Question 1
What have the following people and groups of people got in common?

Jim Davidson .......................... Pink Floyd
Lionel Blair .............................. The Eagles
Rolf Harris .. ............................ The Who
Kevin Bacon ............................ Monty python
Prince ...................................... Kilkeney Choir

Answer 1
They have all invested in Bernie Madoff - he made off with their money and they had to make a come-back.

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Question 2
What's this zig-zag of over-zealous organisations been up to?

St. Helens MBC
Hampshire County Council
Dorset County Pension Fund
Liverpool City Council
Royal Bank of Scotland

Answer 2

Yes... Bernie's Made off with their money too
Surprised at Liverpool - I believe it was lib dem controlled at the time.
Even more surprised at Barclays not being on the list! If ... they haven't invested in Bernie they can sue me.
$50 billion is the estimated amount of what is referred to as exposure. Not all of this money is lost of course - some will get some money back; some will lose all of their cash - it depends on the hierarchial intricasies of investing.
I wonder if the royal family invested in Bernie - remember shares can go up as well as down.

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Question 3
What's this common lot been up to?

1. Andrew Marr
2. Ryan Giggs
3. Jeremy Clarkson
4. Wayne Rooney
5. R. Sole

Answer 3

They all used injunctions or super injunctions to prevent the revelation or publication of the truth.
By far the the main reason for an injunction taken out by these people was sexual transgression.
Injunctions are a necessary part of Law and have been around for centuries.
Laws have to be passed by Parliament.
Super injunctions (you can't even say an injunction has been taken out) were an innovation of UK lawyers.
Just like the innovation of the banking industry they came about to make greedy people richer.

Here's how it works.
Lawyer: Who's been a naughty boy then!... How much will you earn next year?
Potential Client: £5 million pounds.
Lawyer: Give me £1 million pounds; I'll get my mate the judge to sign this injunction and you'll still earn £4 million pounds.
Potential naive Client: But! aren't we all in this together?
Lawyer: Well a few of us old boy; a few of us are in it together.
The prosecution rests its case...

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Question 4

What have these two got in common?
1. BT
2. Barclays

Answer 1

They have invested heavily in cheap labour abroad (Middle East and South America) - lost their money and increased prices in the UK to get back in profit.

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Question 5
What could drive you mad about these two?

1. Morgan
2. Peugot

Answer 1

They are both still family owned businesses.
Morgan is the only UK owned car manufacturer and makes at best 200 cars a year.
Peugot is one of a number of French multi-national car manufacturers and makes many millions of cars a year.

Does it boil your radiator when you hear politicians (mostly cons) bragging about the UK car industry. Get your ..... into gear you gonads.
The UK car industry is owned by foreigners.

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Question 6
Are you dual fuel or just a fool?

Name four of the big six energy companies

Answer 6

British Gas ----- UK owned by Centrica--- a multi-national
EDF - ---- French
Eon - ---- German
Npower - ---- German
Scottish power ----- Spanish
Scottish and Southern ----- UK - mainly UK operator . Energy trader (gambles)

Is it ironic! or par for the course that the biggest profiteers are the two UK companies.
Privatisation was supposed to reduce the cost of UK energy.
Here`s a list (most of them non-domestic) of other UK companies in the game.
Can you recognise them?

EDF Energy - Southern Electric- Amerada- Atlantic Electric and Gas- Basic Power- Cambridge Gas and Electricity- Countrywide energy- E.ON Energy- Ecotricity- Equipower (EBICo)- Good Energy- Green Energy UK- Lloyds TSB- London Energy- Sainsburys Energy- Scottish Hydro Electric- Seeboard Energy- Southern Electric- Swalec- SWEB Energy- uSwitch- Utilita- Utility Warehouse- Virgin Energy- ZEST4

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Question 7

Get the connection

1. Max clifford
2. Hugh Grant
3. Rebecca Brooks

Answer 7

They have all had their phones hacked and received compensation from the press.

