Oct 23rd 2018

1641; The outbreak of the Irish Rebellion began as an attempted coup d'état by Irish Catholic gentry, who tried to seize control of the English administration in Ireland to force concessions for the Catholics living under English rule.
However, the coup failed and the rebellion developed into an ethnic conflict between the native Irish Catholics and the English and Scottish Protestant settlers.
It has all been done before under the stars and sun.
Just different players.
What's your game! GOSH

1642; The first major battle of the English Civil War took place at Edgehill in South Warwickshire. Charles I and Prince Rupert led the Royalists and the Earl of Essex led the Parliamentarians.
It was an inconclusive result that prevented either faction gaining a quick victory in the war, which eventually lasted four years.
Wonder how long - and in what form - the present division in society (now that some/many plebs are more aware of the hidden agenda ) will last.
What's your game! GOSH

1906; In Britain, women suffragettes, campaigning for the right to vote, held a demonstration at the House of Commons.
Ten were arrested and sent to prison.
In the battle of the sexes - what's your game GOSH

1951; Conservative leader, Winston Churchill, wound up his election campaign by denying that he was a warmonger: "If I remain in public life at this juncture it is because I believe I may be able to make an important contribution to the prevention of a 3rd World War."
This establishment owning, opportunist like Boris, tired and emotional, top tier member of the aristocracy - an unspoken of aristocracy that still exists today, was...
Full of it - and not just spin.
What's his/your game GOSH

1987; Former Champion Jockey Lester Piggott was jailed for three years for tax evasion.
Evasion and avoidance of tax is a generational thingy; in those days, 'it was just not paying tax'.
Love the lolly Lestor - he was a trainer, the second time he was caught - was not jailed for not paying tax.
He was knicked for paying the agreed fine from a savings account book he hadn't declared.
What's your not a champion of the people Game GOSH

2009; BNP leader Nick Griffin complained to the BBC over his controversial appearance on Question Time, saying that he had faced a "lynch mob".
He was robustly questioned about his views on race, immigration and the Holocaust from a largely hostile audience.
He criticised Islam, defended a past head of the Ku Klux Klan but insisted that he was "not a Nazi".
Critics said the show had given the BNP huge publicity and the BNP claimed 3,000 people registered to join the party during and after the broadcast.
Bias in the BBC - you're having a giggle, right!
What's your game GOSH

2012; The switchover to digital televison in the UK was complete when the analogue TV signal in Northern Ireland was turned off on Tuesday night at 23:30 BST.
Simultaneously BBC Ceefax, the world's first teletext service, launched on 23rd September 1974 took its final bow with a series of graphics on Ceefax's front page.
If you don't think you are being chanelled; try buying a non smart telly...
If you don't think that the politician condoned establishment is trying to gain control - cleaning it up is just one of the guises - of the internet; you need some more glue for your giggle GOSH

We are now well into the era of digitalisation - it would not have been economically possible without micro-miniaturisation.
Now we have digital children - the mobile mob - living alongside the older 'digital immigrants'.
Algorithms are the publically debated means of control of data - never ever forget that the internet is just a load of tubes - whoever controls and looks into them tubes knows more exactly what is going on.
A person who says he is going to have a bath for 5mins-27secs can be recognised as a coding geek.
Someone who makes his living seriously from the digital - don't mention the robots that will work along with humans; not taking their living away - game
what's your game GOSH

Greece is a nuclear free nation state just grasping digitalisation member of the EU.
The EU will be a non nuclear entity in a couple of generations.
Will we as a nuclear nation state having the so called special relationship with the nuke trying to hang on in there American empire become an even more also ran.
The historic trend is towards less violence and death.
Will we be the ones to back democracy with good old fashioned death and destruction.
What's your game!

