SAT 16 SEPT 2017

On This Day 16th of Sept

Hurray hurray...
I'm back from holiday.
Hurrah hurrah...
Had to spend a fortune on the car...

Amount spent on 1.6 rover with sun roof, over 14 years.
Apart from necessary expendables - nil; the ds electric window needed a quick bash to align properly
Amount spent on 207 peugeot - still a family owned, french multi-national.
370 euro for Bosch starter motor + 100 euro for fitting at Monsieur Speedy.

Don't mention the rest; including 500 quid for the sensors - other UK con artistes are available...

When right w(h)ingers - the by far vast majority of whom are greedy gits - don't mention all them yorkie hanging on foxy farmers...
Bang on about the unions - don't mention the backing of the greedy git owned mainstream media.
Never ever forget the facts...
The UK/Britain came mid table of the developed (all) nations in the no. of days lost due to industrial action.

The cost to plebs - in misery and money - of terrorism is on the increase; again.
Some make a fortune from war - us plebs have to pay.
If you don't think that rich gits - including phoney tony and chums - haven't profited from war...
You must be walking round with your head stuck up your jumper.
Don't mention where the sun has even shined lesser lately...

Greece is being bought up by the greedy gits already.

Every day a bit of the UK goes away - bought up by leveraged, electronically eased money into developed countries by our chums the establishment.

SUN 17 SEPT 2017

On This Day 17th of Sept

Stirling Moss Anyone for Tailgating

1929; Stirling Moss, English racing driver, was born - and is still going...
Said to be the best driver never to win the F1 world championship.
Bet he's seen a few changes to the grid GOSH

Britain has always had one or two good racing drivers.
France has always had two million bad racing drivers - behind the wheel; such gallantes GOSH

Don't mention the Italians
The Germans are the best drivers - no speed limit on the autobahns and;
They orderly stick to the speed limits with very, very, little tailgating GOSH

How do I know - what backs up this opinionated buffoon!
Perhaps the many months (years) driving a fast 3 ton French motorhome on the EU mainland.
One of the best drives ever - a french alpine pass with a german soft top stuck behind for twenty minutes...
Been to that many places; I've got name fatigue - life was grand for me and the gruppenfuhrer GOSH

Driving on British roads has become a joke - no Josh GOSH

As someone who considers himself an average driver; has the standard of driving dropped!
Does any 'one' pass the 'test' nowadays - are the roads more congested!
Get the freight back on the rails like sensible nation states do.
Is it an age thing - from the grid to the grave GOSH

In an economy under pressure each generation is bred into their own culture.
As for the culture of UK/British driving...
Things can only get better...
Life in the fast lane... Let's blindly follow the greedy gits GOSH

In the eighties we hired a car in/on Corfu.
It was too hot for the rest of the gang - shadow to shadow stuff.
Had a great time exploring the hills in a mini moke - slowly of course.
They say you should wear white to reflect the heat - the Greek local plebs were dressed head to toe in black.
When will we ever learn?

MON 18 SEPT 2017

On This Day 18th of Sept

Irish border EU border

1914 The Irish Home Rule Act (independence) became law, but was delayed until after World War I.
How many lives did freedom cost - more than a few (mostly plebs) Gadzooks; gattling gums and guns GOSH

In the economic conflict brought to an ugly head by brexit; Southern Ireland (and, Scotland ) will play a more important role in the exit negotiations than people think.
Do you know where you're going to - don't ask god GOSH

The political (money) - both main parties - split over Europe has always been there - slowly gaining momemtum/progress to the state of 'brexit'
The long ago 'westmorland affair' - US helicoptors v EU/UK helicoptors - was never plebically uncovered fully by the media.
Boris is back - wonder what the other self serving freelance fantasy fool farage is up to.
If the greedy gits hadn't been in control - aided and abetted by the establishment Westminster village - plebs wouldn't have been desperate enough to vote out.
Here we go GOSH

The EU is reversing the relaxation culture (ability to be greedy) of international banking.
Our bankers (all puns intended) and their UsofA Chums (more puns intended) would have their style and income cramped.
Is brexit a complicated mish mash of bankers and zero hour workers trying not to suffer fools gladly! No Gloss GOSH

Greece has a relatively very small banking community/establishment.
Will us plebs ever know how close was Grexit!
Has the mousaka been misplaced already.
This greedy git government wants our exit negotiations to be kept secret.
Can't think what the flippin heck for...

TUES 19 SEPT 2017

On This Day 19th of Sept

1946; The Council of Europe was founded following a speech by Winston Churchill (yes the greedy git again) at the University of Zurich.
It promotes co-operation between all countries of Europe in the areas of legal standards, human rights, democratic development, the rule of law and cultural co-operation.
There has been many a channel of politicians and pleb patter over Europe since then.
Let's have a little gander GOSH

Before Russia and China became communist/capitalist nation states; there was no need of a huge trading block to compete
With american led funny money controlling production - the aftermath of funny money banking (both manipulated by the rich)- the plebs of the planet have been seeing hard times.
Now that us brits have referendumbed into brexit; is it a case of out of the community and into the cauldron!
Will the times turn good GOSH

Personally I have great difficulty in understanding the western developed world moving to the right - whatever the colour, race or reason. The only answer is for us plebs to move to the left.
Which means for the haves (the rich); the good times are going GOSH

The Greek nation state is economically in a far worse condition than the UK.
Yet; they are still in the EU, with all the multi-endemic unelected faults.
Perhaps! they need a massive trading block more than we do...
The times they are a changing.