Paying compensation prevents a trial and possible further exposure.
Rebecca actualy had her phone hacked too - if you don't believe she's being paid compensation, you're reading the wrong paper.
The original UK mobile phone system was presented to the government with an unique method of scrambling live and recorded calls. The rejected it because they wouldn't be able to listen in. Phone tapping started the day after the first phone was invented.
If you think GCHQ, the police and others haven`t the ability to monitor you - you need another hole in your body. The remarkable thing about hacking is the tens of thousands of people who knew about it years before it was made public.
The most remarkable thing is the number of firms such as lawyers,accountants, insurance, banking and others who as yet,have not been brought to account.

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Question 8
What was hilariously broadcast to the nation about these four funny fellows?

1. Jimmy Carr
2. Ken dodd
3. Lester Piggot
4. Harry Redknap

Answer 8

They were not members of the upper establishment ( Really rich people) and were used as scapegoats when tax evasion hit the public eye.
Mr Carr evaded tax by investing in a dodgy film production scam - come clean, paid a hefty fine and laughed it off.
I wonder what happened to the upright pillars of society that set up the scam.

Ken Dodd had more cash under his floorboards than all the grannies in Great Britain. The jury found him not guilty. A really funny man couldn't really have funny real money! Could He!

Lester Piggot looked funny because of his constant weight battle as a Jockey.
There was nothing funny about his three year sentence for tax evasion - he only served one year and one day. Racing was rife with fiddling in the eighties, cash, cars and tellies were the preferred payments to jockeys, but Lester was a trainer when he was finally captured. It was hilarious how he was captured; over the years he had declared a number of tax haven accounts under different names but the taxman had enough when he paid his latest fine from an off-shore account he hadn't declared.

Harry Redknap - yes the football manager with the funny face - was taken to court for tax evasion. Despite the Monaco tax haven account being in his dogs name the jury found him not guilty. They must have been from Barking. was it woof justice that he didn't get the England Job.

Dave (he of the banking and tax haven family - married into land) Cameron promised there would be full disclosure of tax haven evasion and avoidance.We aint seen nothing yet - nor are we likely to. His family will be using off-shore accounting,his front bench millionaires will be and all manner of people in the public eye will be. Anyone and anything with an accountant will be at it.

George -Oik- Osborne the Rt Hon Chancellor of The Exchequer has again promised to change the law on taxation to stop the global village fiddling. Lo and... just in time for the next election. If you were born just before the last election - or, are paying your taxes.
STOP PRESS... two...
The courts have ruled in favour of the tax man against the 'invest in young pop star scam' ( a sibling of the invest in the film industry scam).
Everyone has heard of the ABC celebrity list - here's a category that you might not have pinned down yet. The 'Orvil the Duck' status - famous merely because there was no one better at the time. Gary Barlow and two of his 'Take That' chums have been named for 20 £million of the 300m to be now paid to the taxman. 'Grabbing' - or was it just the culture - Gary was named because he is a chum of the Prime Minister that slagged off Jimmy Carr for fiddling...
What we don't - and never (at best very,very rarely) - hear from the mainstream media are the more relevant facts.
The fact that the dad of David Cameron was one of the most innovative in the latest dash for cash from tax havens. Here we have hypocrisy honed to "placate the plebs" perfection.
We never hear of the scheming schizos that set up these scams - they are never named. One can't get too near to "The Establishment": can one...

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Question 9

Which best describes the relationship between The Westminster Village and The Global Village ?

1. One has bums on seats - the other has bums on plane seats.
2. One has the heads of state - the other has heads of industry and banking.
3. The Westminster Village has its head up the bum of The Global Village.

Answer 9
No government losing power has ever admitted to leaving the country worse off.
Since 1970 - when it became un-obfuscating obvious that the UK was in economic decline - there have been seven conservative chancellors and three labour.
Twenty five years of con control and eighteen of lab.
Most chancellors throughout UK history have had a background in history or law.

The first of Thatcherism type chancellors was law, the next three banking.
Here's when the cancer of inequality and almost national bankruptcy began.
Privatisation of the building Societies, the rampant privatisation of industry and infrastructure, and bankers in charge - what could possibly go wrong.
It was holidays, houses and hot tubs all round for any one in, and connected to, the city.
Despite North sea oil, industry after industry was sold off to balance! the books. Every privatisation meant more £ millions for the bankers, lawyers, accountants and advisers in the city. The city thrived and expanded rapidly as it was subsidised by the selling off of national assets.
We, as a nation, with the banker chancellors in charge, began manipulating money instead of manufacturing things. Foreign investment, not least by the newly privatised companies, private equity, ( buying out of companies by leverage - borrowing of funny money in other words)and hedge funds flourished as the global village increased its power over national governments.

