MON 24th OCT 2016

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1901; Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to survive the Niagra Falls trip in a barrel.
Daddy had a flour mill and left a few bob between the eight brats.
Annie was 63 and took the barrel trip to avoid the poor house.
Gravity, head gash and very little gold GOSH.

It is said one of her managers nicked the original barrel and went on tour with a much younger 'Annie'.
Have a gander at the eye candy - never mind the gash or gravity GOSH.

The Niagra Falls are a natural feature of the border between Canada and the USof A.
The EU has rejected a trade deal with the USof A; and,
Looks like scuppering a similar trade deal with Canada.
Both deals would have given more power to the multinationals over what ever brand of future governments. GOSH

Will the big apple morph into a belittled bruised blackberry as the economic balance of world power changes.
A private banker debt driven global economy favours the rich greedy gits; not us plebs
Let's hang on to what we got GOSH.

Amazon; a multinational, that pays very little UK tax.
Pays next to nowt, if you apply the US of A government grant GOSH

Is Jose Mourinho - the very rich footie fellow boss a 'busted flush'?
Is the collective that ru(i)ns the fabuously fleeced and overpaid premiership a ' flustered blush'.
Never mind honest graft and goals - give us the gravy GOSH

Greece - and other EU members - is in a similar position to the UK prior to brexit.
The centre right led EU will take their turn in the barrel to keep the EU going.
Will Brexit get em bending over the barrel.
Will it even change the shape of the barrel?

TUES 25th OCT 2016

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1760; George 111 becomes king when his Grandad died unexpectantly early.
He was only 22 - the new one not the old one.
The king is dead long live the king.
With the help of God.

The church still keeps saying. 'we are still great'.
Yet attendance has gone down quicker than private rents have gone up.
Earthly gangs GOSH

The polls consistently prove that the plebs are overwhelmingly in favour of 'retaining' the royals.
Despite the affair of the fiasco of charlie boy's mission to have a male heir.
Any modern monster would be deemed a saint with the polo-sticked PR that the royals have 'enjoyed'
Life is good for the great GOSH.

Sir - who - Philip Green has just bought a £100 million yacht.
11,000 of his 'former' workers/employees/serfs/plebs are, as yet, destined to retire into poverty.
'Sir' has done nothing bleeding wrong - let the establishment give him a gong GOSH

In a recession there are winners and losers...
How many generations does a recession - national and/or world?wide last.
It will last just as long as 'the plebs' keep voting for one.
Don't have a gander - give the rich a go GOSH

Recessions don't bring about inequality.
They certainly increase and highlight inequality.
Are we really all greedy gits GOSH

The Greek population - plebs and greedy gits - will be watching the Brexit aftermath.
Will us Brits get a 'better' - some form - of deal from the still centre right controlled EU. - NO Chance.
Greece Spain and Portugal will though.
Vote for me and I'll set you free.

WED 26th OCT 2016

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1776; Benji Franklin - remember him; one of the US founding fathers - a sort of self educated independent chap who got by with a litte help from his freemason friends - sailed for France on a mission to seek help for the American revolution.
A beret not a glengarry Gosh

Intelligent, rebellious, obese and often bawdy Ben, was the US ambassador to France from 1776 to 1785.
The treaty of Paris giving the US indepedence was signed in 1783.
Wonder which french red gave Benji his gout GOSH

Even before the american revolution the Brits have had a love hate relationship with France and most of the EU.
Since Brexit - bbb... baby, you aint seen nothing yet.
A coalition of mi(a)ngled mix has voted narrowly - democratically; no matter how narrowingly - to break away from a masse of centre right led greedy gits GOSH

The Mackinder concept has adapted and been adopted to the changing political alliances over time.
The heartland theory has been around since 1904; ta, to an Englishman called Halford John Mackinder.
After the second world war an American think tank - alledgedly - came up with the, 'Whoever rules the heartland of Europe rules the world' theory.
Are most politicians good or just greedy gits GOSH.

The media are more than fond of portraying the US of A as a great chum of Europe; and us.
Nothing is further away from the truth - mars is nearer.
The most prosperous nations of The EU are the ones that have distanced themselves the most from American world aggression - economically and militarily.
The US of A and Canada need Europe more than vice versa.
Little Englanders and chums of American banks now have us as the tiny titbit between two gannets GOSH

The best and worst Prime Ministers have been deliberated over lately.
The worst dressed!
The Blairs sought guidance and came to regret.
Must be Mrs. Theresa May.
Gaudy, glaring and garish GOSH

Is Greece coming back in fashion as a UK holiday resort.
The laws of supply and demand being inadvertently and opportunistically subverted by private bank cheap money loans.
The Greek problem is on the Frankfurt back burner until after the German elections.

THURS 27th OCT 2016

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1904; the first New York Subway Line opened today - the system became one of the biggest in the world.
Underground railways and tunnels need a substantial amount of boring.
So much boring; to most they are a grind GOSH

The first underground engines were steam; London of course.
Less than 50% of the London tube is underground
London is the oldest but only the fourth longest.
The deepest line in London - next to Hampstead Heath station; 220ft below surface.
Here's one below the commuter belt - there is no station by the name of nobbs end or the groin GOSH

One( just one )railway modeller monthly mag. featured an underground railway layout based on an area of the London underground system.
It was under the floorboards.
Yes; it was the April edition - no guff gomez GOSH

Big bang - not the creation of the planets etc; sorry god - the deregulation of all things financial 'celebrates' its' 30th anniversary today.
The excuse; the stopping of restrictive stock exchange practice would bring riches to the many; not just to the few.
The UK and most of the world have fell for it for how many years? Begorra GOSH

The manipulation and manoeuvering of money is merely 'creaming it off the top' - as the gangsters used to put it.
It is not just how much a nation state is exposed to funny money debt driven wealth.
It matters not; whatever version of 'big bang' one favours.
This planet is a finite resource - ignore that at your peril, you greedy gits GOSH

The UKIP enquiry smells too strongly of Clintonesque collusion to reduce collateral.
'I never had sex (ual relations) with that women'
Politicians and porkies.
Grafters and gob...s GOSH

Where have all the whistleblowers gone GOSH

Does Greece suffer more than most nation states from MSM ( main stream media) Syndrome.
You bet your dodgy drachma it does.
All societies co-exist at about 90% of the tearful truth.
Those in the media are doing alright - not many at; all bite the proverbial cliched hand that feeds them.

