SEPT 8th 2018

On this day

1560 Amy Robsart, wife of the Earl of Leicester, died from a fall.
It was suspected that she was pushed, for soon after, the earl became an active suitor to Queen Elizabeth I.
Men are from Mars; women from Venus - yet most of the time they have managed to co-exist peacefully on the planet earth.
For centuries man has been the master; both physically and academically.
Will the gender gap keep widening as feminism advances with intellectual inroads.
Will the battle of the sexes morph towards greater equality - or has one got to be top dog/bitch.
Do we know where we are going GOSH

1888; The first English Football League matches were played.
The nation that played the game first now has to take back seat in the changing room of world football.
We have the premier league; allegedly the best league in the world.
FIFA has done much to enhance football promotion across the planet.
However; power corrupts - the premier league is built on the love of money...
With greed as the goal; do we know where we are going!

1914 World War I: Private Thomas Highgate became the first British soldier of the war to be executed for desertion.
He was undefended and called no witnesses in his defence, as all his comrades had been shot and killed. Highgate claimed that he was a 'straggler' trying to find his way back to rejoin his regiment after having been separated from his comrades.
His execution was almost as hasty as his trial, as senior officers insisted that he be executed 'At once, as publicly as possible'.
Posthumous pardons for over 300 such soldiers were announced in August 2006, including Highgate.
'We don't need another hero...' As time goes by; fighting for your country -like smoking - is a dieing game.GOSH

1966; Queen Elizabeth II officially opened The Severn Bridge linking south Wales with south west England.
Oh! yes I remember it well; myths and supposedly intelligent mankind.
We had to break step marching onto the bridge for the ceremony.
It is the shoddy construction and/or materials that causes bridges to collapse; not 'any' form of vibration.
Life can be an ever so funny game GOSH

2011 The first repatriation ceremony was held at RAF Brize Norton, after repatriations ended through Wootton Bassett.
Sergeant Barry Weston, killed in Afghanistan on 30th August, was the first to be repatriated.
'In some corner of an English field'.
How many deaths does it take for a nation to really mourn!
Unless you are family or friend; the dead hero is all too soon forgotten.
Life and death is a what kind of Game GOSH

Many more people lost their life in the English Civil war than the Greek Civil war.
Is death due to war on the decline! Regime change is the latest cause of war - wars are fought for the quality of life left as a legacy to those that do not die.

SEPT 9th 2018

On this day

1754; Birth date of William Bligh, British naval officer who was the victim of two mutinies at sea, the most famous on the HMS Bounty which was taken over by Fletcher Christian.
'Flog that man Mr Christian'.
'He's dead, Sir'.
'Then flog his f...... kit'
Mr. Bligh was arrested after a mutiny when he was Governer of an Oz colony.
More than a bit of a bastard Bligh made his way up through the ranks as a strict disciplinarian for the establishment greedy gits GOSH

1958; There were race riots in London's Notting Hill Gate, with television crews accused of encouraging the rioting by staging reconstructions in the streets.
Senior police officers stated that racism was not involved - really!
Every one on this planet has a differing degree of subconscious bias to income and race/creed.
Are the media subjected to conscious and subconscious bias to a greater extent now.
Very few indeed play the game gratuitously.

1985; Champion jockey Lester Piggott announced his retirement, having won more than 5,000 races around the world.
In 1987 he was jailed following an investigation over tax evasion, but resumed his career following his release and rode his last winner in October 1994.
It was his second offence; being caught. He was jailed after paying the original fine from a savings account he hadn't declared.
A jury of twelve men good and true found 'Ken Dodd' not guilty; despite cash being found under his floorboards.
The national sport of not paying ones tax is on the decline.
Before thatcherism and blairism, evasion and avoidance were considered to be the same thing.
This nation state is now eventually changing; cos of the inequality produced by deregulation.
Does not paying ones tax have a trickle down effect!
The establishment greedy gits are now struggling to play placate the pleb after causing the political mayhem of inequality.
Is the polarisation of division disguising the calibre of local and national politician.
Do we get the politicians we deserve and get GOSH

Greece has a coalition government; left wing socialism propped up by a minority right wing break away group.
Many nation states have polarised politics and an un-proportional rise of the far right.
The far right racism is the unhealthy product of migration.
The vast majority of people are prepared to adapt and adopt migrants.
'When you stop bombing our country; we'll stop coming to yours'.
Time is a great healer - if I only had time!

