SEP 1st 2018

On this day

1159 The death of Pope Adrian IV, (Nicholas Breakspeare), the only English pope.
Perhaps; possibly; maybe, to cut a long gospel short; if, there had been more English popes, we would still be in the EU now/soon.
There but for the grace of god... GOSH

1951; The Premier supermarket opened in Earl’s Court, London; the first supermarket in Britain.
Has one spotted the pattern of capitalism yet!
As each new innovation comes along; there are a number of early players.
Merger after merger results in a lot less main players operating under a near monopoly.
Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely...
Fancy being a gratuitous or greedy gonad! GOSH

1958; Iceland expanded its fishing zone, putting it into conflict with the United Kingdom and the beginning the Cod Wars.
Now; about the pending scallop war...
A lot closer to home.
Will we as a nation state feel obliged to go against the grain for gain GOSH

1960; The Government announced that Britain's first betting shops would be allowed to open for business from May 1961.
Before 61; illicit casinos in towns existed; not exactly condoned by the establishment; nor were they closed down quickly.
The bookies runner - usually a big lad with a doc holiday bag - used to flog duty free Capstan full strength as a fiddle...
The Brit version of prohibition.
'Are laws made to be broken', he said with a grunted giggle.GOSH

1989; the Conservative Government of Margaret Thatcher began the controversial privatisation of the public water authorities.
Just a mere part of the assault on socialism; which this nation state and the developed world agreed electorally to.
Much of the industrial infrastructure of this nation state in decline is now owned by other nation states.
Reasons for the banking crash were minutely mooted over.
The reason was the greed of deregulation fostered by the cult of conservatism
Resulting in the present inequality and brexit.
The time for change is long overdue...
Let's get going GOSH

2011; The introduction of an EU-wide ban on the manufacturing and importing of 60W incandescent clear light bulbs, in favour of energy-saving fluorescent and halogen bulbs and LED lights.
Most members of the EU have elected green MP's - we have none...
Where's ya conscience gone - are we really a nation state of greedy gits GOSH

The green party of Greece has two elected MP's in The EU green party - England has none.
Scotland is well represented in the EU Greens.
The largest number of greens in the EU are from the non nuclear nation state of Germany.

SEP 2nd 2018

On this day

1666; The Great Fire of London began in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane, and rapidly spread throughout the city, destroying most of London's buildings and houses.
Although 13,000 buildings were destroyed in the four-day blaze; only six people died.
The 1917 Grenfell Tower fire claimed only one main building and 72 dead.
Will the enquiry put the disaster down to an economy under pressure; or inequality! The poorer on is the less one is master of destiny.
Now who was under the cosh when Phony Tony said, 'what you need is some form of Enquiry' Remember the establishment is not guilty of nowt - he said with double negativity.
Guilty of nowt!
No matter what the income
Anyone can/should be subjected to gout... GOSH

1807; The Royal Navy bombarded Copenhagen with fire bombs and phosphorus rockets to prevent Denmark from surrendering its fleet to Napoleon.
All's fair in love and war...
It's now called collateral not Gore GOSH

1994 Entertainer and television presenter Roy Castle died from lung cancer at his Buckinghamshire home, just two days after his sixty second birthday.
He was a lifelong non-smoker and blamed his illness on years of playing the trumpet in smoky jazz clubs.
His widow, Fiona, worked with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for many years after her husband's death.
She was a key figure in campaigning for the British smoking ban which came into effect during 2007 and has seen smoking banned in virtually all enclosed public places.
I smoked for 37 and 1/2 years - When young; we knew no difference to the potential damage; smoking was cool...
They - the medical experts - reckon it takes ten year to completely clear the lungs.
In theory; I've been safe for ten years now.
When ever I see someone addicted; I Say, 'stop while you can'.
Electronic smoking is now supposed to be the means to an end.
Say those, investingly inveigled in the game
Vaping is the new smoking.
Society will be better off the sooner it is gone.GOSH

