SEPT 16th 2018

On this day

1400; Owain Glyndŵr, Welsh ruler and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales, instigated the Welsh Revolt against the rule of Henry IV of England.
Charlie - the number who think he is a right charlie, is increasing daily - boy, is the present prince of wales.
Devolution is against death and destruction; overall - society is divided and broken...
Will the UK soon be broken up!
One mans noise is another mans toys -not forgetting women of course.
Will the haves hang on to what they got GOSH

1701; James Francis Edward Stuart, sometimes called the 'Old Pretender', became the Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland.
Scotland - as yet still a divided nation; despite the SNP - is much further down the high road to no longer being in union with England.
Don't mention the Ireland of Ireland and brexit.
Is it not a matter of 'when' rather than 'shall' we go GOSH

1861; The Post Office Savings Banks opened in Britain - it has recently been privatised.
Those that have shares will say it was not sold off at a loss - up the workers!
Those that have shares in once national assets are more astute, or, well off enough to pay for them twice.
The UK electorate voted for the present inequality.
Time for the UK to say inequality must go.GOSH

The TSB was formed for those that made the wealth of this nation to save real money.
Before the era of privatisation and deregulation; when us plebs saved with an independent building society to buy a house with an affordable mortgage.
Today the young are a nation in too much debt - unless one has offshore tax free savings!
Plebs are being made to cut their cloth according to another mans amoral - never illegal - income.
The RBS was a big player in the privatisation game.
The RBS was a UK bank based in Edinburgh.
When privatisation - talk about a busmans holiday - was first mooted; they (the bankers) couldn't work who actually owned it; it was; along with the rest; privatised anyway.
Let my/our money go GOSH
The gorbals was a high rise poverty stricken area of Glasgow.
They (the plebs) formed a voluntary self help group.
As soon as they became efficient and advanced enough to use tokens to barter labour; the large clearing banks of this soon to be more divided green and pleasant land, used the courts to close them down.

Greek Postal Savings Bank provided banking services from post offices until 2013 when it was replaced by the New TT Hellenic Postbank a subsidiary of the Eurobank group
The eurobank is a private outfit that operates in London and four other countries via its base in Luxembourg.
Irish bankers are on the board of this not much to do with the ECB, bank.
BT was privatised, went international - Chinese cheap as chips technology - and came home to rip the UK pleb off.
EE was an international mobile technology outfit, until... The four big Greek banks were taken over by open international tender under the auspicious eye of international lawyers - no pressure from the loans fiasco then...
Everyone loves a bargain...

SEPT 17th 2018

On this day

1701; King James II of England died whilst in exile in France. Jimmy was the second son of Charlie 1 - who got the chop remember.
He was the last catholic king of England and Ireland - the glorious religious revolution
The protestant German gang of greedy gits were in.
Jimmy - a catholic greedy git almost to the end - died age 67 in 1701.
His sort of grave was respected until the French - viva la revolution - people took over in 1734.
Let my tribal greedy gits go GOSH

1745; Prince Charles Edward Stewart or 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' as he was better known, arrived in Edinburgh and declared his father to be the rightful King of Scotland.
He and his gang could not capture Edinburgh Castle, so he set up his Court in Holyrood Palace.
It was/is tradition for the monarch of England to spend one week in Holyrood palace - owned by the state it is/was closed to the public for that week.
Does bettys daughter Anne really like Scottish rugby - the games people play...
The Scottish devolutionist government seat of power is named Holyrood house and just by chance is very close to Holyrood palace.
Let my - one eye on the EU referendum - people go GOSH

2001; The opening of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge that spans the River Tyne between Gateshead's Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank.
The bridge is sometimes referred to as the 'Blinking Eye Bridge' due to its shape and its tilting method to let tall ships pass underneath.
The updating of the Newcastle Quayside was London centric.
It would not have been in Germany; with their regional investment banks.
The northern power house is a cynical example of placate the plebs in the provinces.
Let my - the love of money is the root... - people go GOSH

