SUN 24th SEPT 2017

On This Day 24th of Sept

 A japanese Toff  An English Toff

1564; William Adams popped out for his first breath today, the English navigator who travelled to Japan.
He is believed to be the first Englishman ever to reach the country.
Adams was the inspiration for the character of John Blackthorne in James Clavell's best selling novel Shōgun.
Show me a gun GOSH

A shogun was/is a military dictator; said to be appointed by the emperor - who often in reality; was overuled by the shoguns.
Shoguns were the equivalent of the British Aristocracy.
Japan has consistently elected a centre right conservative party since the last world war.
Japan today is a constitutional monarchy - alledgedly.
Just another gang of international greedy gits GOSH

We have had a mixed relationship with Japan; throughout the ages.
Don't mention the war!
Then again you can - we as a nation have been at war/slapped more heads than any other nation state on the planet.
Although the yanks are giving it a good go to take that record from us.
For those that stay at home - some say emigrate nowadays - aren't wars great GOSH

Now we have to negotiate trade deals with japan and many other nation states...
If you as a brexiteer pleb don't think that the EU wont be in a position to influence those deals.
You need a good kick up the Khyber.
Get ready for the sovereingty effluence; for many years, the affluence will be gone GOSH

Greece is divided almost equally like many other nation states.
It is the german elections today...
Soon we will see how divided the german nation is.

MON 25th SEPT 2018

On This Day 25th of Sept

 Battle of Hastings  St Valery sur Somme

1066; King Harold II defeated the King of Norway , at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire.
After an eye to eye battle, Harald Hardrada and most of the Norwegians were put to the sword.
Harold repelled the Norwegian invaders; however, his victory was short-lived and he was defeated and killed by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings less than three weeks later.
The big boys of Scandanavia and France after the spoils of England; aren't greedy gits great GOSH

The Duke of Normandy (ex normans remember) sailed with his rich gits gathered ships from Saint Valery sur Somme.
There is a plaque (in English aswell) to commemorate the event - walked past it a few times and actually read it.
In the days when the nation states of Europe had national identities; now lost after disappearing quickly...
Not cos of the EU, or Chinese competition; the high price of international privatisation.
Where's ya lifestyle gone GOSH

St Valery is twinned with Battle - the town built on the site of the actual battle.
The true irony is the chief protagonists (bloody foreigners) were related and claimed they were promised the king/serfdom of England by Ted the Grass on his deathbed.
Such are the machinations of man (nowt to do with robots) - don't mention his HR/PR wing, still trying to go strong; GOD GOSH

Wonder what happened to the sovereignty of brexiteers in them days
When there's muck and bullets flying around; most people on the planet keep their heads down.
Except for the mercenaries...
Where's me money gone GOSH

2012; The Tullibardine whisky distillery in Perthshire signed a deal to turn by-products from their distillery into butanol to power cars.
The oil wars of the middle East were all about the oil that powers the western world.
Now we are led to believe that the USofA is self sufficient in oil due to the miracle of fracking.
Don't mention the start of UK fracking and greedy gits.
Life's a gas GOSH

Greece has never been blessed with an abundance of natural resources.
Apart from the warm sea and sun
Tourism is on the up in Greece.
True irony; that the low prices of tourism, will aid and abet the international grabbing greedy gits.
Those gangs of greedy gits that pay no tax and live/yacht where they wish...

PS... Mrs Merkel is back in with a reduced majority - lost votes to the far right and far left.
Mrs Merkel is centre right conservative - both big c and little c.
A sort of successful new labour type which condones the nefarious ascendency of the super rich to the cost of us plebs.
One of, if not the main, reason for brexit.

