SUN 22nd Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 22nd of Oct

 The windsors meet adolf  Thatcher and Pinochet

1707; Four British Royal Navy ships ran aground near the Isles of Scilly.
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and more than 1,400 sailors drowned in one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of Britain.
It was later determined that the main cause of the disaster was the navigators' inability to accurately calculate their positions.
Do you know where you're going GOSH

While there is alot of truth in, 'a bad workman blames his tools'.
Humans have been wrongly blamed for many a mishap/death.
There's nowt wrong with my equipment was the money making cry...
Some gangs are more guillible GOSH

1877 An explosion at the Blantyre mine in Scotland killed 207 miners the youngest aged 11.
It remains Scotland’s worst mining accident.
'Worse things happen at sea', said the sailor to the miner...
'Never mind', the owner cried, 'all my possessions could be much more finer'...
'Who do you think you are, you're not me bleeding china'
Next you'll be wanting to be in my gang GOSH

1937; The Duke and Duchess of Windsor - abdicated king and Wallis Simpson - arrived in Berlin to meet German leader Adolf Hitler.
To study housing conditions - das hat die welt noch nicht gesehen; one really can't make this up...
Tied cottages were still around in 1937...
The rich man in his castle - the poor man at his gate.GOSH

In the two forward and one back advance of developed nation states.
The UK is in the firm embrace of a sustained period of one back for the plebs.
Housing conditions! If anyone thinks that renting and relative poverty aren't the modern equivalent of the 'tied cottage'...
They need another gateway for their gallstones GOSH

2013; Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall was stripped of his OBE by the Queen after he was jailed for a series of sexual assaults on young girls.
In June, Hall, aged 83, admitted 14 counts against girls aged from nine to 17 between 1967 and 1985.
The Queen directed that the honour should be "cancelled and annulled" and his name be "erased" from the register.
Wonder if that international greedy git shopkeeper/seller green keeps his... some gadgee GOSH

Wonder how many Greek greedy gits, Phil the Greek is in touch with...
If I had a little money...
It's a rich mans world.

MON 23rd Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 23rd of Oct

 W. Churchill  TRUMP

642 The first major battle of the English Civil War took place at Edgehill in South Warwickshire.
Charles I and Prince Rupert led the Royalists and the Earl of Essex led the Parliamentarians.
It was an inconclusive result that prevented either faction gaining a quick victory in the war, which eventually lasted four years.
How long did the recent 'troubles' in Ireland last again GOSH

Many nation states -including those in the EU - are evenly split politically (income) at this moment in history. Some have resorted to death and destruction...
Some that claim to be the pigeons patella of democracy have resorted to varying degrees of death and destruction.
Don't mention The UK and The USofA.
For the sake of god and GDP; giz a gun GOSH

1951; Conservative leader, Winston Churchill, wound up his election campaign by denying that he was a warmonger.
"If I remain in public life at this juncture it is because I believe I may be able to make an important contribution to the prevention of a 3rd World War." The election was called by the slim majority labour Gov. hoping to increase its majority.
The electorate fell for winnies patter and the greedy gits won the greatest number of seats but, not the number of votes.
Again GOSH

More recently journalists took to confronting! politicians and pundits alike with, 'are you saying the British electorate are wrong!'
Political patter is akin to fashion - what goes around, comes around...
Here we go again GOSH

1987 Former Champion Jockey Lester Piggott was jailed for three years for tax evasion.
He was caught again (third time) and only jailed cos he paid the fine from an account he still hadn't declared to the tax man.
We are now ruled by a culture of greed NO GOSH

Evasion is the deliberate non or underpaying of tax owed.
Avoidance is not paying tax owed by 'legal' subterfuge and chicanery.
Here's one it is hard to make up...
The UK tax buildings in london are not owned by us (The plebs)
They are leased out to us by an outfit registered in a tax haven.
The deal was authorised by the 'new labour' chancellor Alistair Darling...
No 'all the same' Jokes No Josh GOSH