Oct 24th 2018

1857; The founding of the world's first official football club, Sheffield Football Club, in Yorkshire, by a group of former students from Cambridge University.
The club's finest hour came in 1904 when they won the FA Amateur Cup, a competition conceived after a suggestion by Sheffield.
Footie like most professional sport is now going through its most divisive period.
Those that make a lucrative living from this or any industry, deny this; like a true professional.
Don't mention aided and abetted by the use of all forms of drugs.
Society like any or all dressing rooms is going through a sustained period of inequality.
All aspects of life in any society have a trade off between passion and professionalism.
Now about these professional injuries - no giggling GOSH

1961; Malta was granted independence from Britain.
Was it passion or lack of professionalism that made a UK citizen say, Let's return to the days of the empire.
The genie is well out of the broken bottle - if I could turn back time...
You can officially this Sunday - Sunday used to be a day of rest; a day to worship the good! lord.
Go on; have a giggle GOSH

1969; British actor Richard Burton bought his wife, American actress Elizabeth Taylor, a 69.42 carat diamond costing more than half a million pounds.
Did Dickie try to turn back time - he married Betty twice.
He was too tired and emotional to have/borrow enough money.
His - for twice a short time - wife, had eight husbands.
This couple of - one a self made sozzled actor and one born into money; not the first white high maintenance mama - 'celebs' will be viewed in time as over-worshipped icons of the day.
Go on Have a little giggle GOSH

1986; The UK government broke off diplomatic relations with Syria following revelations of complicity in a plot to blow up an El Al airliner.
1986; was the year of 'big bang' - the deregulation of things financial in an attempt by the Thatcher government to make The UK great again.
Deregulation led to the banking crash - socialism for the rich...
Take a deep breath and silently gloat or giggle GOSH

2003 The legendary supersonic aircraft, Concorde, made its last commercial passenger flight amid emotional scenes at Heathrow airport.
Concorde was retired after 27 years due to a general downturn in the aviation industry after the 11th September terrorist attacks in 2001 and a decision by Airbus to discontinue maintenance support.
The real reason; there wasn't enough people wanting to fly that fast.
If; you want to travel to the midlands; or, from the midlands to london, 20-20 minutes faster! Queue here.
Politicians of any colour and an economy! EH!
Go on have a good giggle GOSH

Many citizens of Greece wanted to leave the EU; they are still in.
The italian economy is now challenging the centre right private banking controlled EU for a slightly different reason.
Change will come about from within.
Are you a gloater or giggler! GGGOSH

Oct 25th 2018

1415; In the Hundred Year's War, King Henry V's Longbowmen defeated a numerically superior French Army at the Battle of Agincourt.
His victory crippled France and started a new period in the war, during which Henry married the French king's daughter and his son, Henry VI, was made heir to the throne of France.
The long bow - just like the nuclear bombs; little boy and fat man were part of the arms race and significantly changed the course of history.
In theses times of turbulence; never ever forget; that one of the founding aims of, what has now evolved into the EU trading bloc; is to prevent another war in Europe.
Play your own Game GOSH

1828; The St Katharine Docks opened in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
They were part of the Port of London, in the area now known as the Docklands.
The area is now a housing and leisure complex.
Each generation is brought into its own changing environment!
The rate of change experienced by developed nation states over the last century is unlikely to be repeated again.
The sooner our nation state gets back to making things; without the divisiveness of manipulating money and austerity; the better off we will all be.
Play your own game GOSH

2001; A British Crime Survey revealed that the chances of being a victim of crime were the lowest for 20 years.
Much lower; was the chance of winning the lottery...
There are lies; damn lies and statistics...
A very old political; line, truism, saying; whatever!

2013; A dog walker found around sixty thousand pounds in banknotes (some charred after being burnt), floating in/on a Lincolnshire waterway.
Six months later police were still following up a number of lines of enquiry.
Denizens of the deep broke into Hartlepool police station and stole the toilets.
Police have nothing to go on...
After X years of austerity; and more to come; many people in society are now of the mind when it comes to law and order...
Play your own game GOSH

2013; The former Labour home and foreign secretary, Jack Straw (67) announced that he was to stand down as MP for Blackburn at the next general election.He was elected in Blackburn in 1979 and stood in eight general elections in the constituency.
Jack - would I be labeled as antisemetic if I said he was a Jew - Straw was home secretary at the time of extradition - he embarrassingly denied in public that it had occured over British territory.
When asked why a British serviceman had not seen or heard anything - a UK trade union official, rather jokingly/truly replied...
Whenever a British squaddie hears an American plane; he dives for cover.
What's your game GOSH

Greek diplomats must have been aware of Extradition.
Listen; do you want to know a secret...
When war starts; the truth is the first thing out the window.