2007; Worried savers continued to flock to some Northern Rock bank branches to withdraw their savings when the bank applied to the Bank of England for emergency funds.
Chancellor Alistair Darling appealed for calm, nevertheless £2bn was withdrawn from Northern Rock accounts in just 3 days.
The green shots of the banking Crash; for all to see - socialism for the rich was waiting round the corner; ready to laugh on the way to the bank.
The Northern Rock before deregulation and privatisation used to be a mutual building society.
That, it favoured the middle class larger mortgage is a more than distant moot point.
The haves in the UK were hoping that the 'class warrior' had dissolved into the non religious realms of history.
For every winner; there is a loser - play the game GOSH

Some well off experts/pundits that make a living professing to be on the side of socialism are predicting another banking crash.
Wonder how a crash will affect the Greek loans and world trade.
As power on the planet changes; the greedy gits that once preyed on weaker nation states have turned on their own kind.
Bet your disappearing dollar that the greedy gits are hedging their bets.

SEPT 18th 2018

On this day

1685 The Taunton Assize trials came in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedgemoor, which ended the Monmouth Rebellion in England.
The trials were led by Lord Chief Justice George Jeffreys
They took place in the Great Hall of Taunton Castle in somerset ( the west country just to the South is now one the most poorest regions in Europe.
More than 500 prisoners brought before the court, 144 were hanged and their remains displayed around the county.
Shall we hang him - try to gain power by the sword; die on the gallows etc.
The more up to date version of rich git gang member 'George Jeffreys' was 'Winston Churchill'.
Who are you to disagree; differing means to the same end; look through the spin - go on have a good gander GOSH

1944 World War II: The British submarine HMS Tradewind torpedoed Junyō Maru, a Japanese cargo ship used to transport prisoners.
It was the world's greatest sea disaster at the time with 5,620 dead.
723; survivors were rescued, only to be put to work in conditions similar to those of the Burma Railway where death was commonplace.
My uncle Mick was a surviving japanese prisoner of war; each arm had a tattoo of of a japanese head with a dagger through it.
He rarely spoke of his ordeal; I remember him telling me that if he seen a japanese member of the humane race approaching, in the post war street; he had to cross the road...
Time is a great healer; there are good and bad in every nation state.
When nation states star killing each other in the pursuit of power; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Precautions even at times of terrorism seem excessive to those not directly affected.
In times of relative peace; the battle for the hearts and minds of men(and now women) is ever so gargantuan NO GOSH

1939; William Joyce, whose upper-class accent earned him the nickname Lord Haw-Haw, made his first Nazi propaganda broadcast from Germany to the UK.
Our bill was an American born Anglo/Irish head of propaganda member of the leaning to the right fascist organisation of Edward Mosley before the second world war.
Has one seen that pic of the British royal family doing the Nazi salute!
Mr. Joyce had quite a large british audience; he began each radio rendering with, 'Germany calling' x three.
He was captured in 1946 and hung as a traitor...
Picked the wrong gang! gosh

1949; The British pound was devalued by 30% by Chancellor Sir Stafford Cripps.
A dose of reality by a well off socialist barrister that helped the UK post war economy; Or...
Never forget that a currency is just a means of exchanging wealth at a nation state level.
Since deregulation the money markets have become intentionally more complicated.
The greedy git bankers can now bet against a currency as well as for.
The haves call it progress ...
Have a propa gander GOSH

If Greece defaulted on the loans to cover the loans and left the EU - it more than likely have would have to return to the Drachma.
The (.........) men and women of the markets would have a marvelous short term time slicing up the Greek economy.