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Question 10
Which ex PM is linked by these three jobs?

1. Warmonger
2. Peace Broker
3. Patter Merchant

Answer 10
These are the main ways that phony Tony Bliar amassed his £20 million fortune.
Phoney Tony publically embraced Catholicism - He reminds me of that BoB Dylan line," For you don't count the dead when gods on your side".
Phoney Bliar in pursuit of being all things to all men said anything but his prayers.
Here's a few of his utterances:
"I want everybody to be a stakeholder"
His policies in government created an even huger hole in which to bury the underclass created by Thatcherism.

"There's no such thing as the Watford Gap".
His hijacking of the Labour Party took democratic power from the regions and centralised control in London. Even Jack Whittington knew the streets of London were paved with GOLD.

"Is there such a thing as the establishment ? or !".
Yes Tony and you were certainly part of it.

"Can pigs fly?"
No... He never actually said this. He cant fly neither; he had to take the gravy train to the trough.

History is indeed bunkum if it ever describes this man as a socialist.

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Question 11
Which best describes the running of the economy when new labour, with the third way, took over in 1997?

1. All that glitters is not gold,
2. Don't tell your granny how to suck eggs all in the same basket.
3. In the Kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is King.

Answer 11
A duck egg and duck house if you answered... all three.

A goose and a golden egg if you thought three is the best answer.

Gordon (belligerent buffon) Brown was chancellor of the exchequer prior to, and then Prime Minister in office for the banking collapse of Gt Britain.
Five years earlier Gordon lost 2.5 £billion selling off some of our gold reserves. There are a number of conspiracy theories as to why he sold our gold. The simple fact is it was a short term gamble loss brought about by the culture of the British and American banking short term profiteering.
Gordon managed to get totally wrong:
The gold reserves.
The private finance initiatives.
The basic rate of income tax.
The capital gains tax.
The manufactured smile.
Gordon was bragging that he'd found the economic elixir and banished boom and bust.
Gordon was saving the "world" - sorry the country - in the commons.
Gordon was lavishing sumptuous praise on the city in the Mansion house.
Gordon acted decisively - he bailed out the banks with tax payers money and disappeared - his chief advisor was a banker chum from Dave Camerons Bullingdon club set .( you couldn't make it up)
He departed these shores to the very lucrative world lecture circuit.
What on this perplexing planet does he lecture on - or more to the point, what kind of a global halfwit in a well - heeled wheelie bin pays money to listen to him. There's nowt as queer as folk.

The election of new labour after almost two decades of tory control was to be the the saving of the nation. The third way was the formula to salvation. The x factor had arrived.
The third way was a con. There was no X factor - but! the Jedwood era had began.
Gordon reverentially bowed before the bankers. Light touch regulation, the ignoring of company law and relaxation of accountancy rules was to be the path to prosperity,
It took real socialists less than a year to see through new labour and they,and some unions, deserted the labour party in droves. Since the great war - when modern economics began - most Western industrialised nations had politically drifted from right to left and vice-versa. We had mixed economies with politicians - to a large extent - in control. The Eastern nations (the communists - what ever that means) had command economies with the politicians totally! in charge. Since the eighties, Western nations have lurched to the right and now have market economies with politicians having very little - if any in some countries -control.
Eastern countries now have mixed economies with politicians in control.
The markets, which now thrive on,and despite of, short termism, like stability.
China with a mixed, cheap labour economy and communists in charge is seen as more stable than the Western economies. What does ironic mean again! The more the markets invest abroad, the richer the rich get and the poorer the poor get in market economies.

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Question 12
How many food banks are there in the UK?

1. 102
2. 202
3. 402

Answer 12
There's an amazing 402 plus - run by one charity alone - in the UK
You need a voucher to go to most food banks. You can get them from job centres instead of a job. Some people think that many who use food banks prefer food parcels to working. People who are working can claim food parcels.
A Food parcel lasts about three days.
Would YOU like to live like that?