SEPT 10th 2018

On this day

1224; The Franciscans, founded in 1209 by St. Francis of Assisi, first arrived in England.
They were originally called Grey Friars because of their grey 'habits'.
Spread the catholic word internationally.
Monks are known for their vows to austerity and poverty - don't mention the catholic church and the penchant toward predatory paedophillia.
Rich and men of the establishment don't do the time for the crime; the few that are imprisoned are there for perjury - trying to escape justice by lying in court.
Do open prisons have less gravity! GOSH

Men (and now women) of all colours and creeds of cloth can live a lucrative lifestyle.
Never mind the quality feel the width.
It was the english educated black bishop Tutu that said...
'When the white man first came to Africa; we had the land and the white man had the religion'
'Now; we have the religion and the white man has the land'.
The white colonial masters are not averse to hypocritically citing that violence is often used in the reclaimatian of Afican land.
Good God GOSH

1515; Thomas Wolsey was invested as a Cardinal.
When Wolsey failure to secure Henry VIII's annulment to Catherine of Aragon ( a high maintenance Spanish princess that had been wed to henrys elder bro - the first of six wives in the quest for a male heir; charlie boy only had two.)
It caused his downfall and arrest and he was stripped of his government office and property, including Hampton Court - no appendage ribaldry please.
All religions are hierarchical.
Heavens above; on whose side is that bloke GOD GOSH

1891 Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-E, the most popular song in Victorian England in the 1890s was written by former Canadian bandsman Henry J Sayers.
Sayers later admitted to copying an Austrian song after hearing the tune being played in a brothel.
Every now and again some one owns up to really applying the perjorative. (taking the piss big time).
If it wasn't for the love of money society of all kinds would be much more open...
There but for the grace of God...GOSH

1939; World War II: The submarine HMS Oxley was mistakenly sunk by the submarine HMS Triton near Norway and became the Royal Navy's first loss.
There were only two survivors.
1942 In a single raid, the RAF dropped 100,000 bombs on Dusseldorf.
In a war the first thing out the window is the truth.
Today, accidental or not; death and destruction is called collateral damage.
Is the true cost of war classed as collateral to those that wage war!
Wars have been fought in the name of GOD.
Surely they are all false (fake) GODS GOSH

Greece is a divided nation state member of the EU.
We are a divided nation - much the same as other developed nations; now the empire has gone - soon to be out of the EU.
In the ongoing economic war will smuggling be legitimised or unofficially condoned by society - whatever happens; smuggling will surely increase.
Migration will help see to that...

SEPT 11th 2018

On this day

1836; Register Office marriages were introduced in Britain.
Since then the establishment take on the relationship of men and women has changed retrospectively to reflect the 'mood' of the nation.
Is divorce and forming another relationship easier the more that do it.
Is the relationship of the sexes affected by 'deregulation'.
As each generation comes on line; they know no difference.
There are some that think another war will have an immediate effect on, 'easy come easy go' GOSH

1885; D.H. Lawrence, controversial English author of Sons and Lovers, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover, was born.
Lawrence was of midlands mining stock - 'won' a scholarship and became an envelope pushing wordsmith.
His book Lady chatterlys lover (first published and heavily censored in 1928) was the early 60's equivalent of internet porn in the schoolyard.
This was the end of the teddy boy era and pre mod and rocker era - when power and wealth was increasingly devolved down to the younger generation;
'talking bout my generation; hope I die before I get old'.
No need for a guffaw - a self satisfied smug grin will do!
The publisher (penguin) was taken to court by the establishment - not the Author.
The trial began to collapse spectacularly when the big wig for the establishment prosecution said.
'Would you wish your wife or servant to read this book'
D.H. Lawrence wrote about the relationship(s) between the classes - an often misunderstood more than a bit of a philosopher.
It was Lawrence - once labeled a fascist - that wrote, ' a man in the middle is in for a very hard life indeed'.
Lawrence; an anti first world war (sub)conscience objector war became a self exiled globe trotter when aged 34.
He died of tuberculosis in the south of France aged 44.
In them days many died young - when you gotta go you gotta go GOSH

1997 In a national referendum on devolution, the people of Scotland voted 'Yes' to creating their own Parliament, for the first time in more than 300 years.
Wonder how the EU referendum will affect Scottish independence.
When you gotta go...GOSH

2014 The Society of Biology stated that warm temperatures had prompted flying ants to leave their nests early, Subsequently, seagulls had become more agressive, after getting 'drunk' by the formic acid in the ants’ bodies.
(wo) Mans relationship with the planet on which he exists.
Let's hope we have time to go to mars.
When you gotta go...

Latest unsubstantiated and hopeful rumour to come out of the Brexit (dogs breakfast) negotiations...
Greece is going to default on the loans...
Heres my rumour...
A bus with flying pigs on the side is about to come to an event near you...

