SUN 8th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 8th of Oct

 Henry Duncan  Mark Carney

1744; The birth of Henry Duncan, a minister of the Church of Scotland who founded the world's first commercial savings bank.
The first UK bank for plebs (The trustee savings bank) payed interest on its investors modest savings.
Save with me and I'll set you free - there you go GOSH

Was Henry a god fearing man on the side of the plebs;or
An educated middle class man of means playing the game! GOSH

The Trustee saving banks throughout the UK were amalgamated into the TSB group plc in the1970's and early 80's.
The TSB was floated on the LSE around 1985.
In 1995 the plebs savings bank merged with Loyds to form Loyds TSB.
The things financial foundations were laid for the greedy git Gangs.

Remember - especially the brexit girls and boys - all those mutual (still mainly in practise) building societies.
They were formed cos the banks were ripping the plebs off - but you are not a pleb; are you!
The means to a mortgage and owning your own house (don't mention the cooncil) were gobbled (privatised) up by the greedy gits.

Many reasons are proffered for the cause of the 2008 banking crash.
Without mentioning technicalities such as 'full reserve' and 'dodgy dealing'; the true cause of the crash...
Good old/new fashioned greed NOoooo GOSH

Time for a lot of change!
Here we go GOSH

The Greek loans were given and the repayment plan controlled by the international banking and political establishment.
A bloke called phony tony bliar questioned the existence of an establishment. GOSH
There's a victorian hymn with the words, 'stand up, stand up; for jesus...'
It's about godamn time the pleb stood up for himself again...

MON 9th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 9th of Oct

 The Tower  The palace

Sorry about the size of yesterdays graphics;
Doing a crash learning curve with GIMP.
Microsoft 10 updated automatically and took off everything except their own...
Guess what! they have put more of their own on...
Adobe CS 2 - a powerful enough beast for anyone - is no longer available as a free download.
My favourite browser - firefox - is...
The lunatics are really trying to take over the asylum - for the love of money...
Will have to start learning a bit more about Linux

1470 Henry VI of England was restored to the throne after being deposed in 1461.
Six months later he was deposed again and then murdered - aged 50 - in the Tower of London.
The wars of the roses and civil war.
The encumbent royals and establishment don't like the tower being associated with blood and guts GOSH

1999; The new Scottish Parliament building was officially opened by Queen betty II.
Construction of the building commenced in June 1999 and the first debate was held in the new building on the 7th September 2004.
Has devolution anything to do with the gorbals and guts! GOSH

2013; The Royal Mail share-offering for private investors was seven times over-subscribed, with 700,000 applications.
Labour claimed that the shares were being sold too cheaply.
Two days later the shares rose 38% to 455p in their first day of 'trading' on the London Stock Exchange.
Never mind the lib dem member of the coalition cabinet that sold em...
Welcome to the culture of greed GOSH

The Greek PM has plans to visit the USofA to 'discuss' the IMF loan to pay off the Greek debt.
The International monetary Fund is a world bank dominated by America.
America will want the Greeks to use the loans for trade deals...
The greek loans are 'owned' by a melangee of international private banks backed up by a number of nation state establishments - don't mention the ECB dominated by the germans.
Brexit will be much simpler negotiations - really!

TUES 10th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 10th of Oct

 Baron Grey  Comb Over Man

1580; After a three day siege, (Smerwick) the English Army beheaded over 600 Irish and Papal soldiers and civilians (french and spanish), at Dún an Óir in Ireland.
Although the defenders eventually surrendered, most of them were then massacred on the orders of the English commander, the Lord Deputy of Ireland, Arthur Grey. GOSH

The Irish 'troubles' economic conflict in the 'name - guise' of religion are still going on today.
The number of deaths and serious injuries are miniscule compared to days of old.
Those who have lost loved ones; never forget...
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

Many countries have lost people due to; call it what you will.
The UK in modern times has a lot less 'casualties' than most modern nation states.
Does the UK line up with the USofA - the greater number of dead are more likely to have been caused by members of 'todays native' population than 'terrorists'.
Giz a gun GOSH

1957 A major radiation leak was detected at the Windscale (now known as Sellafield) nuclear plant in Cumbria after an accident three days earlier.
Milk from about 500 square km. of nearby countryside was diluted and destroyed for about a month.
Only major incidents are reported - there have been no deaths in the UK...
They - those who make a living out of the game - say.
Smoking is nowt to do with cancer; they used to say...
Nukes go in tandem with Nuclear power generation - you can't have one without the other.
Giz a ray gun GOSH