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Question 13
Which food bank do these well fed types go to ?

1. Commons MPs
2. Mandarins
3. EU MPs

Answer 13
Any sumptuous one provided by a lobbyist.
Wining, dining, and the promise of a job, have made one man one vote a thing of the past.
Lobbying is worth about £2 billion/year and most is done clandestinely.
Look and listen to all types of media - you will soon spot them... all subjects under the sun where there's money to be made will have them popping up to just balance the argument in favour of their rich paymasters.
See how many you can spot...

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Q 14

Question 14
Name ten modern laws of economics brought about in the UK by near bankruptcy and the latest world recession.

Answer 14
This one is a lot easier than you think - you don't need to know the difference between a J curve and a J cloth - many millions of people have experienced most of them.
I challenge any economist, politician, or anyone who fancies a shot, to prove them wrong.

The greedy get greedier and the trickle down theory is proved to be a con.
A man on £100/hour expects a man on £10 pound/hour to work almost twice as hard as him - and a woman a bit harder than that.
Government statistics become propaganda to placate the plebs.
The people who caused and exacerbated the recession are the ones best equipped to get us out of it.
PFI's using private expensive money crowd out cheap money and the public sector costs more in the long run.
Bankers,directors and various other frackers must have a bonus to get out of a recession - the plebs (yes that's you) must take a pay cut.
All firms needn't publish full annual accounts - so nobody knows what's going on.
When change is to be achieved by the greedy - nothing changes.
Economic migration is caused by inequality not world recession.
They get away with it because cap doffing plebs let them.

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Question 15

Why shouldn`t you trust these two unhealthy horrors?
1. Alan Milburn
2. Patricia Hewitt

Answer 15
They were both new labour secretaries of state for health responsible for kick-starting the mass privatisation of the NHS.
Milburn - once a contender for leadership - introduced the foundation trusts. Mid Staffs was one of the first Foundation trust hospitals and one of the first to start killing people in large numbers.
They both now have very lucrative jobs working for Huge American private health companies, competing! for NHS contracts.
The Rt Hon David Cameron PM promised when electioneering that the NHS would be safe in his hands. There would be no reorganisation of the NHS by a Tory government.
When the Tories came to power Andrew Ansley MP became the RT Hon Sec of State for Health. All of his political working life he had been planning and preparing for the most drastic changes to the NHS since its inception.
Despite, desperately asking Alan Milburn (refer to start of answer) to back him,the behind the scenes, political squabble forced his resignation. The reorganisation Health Act was passed by the House of Lords with over 200 amendments.
The NHS -despite it's size - is still cheaper to run than any foreign privatised system.
Wake up and smell the anaesthetic. The NHS is being privatised before our eyes,ears nose and throat.

Stop Press
Guess who had ten years at the same private health firm as Al -the socialist privatiser -Milburn.
Yes! it's the new NHS CEO - Simon Stevens - keep your eye on him.
He's only forty seven - he might wangle a free make-over.
Remember - even if you have dimentia - it will be safe in their hands.

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Question 16

Your land is my land - which part of the UK do these amazing statistics refer to?

1. 1,250 people own two thirds.
2. Less than 500 people own half.
3. 10% is owned by foreigners and offshore trusts.

Answer 1
Och aye it's Bonny Scotland.
It`s not just the oil - it`s the land too - that frightens the effluence out of affluent anti-independence UK politicians.
Scottish land is one of the, if not the most, inequitably divided on the planet. Much of Scotland is owned by the old and new aristocracy and many of them are based in - even the jocks - London. How strange that in this era of inequality the aristocracy remain conspicuous by their silence.
Many of these huge estates receive over £1 million (yes £1 million) in grants from Europe for doing absolutely nothing - I repeat for doing nothing.
The SNP have already initiated a land reform program.

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Question 17
Did you get a share in privatisation? Since 1970 an astonishing number of firms have been privatised - about 170 in total.
Twenty of these firms and industries began with British - can you get the ten most common?

