MON 17th OCT 2016

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1346; King David 11 - yes the jock one - was captured at the The battle of Nevilles Cross.
Davie boy lived in the tower of London for next eleven years.
Don't forget most battles were between protagonists (don't mention the rich clergy - or the mercenary plebs) who were related, or knew each other.
The odd grumbling about the groats.GOSH

In days of old; if a city coughed up a small ransom - they became sort of (con)temporary chums.
The marauding army moved on to the next sucker.
How big is your garrison GOSH.

Even earlier, them Romans - Romans! they were East European mercenairies with Roman gaffers - built that wall to keep out the pillaging hordes of sweaty socks.
Now; the Scottish independence question is about to be batt(l)ed over again GOSH

It's deigned, described, derided and denied, as devolution.
If it wasn't for banking and oil - mainly oil; not the price of oil, now - the Jocks would be long gone.NO GOSH

The kingdoms of Scotland and England over time, have been mixed in ad hoc alliances with our close European neighbours.
The democracies of today are no different.
No man is an Island.
Will a Little England end up an isolated island - bit of land - off the coast of Europe.
Have a guess GOSH

Greece is a relatively poor member of the EU.
Imagine if the mainland of Greece came out of Europe;and all those tourist islands stayed in.
All figures are produced taking into account the word of the bankers; who couldn't see a crash coming until it hits a pleb in the Face

TUES 18th OCT 2016

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1954; the Regency TR-1 - the first transistor radio - was made by Texas Instruments and I.D.E.A in Dallas;
Both nowt to do with radios; I hear.
The sound was terrible; the price was worse - $400 in todays money - 150,000 were sold.
The size and weight were more than good GOSH

Media and communication for the masses has come a long way since the first mass use of the transistor.
Moores law; the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years was predicted - around 1975 - to have died the death by 2015.
Moore is still going - has the law gone.GOSH

Some economists have one undoubtably one thing in commom with some footballers.
They are given - yes given; not earned - far too much gelt GOSH

Economists are just like other people; the good, the bad and the greedy.
Gravy Train.
Prevailing Wind.
School of thought.
Are just four of the ingredients of the fat cat recipe nurturing the present phase of dominance by the greedy economist gits.GOSH

It was a not so greedy economist - JK Gilbraith; Canadian agriculturalist of Scottish descent that became a Harvard economist - that came up with with the theory that, 'something always comes along to keep capitalism going'.
It was a bloke called Marx that predicted, 'Capitalism would eventually grind to a halt'
Train, plane, car, and transistor have been drivers of the world economy.
Do you know where we are going GOSH.

The mobile phone is the latest transistor technology.
Don't mention the Apple child slave labour or the Samsung battery.
A new form of technology is long overdue to sustain the past growth.
The banks have artificially kept the whole thing going.

The banks have created really (unreal)silly debt for well over a generation.
The crash of 2008 passed on the debt to us plebs.
Firms of all sizes are now existing/surviving on even more debt.
Plebs are persecuted relentlessly for debt - what about the greedy gits GOSH

After Brexit; for us and Greece; there will be trouble ahead.
What form will the trouble take...

WED 19th OCT 2016

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2003; Mother Theresa of Calcutta is beatified by Pope John Paul 11 in Petes square.
Years earlier the religious types were burning the 'mothers' at the stake.
What's a bit grilling between gods GOSH

Did Mother Theresa perform a miracle(s) - the Catholic church seem to think so.
'I believe in miracles; where you from you sexy thing.'
Some might think that's being offensive.
Is it not exactly the same thing; Godamn GOSH

The Rev Ian Paisley - the Irish Presbyterian - held a sign up in the face of John Paul 11 at the EU parliament
'You are the Antichrist'
Why do modern men of 'god' still become the governers of gangs GOSH.

Pope JP the second, publically apologised for many of the historic sins of the catholic church.
Sins that had put many a person in the their grave GOSH.

He also apologised for the recent sin of child sex abuse.
Lets call a priest/father/vicar/a man of god; a priest...
The vast majority of sex abuse by the men of god; was homosexual sodomy of the underaged.
Who am I to disagree GOSH

Being Pope in recent times is a job for life.
The next Pope resigned; cos of ill health - they say.
Don't mention the boys.
And; definitely don't mention their men of god guardians GOSH

Religion has been around almost as long as man.
Those that are religious say that man was created by god. GOSH

Throughout history; religion has held various degrees of power and influence over man.
Me; the best description of religion; quote (not exactly) GK Gilbraith.
'Religion was invented to give hope in the next world
To those, who have no hope in this'.
Gotcha! GOSH.

The Greeks - and Romans - had hundreds of Gods.
Was mythology fiction.
The greedy git gang and those aspire to it; still study the classics.
Can you network better after studying the classics.
Unless one is lucky; a knowledge of the classics is essential to network in the higher income levels of society.
The Greeks had plebs.
Life is a game GOSH.