2013; The discovery of the first chemical to prevent the death of brain tissue in a neurodegenerative disease was hailed as an exciting and historic moment in medical research although 'More work is needed to develop a drug that could be taken by patients.'
Commenting on the research, Professor Roger Morris, from King's College London, said: 'This finding, I suspect, will be judged by history as a turning point in the search for medicines to control and prevent Alzheimer's Disease.'
Every so often some sort of cure is announced for cancer - nowt to do with appeasing the shareholding investors...
Invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.
'Who am I to disagree', he uttered with wry glee. No gloss GOSH

Wonder if Greece is lined up to be fracked...
The land below the nation state of Greece is blessed only with very low grade ore - I am led to believe.
I could be wrong I could be right.
We are now led to believe that The USosA is self sufficient in fossil fuels due to fracking.
Fracking has been around since the 1950's...
If so why did America have to invest militarily (at such cost) in middle east oil!
Some one is telling huge porkies - don't mention funny money; some americans call it the time dollar.
And please don't mention; Mr Trump.

WED 11th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 11th of Oct

 Arthur Philip  Eric Morecambe

1649; After a ten-day siege, English New Model Army troops, under the command of Oliver Cromwell, stormed the town of Wexford, Ireland, killing over 2,000 Irish Confederate troops and 1,500 civilians.
It really was an eye for an aye in them days...
Wanna be in my gang!GOSH
Once (just once!) again; it was protestant v catholic - wanna be in my gang? The southern Irish have still a thing against Oliver Cromwell - the non royalist establishment.
If you don't think that history alongside income influences the future - Don't mention The EU.
Wsas Ollie an establishment different colour (politically) greedy git.
Must one be in my gang GOSH

1738; The birth of Arthur Phillip, English admiral and first governor of New South Wales, who founded the first penal colony at Sydney.
Artie was the son of a german pleb - the son of a seadog
A poor kid who served on a whaler then joined the Royal navy aged 22.
He gained rank from successful sorties of 'action' and eventually retired with the Rank of, 'admiral of the blue' - the third highest rank of the era.
See how they run from/with a man with a gun GOSH

Promotion after the rank of sea captain was by seniority.
Do times change for an establishment! A generation ago it was acknowledged that the navy had more admirals than ships...
Wonder what the ratio is after the latest cuts - no giggling GOSH

This rise through the ranks of aspiration is appendaged as 'Social mobility' to those that adhere.
To those that don't it is more recognisable as 'social climbing'...
Perhaps! or without doubt; to reach the promised land one has to clamber over another persons wheelchair.
Life is a bitch; just ignore the glitch... GOSH

1988; Girls began to study at Magdalene College, Cambridge for the first time.
To mark the occasion male students wore black armbands and the porter flew a black flag.
Cambridge was an offshoot of Oxford (1299) after the learned bretheren of Oxford had a sort of 'tete a tete' with the local plebs.
Sex and fighting again GOSH

2014; A would-be thief tried to saw through the standing leg of the monument to Eric Morecambe.
It is made of bronze.
Eric and Ern are the classic example of rags to riches in the entertainment industry.
The made their name when the working class nearly ruled the industry - what industry!
Never forget that 'society' depends on making things.
Some entertainers keep their working class roots - others don't.
Spin affects all levels of society and is affected by all levels of income.
Have you got one foot in the grave/gravy GOSH

PS. When the Swan Hunter shipyard(s) 'closed' down, someone nicked a huge bronze propellor from the securitised storage area.
There it was gone GOSH

The greedy gits - with or without the socialist coalition encumbent government - are lining up to nick the Greek nation state assetts.
Ours have already been nicked - is that why we have Brexit!

THURS 12th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 12th of Oct

 HMS Trincomalee  HMS Queen Elizabeth

1817; This autumn day saw the launch of HMS Trincomalee.
She is the oldest warship afloat anywhere in the world and is berthed at Jackson Dock, Hartlepool.
The victory; 52 years older - is in dry dock.
Will the plebs have a better life now most of the docks are gone GOSH

The latest vessel - an aircraft carrier no less - has no aircraft; as yet.
Don't despair they are further reducing the surface fleet and military personel to be able to pay for em.
Will brexit complicate even more; matters of 'defence' - I need a gun GOSH

Will the £30 reduction in benefits to the disabled; save the UK economy!
Will it even cover the overlavish expenses claims of the 'politicians in this presently encumbent greedy git gang!

1969 The opening of Preston Bus Station, one of the largest in Western Europe.
Threatened with demolition since the year 2000, campaigns and applications were made numerous times to save the building.
It featured on the 2012 World Monument Fund's list of sites at risk. Nevertheless, on 7th December 2012, Preston City Council announced that the bus station would be demolished, but in 2013 it was saved when English Heritage granted it the status of a Grade II listed building.