TUES 26th SEPT 2018

On This Day 26th of Sept

 James 11  Mary and William of Orange

1687 The city council of Amsterdam voted to support William of Orange's invasion of England.
Ever heard of the Glorious Revolution!
King James II of England (James VII of Scotland and James II of Ireland) was overthrown and William ascended the English throne as William III of England, jointly with his wife Mary II of England.
Here's a quick gander gosh

It was an alliance between the English and the Dutch that drove out catholicism in the UK.
It didn't happen overnight...
In 1690; in the battle of the Boyne the green supporters of Jimmy two took one in the groyne. GOSH

Ever heard of the vicar of Bray!
He swopped allegiance a number of times to stay ahead of the game.
Don't mention modern politicians - especially the libby demos - and that's without a GOD GOSH

1879; the world's first railway dining car was introduced in Britain; on the line between London and Leeds.
Since; there has been a ton of trains under the bridge and a bagful of BR sandwiches gourmanded into the gut GOSH

The English Enigma (disease) again.
Thinking that a national asset gives a better return when run for individual profit.
If the Eu has a rule/law against state run industry; how come other nation states of the EU have bought up vast tracts of our national assetts!
When will we ever learn - the greedy gits are starting to gurn GOSH

1955; Frozen Birdseye fish fingers first went on sale in Britain.
1965; provincial towns/cities only had English fish shops - friday was fish and chips.
The odd italian coffee shop/snooker hall were dotted around.
Pubs and restaurants were seperate - grub pubs didn't exist.
All them fast food takeaways/places weren't around...
For a multitude of reasons; time they were gone Gosh

Greece is the whipping boy nation state of the EU.
The greedy gits are lining up to buy out the national assetts.
If the EU as a political entity doesn't stop the wholesale plunder - it will deserve to flounder.

WED 27th SEPT 2018

On This Day 27th of Sept

1672; A new British company, the 'Royal Africa Company' was given a monopoly of the African slave trade.
America was the destination with discounts for those who purchased entire shiploads.
Racism rules OK black is the new Grey GOSH

Brexit is coming the plebs aren't getting fat...
Please put a penny in the 'young' mans hat'
Is the UK/Britain forever to be ad hoc piggy in the middle!
When things warm up put em on the griddle GOSH

And now the end (brexit)is near...
Do old alliances still count in a business world with almost non existant long term loyalty!
At a time when duplicitous deals should now be being done - give it some gum GOSH

Re. the latest news; we have more chance of trade wars than trade deals with the USofA.
There's even rocket rattling over real wars.
The belligerent buffoon/greedy git was democratically elected by blue collar america.
Now the air is turning blue - please don't call him gump or gob...GOSH

2014 Amy Hughes, a 26-year-old sports therapist, from Oswestry in Shropshire set a new world record by running 53 marathons in 53 consecutive days.
The money she raised was for the Isabelle Lottie Foundation, set up after her friend's daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Try running - even with a bit sneaky walking - one.
One has to get something into gear GOSH

It is said that the germans are the economic power behind the euro and therefore EU.
Those in world market money markets and chums are still playing the game.
These individuals are me,me, me; they have no direction or home - other than self enhancement and a national identity when it suits their pocket.
Never ever forget that America; no matter what it says; is an economic enemy of a European trading block...
Here I am; stuck in the middle with you...

They (some) say a drummer is someone who hangs around with musicians.
Is cricket now the national sport that gets more (any) publicity off the pitch than on.
Many facets of life come and go; to some, many are just gone GOSH

THURS 28th SEPT 2018

On This Day 28th of Sept

 M and S in Hong Kong  M and S in Athens

1106 Henry I of England (the fourth son of bill the basher) defeated his brother, old bob short trousers (the eldest son), the Duke of Normandy at the Battle of Tinchebray, in Normandy.
It was an easy victory; the battle lasted just over one hour - Henry had a stack of french on his side.
The Duke was captured and imprisoned in England and then at Cardiff Castle until his death.
England and Normandy remained under a single ruler until 1204.
Let's allez and go GOSH

1884 Simon Marks, a Polish immigrant, and Yorkshireman Tom Spencer opened their Penny Bazaar in Leeds.
The very first of the Marks and Spencer chain.
A Jewish immigrant and a Yorkie.
Was immigration and racism rife 140 years ago GOSH!

