SUN 15th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 15th of Oct

 Charles 11  Fat cat 11

1666; Samuel Pepys recorded in his diary that Charles II had started wearing the first known waistcoat.
The King was so overweight that he left the bottom button undone, a 'fashion' custom followed to this day.
Were there any fat plebs in them days of old.
There seems to be an abundance of fatties today - gourmets or gormands GOSH

Is it down to diet and being less active - is it a generation thing!
It's certainly a lot easier to keep it off than get it off - no pun intended.
There's only one way to lose weight...
Eat less of what you like and move more...
Where have all the diets gone...GOSH

1927; Britain's Public Morals Committee attacked the use of contraceptives, on the basis that they caused 'poor hereditary stock'.
Catholic priests used to give sex education.
If you don't think that society is still taking two forward and one back.
You need some more rubber on your soul - where's all the 'double entendres' gone GOSH

1953; The British nuclear test Totem 1 was detonated at Emu Field in South Australia.
The main purpose of the trial was to determine the limit on the amount of plutonium-240 which could be present in a bomb and thus aid the British government's weapons programme.
Funny (as in peculiar) or not; that the nuclear arms race speeds up publically after a death and destruction conflict; and, during an economic conflict.
Does plutonium cost more than gold! GOSH

1959; The birth of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex wife of Prince Andrew.
She no longer holds the title HRH and if she remarries, any use of the title Duchess of York will be lost permanently too.
He's as bad as her or is it the other way round!
Minor 'royals' and graft GOSH

1987; The worst hurricane to hit Britain since records began devastated southern England and caused at least 17 deaths.
There was something a bit fishy re the light winds forecast.
One mans breeze is another mans/womens gale GOSH

2017 The round £1 coin, introduced in 1983, goes out of circulation at midnight tonight.
Its replacement is 12 sided and has additional security features - so they say.
In days of old when kings were bold(er) and often short of a few bob; they called in the coins of the realm and sent them back out a bit lighter.
some of all classes of pleb had the hobby of coin cliping...
In the 1930's they were still in circulation - coins of pure gold GOSH

Would Greece be better off on the gold standard!
Or grasp the new bitcoin?

MON 16th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 16th of Oct

 Burn the Proddies  Jo Moore
1555: English bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were burnt at the stake for heresy.
'Educated' proddies from Oxford killed by a catholic Queen.
The time of an UK alliance with a catholic Europe.
Royalty ruled OK - an era of following and leading a divided nation.
Brexit (democracy) couldn't be the same today. gerraway GOSH

1834; The original Houses of Parliament were almost completely destroyed by fire. Built as the royal palace of westminster in the 11th century.
The blaze, which started from overheated chimney flues, spread rapidly throughout the medieval complex and developed into the biggest blaze to occur in London since the Great Fire of 1666.
If there was one thing that was better than a good congregation; it was a damn good conflagration.
The present houses (the palace) are owned by the crown - someone in a fancy gown GOSH Westminster Hall and bits of the old Houses of Parliament survived the blaze and were incorporated into the New Palace of Westminster, which was (re)built over the following decades.
It is wrly uttered that the last honest man to enter the houses of parliament was a gadgee named Guido GOSH

All buildings - whatever the use - are maintained or neglected by people (us).
There is much consternation re the 'doing up' of the houses - especially at a the time when the nation state is under the economic Cosh. NO gosh.

The tower that holds Big Ben and the clock is part of the 'Palace' - an iconic tourist attraction they say...
The (one of) house of the lady that wears a funny hat needs a few bob spent on it...
'Another iconic tourist attraction', they say.
'The haves are having their say', they say.
The haves are having their say while life for the have nots is turning grey...

2001; Government special adviser (labour spad) Jo Moore apologised for sending an e-mail.
In which she suggested the 11th September (the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York) was a good day to 'bury bad news'.
Today we are told that more peopls are in work than ever before...
Gosh; we've never had it so good.
There's lies, damn lies, statistics and now we have to swallow spin, he said with such a grin GOSH

Spin is as old as sin - don't mention comb over hairstyles and webs of money...
The three cronies were said to be the Greek spinners of the thread of life in mythology.
The learned of all nation states - whatever the calling - are taught how to spin. Clotho was the spun Greek one who actually made the thread of life by spinning.
It's about time Greece and us got back to real spinning and not the pyschobabble of spin.