The've raised paradise and put up a parking lot Yeah, ya don't know what you've got till it's gone GOSH

The UK Transport infrastucture has been ripped apart; in the name of progress - pun intended...
And how was it done!
By borrowing funny money - the roots of the magic money tree - alchemised by the bankers and chums.
Do not worry; they are doing it all for you - The lying gits GOSH

1984 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escaped an assassination attempt when an IRA bomb exploded in the Grand Hotel, Brighton.
It was being used by delegates to the Conservative Party Conference.
Five people were killed and 30 people injured, including the Employment Secretary Norman Tebbit and his wife Margaret, who was left permanently disabled.
Norman Tebbit was known as the Chingford polecat - onyerbike.
Ever seen a redundant miner push a bag of sea coal on a dodgy bike for miles!
He was spun as a BALPA union official - yet was one of the most right wing tory politicians ever.
Some plebs must have voted for him - he said with a wry grin and gin... no Josh GOSH

The Greeks have a relatively large 'defence' force.
Will the 'ripping apart' be delayed by the formation of an EU 'army'.
Or will a Grexit save the people strong nation state organisation!

FRI 13th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 13th of Oct

 GMT clock  Royals

1884; Greenwich was chosen as the universal time meridian of longitude from which standard times throughout the world are calculated.
Much of the planet was pink - in the nicest possible way; female brats used to wear blue,and vice versa - in them days.
What if!... What if! GMT became PMT or BMT in the near future; cos of Brexit.
I know; we could send that aircraft carrier with no planes, up the Seine or Rhine.
Donner und Merde where's me gattlin gun/gob GOSH

One of the secondary reasons for 'the city' being/remaining (just) established in London, is GMT.
The main reason; the 'deregulation' of thatcherism getting in first.
The yanker bankers were over here quicker than a top film fellow can force down an aphrodisiac.
Time up; let my bankers go NO GOSH

The moving and manipulation of money (a con trick) is only viable for so long.
Most nation states have competed by the manipulation of money in a world market while predominantly relying on manufacturing.
Time for change in the now desperate nation states of US and the USofA.
The EU would have to change without Brexit.
Will there be a Grexit! GGGOSH

1925; The birth of Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.
Known as 'The Iron Lady' she was the longest serving Prime Minister for more than 150 years.
She was born above her father's grocer's shop: No 1 North Parade, Grantham, Lincolnshire.
I can understand people (social mobility and all that) like her; however, I can't at all at all understand why people voted for her and inequality.
Don't mention council houses ( individual endeavor ) and all that greed GOSH

1971; The British Army blew up border roads in Northern Ireland to crack down on IRA gun-running.
Let my brexit borders go GOSH

2014 UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it an 'emotional moment' as he watched Douglas Carswell introduced to Parliament as the party's first elected MP.
A week is a long time in politics...
You can't give the slip quicker than a UKIP Kipper...
What's it all about Gadzooks GOSH

2016 Queen Elizabeth II became the world's longest-reigning monarch following the death of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Bettys' gang was once described as the most dysfunctional family on the planet.
Surely, the best short term answer is to keep the material artifacts for the sake of tourism dosh, and get rid of the whole family.
Let my royalty go.. NO GOSH Gosh.

Phil the greeks gang are back in Greece - a sign of inequality!
Time for them and the supporting 1% cast to go.

SAT 14th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 14th of Oct

 William Penn  Queen Elizabeth 11

1644 The Birth of William Penn, the English Quaker leader who founded a Quaker colony named Pennsylvania in his honour.
A tale of religious intrigue and land earned by killing other religious people in the name of money.
Here's a list of other religious sects (minorities) after and during the time of 'reformation':
Huguenots, Mennonites, Amish, Catholics, Lutherans and Jews - don't mention the Germans.
Shall we gather at the fountain/moutain/downton for the sake of GOD GOSH

1881; 189 men died when the Berwickshire fishing fleet was caught in a hurricane.
The tragedy, which became known locally as Black Friday, remains Scotland's worst fishing disaster.
129 of the victims came from the village of Eyemouth.
Bankers don't die when they travel at sea... He spat out sea water with grandiose glee GOSH

1913 Britain's worst pit disaster. More than 400 miners were killed in an explosion down a mine at Senghenydd in Glamorgan, S. Wales.
The politicians decided, You're all on the dole.
You're expediently surplus; we can import coal.
He spluttered through the dust without making much sound...
Those that cream it off the top don't venture underground.
Never forget that all that sustains life on this planet; come from the ground GOSH

1969 Ahead of the complete changeover to decimalization, Britain scrapped the 10 shilling note and introduced the 50 pence coin.
After brexit would - who never joind the Euro - ditching the decimal currency be another one in the groin GOSH

One has to pay one way or tother to leave a gang GOSH

The Greek word for government by the rich is Oligarchy.
Plutocracy is another Greek word - a form of oligarchy.
If you don't think that the rich rule OK - when they shout sh.. you jump on the shovel...