2013; The death, aged 87, of broadcaster and presenter David Jacobs whose career spanned 7 decades.
He had been at the BBC since 1945 and hosted shows including Housewives' Choice, Pick of the Pops, Juke Box Jury and Any Questions.
Don't mention Young Jimmy - was he a darling of the right.
We are all living longer now - change throws up its own challenges.
The phrase shop till you drop is now common to all classes/levels of income.
Must plebs/people work till the die.
Very few have the choice...
Let my lifestyle go GOSH

Are Greek stats more reliable than ours!
The have a much greater employment problem than us.
Wonder if they have a gig economy as refined as ours!

SEP 3rd 2018

On this day

1650; English Parliamentarian forces led by Oliver Cromwell defeated an army loyal to King Charles II of England at the Battle of Dunbar.
Cromwell described the victory as, 'one of the most signal mercies God hath done for England and His people.'
Funny that the bloke from above was on both sides - Good God GOSH

1658; Richard Cromwell (the third son of Oliver Cromwell) became Lord Protector of England but served just under 9 months, leading to his nickname of 'Tumbledown Dick' by Royalists.
A change/death of the leader of a regime is eagerly awaited by a frustrated/any opposition.
The son of the king who had lost his head promised there would be no retribution.
How many parliamentarians came to a grim headless end.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

1783; Britain finally recognised the United States of America by signing the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the American War of Independence.
You're not/in whose army now.
A diplomat lies/gives and a squaddie dies/lives...
Was this the start of the end of the British Empire!
Here we go...

1988; The first fines for not filling and returning poll tax registration forms were issued in Scotland.
Let's test anything controversial on those in the provinces...
Are the those on the other side of any border, subsidised to remain in the union! Never mind the Union; trade unions have been less than conspicuous by their absence>
Most regions in this nation state now have more have-nots than haves.
Here we - which way! - go GOSH

2014; More than 50,000 illegal immigrants told to leave the country have been granted a "de-facto amnesty" after Home Office officials admitted they have no idea where they are.
'Immigration enforcement officers are not even looking for the individuals because of limited resources.'
Never mind a hostile environment and 'windrush' - the name of the vessel on which west indians were invited over with 'open arms' to 'help' the economy.
Does austerity still rule OK in a nation state of individual debtors and an increasing national debt.
Just like 'heavy industry' and manufacturing; time for the money magic service industry to go GO GOSH

The Greek nation state borrowed money from the international magic money tree.
The UK was/is a branch of that made up magic money tree.

SEPT 4th 2018

On this day

1588; The death of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a favourite and possible lover of Queen Elizabeth I. When his wife Amy died after falling down the stairs, it was widely rumoured that Dudley had murdered her in order to marry Elizabeth.
The Queen rejected him, even proposing that he wed Mary, Queen of Scots.
The power of love...
I will do anything for love; but, I won't do that...
If you don't think 'it' goes on today; you need less/more gluten in your gonads GOSH

1609; English navigator Henry Hudson, working for the Dutch East India Company, arrived at the island of Manhattan, before sailing up the river that now bears his name.
How many centuries of time before the wax and wane of the British Empire.
They 'who' say that time passes quicker when one gets older... It doesn't; we just get slower.
Change is inevitable; it is the rate of change that causes the ever present somewhere trouble.
Go away or giz a gun GOSH

1815; Sir Humphrey Davy invented the miner's safety lamp.
Danger and death was one of the reasons proffered by any in the establishment for the demise of the underground mining of coal.
The greenhouse gas of climate change was another...
All arguments must be weighed against the political divide.
Did the UK electorate marginally decide against the working class heavy industry; or vote for itself.
Today the divide between the haves and have-nots is so much apparent under the light of Brexit.
Political difference aside; if possible...
My heart is with the leavers; and, my head is with the remainers.
Where do we/I go...GOSH

1964; Queen Elizabeth II opened the Forth Road Bridge across the Firth of Forth in Scotland.
Will those - for whatever reason - unhappy with present borders jump or be politically pushed.
You won't get me I'm part of the Union...
Let my people go! GOSH

'Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel' is a phrase now not quite nearly as old as the history of the hills.
Greece economically; has much more reason to be a non member of the EU than the UK.
The self determination of patriotism is now used as an argument of division by the leavers and chums at all levels of income.
However; Empires come and Empires go.
The way of the world, for the near future; is, toward trading blocs.