A lot is being made of anti-semitism at the even newer labour conference; by the further than centre right printed press.
I'm pro arab - not anti jew.
What has the state of Israel got in common with the USofA?
The oppressed have become the oppressors...nowt to do with GOD GOSH

1984; A high court judge ruled that the miners' strike was unlawful because a union ballot was never held.
In the battle for hearts and minds...
Is there one law for the rich and one for the poor!
You bet - don't mention the bookies - there is; even working class voluntary magistrates are in the involuntary expenses grabbing greedy gang GOSH

2013; Baroness Thatcher's ashes were laid to rest in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.
Lady Thatcher died, aged 87, on 8th April.
A simple headstone bore the inscription Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013.
She was Britain's first woman prime minister and the longest-serving prime minister of the twentieth century.
It was her - voted in, by the council house buying plebs of poundland - that cultivated the culture of greed...GOSH

History; true history, will be the Judge NO JOSH GOSH

The foreign (to Greece) banks and hedge funds are buying up the Greek national Bonds.
Bonds which are part of the get out of debt plan.
The greedy gits are still after short term profit using funny money.
Light touch regulation Eh!

FRI 29th SEPT 2018

On This Day 29th of Sept
 Love and marriage  Dating Agency

1399; The first English monarch to abdicate, Richard II, was replaced by Harry Bolingbroke the son of another greedy git called Gaunt, crowned as Henry IV.
Dick two was from Bordeaux - not Byker.
A time of death and destruction scrapping over the riches of England.
Are mini revolutions glorious GOSH

1650; Henry Robinson opened the first marriage bureau, in England.
Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.
All classes (the richer the better)tended to marry for money in them days.
Your sex life is just a languid lust into history - at this moment; in time the culture is the love of money.
Are you an oversexed glutton fo gold GOSH

1755 Robert Lord Clive, (Clive of India), (joint)founder of the British empire in India, was born.
The eldest son of a shropshire squire.
There are many that surmise - and I agree - he managed the rape and plunder of India.
He topped himself...
The good times are coming - with the help of a gun GOSH

1885; The first workable, public electric tramway in the world was opened in Blackpool.
Despite a brief few months in private ownership (thatchers 1985 deregulation act) the trams, buses and kit and kaboodle are operated and owned by the council - predominantly labour; whatever the hue
The deregulation of the UK transport infrastructure is a world wide example of the national folly to enrich the few.
Time for change - here we go GOSH

1938 England, France, Germany and Italy signed the Munich Pact, under which the Sudetenland was given to Nazi Germany.
In return, Hitler promised not to make any further territorial demands in Europe.
World War II began the following year!
'I beg your pardon; I never promised you a rose garden' GOSH

Greece has been a bit player on the world scene for a while now.
Many many generations before Britain became a world (b)leader.
Remember it was grexit before brexit came about.
Will the Greeks fare better than us Brits in the future?

SAT 30th SEPT 2017

On This Day 30th of Sept

 Shall we hang em!  Let's hang on...

1630; John Billington, one of the original pilgrims who sailed to the New World on the Mayflower, became the first man to be executed in the English colonies.
He was hanged for having shot ( with a hunting rifle ) another man during a quarrel.
Johny boy was a rebel amongst the puritan rebels.
Never mind the good book - giz a gun GOSH

1772 The death of James Brindley, British canal builder and one of the most enlightened engineers of the 18th century.
The Trent and Mersey Canal was the first part of Brindley's ambitious project to use canals to link the four great rivers of England: the Mersey, Trent, Severn and Thames (the "Grand Cross" scheme).
He never seen the scheme completed - just before it was finished; he was gone GOSH

The up to date equivalent is the HS2.
Is it a scheme or a scam!
A 'the good times are coming for plebs' - again GOSH

A short term solution - that will make a few rich; is that an elephant I see before me - to a long term problem.
In the two forward and one back; HS2 will be taking two back in economic progress...
In the politically lobbied culture of London and the South, HS2 is merely placate the midland plebs.
If the HS2 ever gets built; I'll go to Glastonbury GOSH

2014; In the first official study of money spent on 'illegal' activities it was found that Britons spend more on drugs and prostitutes than on beer and wine.
The Office of National Statistics (ONS) said that spending on illegal drugs and prostitution was worth an estimated £12.3bn to the UK economy in 2013.
Other nation states used to factor illegal activity into their national economies long ago - We brits just called it the grey economy - wonder why!
Nowt to do with tax - or rather the non payment of tax... Geronimo No Josh Gosh

The international agressive non tax payers are lined up to take Greece apart - don't mention the Chinese communist/capitalists.
In the Euro or not...
There's a bad moon on the rise for Brit borrowers - don't mention brexit and not being in the Euro.