Oct 8th 2018

On this day: 1200 Isabella of Angoulême (in western France) was crowned Queen consort of England as the second wife of King John, until his death in 1216.
She had five children by the king including his heir, later Henry III.
In 1220 she remarried and had a further nine children.
Offspring, a job for life and a wife for life - what goes around; comes around...
It's a bit too late to ask the wives of henry V111 - the human top dogs of Crufts are still around.
Selective breeding is associated with Adolf - I don't want to set the world on fire - Hitler, and those of the far right...
The human race is artificially sex walking to the perfect human.
Don't give it a go GOSH

1744; The birth of Henry Duncan, a minister of the Church of Scotland who founded the world's first commercial savings bank, paying interest on its investors' modest savings.
When we started moving up the housing ladder in the seventies; mutual building societies existed, in which one was supposed to save real money prior to buying a house.
In this relatively sustained period of status self improvement for many, through the housing market; we had trouble getting a mortgage for a semi on a new estate in the middle of nowhere.
A 'passing' (site agent)gave us the name of a solicitor!
Evidently if one knew some one who would transfer a sum of savings to a certain local building society; one was granted a mortgage - how's your father! OK
It was going to cost more to have central heating installed while the house was being built than it was for a firm to come along and rip the house to bits after completion.
The deal fell through...
It's not what...
Do you know where you are going GOSH

1965; London's Post Office Tower, once Britain's tallest building, opened.
Prime Minister Harold Wilson made the first telephone call.
There was a scaffolder - just one short of a mixed offspring 11 aside team - who drank in my local; before the present grub pubs.
I asked this breed - butter wouldn't melt... - apart, 'what his most scariest job was'.
He instantly replied. 'coming straight out of the third from top floor of the P.O. tower building'.
All high rises have some form of internal access now - don't mention man and woman made robots.
Innovation is 99% perspiration...
Who! but for the grace of goddamn GOD GOSH

1990; Hectic trading in the City marked Britain's first day as a full member of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) of the European Monetary System.
The ERM was at the heart of the split between Europe and America in the Tory party.
Which ever angle one comes from; the UK city money men were not as good as they thought they were.
The UK left the ERM after black wednesday in 1992 - not in hindsight -the EU should have kicked us out then.
The way to real long term wealth is making things; not manipulating funny money.
Ask them Germans! gotterdamerung GOSH

Greece will have to manufacture things for a long time; to pay off the loans - if it does not default.
The EU has a long term contingency plan if Greece does default.

Oct 9th 2018

On this day: 1470; Henry VI of England was restored to the throne after being deposed in 1461.
Six months later he was deposed again and then murdered in the Tower of London.
Henry was only 9 month old when he first ruled - keep it in the family and the divine right to rule.
King in the latter days of the 100+ years war - he married a 15 year old French bit in a vain attempt to hang onto the divided wealth of a region of France.
He came to an early end it is killingly calculated just after the house of york took over from the house of lancaster in what is collaterally called 'the war of the roses'.
One can only assume the plebs that fought in the different armies were a mysterious mix of mercenary and come on let's follow the geordie boys.
A situation not much dissimilar to the division over Europe today.
Never mind another look - go on have a good gander GOSH

1779; The first 'Luddite' riots broke out in a lace factory in Loughborough as workers protested against labour-saving machinery which was likely to make them redundant.
Similar riots begin at a spinning cotton factory in Manchester.
Today we are being warned that, the robots (Made by humans) are coming...
There used to be a test track for automated road vehicles, near the ouseburn on the flats after the railway lines of the banks of the tyne had been ripped up in the 1960's.
Now in the delusional era of democracy aided and abetted by death and destruction - never ever forget that one of the founding aims of what has now evolved into the EU is; to prevent another war in Europe.
As nation states take two forward and one back in the over-assumptive progress - ignoring climate change - of increasing wealth; that, it is up to us plebs what kind of society we live in.
Are you really too busy eking out a living for your family; to have a good gander...GOSH

1961; Britain's youngest ever Conservative MP, Margaret Thatcher, was given her first governmental job.
In 1979; this nation state elected her to prime minister status, three times.
Her greatest granny gloat; phoney tony bliar succeeded her in government.
In this sustained period of female emancipation; women said it would be different if they were in control.
I can't erase it from my mind; that the bliar babes - almost to a man - voted for a war to gain oil and increase personal wealth as opposed to a war on want.
Now a generation later, do we know where we are going to - go on; have a good gander. GOSH

Greece is a nation state of the EU under much more of the the economic cosh than us.
Brexit came about cos of a protest vote within a nation state.
More lasting change comes from within - apart from devolution - looks like the UK nation state are heading for a period of without...

