Oct 16th 2018

1555; English bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were burnt at the stake for heresy.
Burned alive at the church of which oxford university was built around; for being protestants.
So! you don't - is he one of us - wanna be in my gang GOSH

1834; The original Houses of Parliament were almost completely destroyed by fire.
The blaze, which started from overheated chimney flues, spread rapidly throughout the medieval complex and developed into the biggest conflagration to occur in London since the Great Fire of 1666.
Westminster Hall and a few other parts of the old Houses of Parliament survived the blaze and were incorporated into the New Palace of Westminster, which was built over the following decades.
Is it ironic that in the era of inequality; the era in which politicians are held in the lowest esteem ever by the public plebs; politicians have decided to refurbish at great cost, two of the main bastions of the establishment - the parliament and buckingham palace.
Due to the domination of brexit - never mind global warming - joe the pleb public have taken their eye of many a ball.
The cause of capitalism must be kept going GOSH

1869; Girton College, Cambridge was founded and became England's first residential college for women.
The first oxford residential for women; st. Hildas founded 1893.
Cambridge came about after oxford when the 'elite' fled from the townsfolk of Oxford - Oxford founded many centuries ago! was given a 'royal charter' by henry 111 in 1248.
From the 1330's until the 1820's no other universities were allowed in england.
Unique to England; Oxbridge held the monopoly.
Today; like most of the EU, Oxford colleges are unisexual.
Cambridge takes in more plebs since the early 1990's.
No one stays top dog forever - when in the battle of the sexes; will the oppressed become the oppressors! If money makes the world go around! does the act of procreation make it go that little bit faster!

1998; Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble and the SDLP leader John Hume were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their part in forging the Northern Ireland Agreement which was signed in 1998.
The Irish border was gone GOSH

Will the brexit vote inadvertantly bring about the return of the border - a border which no sensible moderate in the UK desires.
As yet; the politicians are still can kicking - nobody really knows!
Here we go! GOSH

The Greeks and other nation states within the trading bloc are anxiously awaiting a result.
The EU negotiators can't afford to give a metric inch.
The person with the strongest hand usually wins...
Whatever happens; the Irish border will remain a UK problem.

Oct 17th 2018

1091; A tornado struck London.
It was Britain's earliest reported tornado.
The wooden London Bridge was demolished, and the church of St. Mary-le-Bow in the city of London was badly damaged.
Other churches in the area were demolished, as were over 600, mostly wooden, houses.
Since those days man has learnt how to live with weather.
Weather! or man made Climate change.
Boffins now have the data - real evidence - that global warming is man made.
Trump and his alike and non-alike chums now admit to climate change; however, they are closing their eyes to the fact that it is man made - and hoping it will just go away.
Is it not funny and peculiar, that those with and desire the largest carbon footprint, deny, or obfuscate man made climate change.
Us hawks are high fliers; sod you doves...
The temperature's rising
It isn't surprising - we are having a heatwave alright.
Will wo/mankind see sense! or, will it end gladiatorial! GOSH

1651; Defeated by Oliver Cromwell at Worcester, Charles II of England fled to France.
Is the UK, EU protest vote(Not seen coming by the establishment) a natural of what goes around, comes around progession of the clashes between the classes.
Here we go GOSH

1936; Newspaper owner Lord Beaverbrook promised King Edward VIII that he would arrange for the British press to remain silent on the subject of his relationship with American divorcee Mrs. Wallis Simpson.
A man of working class background who made a very lucrative living manipulating the 'press' is now out of the game doing time for historic grooming and underage sex.
When deciding between conspiracy or cock up.
Never ever forget that that people do conspire.
Wanna be in my gang - lets go GOSH

2000; Four people were killed when a high speed passenger train derailed in Hatfield, just north of London.
The accident was a defining moment in the subsequent collapse of Railtrack.
Railtrack was the group of companies formed under privatisation.
Raitrack became one company and is now known as 'Network Rail'
When a nation state cultivates a culture of greed; people - members of the public, die.
Here (where) we go GOSH