2012; The switchover to digital televison in the UK was complete when the analogue TV signal in Northern Ireland was turned off on Tuesday night at 23:30 BST.
In the age of technology those new smart tellies (S. Korea) couldn't have spy ( commercial at the moment) cameras in them! could they!
In the era of nation states under economic and other pressures; in both GOV. and COM ; anything goes gosh

2014; The death, aged 72, of the 1970s singing star Alvin Stardust. He died of metastatic prostate cancer.
Real name, Bernard William Jewry; he only had one No One in all the years.
He once got third place in the Eurovision song contest - wonder if he was a brexiteer.
It was gary glitter that became infamous with...
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

Mr. Trump has just Okayed a $2.4 billion sale of american fighter jets to debt laden Greece.
Cos; wait for it... Greece is one of the few nation states that spends 2% of GDP on 'Defence'.
Nowt to do with getting out of the Euro and the desired splitting up of the EU.
Greece has a left wing leader - the skullduggery of international diplomacy; EH

TUES 24th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 24th of Oct

 A Real Hero  A Modern Hero

1842; Grace Darling died from consumption aged just 26 - Consumption was a cover-all cause of death written on death certificates; it was probably tuberculosis.
An English lighthouse keeper’s daughter from the Longstone Lighthouse; Northumberland
She rowed out on 7th September 1838, to rescue survivors of the Forfarshire off the Farne Islands and became a national heroine - don't mention her dad
Many war heroes were manufactured by the establishment - we don't need another hero.
They were real voluntary heroes; the dad Bill, and Grace NO GOSH

1857; The founding of the world's first official football club, Sheffield Football Club, in Yorkshire. Formed by a group of former students from Cambridge University.
The club's finest hour came in 1904 when they won the FA Amateur Cup, a competition conceived after a suggestion by Sheffield FC.
They are commemorated by the English Football Hall of Fame for their significant place in football history.
It's a funny old game GOSH

The hall of fame is some where in Manchester.
It is all UK 'players' except for three Frenchmen and a Chinese chappie.
The French are household names; the chinese chappie was the Man city defender, Sun Jihai - who - a special award in 2015.
At the behest of dodgy dave just before the state visit by Xi Jinping; the president of China.
Sport and politics is an even funnier old game GOSH

1985; The birth of Wayne Rooney, English footballer.
He made his senior international debut in 2003 becoming the youngest player at that time to represent England.
That makes him about 32 exactly.
The boffins who study human physical performance reckon the age of degeneration starting has now reached 35.
The size of Mr. Rooneys back pocket has always restricted his performance...
Those that make a living from the (team) game rarely mention the variation of individual reward.
Taking one for the team - don't mention individual sports - is a funny old game GOSH

Hermes was the Greek god of sport.
He was also known as 'the messenger' between fiction and reality.
His head in the clouds and feet on the ground - the word on the street!

WED 25th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 25th of Oct

 Geff Chaucer  William McGonagall

1400; The death of Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet famous for the Canterbury Tales. Chaucer is known as the Father of English literature, is widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages. He was the first poet to have been buried in Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey.
He was one of us; put him in one of our churches he will be near the pearly gates GOSH

On yonder hill there stands a coo.
I think it's gone
It's no there noo
Attributed to William McGonagall a Scots (Irish) poet - said to be the worst in the world.
Both poets had a healthy questioning of the church!
Were they takin it at the time!
There but for the grace ...GOSH

1839; Bradshaw's Railway Guide, the world's first railway timetable, was published, in Manchester.
2017; the UK transport infrastructure is such a mess
Time the tables were turned - the railways will be the first to be brought back as a national asset.
How many other nation states make profit from 'our' train set companies.
Do we still need guiding GOSH

1951; Margaret Roberts (later Thatcher), aged 26, of the Conservative Party, became the youngest candidate to stand at a general election.
The Conservatives won a narrow overall majority but the future British Prime Minister failed to win the seat.
The era when we had a mixed economy - before they (the greedy gits) started selling off the countrys assetts.
Things can only get better...
Us plebs can't have it that good GOSH

2001 British Crime Survey revealed that the chances of being a victim of crime were the lowest for 20 years.
This was the new labour government.
If the establishment could publicise selective fiddled facts...
Establishment police forces could fiddle the figures - and they did.
Who needs a dictatorship and the will of GOD GOSH

Turkey is worried about Greece becoming a safe haven for the coup plotters.
The battle for the hearts and minds - don't mention the pockets - is such a wonderous phenomena.