Oct 10th 2018

On this day: 1580; After a three day siege, (the Siege of Smerwick) the English Army beheaded over 600 Irish and Papal soldiers and civilians at Dún an Óir in Ireland.
Although the defenders eventually surrendered, most of them were then massacred on the orders of the English commander, the Lord Deputy of Ireland, Arthur Grey.
The Grey family still exist today; part of the still patronised peerage associated with Eton and banking.
It was the plebs of the UK that bailed out the bankers...
Some mature plebs still doff their duts in deference to the rich.
Keep on doffing - only the select few are allowed into my greedy git gang GOSH

1877; William Morris, motoring pioneer and English car manufacturer, was born.
The Morris name remained in use until 1984 when British Leyland's Austin Rover Group decided to concentrate on the more popular Austin brand.
The best car I ever had was a rover - apart from the drivers side electric window needing a tap or two with the elbow on the way up to align properly; it still had all the original parts except the expendables.
It started first time after standing for over a year in a far flung French field of a French fireman.
I spent less on that rover in 14 year than I did on a peugeot in 2 year.
Ps. it started first time snapping the belt - the dynamo/generator had rusted.
Aren't garages throughout this planet great GOSH

1957; A major radiation leak was detected at the Windscale (now known as Sellafield) nuclear plant in Cumbria after an accident three days earlier.
Milk from about 500 square km. of nearby countryside was diluted and destroyed for about a month.
Listen do you want to know a secret.
Do you promise not to tell
I'm (the establishment) not exactly lying - I'm just being economical with the truth.
If; you think that those who make a living from nuclear generation and capability reveal the truth.
You must be in the roentgens coming out or your rump GANG GOSH

2010; PM David Cameron said defence spending would fall by 8% over four years.
Harrier jump jets, the Navy's flagship HMS Ark Royal and planned Nimrod spy planes would be axed and 42,000 MoD and armed forces jobs cut by 2015.
The RAF and navy would lose 5,000 jobs each, the Army 7,000 and the Ministry of Defence 25,000 civilian staff.
A one time chin everbody nation state without an empire cutting its cloth accordingly! It's a good job we are all in this together...
Dodgy dave OKayed the EU referendum; promised he would hang around to sort of sort out the ensuing mess- then promptly disappeared from the overt political scene.
They say, 'democracy isn't perfect; but it's the best we've got'.
The plebs have become accustomed to a 'politicians promise' for over a generation - No josh GOSH

2013; The discovery of the first chemical to prevent the death of brain tissue in a neurodegenerative disease was hailed as an exciting and historic moment in medical research although 'More work is needed to develop a drug that could be taken by patients.' Commenting on the research, Professor Roger Morris, from King's College London, said: 'This finding, I suspect, will be judged by history as a turning point in the search for medicines to control and prevent Alzheimer's Disease.'
It wasn't that long ago that an american surgeon made a fortune carrying out full frontal lobotomies in the deep south of the home of capitalism.
The operation; taking out one of the eyeballs, inserting an instrument similar to a small ice pick and scraping away at the front part of the unlucky persons brain.
Talk about the UK postcode lottery.
If you don't think that the NHS is being privatised, or make a more than splendid living from the ill health of your fellow humans; you deserve to be accommodated fully in the Gruesome Gang GOSH

Is it more gruesome to live in GREECE now.
In days not so old only the rich could afford holiday homes there.
Nowadays even those on more modest incomes have holiday homes everwhere.
The ways of the world Eh! Soon; one mans toys will really be another (wo)mans noise.