TUES 17th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 17th of Oct

 USofA Tornado  Love of Money

1091; A tornado struck London. It was Britain's earliest reported tornado.
The wooden London Bridge was demolished, and the church of St. Mary-le-Bow in the city of London was badly damaged.
Other churches in the area were demolished, as were over 600, mostly wooden, houses.
Talking bout my gyration NO Josh GOSH

Tornados are regional throughout this planet.
The UK is a back water for tornados - they are usually teen weeny ones.
Having said that; now and again (rarely) we get a (Birmingham and down south) Good'n GOSH

Tornados are said to be undetectable by radar - don't tell everybody...
The path of a tornado is unpredictable - abit like nation state politics at the moment.
Have no fear...
Economic democracy is here...
He grunted GOSH

1727; John Wilkes was born, English political agitator and advocate of press freedom who, despite being elected to Parliament four times, was not allowed to take his seat.
Eventually, working, and middle-class support secured him his rightful entry to Parliament where he fought for reforms and religious tolerance.
John who!
A man of the people or not! An oddfellow - what! you've never heard of catholic anti-freemasons; same destination different journey
Did he become a member of the establishment in later life after being a radical in early...
A libertine that became an early liberal!
Is it safer in a gang GOSH!

2012 Colin Farmer, aged 61+ and a blind stroke victim said that he thought he was going to die...
He was shot in the back in Chorley town centre with a 50,000-volt Taser stun gun.
It was fired by a police officer who mistook his white stick for a Samurai sword after reports from the public
The PC thought he was in the right - he would say that wouldnt he - and kept his job.

Which phrase best sums up the whole incident: You can't get the staff...
Give a (wrong) man a gun and he'll use it.
We all make mistakes...
Wanna be in my gangGOSH

Many people in Greece are experiencing a man made tornado at the moment.
Many (mostly plebs) are in the eye of the economic storm.
Greece is projected to get poorer in the future, by the IMF - American dominated economics.
The IMF also predict China taking over as GDP top dog, from America.
Bankers in the short term ignore these stats...

WED 18th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 18th of Oct

 Winner  Effects of Grass

1826; Britain's last state lottery was held, before the launch of the National Lottery in 1994.
The present National lottery - now owned kit and caboodle by a Canadian teachers union investment fund - will last a few more years, then disappear into oblivion.
State lotteries are just another form of taxation - all lotteries are merely gambling GOSH

Here's the big wins by country/region:
$1.586 billion pre-tax - Powerball - United States -Three winners 13 January 2016 World's largest jackpot - everythings big in America

€185 million or £161 million -EuroMillions - United Kingdom One ticket holder from Scotland 12 July 2011 - Europe's largest jackpot - will brexit mean dropping out of the EU lottery!

RMB¥ (The chinese state currency) 570 million - China Welfare Lottery - China One ticket holder from Beijing - 12 June 2012 - Asian largest prize and the biggest prize taken in China - kerching

R$ (real) 244 million - Mega-Sena is the name - Brazil - Three ticket holders from Franca (SP), Aparecida de Goiania (GO) and São Paulo.- 31 December 2012 - South America's largest prize. por favor

A$112 million - OZ lotto - Australia Four winners - 6 November 2012 - Australia's highest lottery prize
get in sheila...
Fancy a go GOSH

2014; A flock of sheep was left feeling rather woolly-headed after munching on £4,000 worth of cannabis plants.
Dumped in a field, at the edge of Fanny’s Farm in Merstham, Surrey.
By the time that the police arrived, much of the evidence had been eaten.
Is there much wrong with grass! GOSH

Greece does not grow grass - I think!
Some countries take it as a recreational/religious drug.
Some nation states - including ours - have new drug driving laws.
Be careful out there...

THURS 19th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 19th of Oct

 King John  A Mitchell Mp

1216 King John died of dysentery at Newark-on-Trent , during a Civil War which was the result of his refusal to recognize the Magna Carta ( bloody northerners )signed the previous year.
He was known as John Lackland for losing so much territory to France and was succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry.

This was the era of Richard and Robin...
Dick was a king of england who went on the third crusade - Europe (christians) v Saladin (muslim).
Rob was the (mythological) prince of thieves who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.
The haves v the have-nots.
The era of, 'the love of money and marriage', went together like a 'force and ravage'.
The era of the longbow and crossbow before the gun GOSH

2012 Trenton Oldfield, aged 36, who disrupted the 2012 University Boat Race by swimming between the boat race crews was jailed for six months for causing a public nuisance.
Oldfield said that he was demonstrating against government cuts.
This was the third year of the tory/lib coalition government led by Dodgy Dave, with Naive Nick in a supine supporting role.
Both of Em all cuts and no Guts NO GOSH.

2012; Andrew Mitchell, ( works for lazards, one of the largest international investment groups - a group pays how much tax!) the government chief whip, resigned after criticism for making rude remarks to police officers at the gates of Downing Street.
It was alleged that he called police officers 'plebs'and that he had said to the officers - 'I thought you guys were supposed to f***ing help us'.
In 2014 Mitchell lost a libel cases against both the Sun and PC Rowland and became liable for both parties' costs, which were estimated at £2m.
The unacceptable face of arrogance from affluece in a greedy git gang.