SEPT 12th 2018

On this day

1440; Eton College was founded by Henry VI.
Prefects were warned to look out for "ill-kempt heads and unwashed faces.
Much has been mooted lately re. the differences between public and private education.
The first ironic statement to be made; Eton and the like are called 'public schools by those with vested interest - don't mention charitable status.
If you don't think that the 'rich' are taking a lend, 'you need another tick on your todger' - and now, the female equivalent; without swearing; you gland. GOSH

Eton has 'educated' more Pm's than any other place of learning.
All but two (1 left 1 right of the political spectrum) of the british PM's were educated at some form of elite education.
They are coached to pass exams and trained to take control.
For the vast majority of those in control life is indeed great and grand GOSH

The rich know how to accumulate wealth...
One of the first lottery grants went to Eton sports pavilion and facilities.
A public school promising access to the public - how spiffingly posh GOSH

Ever wondered how the phrase, 'one law for the rich and one for the poor' came about.
Many PM's came from and are still in the London centric law profession - don't mention the present two houses.
Justice must be seen to be done - what ho; justice has gravity GOSH

In the era of austerity there must be social mobility, say the well off pundits
When deregulation under thatcherism ocurred - which, coupled with greed led to the latest banking crash
Many of the American investment houses/groups/funds came over to make a quick buck in London.
Initially many went bust cos they employed 'gents' from the warring factions of different public schools.
Isn't unhealthy competition great GOSH

An individual example of social mobility from the once upon a time mining town of Washington in the NE of this green and pleasant land.
It was the son of Bryan Ferry that swung from the balcony of the commons in support of the hunting and shooting fraternity.
If one must hunt and fire a gun; join the bleeding army, not the bloody country set; you selfish get NO GOSH

This nation state has gone way past social mobility being the point of redemption/salvation.
Much, much less inequality is the price of gaining equality.
Perhaps more 'brickies from Byker' and wild life wardens (of whatever gender) from Washington in the house - or better still as PM - would bring equality about much quicker.
Time for Joe bloggs and the plebs to have a go NO GOSH

Greece is in the same predicament as the UK.
Equality don't come easy!

SEPT 13th 2018

On this day

1806; The English statesman Charles James Fox was taken ill and died at his home in London, just as he was about to introduce a bill abolishing slavery.
It was William Wilberforce that was given the kudos for the abolishment of slavery - he was part of a gang.
The British Empire started abolishing slavery 3 year before the USof A - American civil war 1861-65 was mostly about slavery of blacks.
Forget economies of scale etc. it was death and destruction laced with a large dose of slavery that gave the start to the British and, still on going as best it can, American Empires.
The Brit slave owners were compensated by the Government of the day.
Clergy and plebs were on the compensation list.
The borrowed the money from a banker family called Rothschild - the debt took until 2015; well into another era of privatisation and austerity; to pay off.
The banking community have always been, 'going for gold' NO GOSH

1958; Cliff Richard made his British TV debut on Jack Good's Oh Boy, performing Move It.
Is an icon of entertainment (well spun or not) that lived with his very butch looking manager for years!
A gay paedo or asexually neutral!
Cliff; could have asked for an all encompassing apology - he chose to go for taxpayers money.
Just like Branson when he lost that NHS contract.
In my book - call it whatever colour you wish - any one with islands and mansions around the world is a greedy git NO GOSH

1989; Britain's biggest ever banking computer error gave customers an extra £2 billion in a period of 30 minutes; 99.3 per cent of the money was reportedly returned.
Banks and digitalisation 'slips' are usually inside jobs/and or/going inhouse/ saving on investment.
In this added on era of cyberwars; if you don't think that AI and digitalisation have as many minuses as pluses...
You are just another retarded R'sole with an online account.
Come on follow the ever so progressive going for gold Gang GOSH
The gov of the BofE has just been given an extension to oversee the Brexit dogs breakfast.
Th gov. Mr. Mark Carney is a Canadian who used to work in top management for Goldman Sachs - once described by an American right wing politician as a vampire squid on the face of humanity.
Top mangers of Goldman Sachs make enough money to retire in luxury - a top footballer can only salivate enviously - at the age of forty.
Many have an obliged track record of 'advising the top echelons of the USof A government -republican or democrat.
Does one reckon they, just, could be doing it to maintain the continuing supply of sacks of Gold GOSH
A pseudo socialist unelected PM who was the Chancellor of the exchequer at the time and didn't see the last banking crash coming has just recently predicted another banking crash in the near future.
What; will us plebs be able to shoulder another episode of socialism for the rich; so soon.
It was only recently in time that gold wasn't earned by the gun GOSH

Have the bankers got the plebs of Greece by the goolies!