Oct 11th 2018

1216; King John lost his crown and jewels whilst crossing 'The Wash', on the north-west margin of East Anglia.
People still lose things today - never forget that insurance is a gang out to make a living; they are not, and never have been your flexible friend.
In an economy under pressure they are mostly even more of a different gang GOSH

1649; After a ten-day siege, English New Model Army troops, under the command of Oliver Cromwell, stormed the town of Wexford, Ireland, killing over 2,000 Irish Confederate troops and 1,500 civilians.
Wexford is deep south Ireland - still in the EU.
A big - less than indiscriminate that it used to be - bird tells me that the magic money tree deal with NI. is now under threat from the DUP; over the the brexit leave negotiations.
In this prolonged period of political polarisation; I have no trouble in understanding why politicians of any creed, are off the team.
Now there is a clear choice of which way to go; if you don't vote - for whatever reason - don't whinge.
Democracy now gives you a clear choice; which gang GOSH!

1937; Bobby Charlton, English footballer, was born.
He played almost all of his club football (from 1956–1973) at Manchester United.
When Bob started his career; football was a regional tribal sport - albeit slightly better than ordinary working class remuneration (better paid).
Now; football is an international - really well into the lolly - Industry; to the detriment of the UK working class aspirant.
His less well known Ashington brother( Also a member of the 1966 world cup wining team) was the successful coach of Southern Ireland.
He was given free guiness for life; twice...
No gratuitous giggling GOSH

The conditions of refugees - economic or not - paid by the EU to be held in Greece; is now reaching the point of rioting.
The complications of borderless movement of labour is now a real problem for the EU - so called - centre right controlled establishment.

Oct 12th 2018

1817; The launch of HMS Trincomalee.
She is the oldest warship afloat anywhere in the world and is berthed at Jackson Dock, Hartlepool.
Jackson dock is trying to be a tourist trap - euphemistically called a visitor attraction.
The number of 'visiter attractions' has in the UK, increased, as the position of 'supremacy' in the world has decreased.
Empires come and empires go.GOSH

Throughout time; Hartlepool has been all things to all men (and now women!) - don't mention the monkey.
There are two versions of the folklore:
A french spy that could't/wouldn't speak, washed upon the beach at the time of the napoleonic wars.
A young boy who used to scamper with powder from gun to gun, that was hung...
There is/used to be a pub in Wallsend called 'the powder monkey'
Whatever the truth; a statue of the monkey exists; for all vistors to stare and glare. GOSH

Hartlepool football club had a mascot dressed up as a monkey...
It/he was elected as mayor as the era of inequality took hold.
The office of mayor was kicked into touch by the local labour party in 2012.
The monkey mayor - elected twice - stood opposed to the blairite mp, Peter Mandelson.
Is life often a gas - go on; have a good giggle GOSH

The town of Hartlepool has seen better times.
It was featured in a national telly programme, less than a generation ago.
Whole streets owned by individual and 'group' property developers of all income brackets were shown; empty and well on the way to dereliction.
Now that the western developed world has the problem of mass migration; the brexit vote came about less to do with racism and more as a protest vote against inequality.
Don't mention trump and lack of vision by the prevailing and prolonged establishment.
As someone who describes himself economically - and, therefore politically - to the left of Karl Marx...
My heart is with the inequality stricken leavers; but my head is with the remainers.
It is certainly a democratic dilemna - the way to go GOSH

Greece; as yet, has chosen the economic advantage of remaining in the EU.
'Show me the way to go home...'
A song from and for the plebs of Glasgow...
You work out your meaning of the words.

Oct 13th 2018

1853; The birth of Lillie Langtry, actress and mistress of King Edward VII, also the Earl of Shrewsbury and Prince Louis of Battenberg.
Men are from Mars; women are from Venus was written by a woman.
There is much mentioned today about the inequality of the sexes.
Apart from equality of pay for the 'weaker' sex; 'every man should have a woman'.
How many centuries has man and woman managed to exist together on the planet earth.
Despite the challenges thrown up by religion and the two forward and one back of technical and otherwise progress.
As top dog/bitch relentlessly changes over time; do most who live/exist on this planet know where are they are going! GOSH

