SUN 9th OCT 2016

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1514; Louis X11 married Mary Tudor; the sister of Henry V111; in Abbeville, N. France - not far from Calais.
Mans favourite hobbies sex and fighting with a bit travel.
Getting it, giving it and a bit of a gander GOSH

The old enemy/friend - frenemy - France; is at again - Pay the price for Brexit
Or is it us.
Over the years we have managed to upset most of the nations on the planet.
The man made storm is gathering.GOSH

The plebs of most nations are realising the true extent of the con.
All countries have an expanding underclass.
It's only the rich 1% who are hanging on to the global economy.
Time for change - how many will give it a go GOSH

Aberfan; 50 year ago yesterday.
It seemed much bigger that night.
The organised chaos of grief GOSH

One private memorial has the words

God came down to gather flowers.
He passed this way and gathered ours

Humans have a strange relationship with the gods GOSH

Is racing fixed!
Are the two fellas from Ferrari Friends!
Quote the german protagonist
'I don't party til three in the morning'
The hieroglyphics are on the helmet for Hamilton
It's not in the lap of the gods GOSH

All the worlds a stage.
And all the men and women merely players;
Some have a good game GOSH

GREECE The Greeks had gods and games.
The Greek gods are history. Are the games still great. London hosted the most expensive Olympic games ever - cost per athlete; 1.4million US dollars It's in US dollars cos the greedy gits of the US milti's make all the money - mostly real from funny
Time for change........

MON 10th OCT 2016

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1897; German, Felix Hoffmann finds better way of synthesizing acetylsalicyclic acid.
Which is used to develop aspirin.
Aspirin is a generic (cheap) man made drug - ever heard of evergreening GOSH

Drug companies patent drugs to prevent anyone else making money out of them.
Extending the patent with a bit of skullduggery (we are doing nothing wrong) is the 'evergreening game.
Do we as the human race make profit from illness.
We'll be killing each other with guns GOSH

The NHS is the contemporary piggy in the middle between socialism and capitalism.
The battle ground is becoming more and more international as pressure on western economies increases.
What was once regarded as sacrosanct is now up for grabs by the greedy gits. no GOSH

How much of the NHS is now in private hands - don't know.
It's safe to say, 'one hell of a lot more than when the phony tony mob took over'
All levels of society - they wouldn't get away with it if it weren't - are endowed with greedy gits GOSH

The more the pressure on the economy; the more the increase in skullduggery and corruption.
We aren't all at it yet - are we!
When the going gets tough; the good have to get going.GOSH

The supreme court of Iceland has jailed and substantially fined top bankers for fiddling and taking advantage of the international crash.
Iceland has written off many of the loans made by banks to the plebs.
Would this have happened if the plebs hadn't stoned the Iceland parliament
Do Icelanders have more democratic grit GOSH.

Is Greece relatively worse off than Iceland.
The international establishment media would have think so.

Are the bankers the only set up that can save the Greek economy
The international establishment media would have you thinks so.

In the battle for the hearts and minds - tell it to the marines.
Sorry; I meant Icelanders

TUES 11th OCT 2016

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1968; Appollo 7, with Wally, Donn and Walter on board was the first manned moon rocket test.
The first manned flight after the crew of Appollo 1 were killed in a cockpit fire.
Practising to go; then they were gone.GOSH

Wal, Don and Walter were the only astronauts not to be instantly awarded the American highest medal of honour on return to mother Earth.
Controversy between the cockpit crew and control - definitely - how much; we can only guess through the haze of PR.
Very few astronauts flew more than one mission - even fewer flew consecutive missions.
We mere mortals can only guess the gravity of the game. GOSH

Appollo 11 landed the first man/men on the moon a year later - the easy bit.
Getting them back to earth was the hard bit.
Being an astronaut is an underestimated - taken for granted - risky game GOSH

The moon race is over - it isn't made of cheese or precious metals.
The moon is now a dustbin for experiments - not a mine of gold GOSH

Mankind has now left more muck on the moon than Everest.
Not quite as much muck as the streets of northern towns; including cut to the DNA Gateshead GOSH

Mars has just started to be a target for mans muck.
Intergalactic travel time is hundreds of thousand/millions of years.
Its like that proposed UK nuclear power technology - not quite invented yet.
A new method of propulsion; let's call it time travel; is needed.
Watch this space - it's galactic GOSH

The only Greek astronaut was really Russian.
Space travel is so expensive; the Yanks and Ruskis have formed a partnership.
Private firms now offer space flights - the Russians are the only ones to have done it.
6 American IT entrepreneurs and a Canadian circus boy in Russian rockets.
To become a space person ( they don't like being called tourists) one must have a few bob.
Pickers from pelaw need not apply.

WED 12th OCT 2016

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1928; a negative pressure ventilator was used for the first time in the US of A.
Known to us plebs as the 'iron lung'
If one needed one; your health was far from good GOSH

In the fifties a polio epidemic seen the introduction of mechanical positive pressure - there wasn't enough resources for the number of iron lungs needed.
The UK economy; after the Brexit vote; seems to need some assistance to keep it going GOSH

The 'turbulent times' for the pound was hinted at; but - like the crash - not predicted.
The sharp drop in value was explained by computer generated instant piggy back induced trading.
The people who put this IT into the manipulating money game are the ones who use private - bought or hired jets. no josh GOSH

The UKIP vote - such a strange, novel, hybrid mix - brought about Brexit.
The plebs who voted for Brexit better get organised and mobilised.
At the moment they are just being ignored by the present establishment hierarchy of all breeds of greedy git.NO GOSH

The public school cabinet of multi-millionaires has been replaced by the Grammar school and richer; multi-millionaires.
It goes without saying; I'm going to say it.
Multi-millionaires - the even newer rich - are not in the game of making plebs rich.
Making and keeping themselves rich is the game GOSH.