Oct 26th 2018

1640; The Treaty of Ripon was signed, by Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Scottish Covenanters.
It was a major setback for Charles, and its terms were rightly humiliating.
It stipulated that Northumberland and County Durham were to be ceded to the Scots as an interim measure, that Newcastle was to be left in the hands of the Scots, and that Charles was to pay them £850 a day to maintain their armies there.
The swings and roundabouts of the Magna Carta (1215) influencing events before the advent of digitalisation and instant information.
Rich people and plebs were influenced by death and destruction and ducking stool spin...
What! you don't believe they had spin - pass the bleeding gin; NO JOSH GOSH

1863; The Football Association was formed at a meeting at Freeman's Tavern in London.
The Footie today mirrors the internationality and division of have and have-nots
Not another overpaid bad pass! - Pass the bleeding gin; NO JOSH GOSH

1986; Leading politician Jeffrey Archer was forced to resign from the deputy chairmanship of the Conservative party following allegations that he made a payment to a prostitute to avoid a scandal.
He denied the allegations and later fought a successful libel case.
This perpetual purveyor of propa porkies was eventually nicked for perjury.
A fine example of overzealous ambition; blended with who, not what...
Pass the krug and gin - NO JOSH GOSH

1989; The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson resigned over policy differences with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
John Major replaced him.
Mr Major - expediently and erroneously called circus boy; did have a sexual affair with eggonella - I reserve judgement on wether he tucked his shirt into his underpants; or not - was at the forefront of the originally broadcast tory split over Europe.
It was more or less disguised as a personality clash by the mainstream media.
Spin - pass the bleeding GIN NO JOSH GOSH

2000; The long awaited report into the spread of BSE or 'mad cow disease' and its fatal human equivalent, vCJD, criticised officials, scientists and government ministers.
At first; the establishment were at a loss to why 'BSE' had spread so quickly.
They discovered that livestock was being traded 2/3 times in a lifetime - often just across the valley.
The 'almost' hidden cost of a 'free' society...
Watch out for the cow pats JOCK and pass the bleeding GIN NO JOSH GOSH

2001; British troops were put on standby for action in Afghanistan as Tony Blair warned that Osama bin Laden must be stopped.
Nowt like a quick axis of evil war away.
2014; Camp Bastion, the last UK base in Afghanistan, was handed over to the control of Afghan security forces, ending British combat operations in the country.
It was around this time that the oil/gas sea-bed pipeline - laid by massive German machines - from Russia to - a branch veered off to Germany - Scotland was commissioned.
Never mind the international spin - pass the bleeding GIN NO JOSH GOSH

While not having a history of spinning - the Greek nation state will have spinners of all hues.
Spin has become an upfront international expediency in the era of mis/information.

Oct 27th 2018

1662; Charles II of England sold the coastal town of Dunkirk to King Louis XIV of France.
Dunkirk is not twinned with Dover - many say the county round dover is soon to become a 'parking lot' for lorries
It has been twinned with Krefeld in Germany since 1974.
Twinned with Middlesbrough in the UK since 1976.
Since 2000 Dunkirk has been twinned with 'Qinhuangdao' a place/town in China.
While my heart is with the leavers - my head is with the remainers.
The pleb leave voters should be very careful they don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
Read the runes the full runes and nothing but the runes...
Play the game. GOSH

1936; American Wallis Simpson, the future Duchess of Windsor, was granted a divorce from her second husband Ernest, leaving her free to marry King Edward VIII.
Eddy abdicated; bringing a holy new meaning to inbreeding and extended families.
Anyone that marries into a/the royal family today must to what extent...
Play the game GOSH