SEPT 5th 2018

On this day

1646; Following Cromwell's victory in the English civil war, the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury was abolished.
This was all about less power to the church and more to democracy.
The UK was a form of Scottish Presbyterian worship under the Lord Protector Mr Cromwell.
Charles 11 restored power to the English Bishops...
Today the power of the Christian Church - even Catholicism - is on the back pew, in the developed world.
The cant and hypocrisy of the American bible belt is having a brief fling at the moment.
'Vote for me and I'll set you free' he said with tax avoiding glee.GOSH

1914; The First Battle of the Marne began.
British and French troops fought against Germans for six days.
Half a million people were killed.
Never ever forget that one of the founding aims of the EEC - now the expanding overall EU - was to prevent another war in Europe.
Nation states have a history of going to war - never mind the Gore GOSH

1988; No Sex Please We're British, the longest running comedy, closed in London, after 6,671 performances.
2014; Channel 4's game show Countdown achieved a Guinness World Record for the 'most series broadcast for a TV game show' when it reached its 6,000th episode On This Day.
The programme was launched in 1982, with the late Richard Whiteley as host.
The latest comedy version of countdown is hosted by image conscious Jimmy Carr.
Jimmy is an, in at the moment, envelope pushing, tax dodging, individual that writes most of his own stuff/material.
Very few individuals in the public eye have life time careers.
Just like those that lose money making 'investments' comebacks; they come and go NO GOSH

To those Greeks that have no job; it is a Greek Tragedy...
To many in other nation states - EU members or not - it is a Greek comedy...

SEPT 6th 2018

On this day

1620; 149 Pilgrims, The Pilgrim Fathers, set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower bound for America - the New World.
The Pilgrims' story of people seeking to escape the religious controversies and economic problems of their time by emigrating to America, has become a central theme of the history and culture of the United States.
Don't mention the dutch puritans...
They had originally set sail from Southampton on 5th August but, had to turn back when the ship became unseaworthy. The passengers were a migrant mix of oppressed puritans and investor financed opportunists.
What has America in common with Israel?
Over time; given the chance; the oppressed become the oppressors.
Let/make my people go GOSH

1852; Britain's first free lending library opened, in Manchester.
The've changed our local palais into a bowling alley - things ain't what the used to be
Some change is good for some...
Many libraries have disappeared cos of the cuts.
Those that remain have been marketised and some run by volunteers, for now - gone are the days of shhh.
The closing of libraries is the new 'burning the books' - don't mention the changing ratio of male to female authors.
Grab them plebs and subtly squeeze - by the gonads GOSH

1880; England beat Australia by five wickets at the Oval in the first Test Match played in England.
Since then, those descendants of convicts from Oz have won the ashes the most.
All sport now is an industry - those that earn a living are the most vocal supporters.
Play the game GOSH

1963 Cilla Black signed a contract with Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
She changed her name from White to Black after a misprint in the music paper Mersey Beat.
Many entertainers change their name - many under pressure from their well remunerated 'handlers'.
'for what is a rose - it smells as sweet by any other name'.
All the worlds a stage...
Play the game GOSH

Greece is the present whipping boy of the EU.
The rest of the EU knows how to play along led by the banking game.
The UK will soon have to play the game without the death and destruction backing of the Empire.
We will have to stand up all alone as a nation state...
Play the game.