SEPT 14th 2018

On this day

1607; The 'Flight of the Earls' from Lough Swilly, Donegal, in Ireland took place when Hugh Ó Neill (the earl of Tyrone) and about ninety followers left Ireland for mainland Europe following their earlier defeat in battle.
They hoped to recruit an army for the invasion of Ireland with Spanish help, but King Philip III of Spain wanted to preserve the recent peace with England under its new Stuart dynasty so it was all to no avail.
Nevertheless he persisted with the invasion plan until his death in exile in 1616.
Whatever next! an English induced potato famine and mass migration! There will be tribal migration under the name of religion and communism and escape from bombs next...
Let my people - try stopping em - go.GOSH

1752; The 3rd of September became the 14th as the Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Britain. Crowds of people rioted on the streets demanding, 'Give us back our 11 days.' Whatever next! glitches and gremlins in computers.
There's nowt as queer - really older meaning - as folk! A minority of people still believe that eugenics will make some people go GOSH

1759; The earliest dated board game in England was sold on this day by its inventor John Jeffreys, from his house in Chapel Street, Westminster.
The game was called 'A Journey Through Europe', or 'The play of Geography'.
Today the young, and many of the rest of society, are addicted to digitalisation owned by the tax dodging few.
Play the game

1951; Prime Minister Clement Attlee opened the largest oil refinery in Europe, at Fawley on Southampton Water.
Brittania no longer rules the waves - today big things are made and owned by the economic leaders of the EU trading bloc - the Germans.
Just as those of the jewish gang are still intentionally over represented in the UK, the German lobby is staying ahead of the game by deserting America.
The nation state that twice tried to rule the world by the use of guns is doing fine making butter.
The nation state of Germany is NOT a nation of haves and have-nots.
As the world of this planet moves on...
Do the Germans know how to play the game! GOSH

1964; The British daily newspaper, the Daily Herald, ceased publication and was replaced by the Sun.
Are you the son of a gun GOSH

The wealth of a people within the confines of a nation state have been strongly influenced by the natural resources within its (wo)man made borders The only natural resource of modern Greece is the sun.
This is why the nation state of Greece is still in the EU trading bloc.
Yes it's a centre right controlled organisation; however, change must come from within...
We as a nation state - cos of inequality - have chosen to go out into the cold.

SEPT 15th 2018

On this day

1830; George Stephenson's Manchester and Liverpool railway opened.
During the ceremony, William Huskisson, MP,( a true tory - is there such a thing as a good tory - ask a mentally or disabled, second class at best, member of society) became the first person to be killed by a train when he crossed the track to shake hands with the Duke of Wellington.
Stephenson was from humble beginnings and was illiterate until the age of 18.
The entire family lived in just one room.
A million miles in any form of transport from the mansion he left to the 'family'.
A fine victorian example of individual social mobility.
The Newcastle real railway society/club travelled by bus to venues around the country - they couldn't/can't afford the train - train travel was a special trip.
HS11 Is planned to go as far as Manchester from London - the NE is to receive an even slower speed train service than the rest of this 'to some' green and pleasant land.
The plebs of other nation states don't have to put up with this - those in charge (and the politicians ) just wouldn't do it.
At what speed shall we altogether go GOSH

1871; The first British-based international mail order business was begun by the Army and Navy Co-operative.
They published their first catalogue in February 1872.
Don't mention plebs, catalogues, provie cheques and wonga in that order.
A female gained fame and fortune in the business world for coming up with a computerised system of delivery for the road network that had been in use by the rail 'network' for over a generation.
I believe she was on that program; I'll give you half the money for 60% of the business.
And; they, say it's hard to get on the housing ladder...
Here we go; but, do we know where we are going!

2016; The government gave the go ahead for a new £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset after imposing 'significant new safeguards' to protect national security - BT uses a lot of chinese technology
The west country is one of the poorest regions in Europe.
The new plant (Hinkley Point C) is to be financed by the French and the Chinese when the contract/agreement was signed/ticked off.
The cost has already been revised upwards - a non farmers field day for the lawyers and accountants is coming - not the good times...
The true cost of 'nuclear' is paid by the UK taxpaying pleb. A bridge/plant too far! them Germans have gone nuclear free - it's still up to the voting pleb; which way to go GOSH

Greece has a nuclear research facility and has decided to go totally non-nuclear in the near future.
Greece with total wealth a fraction of ours; as yet, still intends to be a member of the EU.
The irony; Greece is just a bit more important to the EU banking boys than it is politically to remain in the EU.
The UK power supply is linked physically, financially and politically to nuclear power generating France - which is one of the founding members of the EU.
Just another little electrifying complication to the brexit (dogs breakfast) negotiations.