WED 20th SEPT 2017

On This Day 20th of Sept

1931; Devaluation set in when Britain came off the gold standard to prevent foreign speculation against the pound.
It sparked off strikes, and in Scotland the crews of some (there were many in them days) navy ships nearly mutinied.
This was the era of Ramsay Macdonald and coalition ( labour/liberal/con) governments - expediancy rules OK
Mr Macdonald was an earlier version of Phony Tony.
He was actually expelled from the labour movement - there he was, not forgotten but gone. GOSH

This was in the times before the sun had set on the British Empire.
Before the stronger competition of the eastern, now developed, portion of the planet; as we Brits see/saw the world...
Such are the ways of a capitalist led economy.
Muck about with money instead of 'the means of production' - there's no such thing as a free lunch...
Gourmet or gourmand GOSH

2014;Dr. Michael Ramscar and a team of scientists suggested that the brains of older people only appear to slow down because they have so much information to compute, much like a full-up hard drive.
“The brains of older people do not get weak. On the contrary, they simply know more.”
They say that time passes quicker when one gets older...
It doesn't of course - we just get slower and then we are gone NO GOSH

Will time pass slower for some plebs while the Greek economy restructures in a background of international adversity!
For some it will; for others...!

'Young men think old men are fools.
Old men know young men are fools.'

From the mind of some long gone old git

Don't forget the women...

THURS 21st SEPT 2017

On This Day 21st of Sept

1984 trade blocks

1866; H G Wells, English writer, was born - he died in 1946; just short of his 80tieth birthday
His books (novels) included:
The Time Machine.
The Invisible Man.
The War of the Worlds.
Often regarded as the father of science fiction - many of his ruminations to date, are just a matter of time.
All angles of science fiction (how many come true) have been tried and covered - if you can turn back time (or forward); give it a go GOSH

Now what was that other forward thinking bloke called!
Oh yes; George Orwell - 1984 and all that.
What you weren't born in 1984!
Perhaps a zero hours contact will give one more time to contemplate and catch up.
Dont mention the GIG GOSH

As some one who was brought up in the long term era of 'top of the pops'.
'Pops' has a modern day meaning - privately owned public spaces.
They are more common than one thinks...
Instantly reconi(z)able by the presence of private security guards...
Give it a go; then don't go GOSH

Might as well stop patronising these places now - cos we will in the future.
As society takes two forward and one back; and, each generation grabs what it can.
This 'earning' generation is coming on line to take a step back.
Not before time - If I could turn back time...
Here we go GOSH

Will the Greeks grasp socialism before us!
Watch this space.

FRI 22nd SEPT 2017

On This Day 22nd of Sept

1984 trade blocks

1915; World War I: Germany instituted unrestricted submarine warfare.
No 'up periscope' jokes please.
The actual date is debatable; the deaths are not - Grose Gott GOSH

Casualties and losses:
5,000 merchant ships sunk
15,000 merchant sailors killed
104 warships sunk
42 warships damaged
61 Q-ships sunk

Them Germans
217 U-boats lost
5,000 sailors went to a watery grave

Both sides thought the war would be over a few months after the kick off in july 1914!
It was supposed to be the war to end all wars.
When will we ever learn!
Where's me gun GOSH

The EU is starting an army - sorry defense force.
Now we are heading out in the cold; how long can we totally rely on the yanks - don't complicate it with USofA led (financed)Nato gone...
Now as a nation state we are no longer great and up for grabs GOSH

The as yet imposible political alliance between The UK and Greece would have been enough to bring about change from within the EU.
I'ts all about timing; comedy not irony.
Do you know as a pleb where you're going to!

SAT 23rd SEPT 2017

On This Day 23rd of Sept

HMS Glasgow Grenfell Tower

1641; The Merchant Royal, a 17th century English merchant ship was lost at sea off Land's End.
On board were at least 100,000 pounds of gold (nearly one billion pounds in today's money),
400 bars of Mexican silver and nearly 500,000 pieces of eight and other coins,
making it one of the most valuable wrecks of all times.
The wreck remains undiscovered!
A case of coming with; rather than going for gold

The proceeds of trading with - some would say plundering - mexico; and pay for spanish mercenaries (an ad hoc fiddle job)
was the bulk of the hoard.
The spanish were chums with the english at the time and the Spanish mercenaries were bankrolled by the Dutch.
An international 'elite' (greedy gits) going for gold GOSH

It is more than rumoured that a yankee doodle dandy outfit have salvaged the gold.
Using modern technology to discover and retrieve 250 million quids worth of gold
Most of it will have been converted into other forms of wealth by now...
Eat your hearts out other greedy gits GOSH

Or! did the sister ship sailing alongside; inadvertently fill their boots as the 52 gun merchant vessel slowly sank.
There are more misted stories than that monster from the watery glen GOSH

1976; A fire on one of the Royal Navy's latest guided missile destroyers (HMS Glasgow) killed eight men.
The Glasgow was being fitted out on the Tyne at the time.
The Glasgow - just like Grenfell will - brought about many changes after the deaths.
Thats life; some have an early grave GOSH

1987; Britain ended arms sales to Iran.
Guess which nation state was selling arms to both sides in the 1973 Arab/ Israel - and earlier - war.
Guess which nation, just north of S. America, paid of the Egyptian national debt to bring about a cease fire and peace treaty.
Go on! have a guess GOSH

It is quite a time since Greece was a world leader.
Ever dog has their day.
The USofA Is fighting ferociously - ever heard of the time dollar - to stay top dog