Andy boy resigned, then; came out fuming and fighting when the video evidence proved indecisive.
Neither the greedy gang of government or the police union (federation) came out with a rewarding reputation in the ensuing melee.
It has never ceased to entertain and amaze me the quality of aspiration.
There's gangs within greedy gangs GOSH

Is Greece playing the refugee card in the loan repayment saga! Would you!
Most of the financial aid to the refugee problem comes from the EU.
Will the bill for refugee aid be part of the brexit no deal outcome.!
Andrew Mitchell held a position in the UK international aid set up.
He also grafted for an International investment bank - such are the ways of the world in this prevailing culture of money manipulating greed.

FRI 20th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 20th of Oct

 Jack Rackman  Dave Cameron
1720; The English pirate of the Caribbean, John Rackham was captured by the Royal Navy.
He is most remembered for two things: the design of his Jolly Roger flag, a skull with crossed swords, which contributed to the popularization of the design; and,
for having two female crew members, Mary Read and his lover Anne Bonny.
Female emancipation and graphic design all them years ago GOSH

Calico Jack was run down and captured by a 'navy' bounty hunter - he was hung age 37 in 1720.
As were most of the crew including the actual designer of the jolly roger.
The two women were pregnant and given temporary stays of execution - no roger jokes please...
Their actual fate is more blurry and a bit less gory GOSH

In times more recent women said that 'things' would be different with more female Mp's.
Yet; almost to a man they voted for war...
Someone is taking the giss I guess GOSH

1959 Women's colleges at Oxford University were given equal rights to those of the men's. In the battles in the war of the sexes; a good bigun always beats a good little one.
Of any Combination of gender NO JOSH

1960 D.H Lawrence's controversial novel 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' put Penguin Books in the dock at the Old Bailey, London.
They were accused of publishing obscene material but were eventually found not guilty; when...
The QC for the prosecution brandishing a copy to the twelve good men (and women) and true and....
Said,'Would you let your servant read this book!'.
Such; was the initial era of enlightenment and emancipation.
Don't mention a harvey girl GOSH

Nowadays they call it pushing the envelope.
It is just a matter of time when 'enlightenment' will come under the appendage of 'pushing the parcel'
Publically there it was gradually going gone.
To some it will go under the radar - to many it will just go undergroud GOSH

1997; 'Brown Monday' on the London Stock Exchange with £10 billion being wiped off the value of shares.
British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown failed to clarify his Government's stance on the European single currency.
In times recent the greedy gits were more than merry to blame the banking crash on the 'labour Party'
While being complicit - no one with half a head can put the cause on Labour; not even pin down 'new labour'
One is amazed at how many tory gits needed no hand to be a Gland GOSH

2010; Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the biggest UK spending cuts for decades, with welfare, councils and police budgets all hit.
Dodgy dave in opposition was fond of the phrase,'Broken Britain'
His greedy git gang have really broke up britain now...
Wanna be in my ever so more desperate gang GOSH.

China is now investing mucha money -real money or not - in Greece...
The games have begun...

SAT 21st Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 21st of Oct


1805; At the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson gave his famous signal, ‘England expects...’ which flew from HMS Victory.
The British won this important battle against Napoleon’s combined French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar. Nelson was one of the casualties.
Was it 'kismet' or 'kiss me' Hardy - such is the reputation of men who went to sea.
A life so hard with moments of glee GOSH

'Patrotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel', a political pamphlet, 1774 by Samuel Johnson- acknowledged as a tory ?
It is now reckoned he printed/meant 'false patriotism'...
This was well into the era when democracy was ruled by death and destruction.
The times they are a changing! - have a gander GOSH

1950; Korean War: Heavy fighting began between forces from the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade and the North Korean 239th Regiment at the Battle of Yongju, also known as the Battle of the Apple Orchard.
This was the N v S, west v east, capitalism v communism, war in which the UK backed the American led Nato.
Even after the economic war; the result being the present N/S divide; - no official ceasefire was signed.
When will we ever learn - let's ignore the death gurn GOSH

1960; Britain launched its first nuclear submarine, HMS Dreadnought, at Barrow.
Barrow and Sellafield both closely border one of the most beautiful parts of the World.
Man (and woman) has nothing to fear except man (and women ) himself.
Do not worry all the man built robots and AI will sort it out...
No more guns or gonnerhere GOSH

1966; 144 people, 116 of them children, were killed in the small Welsh mining village of Aberfan.
Tons of slush, from a nearby coal slag tip weakened by rain, slid downhill and engulfed the village school.
A farm and a row of terraced houses.
The tragedy occurred at the beginning of the school day and on the day before the school closed for the half-term holiday.
The children are buried in Aberfan's cemetery, on the hillside above the valley.
On one of the memorials;
'God came down to gather flowers'
he passed this way and gathered ours'
Isn't god great GOSH

Grenfell occured 50 year later...
The dead at Aberfan were mostly mostly Welsh.
The dead at Grenfell were not a whiter shade of pale.
Aberfan and Grenfell have one timeless similarity.
The establishment (who) are guilty of nowt.
Never mind god - the life of a 'pleb'is great GOSH

Will the Greek plebs pay the slow economic price!
It's up to them.
If you don't do anything you deserve everything you don't get.