Answer 17

Here they are in chronological order.
British petroleum
B...... Ports
B...... Aerospace
B...... Airports
B...... Airways
B...... Airways Helicopters
B...... Rail Engineering
B...... Gas
B...... Leyland
B...... shipbuilders
B...... Steel
B...... Sugar
B...... Telecom
B...... Transport Hotels
B...... coal
B...... Rail
B...... Rail Research
B...... Rail telecommunications
B...... Technology Group
B...... Nuclear Fuels Ltd.
Most shares have ended up in the large financial institutions.
The Royal Mail - say no more.

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Question 18
Is their a link between these companies?

Northumbria Water
Essex and Sussex Water

Answer 18
They are owned by a nice family firm in Hong Kong; who of course pop over regularly for a glass of fine UK water.

Here's a list of who owns the other (English)Water companies:

Anglia Water ------------------Global private equity
Thames Water ---------------Australian investment bank
yorkshire water --------------consortium of investment companies (banks)
Affinity Water -----------------American investment bank
South Staffs Water ----------KKR Global investment company
Bristol Water -----------------Canadian electricity company
South East Water -----------Australian investment fund
Bournemouth Water --------Singapore based multinational
Southern water ------------- Consortium of pension and infrastructure funds (anybody anywhere in the world)
Wessex Water -------------- Malasian Power company
Sut and E. Sus Water------Japanese gas company

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It's the economy stupid!
Question 19

We`ve all heard of fiscal policy but what exactly is it?

1. The nanny state taxing sugar in fizzy drinks to reduce the number of obese people.
2. The government using taxation and spending to control an economy.
3. A devious method of making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Answer 19
If a picture paints a thousand words it could take a thousand pictures to answer this one. Trust me... I'm not a politician, banker, accountant, lawyer, policeman...or represent any increasingly mistrusted institution or organisation.
2. is the obvious technical answer of course.
However, if you honestly don`t believe that over the last thirty years, the rich have got richer and the poor poorer, you really must be full of it.

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Question 20

Banks are run by a charitable bunch of old buffers!
Which of these have they taken to the cleaners the most?

1. Kensington and Chelsea bag ladies lingerie
2. Drug money
3. You

Answer 20
It's not one - banks and their chums make bags full of bucks by repossessing homes.

It's not two - UK banks have owned up to illegally laundering tens of millions of pounds of drug cartel money and merely been given the usual paltry funny money fines. If they owned up to tens of millions; even a premiership club accountants clerk, would add a few noughts on to get the true amount.

If you picked three ... CONGRATULATIONS you have won an Euro lottery ticket - now read the small print.
a) You can only win if you buy one yourself.
b) It's a Euro Lottery because, many bankers and footballers now earn more per annum than you can win having a punt on the UK Lotto.

I'm old enough to know that Building Societies were formed because banks were ripping us off.
Here's a list of what the mostly UK and USA banking sector has been up to since the de-mutalisation of the Building Societies.

Illegal Fixing Of:
Foreign currency exchange rates Markets!!!!!

Massive use of tax havens
Insider trading
unsupervised trading
money laundering
transfer of slush funds

Mis-selling of:
Endowment mortgages



passing on bad loan losses to the taxpayer
Ditching free banking
Not lending
Trying to get rid of the cheque system
Laying off ordinary banking staff
Closing local branches
Using IT modules instead of common sense.
Trading in:
Anything - you name it, these boys tried it.

Just before the crash one American bank - aptly named Goldman Sachs - was selling credit default swaps (an innovated financial instrument, or scam) to European banks and lending money to their own hedge funds to bet against them, because the knew they would go down in value.
Top traders from the same bank make enough of a fortune to retire at forty, then go into the top hierarchy of American government. It matters not whether that government is Republican or Democrat.
Hedge funds borrow money to trade (gamble on future prices going up or down) and distort markets.

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Q 21

Question 21
We've all turned and looked the other way when we've witnessed a crime at some time in our lives!
Pick the most guilty out of this lot.