FRI 27th OCT 2016

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1492; Chris Columbus came across Cuba and claimed it for Spain.
Post Brexit; wonder how long - even with the yanks pretending to be on our side - we can hang on to Gibraltar.
No Josh GOSH

It was DH Lawrence who wrote, 'A man in the middle is in for a hard life'
The UK at the moment is the 'country in the middle'
Too big to be an offshore tax haven.
Too small to be a world go getter.GOSH

If you don't think the present government isn't trying to buy the North East.
You have too many nuts in your Nissan.
Not so much a 'placate the pleb'; more a glaring, 'glitter for the gonads'.GOSH

Just as the Germans aren't saving volkswagen by buying up their 'old' debt.
The tories; on behalf of the nation; aren't keeping Nissan in the UK. - A japanese company part owned by the French state - by 'investing' in green technology ( electric cars ) allowable under EU legislation.
The cant and hypocrisy has even greater gravity.GOSH

The Government that went blue to placate their greedy chums - nuclear and oil; not renewable.
Is now going green to placate the plebs in the North.
The banks used alchemy to create fools gold for the plebs - knock knock.
All that glitters isn't gold NO GOSH.

Wasn't the Sunderland area one of the strong voters for 'leave'.
Are the northern ex steel workers - an industry dominated by foreigners since just after privatisation - leaning toward UKIP?
Is the Nissan deal hard or soft Brexit?
One mans brexit is another mans dogs breakfast.
Are the working mans goolies now the size of gravy granules? GOSH

'Oh what a tangled web we weave'
'When first we practice' to deceive'
Was written by a Jock.
Kiss my ass as I wave you goodbye.
Merry Xmas and a good glasnost GOSH.

It's all gone quiet over there - or has it!
The less the western private banks perform - the more the pressure on the Greek State to pay the loan(s)

SAT 29th OCT 2016

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1986; A snatcher called Thatcher opened the last section of the M25.
The road to hell - an album by Chris Rea - was about the A63; the road to Hull.
If! anyone has ever crawled round the M25; this is the prime example of the road to hell.
Is there any road to heaven Godamn it GOSH.

Most developed countries have had integrated transport systems for years.
A well defined part of the national infrastructure; which, when upgraded through time, under national supervision,
remains a solid asset to the production of a nations wealth - not a means of producing wealth.
Most of our transport system is now owned by foreign nations and Greedy Gits GOSH.

Our - the UK - transport system reflects our national economic policy.
Don't mention the planes and trains.
A hoch potch; an unmitigated mish mash that makes a dogs dodah appear desirable.
Driven by and resulting from - not the democratic collective - individual greed.

Never mind the inequality; feel the stealth.
For whatever reason this country has gone along with the unbridled free market for two generations now.
The brexit decision was obtained by open democracy.
The Brexit negotiations will be best achieved behind closed doors; they say.
Only thieves and vagabonds create wealth by stealth.
Don't mention the ( I'm not a greedy git )greedy gits. GOSH

Ever wondered why Pinochet was a 'best chum of thatcher' when it was universally accepted that the divine duo of thatcher/regan were the supreme champions of the free market economics.
The falklands war profiteering and fascism, death, corruption and money laundering were all blindly OKayed by the UK electorate.
Piochet was our man in Santiago.
It was the Blairite labour party socialists that freed Pinochet to protect the UK establishment reputation.

Pinochet; the fascist dictator - helped into power by the CIA - was the original champion of the free market.
Just another two people on the planet with mouths misguided by greed GOSH.

The IMF is to decide by the end of the year if it is to help Greece with 'the loans'.
Which means that a world US dominated, with French boss, organisation has to decide whether or not to financially support the German dominated EU.
Brexit will affect the decision!
You better believe it.

SUN 30th OCT 2016

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1960; Michael Woodruff carries out the first successful UK kidney transplant; in Edinburgh.
The first successful kidney transplant was in Boston US of A. 1954
Drugs and experiments were an important part of transplanting organs GOSH.

Is the American private health oufit better than the NHS?
Ever heard of a full frontal lobotomy - a surgical technique to treat mental patients.
A portuguese git actually got the nobel prize for coming up with the idea.
Must be a good'n GOSH

The keyhole version was to insert an instrument the shape of an ice pick through the eye socket.
A quick tap of small mallet.
Then scrape away at the front of the brain with the pointy end.
One American psychosurgeon made a fortune touring the deep South asylums.
The mind boggles behind the greed goggles GOSH

A few experiments - sorry operations - are still carried out today.
The unlucky sucker - sorry patient - has to agree GOSH

The medical profession is somewhat similar to the finance industry.
At times they haven't a clue what they are doing; and, the failures are kept as secret as possible.
We are all great; not gonads GOSH.

The BMA seem to have no whatnots now.
The NHS 'tiff' seems to have been put in a single side ward and the curtains drawn.
This goverment prefers to have any and all negotiations in private.
An obscene amoral attempt to hide the greed goggles GOSH

Will the 1% of world wealth owners, in collusion with the banks and some goverments, try to isolate Greece if they don't get their wicked way.
Time for intense international change!