Lillie reminds me of lady Hamilton and those more recent high maintenance ladies of the night, Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler who inadvertently helped bring down a conservative government.
It was Mandy who replied at the man managed 'Profumo affair' trial; when a man a called viscount Astor denied any decidedly dodgy dalliance, ' well he would say that; wouldn't he'
It is reliably recorded that the reply included a little giggle GOSH

Honest; I nearly missed this one...
1925; The birth of Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.
Known as 'The Iron Lady' she was the longest serving Prime Minister for more than 150 years.
She was born above her father's grocer's shop; was elected three times to the office of PM by the Uk elecorate and done in by her own party to retain political power over the nation state of the United Kingdom.
It was thatcherism that brought in deregulation that led to the banking crash and the nation state dividing over the protest Brexit vote.
Dereglation was introduced in a vain attempt to halt the waning of the UK economy.
To the less than trained eye; the split in the tory ranks was alive and well in the reign of thatcher...
The Westland helicoptor 'affair' was a just less than well recorded incident involving the choice between America and the UK, which supplied the EU.
The mistress of fortune - give a little unguarded giggle GOSH

1946; The birth of Edwina Currie, former tory Member of Parliament.
She resigned as a Junior Health Minister in 1988 over the controversy of salmonella in eggs.
Among her comments over the next two years were that good Christian people don't get AIDS, that old people who couldn't afford their heating bills should wrap up warm in winter, and that northerners die of ignorance and chips.
Don't forget the well hidden at the time affair with him that tucked his shirt into his underpants; John Major.
Salmonella; was a convenient excuse to get rid of her.
Eggwina; far from being a feminist; is currently ( I assume) married to a retired detective sargeant whom she met on her radio show in 1999.
A strong willed woman!
Or just another gattling Gob GOSH

The Greek parliament has 56 females and 244 males.
The coalition left government has twice as many female mp's than the now called 'New Democracy' opposition.
The far right party 'Golden Dawn' has 21 mp's - only one of which is a woman.
The UK has 191 women and 459 men.
68 out of 330 cons and 99 out of 230 labs.
Mostly parachuted in career politicians of differing hues.
The SNP has 20 out if 56; mostly/many locally elected.

Effort of the day 141018

Oct 14th 2018

1066 The Battle of Hastings was fought, on Senlac Hill, near Pevensey.
An English army, commanded by King Harold, was defeated by the invasion force of William of Normandy.
Harold was killed and Edgar the Ætheling was proclaimed king, but never crowned.
William I 'The Conqueror' and the first Norman King of England, was subsequently crowned at Westminster Abbey on 25th December 1066.
Aethel was hungarian; Bill the basher was of viking descent.
Migrants and Empires come: and eventually go GOSH

1644; The Birth of William Penn, the English Quaker leader who founded a Quaker colony named Pennsylvania in his honour. The first English colony - about 1600; the date not how many - did not last - the survivors returned to England.
The vast number by far; of European migrants to america were the religiously persecuted minority.
Puritans and quakers from England were the majority - hence America being part of the British Empire.
The rest as they clicheingly say is history.
They also say, 'time is a great healer'. Get away GOSH

1881; 189 men died when the Berwickshire fishing fleet was caught in a hurricane.
The tragedy, which became known locally as Black Friday, remains Scotland's worst fishing disaster.
129 of the victims came from the village of Eyemouth.
It is written that the son of god who came down from heaven was a fisher of men - but, I digress...
Fishing is still one of the most dangerous ways of earning a living.
The voice of the fishing industry was given a much greater airing over Brexit than than it deserves.
Democracy is still backed up by death and destruction.
If; brexiteers think americans will take up a call to arms over fishing!
They need some more cod in their pieces.
The EU with a much fairer German lead economy - a nation state that makes things; albeit a centre right conservative controlled country - is about to rein in the banking industry.
The only present strong link that we have to the home of capitalism is the finance industry.
The american economy is big enough to ignore the UK; yet too small to take on the might of the EU.
Don't mention the other world players...
There is now no such thing as the trickle down effect.
Why don't UK plebs ppplay the game GOSH

By remaining a member of the EU trading bloc; the Greeks are playing the game.