2012; Colin Farmer, aged 61 and a blind stroke victim said that he thought he was going to die when he was shot in the back in Chorley town centre with a 50,000-volt Taser stun gun fired by a police officer who mistook his white stick for a Samurai sword.
'You can't get the staff'.
'You pay peanuts...'
Which, do you chose! We all make mistakes...!
Is it true that, in an economy under pressure, the statement, 'any fool can ask a question that stumps the wisest of men/women' becomes even truer.
In the era of inequality, in a vain attempt not to be, the nasty party is pre-pre-election promiseering.
Here we 'forget Brexit' go GOSH

The establishment controlling bankers are now talking up the Greek nation states (still in the EU trading bloc) ability to pay back the loans - loans to repay the more than dodgy loans that enabled entry into the EU.
Greece is still like us - a divided nation.
The Greeks have a coalition government; like we used to have before we voted for even more right wing medicine.
A medicine that cultivated the protest brexit vote.
One hell of a lot of history has happened ( most people are just getting on with their lives ) since we sent a peace envoy to the Balkans at the height of the 'Irish troubles'.
Life really is a game...

Oct 18th 2018

1674; The birth of Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, English gambler who made Bath a city of fashion; improving its streets and buildings.
Bath has seen better times - it is still a beautiful city; depending where you live...
The second of last time we were in the area, we were traveling by train from Newcastle to Lttle piddle Trent hide - a village in Dorset, I kid you not.
The link from Bristol to Weymouth was operated by a French Franchise...
I wouldn't be very far from the line to say, 'the rolling stock was disgusting old and dirty'.
The French would not have stood/sat for it.
We shared the mid-afternoon journey - me and the gruppenfuhrer sat upright on the edge of our seats - with a hen party from bristol. The - let's call it innuendo - would have made a military man of the cloth; blush...
The era of inequality is also the era of information...
If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say, 'the establishment is trying to gain control of the internet', often under the guise of cleaning it up.
Spin is delivered under dis/guise NO GOSH

1978; The birth of Mike Tindall, an English rugby player who has captained the England team and is married to Zara Phillips, the daughter of the Princess Royal and the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.
Tindall first played for Bath rugby union club as an 18 year old - ended up playing for Gloucester; dont mention the money...
He is sometimes portrayed as a commoner married to royalty come good.
Mr. - no official title - is the; twice captured drink driving and once dwarf throwing - what happens on tour; stays on tour son of a barclays banker and a social worker.
Spin is often, expeditiously, delivered under dis/guise GOSH

1988; British Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, banned all broadcasts involving terrorist spokesmen.
IRA spokesmen could be seen, but not heard, although their statements could be reported by the media.
A rather fine example of establishment spin in the desire to control the media.
If you profess to thinking the spin in its many form does not exist today...
You must be full of it - you spinning greedy git GOSH

1998; Richard Bacon, presenter of the BBC TV programme 'Blue Peter' was sacked for making a pig of himself on cocaine.
Does one have to have pain; to make any gain GOSH

2014; A flock of sheep was left feeling rather woolly-headed after accidentally munching on £4,000 worth of cannabis plants that had been dumped in their field, at the edge of Fanny’s Farm in Merstham, Surrey.
By the time that the police arrived, much of the evidence had been eaten.
Is it not funny - also, as in peculiar - that; now cannabis is now well on the way to be legally mainstream; the private enterprise surreptitious cultivators of cannabis are already instantly capable of 'supplying the market'.
All the worlds a stage;and...
Play whatever the game GOSH

Wonder if less developed nation states take part in the ab/use of so called natural drugs.
Go on; have another one; you know you will...

Oct 19th 2018

1216; King John died of dysentery at Newark-on-Trent , during a Civil War which was the result of his refusal to recognize the Magna Carta signed the previous year.
He was known as John Lackland for losing so much territory to France and was succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry.
I didn't know he was bad
Long live the king... And, Have another gin NO Josh GOSH

1649; New Ross town, in County Wexford, Ireland, surrendered to Oliver Cromwell during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.
Whichever gang - roundhead or cavalier - your're in; or, whatever tag you put on Cromwell!
He was playing the prevalent game GOSH

Despite the have a laugh historic horsie media statement made by the Irish policeman...
Despite the historic conflict due to suppression and oppression. Despite the recovery of Eire economy being accomplished by american investment, etc
I like the inhabitants of the Irish EU part of Ireland.
Perhaps; Brexit will bring about unification and independence
The Ireland of Ireland is more and more on the lips of political pundits and commentators.
Play the prevalent game GOSH
The more I learn about inequality; the more I believe in equality.