1. A burglars dog
2. The bizzies
3. The FCA

Answer 21
The bizzies, or the police, as an organisation, have certainly turned a blind eye to crime - not least by fiddling the figures.
Three is the winner by a city mile.
A firm or business usually changes its name when it's in trouble.
The city watchdog, The Financial Conduct Authority was called The Financial Services Authority before the banking crash.
The 10 Downing was changed because it couldn't do its job - the city watchdog just changed its name .
Talk about: revolving doors, poachers and gamekeepers, and the Jedwood factor, British banking must be the finest ever example of cant and hypocrisy in financial history.
It has been and still is, all the same faces on the merry go round gravy train of greed. The Bank of England was supposed to supervise the banks- it didn't, or they wouldn't have crashed.
A Canadian with a prestigious background in economics has been imported to restructure the Bank of England.
Oh! I forgot to tell you; he used to work for Goldman Sachs. (read previous answer again)

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Question 22
What's the interesting link between these desperadoes?

1. Man U FC
2. Zombie companies
3. Joe (negative equity) Bloggs

Answer 22
If the interest rate goes up... they will go bust
The glazers borrowed money to buy Man U.and have already floated again to service the debt.
Many companies borrow money to exist. In a recession they are at greater risk when interest rates rise. Even more companies, many that were once household names, were acquired by private equity firms using leverage(funny money). With accountancy rules of today, who knows what is going on.
Tens of thousands of house owners are in negative equity. The house isn't worth any where near the mortgage. If rates rise and they cant sell there house will be repossessed by the bankers.

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Question 23
What exactly is the footsie?

1. The non-dominant persons speculative preliminary foreplay.
2. Every mans` dream,"I've got a foot...see"
3. The footsie 100, is the 100 richest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Answer 23
All three are correct; however,if you are not titivatingly stupid, it`s three that`s the right answer,
People confuse the footsie 100 as the richest 100 UK companies- they are merely registered on the LSE because it is a trading platform. Many of them are foreign and most are Multi-national.
We are all aware of the Uk banking collapse - but are we told the truth about what actually caused it.

It was 'Thatcherism' that deregulated the London Stock Exchange and brought about the near bankruptcy of Britain. Prior to 1987, and 'BIG BANG' as it was known, the limited number of companies in the stock exchange could either buy or sell stocks and shares.
After 1987 anything went, financial innovation gave rise to private equity and hedge funds which in turn brought about all kinds of skullduggery and devilry.
The American banks were over here quicker than you could say "Sir Fred Goodwin" and the generation of manipulating money, instead of making things began.
At the same an even more insidious change was made. The ratio of real money to assets any bank could hold was increased. In other words a bank could pretend it had even more money than it actually had. This is what I call funny money. The gambling (bankers call it investing) with funny money began in earnest and quickly escalated year on year. There was one problem however - the annual bonus.If the annual bonus was left in the system there was no problem - it was all funny money. Alas... as soon as the annual bonus was converted into a villa or yacht it became real money.
It was just a matter of time.
The American mortgage industry was most commonly blamed for the collapse of banking - Baubles - or the love of baubles - in other words unbridled greed was the cause of the collapse.
If this country can get rid of millions of mining and engineering jobs it should be easy to get rid of a few thousand bankers. These bankers used every dishonest, fraudulent and illegal way known to mankind to almost bankrupt this country - yet not a single one in the UK has been put in prison.
Five years after the crash they are still at it and all they receive is a paltry funny money fine.

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Q 24

Question 24
What exactly! Is, 'The Big Society'?

1. A film
2. A joke
3. Overweight Britain
4. Novelty politics

Answer 24

It's not a film - nor is it a joke about British porkies.
This is novelty politics at its, soon to be forgotten, finest.
Remember Phony Tony and his third way waffle - The big society is the Dave The Rave equivalent.

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Question 25
Are we a nation of porkies telling porkies?
Who tells the most lies?