THURS 20 OCT 2016

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1632; Chris Wren the architect popped out today.
It was he - in his mid thirties - who designed and organised the rebuild of Paul's Cathedral after the big burn up of 1666.
The building and the rector must have been gutted GOSH

The cathedral was an edifice to the establisment; and, a working church.
Placate the plebs pastorally.
Liverpool Cathedral (both Anglican) is bigger.
Glory to god GOSH.

The size and number of religious buildings represents the power of royalty and the church through the ages.
The vast majority of public churches depended on 'funds' from the plebs; for the plebs!
Two thirds of church money comes from the obediant worshippers - mostly plebs.
Can one pay for a seat nearer god GOSH.

About one fifth of church income comes from the national commissioners - been around for 1,000 years.
Most of the rest comes from regional and parish investments.
Rember when all those smaller houses of worship were sold off for the stone - no.
Don't mention the prior series of very bad investments - neither.
An unique blend of human business and the House of god GOSH.

The finances of the world Catholic Church have taken the cliched hit just lately.
Compensation for child abuse (1m dollars/victim) to well over a total of 3$ billion in the US of A alone.
The Swiss guard of the vatican; literally are young swiss mercenaries.
Don't mention the Salvation Army.
With who on our side? God GOSH

The Greek Orthodox church split from the catholic church many hundreds of years ago.
Just a branch of world wide loosely joined Eastern Orthodox christianity.
All religions believe in life after death - they differ slightly on how you get there ( wherever) when you are alive.
'You'll never get to heaven if you break my heart'
The Greek church has the world wide mutual bond with the state.
There's a movement/reasoning to reduce the numbers in the house of lords - the bishops will be the first to go.
The less the wealth; the less the attraction - is it human nature?
The church is dead - long live the church

FRI 21 OCT 2016

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1959; the Guggenheim art Museum/Gallery in New York opened today.
The Guggie gang originally made their monet from precious metal mining.
A privatised American version of the commonwealth.
Rich people have in common the unbridled want of wealth.
The world domination of silver copper and lead provided the gold GOSH.

The guggies are good guys - don't mention les miserables of the mines.
Much off the present day money is made from investment banking and investment advice.
They tell one how to manipulate and manoeuvre wealth.
They don't actually produce real wealth - does the guggie gang GOSH.

Some rich men have huge train sets and/or football clubs.
The guggenheims have more world wide foundations than some of phony tony's chums have houses.
The guggenheims are well up in the gauge of greedy gits GOSH.

There are two (used to be - many now are hybrids) types of foundation; public and private.
The Guggenheim foundations are of the non profit, accepting public donations, type.
The largest private foundation is that of the microsoft money of Bill and Melinda Gates.GOSH

In todays world economy in which we see the 'officially' sanctioned blurring of tax avoidance and evasion.
Many believe that foundations are just an estate planning tax fiddle.
Who am I to disagree GOSH

The UK now has 152 NHS Foundation Trusts - the idea in 2002 of the great pseudo socialist from Tow Law - Alan Milburn. Al used to be the health boss under tony blair.
He now works for a consortium of USof A private health firms chasing NHS contracts.
He who pays the piper picks the tune.
How much of the NHS do you own compared to some international fat cat!
Is the real pleb version of the NHS nearly gone GOSH.

Is it true that the decline in national growth has stopped the complete privatisation of the NHS.
Or is it the public hue and cry of the plebs.
In the political and cultural confusion of the times.
It must be seen as some crazy mix of greed and graft GOSH

The Greeks spend more on health than we do.
The have a slightly higher ratio of private to public though
These figures could be produced by the people who coudn't see the crash coming.
These figures might not be calculated by the people who didn't want to see the crash.
England spends less/head than Scotland Wales and N Ireland.
Don't mention the PFI construction fiasco.
Foundation trusts - privatisation - haven't cured the NHS financially.
More and more Trusts are failing each year.
Time for change.

SAT 22 OCT 2016

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1906 Paul Cezanne died in Aix-en-Provence.
Provence is the home of many an artist.
Even for a while, Vince Van Gogh NO GOSH.

The riviera (St Tropez to the Monaco) is in Provence!
Is provence a better place to retire than the Lakes or The NE.of England.
It's certainly warmer for a grave GOSH

The riviera is full of holiday homes and tourists.
Don't mention the international gang of greedy gits GOSH.

France has an old border with Germany
Germany has more old borders with the member states of Europe than any other member.
The already physical island of the UK has just thrown up a new border with them all.
The so called negotiations; will be a fluid and farcical ratio of grovel and grit GOSH.

Greece has the greatest fleet of cargo vessels ever seen.
Unfortunately half of them are, international owned enterprises, rusting away, anchored off a few of the many islands.
Trading close to home is a lot easier than trading away.
Will Greece leave Europe or bring about change from within.
We Brit plebs can only watch the game - We used to play...