2001; It was announced that a 'serious error' was made by researchers who wasted five years testing the wrong animal brains for BSE! BSE has been found alive and well again N.of the border by routine testing, 'imposed' by the sweaty socks; or, was it imposed by the UK!
Humans are far from perfect - alas; many think they are.
Robots are made by humans; whom allegedly do the best they can - more often than not to earn a lucrative living
It is still up to us humans, what kind of society we live in.
Play the prevalent game GOSH

2012; Andrew Mitchell, the government chief whip, resigned after criticism for making rude remarks to police officers at the gates of Downing Street.
It was alleged that he called police officers 'plebs'and that he had said to the officers - 'I thought you guys were supposed to f***ing help us'.
In 2014 Mitchell lost a libel cases against both the Sun and PC Rowland and became liable for both parties' costs, which were estimated at £2m.
Mr. Mitchell didn't fight his corner until he had seen the inconclusive video evidence.
Another well exposed to a few; of, well spun public persona; yet, in reality, a private pratt.
It has always been political advantage; but, Mr Mitchell spent his time at International Aid, transforming it into purely into profit under the guise of being political.
Play the greedy git gang prevalent Game GOSH

Greece has a different type of economy to us.
Those that believe we are a more advanced nation state, think that the Greeks have a less developed economy - usually, mostly greedy gits.
Global warming will bite the bum of those that think we are not all on this planet together...

Oct 20th 2018

1720; The English pirate of the Caribbean, John Rackham was captured by the Royal Navy.
He is most remembered for two things: the design of his Jolly Roger flag, a skull with crossed swords, which contributed to the popularization of the design, and for having two female crew members, Mary Read and his lover Anne Bonny. He is also an early form of tax haven/dodge; at first, a period open for all to see; then covertly condoned by the establishment.
If you don't think that skullduggery and devilry is unofficially allowed to 'trickle down' economically to the plebs; and,
Think it will be any different when women take control...
You; yes you, need a lot more grizzle in your gruel GOSH

1946; 'Muffin the Mule', a wooden puppet operated by Annette Mills (sister of actor Sir John Mills) first appeared in a children's television programme on BBC TV.
It is not what you know; but, who! The haves and the have-nots - tough decisions always go the way in favour of the haves - will have different meanings to 'getaway' GOSH

1959; Women's colleges at Oxford University were given equal rights to those of the men's.
In the battle of the sexes; nature dictates that 99 times out of a hundred a good big 'un' always beats a good little 'un'.
Despite the aging equal pay acts; woman still lags behind man...
Wanna be in my transgender gang GOSH

1997; 'Brown Monday' on the London Stock Exchange with £10 billion being wiped off the value of shares after British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown failed to clarify his Government's stance on the European single currency.
Trading is no different to gambling - the one with the biggest hand usually wins.
If you think that the UK will have a better hand post brexit...
You need some more lamp oil for your glasses - Galosh and gazump GOSH

2010; Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the biggest UK spending cuts for decades, with welfare, councils and police budgets all hit - you aint seen nothing yet, from the blissfully trying not to be the nasty party
As power and wealth moves eastwards on this climate changing planet.
The haves need greater reward as an incentive to increase the strength of the nation state hand; yet, the have-nots don't - what kind of funny is that!
No giggling or gurning GOSH

Will those that hold the Greek debt, end up giggling on the gangway to the bank; or grimacing.