1. lawyers
2. Bankers
3. NHS managers
4. The police
5. Your Boss

Answer 25

It is the politicians.
A trick question of course - and it`s the politicians who are the trickiest.
There is a saying that a country deserves the politicians it gets.
It is us the plebs, by voting, or ever increasingly not voting, that puts these malignant muppets of the markets into power.
NHS managers lie their little Italian silk socks off when defending their shrinking empires due to cuts - Yet it is the politicians that vow to protect the NHS and then deviously bring about these cuts.
Must a nation that is still one of the richest on this planet kill people in hospitals!
Killing people in hospitals is just a more subtle way of gassing and burning them.
Killing people in hospitals is just a more subtle form of Tribal warfare.
This country is at war - an economic war - and in any war, the truth is the first thing out the window.
War and killing is a fascinating subject.
It's against the law to kill in your country; however,if you do want to kill somebody, get into the NHS, preferably management, nobody is found guilty.
You can kill as many as you want for your country - even your own side by accident - it is not illegal. To accomplish lawful killing for your country, it is advisable to join the defence force. The best form of defence is attack. The main, historic accepted rule of any theatre of war was; massively out numbering the enemy made it easier to knick their land.
Most people forget that the prime aim of the European union is to prevent another war in Europe. Sensible, economically well run countries don't have to go to war. Many countries on the periphery of Europe have had to endure civil war due to inequality.
All of the above options to the answer have recently been proved to be not as good with the truth as they should be. Are we as a nation becoming used to lying and looking the other way?
Lest we forget - In very recent history this proud nation has been to war three times, been involved in any amount of minor skirmishes and endured a civil war for over twenty years.
Devolution in the UK has come about because of increasing inequality.

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Q 26

Question 26
What is the difference between Crufts and the commons?

Answer 26

Not much really.
The dogs are subtly trained into compliance with titbits - and Crufts is the same.
The dogs,if left uncontrolled will start baying at each other - and Crufts is the same.
The dogs are bred in a culture of arrogance and elitism - and Crufts is the same.
The dogs will cuddle up to anyone that feeds them - and Crufts is the same.

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Question 27
It is generally accepted that science fiction eventually becomes reality.
Which of these novels proves this the most?

1. The War of the Worlds.
2. 1984.
3. Brave New World.

Answer 27

The War of the Worlds was published in 1898, has never been out of print and predicted chemical warfare and ray guns.
Brave New World was published in 1932 and foresaw - among other things - genetic engineering.

1984 the undisputed winner, was published in 1949 and most has come true already
In 1945 an American think tank came up with the Mckinder concept. This simply stated that" whoever ruled the heartland of Europe would rule the World. The European Union was started by the treaty of Rome in 1957, began expanding in 1970, and has never stopped.
We are all aware of the Chinese rise to Massive Global Economy status.
1984 had the planet divided into three worlds - each in eternal conflict for domination of the few remaining disputed lands.
1984 written by George Orwell was intended to be a warning against totalitarian control.
The UK - or England to be precise - is the most watched country in the world.
We are being watched from mall to mall, corner to corner, junction to function and pub to park. You are being clocked, in public and private, playing and watching sport and every port. Most retail premises and even some market stalls have got their greedy digital lenses on you. Supermarket checkouts - not least, unmanned ones - have more electronic spies than GCHQ and casinos.
Data bases with your personal information are being flogged as much as any dodgy innovative financial instrument ever was.
Big Brother is a world wide reality tv show spin-off from the novel 1984.There have been 31 series of Big Brother in The UK - In each one people are manipulated to provide a viewable tv show.
In real life governments manipulate people in much more sinister ways.
Here`s one that most people have never heard of and some will refuse to believe.
Since the second world war and for a number of years each and every government has followed a policy that there was to be no investment within 10 miles of any pithead. The miners were forced into the pits and then forced out of them.

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Question 28
So! You think you know a bit about football Eh!

Which one pays the most tax?

1. The schemer and scorer for Barcelona.
2. The MUFC old slapper slipper dipper.
4. The sweeper for Axminster Carpets.

Answer 28

1. The off field tax tactics off this little schemer got a bit messy.

2. Anyone who would take out an old slapper, then take out a super injunction, will be sure to take on a super tax consultant.

3. Why shouldn't every tax haven in the world play the beautiful game - sue me Sepp.

4. Axminster Carpets probably haven't got a sweeper, now that the once great family firm has been bought out by private equity - don't worry though, the new owners will clean up all right.

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Question 29

There are at least four and a bit Premier Clubs owned by Americans...Not who!... Why?

1. They can see the Queen and have a game on Trumps golf course every time they pop over.
2. They can now sit down and keep dry while waving at their new pals, the plebs.
3. To make money.

Answer 29
3. Is spot on the money - though some fans still kid themselves otherwise.

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Question 30

Each year, apart from trading in players, there are four main ways a club can bring in money - What are they?

