained under a single ruler until 1204.
People today are on the back burner aware of the love hate relationship between France and the UK.
The vast majority (too busy getting on with their lives - miserable existence servicing us; to some) of UK plebs are unaware of the greedy git gang - sorry; love of the good life extended families - links to nation states in the pursuit of power and wealth.
It is up to plebs; how far the greedy go GOSH

1884; Simon Marks, a Jewish Polish immigrant, and Yorkshireman Tom Spencer opened their Penny Bazaar in Leeds, setting the foundations for the Marks and Spencer chain.
The first UK business to make a pre-tax profit of £1 billion.
It went into drastic decline the following year - just another high street casualty of the online era!
Many moons ago a young chap was celebrating passing his accountacy finals in my local.
I asked him what percentage of his trade/vocation was fiction - his not so young reply, 'It all is'.
In this present era of intentional unregulated ignorance; do you really have a clue where we/you are going GOSH

1864 'The First International' - an organisation; not a pamphlet/paper - was founded in London, when Karl Marx proposed the formation of an International Working Men's Association.
Initially formed from the hearts and minds of the English and French working class man.
Today; in the era of inequality, your/our life is run by the international 1-2% of those that fervently follow capitalism.
Come on follow the greedy gits!
Time for change - do you know where you are going GOSH

Greece has - it was a closer than one thinks - chosen to stay in the centre right controlled organisation of the EU.
Us centre left unpaid moderates left the Blairite controlled labour party as soon as we realised.
That's when the temporary resurgence of the Lib Dems came about.
Is it all about how many, and where you relieve oneself from!

SEPT 29th 2018

On this day

1399; The first English monarch to abdicate, Richard II, was replaced by Bolingbroke, - they were non kissing cousins; who ascended the throne as Henry IV.
This was in a very long era of the lust for power and money being aided and abetted by the blatent marriage for money Game. GOSH

The Bolingbroke family/outfit is alive and well today.
A lifetime ago I had a wtf moment in my Killingworth village local.
A man/lad in his low twenties; resplendent in full country gent get up complete with green wellies and two gun dogs walked in.
It turns out he was the newly promoted/landed in the job; land agent of an organisation owning a substantial tract of Northumberland land.
He had been sent up from London to administer the estate and sort out an ongoing/upcoming problem.
He had moved effortlessly into one of the largest houses in the area for the duration of his stay. The north western streets of Heaton in Newcastle were owned by the same descendent gang of greedy gits - bet the residents rent went up.
Play the ongoing good old game GOSH

The country set long ago deserted the London deb scene - they now keep their heads down in the countryside around London; campaigning successfully for HS11 tunnels to underpass their estates/mansions.
Areas such as Virginia Waters - posh houses in the NE look like mere sheds - were seceded to the Nouveaux Riche long ago.
Was it class warfare that made them take the money and run!
Who will take over the London Deb scene resurrected and dominated by the super rich russian oligarchs now that russia is allegedly out of favour! A pr/spin problem will sort it out...
Money makes the world go around is really in fashion now...

2007; Calder Hall, the world's first commercial nuclear power station, was demolished in a controlled explosion.
When it closed on 31st March 2003, the first reactor - planned for twenty - had been in use for nearly 47 years.
Calder Hall cannot get much nearer to one of the most beautiful places on the planet - which is now in a struggle to hold on to its world heritage status.
Don't forget the clean up cost and link to nuclear weapons.
If you deny the link you need a nuke detonated up your what you should show in the window.

Greece has researched nuclear energy and made the decision to go for renewable energy.
Them thick foreigners EH!

SEPT 30th 2018

On this day

1630; John Billington, one of the original pilgrims who sailed to the New World on the Mayflower, became the first man executed in the English colonies.
He was hanged for having shot another man during a quarrel.
We - yes us Brits; via the establishment - got rid of the death penalty (hung by the kneck until pronounced dead) in 1965.
Northern Ireland - no man or woman is an island; or part thereof; magic money,trees and all that - did not abolish hanging until 1973.
Shall we hang em! - no jokes about death grin and go GOSH

Many parts of the planet still believe in an eye for an eye etc.
Nation States still have various ways of making a man meet his maker...
One can still kill for ones country; but not as an individual in the developed world.
The cant and hypocrisy of an advanced nation state waging war away.
'Put that man/woman on the grill...'
'He's gone sir'
'What! as in gone away'
'No sir'
'As in dead gone' NO GOSH

1938; The League of Nations (germany a member from 1926-1933) unanimously outlawed 'the intentional bombings of civilian populations'.
Just before the end of the second world war in which all participants bombed anything and everything, the league of nations - of which, the USofA was a non member - was kicked into touch and the UN was instigated by the USofA as policeman of the world
Are policemen/women only human -as yet! Ve haf vays of encouraging you to join our - don't mention trump and the UN - Gang GOSH

Both Germanies became full members of the UN in 1973.
The EU has had enhanced rights on most UN committees - don't mention Brexit complications
The UN security council has five permanent members: Russia,China,France, The USofA and us Brits.
Whilst the USofA have had frenemy mexican stand off with the EU, china and Russia have sneaked (to the general plebs) through on the outside rails of trading in power and wealth.
After Brexit; here I am stuck in the middle with you - in changing times; how strong is the glue! GOSH

1987; Keith Best,ex tory MP, was sentenced to four months in prison for trying to obtain British Telecom shares by deception.
2014; In the first official study of money spent on 'illegal' activities it was found that Britons spend more on drugs and prostitutes than on beer and wine.
The Office of National Statistics (ONS) said that spending on illegal drugs and prostitution was worth an estimated £12.3bn to the UK economy in 2013.
Now that deregulation has produced inequality on a victorian scale; is one class as bad as the other.
Poverty is relative; so is corruption in any form, all together now; in the culture of Life's a gas GOSH

The relatively less developed and very divided nation state of Greece has without a referendum narrowly opted to stay within the relative safety of a large trading bloc.
How will our divided Nation State fare out in the cold!