Oct 21st 2018

1772; The birth, at Ottery St. Mary (Devon) of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
The years 1797 and 1798, during which he lived at Coleridge Cottage, in Nether Stowey, Somerset, were among the most fruitful of Coleridge's life and where he wrote his notable poems The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan.
The son of an anglican vicar, independent grammar school - dad was head - and Cambridge - founded by Henry V111 - educated, hetrosexual, addicted to opium, allegedly for ill health, one time vicar, became the only lake poet to turn to conservatism in later life.
One of the more undesirable characteristics of UK society is the constant tinkering at all levels of education by political parties - change is inevitable.
Private schools are advertised as an all round education; in reality they are programmed to pass exams.
Nowadays; is cheating more abundant!
It is certainly more refined and easier; thanks to the internet.
Is there out wrong with cheating! - go on (don't) give it a go GOSH

1824; Portland cement, the modern building material, was first patented by Joseph Aspdin of Wakefield in Yorkshire.
Have seen that video where the 'old hands' challenge the strong apprentice to lift a bag of cement/plaster over his young head...
A good; or expensive; laugh in an economy under pressure.
Don't mention: Speeding around in cars and tailgating.
Takeaways and all that litter.
Deregulation and bank crashes.
Way too much choice.
Digital children.
The seemingly ignored menace of global warming.
The threat of automation by our fellow 'humans' Too many aspirants to 'life in the fast lane'
How on earth did we manage without all that plastic bottled water!
The list is open ended/endless...
Each generation to its own...
The price of two forward and one back progress Eh! Here we go GOSH

1975; Britain's unemployment figure reached 1,000,000 for the first time since World War II.
Today the tories claim more people are working since records began.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Does one not think that these tough decision making fellow humans are not aware of wage poverty.
Even the pleb with his or her deepest in the sand head is aware of the embarrassingly over-selected stats.
Not here we...; but, 'time' to go NO GOSH

1982; Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness made history by becoming the first members of Sinn Fein to be elected to the Ulster Assembly.
Brexit is supposed to be about self determination - some call it sovereignty.
Borders come and borders go GOSH

The EU is paying Greece to be a border for economic and other types of migrants.
Greece has an increasing (fashionable) refugee problem.

Oct 22nd 2018

1707 Four British Royal Navy ships ran aground near the Isles of Scilly.
An admiral (who)and more than 1,400 sailors drowned in one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of Britain.
It was later determined that the main cause of the disaster was the navigators' inability to accurately calculate their positions.
We all make mistakes - most of em very minor indeed.
A bad workman blames his tools - many of the long gone artisans in the shipyards used to make their own tools.
In the blame game; when an online bank/structure goes down; it is undoubtably down to a human.
Either an establishment person at the top is trying to save money; or, an inside worker is trying to make money.
Judge ye not lest ye be judged thyself.
Justice must be seen to be done
Most of the establishment do not make mistakes - some; are only put in prison for lying (perjury.
Will history partly blame digitalisation for the unnecessary tough decision era of inequality!
Play the game GOSH

1878; The first floodlit rugby match took place, between Broughton and Swinton, at Broughton, Lancashire.
Rugby; (both codes), and most sport; is now an industry.
The war of words over Wembley - the national stadium part built with us plebs money - is between the haves and have-nots.
Who is one to believe!
The spin of the men whose minds are controlled by money; or, the minds of those who truly believe in the health and wealth of the nation state!
Play the game. GOSH

1986; The world’s youngest heart transplant patient, a two-and-a-half-month-old baby from north west London, was given the heart of a five-day-old Belgian boy by Professor Magdi Yacoub at Harefield Hospital, Middlesex.
Them foreigners coming over here fixing our kids - how bad has it to become before a footie fan complains with venom!
Don't mention the full frontal lobotomy - it made a more than small fortune for an American surgeon.
The medical vocation/profession is made up from good and bad humans - no different to any other...
Good luck on your journey through life and death.
Play the game GOSH

2001; Towns and villages in Cambridgeshire and Essex were on flood alert as forecasters predicted more torrential downpours following what experts said were the worst floods in 20 years.
Changes in weather patterns; or, climate change due to the greenhouse gases generated by wo/man.
The ever decreasing minority - more often than not; the haves; but not always - still believe in a change of weather pattern.
Today; many an expert has said the clock is ticking for the planet.
Play the global game GOSH

Greece as a nation state is a much smaller economy than that of the UK.
In the future it will have a much greater voice in world politics using - or not using - its veto as a member of a much larger trading bloc.
The balance of power in the world is changing faster than we think.
Play the global game.