SEPT 19th 2018

On this day

1839; Birth of George Cadbury, the chocolate manufacturer.
A Quaker, he believed in taking care of the welfare of his workforce, and he created a model village for his employees at Bournville, Birmingham.
Cadbury was bought out by Kraft, a company brand under the holding group of Mendelez. An American multi-national; which borrowed (elctronical printed by the private banking system; and condoned by the western developed political world - Quantitave easing) most of the 'money'.
The irony of the banking system greedy gits talking the piss...
The whole kit and caboodle of the merger and acquisition was funded by the RBS - which was 84% owned by the UK public after the banking crash two years earlier.
The people of the UK were being mesmorised and conditioned into the culture of banking controlled services leading the UK economy.
There but for the grace of goods... GOSH

1851; Birth of William Hesketh Lever.
He changed the process of soap manufacture by using vegetable oils instead of tallow.
Like George Cadbury he cared about the welfare of his workers, and established the new town of Port Sunlight to house them.
Now called unilever plc; an anglo/dutch multi-national with more prescence in as many/more nation states than Nato; floated in London; and is trying to be made a dutch firm at the moment - something to do with the EU referendum result; reading between the lines.
All developed world multi-nationals have more internationality than the premiership - kept afloat by foreign investment and borrowing funny money.
Here we/they go GOSH

1952; The United States prevented the English born film legend Charlie Chaplin from returning to his Hollywood home until he was investigated by the Immigration Services.
The magnetism of McCarthyism.
You will be in my gang GOSH

1960; The new traffic wardens issued the first 344 parking tickets in London.
Britain's first parking ticket was issued to Dr. Thomas Creighton, who had parked his car outside a London hotel while treating a patient.
In the present era of privatisation and everyone after your money - arms length traffic wardens have issued parking tickets to ambulances...
Justice (for the love of money) must be seen to be done.
You are not in my GANG GOSH

2000; Chancellor Gordon Brown rejected a 60-day deadline to reduce petrol tax set by fuel price protesters.
When is a bluff not a bluff!
Careful what you wish for...
Where's the people gone GOSH

Greek politics has seen a lot of brinkmanship lately.
Most developed nation states having seen a rise of right wing fascism are now roughly divided equally.
A time - or not - ripe for violent take over.
Democracy rules OK.

SEPT 20th 2018

On this day

1258; The consecration of Salisbury Cathedral.
The cathedral has the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom at 123m/404 ft. It also has the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close in Britain, the world's oldest working clock and the best surviving of the four original copies of Magna Carta.
We wasn't even playing leap frog; we were merely tourists, said the two Russian tourists.
A diplomat lies and a squaddie dies - civilians and ex spies are merely collateral.
The truth is indeed stranger than fiction...
I remember going through checkpoint charlie as a mere tourist in uniform.
One could see the ruins of death and destruction from the bombs of the allied forces if one strayed slightly from the obliged backed up by invisible force show street.
At the end of the politically preferred route is a huge cenotaph dedicated to those of the soviet Empire that lost their lives in the defense of freedom.
They say that, 'democracy isn't perfect; however. it's the best thing we've got'.
Democracy isn't capitalism.
The tourist traps of the bastion of capitalism - currently controlled by donny boy - don't display the tented villages/towns/cities; some officially condoned.
If you don't think you are being subtly guided down the road; you need a few more roentgens of reality on your route.
He is always on the right side; that bloke who owns them places of worship; who! GOD GOSH

1931; Devaluation set in when Britain came off the gold standard to prevent foreign speculation against the pound. It sparked off strikes, and in Scotland the crews of 15 navy ships nearly mutinied.
Devaluation is just another weapon of economic warfare.
Economic warfare can be as complicated or as simple as one likes it to be.
The simple fact is that if everyone done a fare days work for a fair days pay, the world would be a better place.
Unfortunately; as we all know; it is not...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2012; Apple's new mapping service for iPhone users was launched, with many errors.
Computing isn't the problem; it is the competitiveness of the humans that control it.
Many people know a product isn't ready; yet, it still goes on the market.
Apples latest version of the 'mobile' costs nearly £1,000 to the UK punter.
It costs a fraction of that to produce - the majority are put together by undeveloped world kids.
Apple is said to be the most profitable company on the planet; at the moment.
It now takes mere seconds to translate 'plus ca change' into German.
Wanna be in which out in the cold gang GOSH

Greek plebs are the current whipping boys of the EU and world greedy git bankers.
Will they soon be just another brick in the wall to be taken out by us Brits.