1967; Britain passed the Abortion Act, allowing abortions to be performed legally for medical reasons.
The Northern Irish claim a full attachment to 'Britain' as regards 'brexit' - don't mention the complication of the 'magic money tree'.
The proddies opted out of the 67 abortion act.
Going their own way on numerous other acts of legislature, makes a libelous lie of the claimed affinity to the UK.
Play the game

1986; The government suddenly deregulated financial markets, leading to a total restructuring of the way in which they operated, in an event now referred to as the Big Bang.
A vainglorious attempt to prop up the UK economy by the manipulation and manoeuvering of money - which soon became funny money; completely unrelated to the previous real economy.
The well lobbied mainstream media to this day; do not come clean about the true economic facts.
Was it a tory politician that said. 'the British public don't want to hear the truth'.
Do plebs play the game! GOSH

All the world is a stage, and all those on this planet are players.
Ask a Greek pleb how much it costs to play the game!

Oct 28th 2018

1216: Henry III was crowned.
His son was England's warrior king, Edward I.
1664; The Corps of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, commonly referred to as the Royal Marines, was established.
It was originally known as The Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot.
This small nation state before, after and especially during the time of the British Empire, has dished out more death and destruction than any other nation state in history.
It is still to been seen if the American empire - what! you've never heard of the american empire; how many military bases throughtout this now ignored warming up planet - surpasses our (adjective)achievement.
Death and destruction under the guise of democracy is a mere minute momentum in the history of man(wo) on this planet.
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

1971; The House of Commons democratically backed Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath and, by a majority of 112, voted for Britain to apply to join the EEC - the European Economic Community.
If you think that trump is a chum of the pleb! This nation state will soon be like that spy and people living on the street - don't mention the US tented towns, just go to the tourist traps!!! - out in the cold.
Easy come; not so easy as many think, to go.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1979; Chairman Hua Kuo-Feng, the first Chinese leader to visit Britain, was welcomed at Heathrow by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
China was a communist country then.
Today it is a hybrid communist/capitalist nation state, competing with the best of them to become economic top dog.
Do you honestly think that the UK can still belligerently bully a decent trade deal with a huge economic entity on the other side of this - it's the only one we have got; never mind that space exploration - planet.
I know! let's join a large trading bloc.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The Greek nation state is said to be the Dad of democracy.
Over time it was intermixed with oligarchy.
At the best of times; to have a vote...
One had to be: A true Greek.
A male - over a certain age.
Had done something for the country - preferably military.
Have a certain standing in the community - property owner
Some would say, apart from women, somewhat similar to what us plebs have today.

Oct 29th 2018

1843; The world's first telegram was sent, from Paddington to Slough.
The time when Britain ruled the waves and British inventors ruled the hard wired airwaves.
Throughout recent history the UK has been self/examining itself over the inability to hang onto wealth after innovation.
The answer my friend isn't blowing in the wind.
It is to do with the marginally higher entrepreneurial competitive division - don't mention class - than other developed nation states.
Take the money and run...
Wanna be in his greedy gangGOSH

1945; The Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment was set up in England.
Much - many say too much - is made of nuclear weapon strength.
The establishment - our fellow humans - try to make less of the link between nuclear energy and nuclear weapon.
Less than a generation ago the Japanese refused to send its nuclear waste to the UK - stating dodgy storage facility.
As if plastic was bad enough; the UK tried to be the nuclear waste bin of the world.
The truth is; this nation state under economic pressure can't afford to keep a nuclear detergent.
Let's hang on to what! we got GOSH

2012; The UK's first fourth generation (4G) mobile service was launched.
11 cities - London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and Southampton had access to network EE's 4G from Tuesday morning, 30th October.
The fifth generation mobile service is having trouble being 'rolled out'.
A few year ago technology was stacked up ready for the market.
The developed world has just gone through a period of not properly tested digitalisation being marketed too soon. Technological innovation - it is the slightly different same thing - has now slowed down...
Don't stop the world; too many people want to get off.
Get your ass into my greedy gang GOSH

2014; The Serious Fraud Office initiated a criminal investigation into accounting irregularities at supermarket giant Tesco after the supermarket announced that its profits had been overstated by £263m.
Don't mention the no of private jets that the board tried unsuccessfully to cancel.
Just one of the few of the many 'at it' thanks to deregulation of things financial by thatcherism.
Are we all now really greedy gitsGOSH

Greece is now just like the UK - a divided nation due to inequality.

