It took millions of years to form this planet - some people think one bloke made it in six days.
The human form of Man has been on this planet for a mere 200,000 years
We started extracting minerals only 5,000 years ago - extracting minerals tends to damage the planet .
Mankind has done more damage to this planet in the last 100 years then the preceding 5,000 years. One can make a small fortune damaging this planet - the bigger the company, the more the damage, the more the money.
The deeper an oil firm has to drill the more it costs to get out. Deep Drilling technology is now no longer cost effective - fracking technology is.
Fracking is at best dodgy - prospective frackers will pay,allegedly neutral experts, a dungeon full of dosh to say it's not.
Politicians with their fracking fingers in the well say," fracking will be the saving of the UK economy " - if you want a good porky, look for a politician.
Fossil fuels cause global warming - some people (usually rich ones) don't believe in global warming.
If you don't believe in global warming and want to make money in the oil industry, here's some advice. Move to Canada now. When the ice melts enough, vast tracts of Canada will become technologically cost effective to exploit .Your grandchildren will make a fortune being in the right place at the right time.
Remember that countries with oil tend to attract unwanted attention by countries with larger armies.