SEPT 21th 2018

On this day

1327 Deposed King Edward II of England was murdered, with a red hot poker in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire.
His wife arranged his despatch and 'method', to ensure the succession of his son Edward III.
Is the female of the species deadlier than the male!
Overall; not yet, give them time...!
Wonder where the poker went! Before ones natural time; there is no nice way to go GOSH

1411; The birth of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and claimant to the English throne.
Although he never became king he ultimately governed the country as Lord Protector during Henry VI's madness.
His conflicts with Henry's court were a leading factor in the political upheaval of mid-fifteenth-century England, and a major cause of the Wars of the Roses.
Almost 6 centuries of time since the nation had an internal war led by greedy gits and their respective gangs.
It is less than two generations since the vast majority of the UK went from the sword to the keyboard.
There is no reason on this planet that this nation state will not return to the sword internally, over the division of the referendum.
Some, of all levels of income, have threatened to march on London.
A glib cliched euphemism for, 'giz a gun'! GOSH

1866; H G Wells, English writer, was born. His books included The Time Machine, The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds.
Man makes fiction come true -the truth is stranger than fiction.
Don't mention the science fiction genre and the world splitting into trading blocks and zonal enemies.
If you don't think that warfare is being automated in the name of defence; you need some different gas for your ray gun GOSH

1986; Prince Charles admitted that he talked to his plants.
He talked to the trees and they answered back...
'The king is in the altogether'...
If you really think we are in this altogether.
You won't understand the gathering GOSH

Will the Greek plebs trigger article 50!
The irony is that the EU will adapt and adopt into greater strength cos we pulled the trigger.

SEPT 22th 2018

On this day

1598; The English playwright Ben Jonson, a contemporary of William Shakespeare, killed an actor in a duel and was put on trial for manslaughter.
Jonson pleaded guilty but was released by benefit of clergy, a legal ploy through which he gained leniency by reciting a brief bible verse, forfeiting his 'goods and chattels' and being branded on his left thumb.
A less than violent version of torture - the logic of some of the establishment.
Pray for me and I'll set you free...
You will be in my gang GOSH

1761; The coronation of George III. In the later part of his life, George III suffered from mental illness.
After a final relapse in 1810, a regency was established, and George III's eldest son, George, Prince of Wales, ruled as Prince Regent until his father's death in 1820.
The kings brain is dead; long live the king.
He's not actually dead; lets keep the kingdom going and let the plebs go on the Gin no Josh GOSH

1934; The worst pit disaster in Britain for 21 years killed more than 260 miners in an explosion and fire at the Gresford Mine in Wales.
The Grenfell Tower fire only killed about how many; mostly people with a darker coloured skin.
Foreign plebs are treated just like the miners used to be - a unit of labour.
When they stood up to be counted; they were got rid of.

The greedy gits came out with the spin.
Just a few deaths; go straight on the gin.
I say old boy you're being unfare...
Time someone stood up and took all the glare.GOSH

2013; Sir Bradley Wiggins added the Tour of Britain title to his collection after sealing an emphatic victory in London.
Wiggins, who won the Tour de France and Olympic time trial in 2012, had led since winning the third stage and began stage eight with a 26-second advantage.
Is it roadworthy for anyone with more than an iota of stamina to be treated for asthma.
The miracle of modern medicine...
If you don't think that money isn't winning the drugs war; you need some more stamina in your steroids.
Go on have a go - where has the route of going through the amateurs gone GOSH

2014; Tesco, the biggest in Britain, suspended four senior executives and called in investigators following the discovery that its profits had been artificially inflated by £250m.
More than £2bn was wiped off the value of Tesco's shares.
Don't mention - go on I will then - the extra private jets on order for the board; which they couldn't legally cancel.
Anyway you can be greedy; I can be greedy better...
The brexit vote was merely ukiply aided and abetted by racism.
What actually bought the referendum vote about was the extreme of inequality.
Where has my standard of living Gone GOSH

Inequality in Greece is now back to the level of a generation before the loans to cover the loans which gave Greece economic entry into the EU.
Most plebs just get on with their lives...
Inequality in Greece is greater than that of the UK; yet, they chose to remain and we chose to go...