THURS 26th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 26th of Oct

 Charlie 1  Lord Archer

1640 The Treaty of Ripon was signed, by Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Scottish Covenanters. (early anti-catholic presbyterians)
It was a major setback for Charles, (a jock who moved south to rule the UK - a catholic that got the chop) and its terms were humiliating for a king that believed in divine right.
It stipulated that Northumberland and County Durham were to be ceded to the Scots as an interim measure.
That Newcastle was to be left in the hands of the Scots, and that Charles was to pay them £850 a day to maintain their armies there.
Money makes the mecenary go... GOSH

Devolution and independence is knothing knew.
There was a published book in the 1960's re the division of England, 'The Black Pudding Republic'.
The Northern powerhouse and HS2 is good for you... Don't mention gravy and train - No NE giggling GOSH

1950; The first sound and vision broadcast from the House of Commons was broadcast.
George VI - the last emperor of India and the first head of the commonwealth
Reopened the chamber after repair work carried out on damage sustained during the war - his old gang
How often did republicans, 'take one for the team' in those days.
Betty 11 - his eldest daughter - took over the reins on his death...
The king is dead... long live the king...
Let the plebs have bling and gin NO Josh GOSH

1986; Leading politician Jeffrey Archer was forced to resign from the deputy chairmanship of the Conservative party.
Don't mention prostitutes, perjury and being nicked...
1992; The London Ambulance Service was thrown into chaos after the failure of a new Computer Aided Dispatch system.
Poor design and implementation led to significant delays. The love of money and the pursuit of power.
go together like like a fire and tower.
There's nowt as queer as folk when greed gets into gear GOSH

The Greek finances are an almost tragic tale of Greed.
Were the plebs complicit in the financial (national wealth) downfall!.
One could say they voted in the people who took on the loans.
Don't mention the people who gave the loans...
The culture of rampant greed is always self defeating in the long run.
Buddy can you spare a dime.
Lend's a fiver mate...

On This Day 27th of Oct

 Charlie 11  Thatcher

1662; Charles II of England sold the coastal town of Dunkirk to King Louis XIV of France. Charlies dad was the one that got the chop; and, charlie 11 was the hedonist that libidinously took over the barrel after Cromwell died. Louis xiv was known as the sun king and died of gangrene (etc) after 72+ years on the throne.
This was the era of inter-family squabbling, with god on their side; over wealth.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1914; World War I: The British super-dreadnought battleship HMS Audacious was sunk off Tory Island, north-west Ireland.
HMS. Audacious hit a minefield laid by the armed German merchant-cruiser Berlin.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, Sir John Jellicoe, proposed that the sinking be kept a secret.
The establishment agreed, and for the rest of the war, 'Audacious' remained unsunk.
The human powers of the time blindly washed their hands in Gunk GOSH

In times of war; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Don't mention 'collateral damage'.
'Oh what a tangled web we weave; when first we practise to deceive' Most deception needs collusion - isn't the derision of conspiracy great GOSH
In times of economic war; 'anything you can spin; I can spin better...' For gods sake giz agun gun GOSH

1986; The thatcher government suddenly deregulated financial markets, leading to a total restructuring of the way in which they operated.
Now referred to as the 'Big Bang'.
Regulation was left to chinese walls and human nature - in the hands of people who were already greedy gits.GOSH

Mortgages were the overloaded financial instruments that were blamed for the last banking crash.
Us plebs rescued the bankers - socialism for the rich when the new form of capitalism failed completely.
We (Society) have already been warned about the next crash...
'Hello John; got a new motor'...
Crashes are caused by inbridled Greed GOSH

Greece like the UK and other developed nations are split almost evenly between the haves and have-nots.
A state or condition conducive to...
'There may be (more) trouble ahead'.