Answer 30
a) Gate money
b) TV money
c) Selling club merchandise
d) Sponsorship

OK - That was an easy one - there was another way for a short time.
Before Johnny Foreigner started taking over, a few clubs became PLCs - They floated on the markets to raise money.
At one club the seemingly intelligent, hybrid Fans/suckers coughed up for shares twice... The Evening Chronicle reckoned the Hall family put £35 million in their back pocket courtesy of NUFC.
When NUFC sold its soul to the city, the city sent up a minder.
Later this minder wrote a book called 'FOOTBALL and the CITY', he reckoned the Halls left with £65 million plus. Their original investment was merely a loan - they knew how to score.

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Question 31

How many ways are there for an owner to take money out of a football club?

Answer 31
The answer my friend is blowing round the pitch, the answer is blowing in the wind.
A good - or bad, some would say - money manipulator can do almost anything the owner asks. If a club is relegated or has to be sold - the club loses money not the owner.
Your club and its' rich owner are being subsidised by me and other suckers - courtesy of the tax man.
UK tax laws make it cheaper for foreign owners to buy foreign players - players use image rights to pay even less tax.
A few premiership clubs have been saved by the tax man - he deferred tax bills to save the Premier.
On the rare occasion when the whatnot hits the owner(s) instead of the fan the club carries on in a lesser form.
Glasgow Rangers has a fascinating financial history. A few clubs have had to flog off the next year season tickets to survive - Rangers was up to the next three years in advance. The present/previous owner(s) after a financial freefall caused by dodgy and devious devilry, are embroiled in a melange of litigation - who knows who will win .It could be a draw between one of the owners and the lawyers - the club lost 10-nil

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Question 32

Here's an open goal for you
What do these numbers represent?

1. 300,000
2. 20,000
3. 300

Answer 32
These are the basic weekly wages in pounds of:
1.---- The best paid player in the premier.
2. ---- The PFA CEO.
3. ---- The pro. players minimum wage as negotiated by the PFA.
Mind the gap

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Question 33
If! you don't mind; here's a personal question.
Which one grabs your attention in 2014 UK?

1. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom
2. Ephemeral veganism is the price of thindom
3. Endless villification is the price of serfdom
4. None of the above

Answer 33
This maxim was common in the era of cold war Western Germany.
During the real war before, it was slightly different - 'Work means freedom' was adorned over the entrances to the death camps.
When you are in charge you can say anything, and usually do. Do people in England know the true price of freedom! Are you watching all them cameras watching you?
We are a nation of porkies now. Do you stop the meat and go nuts now and again. Do you yo-yo up and down faster than a cowboys coccyx ? It's not your economy; it's your life style, stupid. Stop drinking and take up the triathlon - you'll soon take the weight off the NHS and a few pound of the national debt.
When they are on the bottom it's easier to kick em in the teeth. Never in the history of class warfare has the ever increasing underclass been castigated by so many. We are all middle class now; it's your fault you're in abject poverty and claiming, and claiming and claiming, not mine - my conscience is clear.
The word 'pleb' is now as common in a working class club in Cleethorpes as the Carlton.
If you are a pleb and disagree, you are obviously the numbest kind of Northern numptie or a deferential divi.

Picked 4. Eh!
You are either, a foggy eyed, flummoxed freelance fool: or, a rich, overweight, global glutton, aristocratic landowner, watching escape movies in a private cinema on your chums Carribean island.

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Q 34

Question 34

What is strikingly similar about these two heavy weight political sluggers?
1. John - two pies - Prescott
2. Eric - two curries - Pickles

Answer 34
They were both used as dupes in rich mens cabinets.
What better way to placate the plebs than these two larger than life ex-working class heroes.
You Northern numpties thought that social mobility was dead and buried - didn't you!

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Question 35

Why can you put these three in the same field?

1. The House of Lords
2. A HST 2 carriage
3. A hospital waiting room

Answer 35
They are all going to be fitted with a fence for the Lib Dems to sit on.
5 The old ones are still the best!

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Question 36

Which best describes the creator of this quiz?

1. Commie Pinko Bastard
2. Cynical wannabe comedian
3. Realist

Answer 36