Oct 30th 2018

1485; The coronation of Henry VII of England.
He founded the Yeoman of the Guard - 'Beefeaters' - to guard Royal Palaces in London.
I'll pay you a bit to be in my gang GOSH

1925; In his workshop in London, Scotsman John Logie Baird achieved the transmission of the first television pictures using the head of a dummy as his image source...
He then persuaded a 15 year old office boy, William Taynton, to sit in front of a camera, becoming the first live person captured on camera.
1942; Three British Royal Navy personel - Lt. Tony Fasson, Able Seaman Colin Grazier and canteen assistant Tommy Brown from HMS Petard boarded the sinking German submarine U-559, and retrieved vital instruments and documentation which would later lead the Bletchley Park codebreakers to crack the German Enigma code.
Brown was the only one of the three to survive when the submarine sank.
All three received the George Cross Medal and Tommy Brown (aged 16 and too young to be at sea at the time ) is the youngest person to have ever received that award.
Catch em young and give em a bung in the battle for the hearts and minds of men.
We'll pay each other to be in our gang GOSH

1957; The Government revealed details of plans to reform the House of Lords, which included creating the first women life peerages.
More than a generation after some had died and many went to prison...
There's a price to pay if! you want to be in my gang.GOSH

1984; The 3 surviving members of the 'Beatles' Pop group were given the freedom of the City of Liverpool.
George Harrison refused to attend.
The majority of people reckon that the beatles were the best pop group 'ever'.
The music of the people took their chance while the classical arts were over-subsidised by the establishment.
The Beatles only lasted 10 years together; the 'personality' clash between, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Paul mcCartney was the first Beatle to realise he had become a millionaire.
When people make it; strange things happen to the minds of men and women - Peace bro...
You can afford to be in our gang GOSH

Does Greece have differing gangs - you bet your bottom Euro/dollar it does.

Oct 31st 2018

1828; The birth of Sir Joseph Swan, English chemist and inventor. Both he and Edison were separately credited with the invention of the electric lamp.
Edison was first, but his had a much shorter life and was therefore not practical.
Is it true that it's not the best innovation; but, the best marketed that rises to the top.
I used to believe that conspiracy and cock up were 50:50; however, the more I learn; the greater the odds of conspiracy...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1915; For the first time during World War I, British troops wore steel helmets.
I can remember that to qualify in the pecking order for a sleeping bag, one had to be stationed east of the Rhine.
Rules is rules...
In the era of inequality and haves and have-nots; if, you don't believe in the post code lottery...
You need some more bucks/hot in your bonce.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1926; Jimmy Savile, radio and TV entertainer was born.
Numerous allegations were made that Savile had sexually abused up to 200 young people, dating back to 1958.
In the aftermath, his gravestone at Scarborough was removed at the request of Savile's family and plaques and statues of him in other locations were removed to prevent further defacement.
Many reasons have been proffered and mooted as to how he got away with it for so long.
Mr Savile was a groomed chum of the establishment; those that aspired to be members of the establishment didn't blow; they hid the whistle.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1982; The Thames barrier, part of London's flood defences, was raised for the first time.
Some numpties of the north refuse to believe the NE is a back-water...
Ask those who believe in HS11; if, this nation state is not Londoncentric.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

Greece is a divided between the haves and have-nots nation state.
The economic leaders of the EU; Germany, - love em or hate em - is a much less politically and economically divided nation state.
Wanna be in my gruppenfuhrer led gang!