On This Day 28th of Oct

 Dick Doll  lends a euro

1912; The birth of Sir (William) Richard Doll, - No; he wasn't born in the toy town of billericay!
English physician and cancer researcher who first proved the link between cigarette smoking and cancer.
I smoked for 37 year ; I stopped just short of twenty year ago GOSH.

The lucky few get away scot free with smoking - the general rule; you don't.
You pays your money and takes your chance - to many it is addictive...
Isn't there enough info out there at the moment...
Even with cheaper under the table tabs (including 'rollies'); for plebs it's an expensive game GOSH

What a problem for society! if it wasn't for the tax; would smoking be banned tomorrow? I understand there are many types and grades of electronic tabs.
Are you trying to stop; here we go; here we go...GOSH

1959; The first use of a car phone, with a call from Cheshire to London.
A mere twenty five people had paid the astronomical sum of £200 each for one of the phones.
The car phone soon gave way to the mobile...
They (who) reckon that mobiles and drugs are as big a problem to the public as drink driving used to be.
Take one for the team (society) he(she) said with a gleam GOSH

2011; - When - Vincent Tabak, a 33 year old Dutch engineer with an obsession for violent sex and pornography, was found guilty of strangling landscape architect Joanna Yeates for sexual thrills.
Her body was found, covered with leaves on Christmas morning 2010.
The police initially suspected and arrested Christopher Jefferies, her single landlord, who lived in a flat in the same building.
The humiliating hounding by the press led to 'substantial, undisclosed libel damages' from eight newspapers being awarded to Mr. Jefferies.
Life changing events are SFA; unless it happens to you...
They are mostly oblivious to life changing events; the greedy gits No GOSH

2014; Tesco's - don't mention the board; private jets and fiddling - Aberystwyth store made a blunder on a Welsh sign which was supposed to advertise 'free money' from the supermarket's cashpoint.
The sign read "codiad am ddim", meaning free erections when it should read "arian am ddim" which means free money.
Never ever forget; in life today there is very very rarely such thing as a 'free lunch'
There's always an angle - who am I to disagree! A Gosh GOSH

The Greeks could do with some up to date economists to work out all the angles.
The trouble is 'economics' is not an exact science - many economists don't need to beg to differ.
Many economists don't want to differ - they are paid not to differ; though they are in denial.
Does money really make the world go around!

SUN 29th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 29th of Oct

 Sir Walter Raleigh  Alan Stewart

1618; Sir Walter Raleigh, English seafarer, courtier, writer and once a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I (he named Virginia after her) was beheaded at Whitehall.
He had been falsely accused of treason and sentenced to death, commuted to imprisonment.
He was released after 13 years to try and find the legendary gold of El Dorado.
He failed, and returned to an undeserved fate.
You can't con! an honest man...
Wanna be in my greedy git gang!

1863; Eighteen countries, including Britain, met in Geneva and agreed to form the International Red Cross.
The final resolutions adopted included The foundation of national relief societies for wounded soldiers - Neutrality and protection for wounded soldiers and a protection symbol for medical personnel in the field, namely a white armlet bearing a red cross.
The red cross has been respected and more successful than any other humanitarian organisation in the history of conflict.
How dare the establishment of certain countries call their military might, 'defence force'.
Don't mention us and the yanks.
Wanna be in my armed to the teeth GANG GOSH

1945; The Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment was set up in England.
Nuclear power and nuclear weapons go together like an atomic sub and insubordination.
The latest drama; seven of the crew jettisoned from the navy after a class one drugs party in Americaa.
The sub; one of four - how many - was picking up new nuclear warheads for the rockets.
Part of the special relationship; no doubt.
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

1986; The final section of the M25 was opened.
The motorway around Greater London was designed to relieve traffic congestion within the capital.
Have no fear...
The HS2 will relieve the even greater traffic jams experienced today.
Don't you dare giggle GOSH

2014 The Serious Fraud Office started a criminal investigation into fiddling at supermarket giant Tesco.
The supermarket announced that its profits had been overstated by £263m.
Don't mention the 'legit' greed excesses of the 'board'.
The No1 food retailer in this green and pleasant land.
Wonder which part of backing Britain the brexiteers are buying into...
Do you know where you're going...
Where have all the old board gone GOSH

Greece has the same ups and downs as the UK or any other nation state.
In or out of the EU trading block.
In or out it's still a battle in the war of the haves and have-nots.

MON 30th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 30th of Oct

 A Tudor Beefeater  A Modern Beefeater

1485; The coronation of Henry VII of England. He founded the Yeoman of the Guard - 'Beefeaters' - to guard Royal Palaces in London.
Was this the first of private armies! More than rumour has it; the greedy gits are leaking, that parts of the national police force will be privatised.
Many already; are of the opinion that the strong arm of the law is already too pro-establisment.
You ain't (turn the head)seen nothing yet. Are you a greedy get!

Protecting ones investment is already more privatised than one is remotely aware.
At the drop of a hat a beret - or worse - appears...
Is he(she) one of us an important part of establishment strategy.
Making life worse for Joe and Jackie pleb is pary of the privatisation game NO GOSH

1957; The tory Government revealed details of plans to reform the House of Lords. 800+ members - hereditery with very low attendance...
The plans included creating the first women life peerages.
The lords today has 800+ members - the vast majority are male and old; low attendances
In 1988 lords - (both) sexes of course - could claim 6.2 pence/mile for going to work on a bike.
Nowt! to do with Norman tebbits, 'on yer bike and look for work'; ever so nice norman is now a lord.
In the 50's it was pressure from democratic reform.
This time it is economic pressure and expenses and low attendance... Here we go again GOSH

1990; English and French tunnellers met for the first time underneath the English Channel during the construction of the Channel Tunnel.
It is said that the French side - did they wait for us - were predominately French; and, the English side were mainly white 'foreign'.
Don't mention the Empire - sorry I meant commonwealth.
Don't mention the - let's say the Gambia GOSH

A generation later we have Brexit; and the rise of nationalism.
Is it a strange coincidence that the two nation states (us and the yanks) that grasped capitalism the most!
Are now the most nationalist.
Or is it just the rise and fall of 'top dog'? Funny that dog backwards is GOD GOSH

Greece is on the brink of new borders much more economically than many a nation state.
It is time for change in the UK...
How will Greece change - whatever will be; will be!

TUES 31st Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 31st of Oct

 Maori Prisoners  Greek prison Overcrowding

1863; The Maori Wars resumed; British forces in New Zealand were led by General Duncan Cameron.
Don't mention eton and the family influence
In 1995 the Waikato Tainui tribe completed negotiations with the New Zealand government and accepted a settlement package worth approximately 1 percent of the value of the lands confiscated in 1863.
A trade deal of death and destruction with a dearth of Democracy.
Wanna be in my gang - where's me gang gone GOSH

1926; Jimmy Savile, radio and TV entertainer was born.
In October 2012 numerous allegations were made that Savile had sexually abused up to 200 young people.
In the aftermath, his gravestone at Scarborough was removed at the request of Savile's family and plaques and statues of him in other locations were removed to prevent further defacement.
A society secret led to the historic sexual offences...
I'm not guilty GOSH

Weinstein is the latest wrongdoer...
If he is guilty of rape; he should be done.
Any contemporary complaint that is not historically documented should be sureally and really ignored.
Some girls will...
Some girls wont...
Some men have a large libido...
Some men dont...
Who am I to disagree GOSH

2013; TV cameras were allowed to record proceedings at the Court of Appeal in England and Wales.
Senior judges and major broadcasters welcomed the move, the head of BBC News said it was a "landmark moment".
Have you ever watched 'one'
Is it not strange that, in court camera and court in camera are exactly the opposite.
All kinds of secrecy are now applied with zeal to our judiciary system.
Justice must be seen to be done; with gallons of gravity GOSH

Greece has a lower prison population than us.
However; what does a bunch of greedy gravy grabbing sub humans know about loans and life.