The media feigned flummoxery at the foreign sec. appointment of Boris Johnson.
He of course is the condescending link to the public schoolboys.
Clarke represents the old tory business school.
Heseltine speaks and squeaks for the Shires mob
The 22 committee has been remarkably media muffled sinc the change in leadership.
Davies and fox are being allowed room to romp and trip.
The political sucker of the century - so far - has dissappeared.
Where has Gove gone GOSH

English National footie needs a bit of a muscular leg up.
Many didn't expect them to win the 1966 world cup.
A team from the premiership management muppets have got more chance of winning the next one.

The UK is currently still ranked 5/6th richest country in the world.
Greece is 49th.
We are ranked 12th by Fifa.
Greece is ranked 48th.

The EU health is up there with the best in the world.
European women live longer - but, men have better quality years of later life.
Next year the UK won't be in Europe - will Greece.

THURS 13th OCT 2016

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1923; Ankara becomes the capital of Turkey.
Anbody who went to school will remember Istanbul - It is still the biggest city.
Turkey was on the side of Germany in the first world war.
Is Turkey a goulash GOSH.

DH Lawrence - bit of a philosopher; as well as a pre-porn porn writer - wrote of a man in 'the middle' having a hard life.
Turkey is the contemporary country in the middle.
Will Turkey become the world Gadansk? GOSH

Turkey is politically, culturally and geographically split between East and West.
Turkey has been an associate member of the Common Market since 1963 and wants to become a full member.
Not being a true democracy! is keeping the Centre right dominated EU on guard GOSH.

Turkey is a member of Nato; yet defied militarily an American dominated Nato.
Turkey has shot down a Russian military Jet.
Turkey with troubled internal politics and the eight national neighbours without a dash of isis,
is a cocktail of deadly deliberation - geddit you gonads GOSH

Politics throughout the world - don't mention America - is now reaching a cant and hypocrisy fueled low.
In the era of money worshipping enlightenment - are we all at it!
Time for change; Give it a go GOSH

Thought I'd covered all the bank scams.
Wells Fargo is by no means a 30 bob bank
The banking bonus boys and girls of all levels - the bonus culture - have been creating false accounts to get rich.
They are not guilty - of course.
Fraud - let's see how many are jailed - It was just a josh GOSH

The unintended, unforeseen by the many; price rises of Brexit are already being wrangled.
Will the plebs pay - Again GOSH

On the back of food price rises; an even later retiring age is being mooted.
So soon again Gosh.

We now have pensions being tweaked almost constantly by government.
Not long after thatcherism took hold of the country and western world.
They - the powers of the time and; to be - became aware of the 'state' pension problem; So grand GOSH

A committee of the great and good - rich head honchos - was formed; the solution
A private national pension with £x/week as the premium.
They had to be embarrassing told that the lowest viable private pension premium was £x+y/week.
Plebs - non performing pensions - and democracy by greedy gits GOSH

GREECE The Deutsche Bank holds by far the the largest portion of the Greek debt.
An almost useless further Greek loan has a huge privatisation clause negotiated by the german led ECB.
The ECB has been printing electonic funny money for the centre right Eurozone to survive.
The Deutsche Bank has just been given a massive - 'real' money massive - fine by the US of A government.
The Volkswagon fuel fiddle was uncovered by the mostly affected Americans.
The Germans under EU law can't help VW; however, they are writing off 'old' VW Debt.
Time for the Greek plebs to hang on and call their bluff.
Don't mention Brexit.

SAT 15th OCT 2016

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1987; a huge storm hit the south of England (killing 18 Brits), the Channel Islands and top of France.
What was fishy about it - it was not only not predicted; but wasn't about to happen.
A somewhat modern goolie GOSH

Does money pervert the course of justice.
Is there one law for the loaded and one for the plebs.
Ask Ched Trump...
Don't mention Lord/Mr. Green GOSH

The kept under the covers equation of inequality is uncovering the dogs breakfast of Brexit.
The battle between supermarket and supplier has gone to ground quicker than a flummoxed fox.
How small can a jar of marmite or pot noodle get GOSH

Dodgy dave's mantra 'Broken Britain' stopped abruptly, as soon as the even greedier gits gained power.
The country started beaking up under the privatisation of thatcherism - which this country voted for.
It continued breaking up under the warmongering rape/reign of phony tony - despite the open knowledge of world economic pressure.
The inequality accelerated with the public schoolboys in the tuck shop.
And now the 'grammar schools are great' greedy gits have taken over - democratically.
The country is breaking into bits and the Gap - is getting greater GOSH

The Greeks as a nation have always had inequality.
Just when it was starting to be a fairer country it floundered under world economic pressure and more than a little help from the international greedy gits.
Want to know how not to do it; Greece - just study the UK recent history.

SUN 16th OCT 2016

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1950; the first edition of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C S Lewis the wordsmith, was published today.
2013; Clive Staples (Irish) known as 'Jack' - 50 years after his death, was dedicated a floor stone in poets corner.
He officially became one of the UK greats.GOSH

Last week a bloke called Bob Dylan was controversially awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
It didn't come down out of the blue or a hard rain.
Some souls of academia have been canvassing since 1996.
Every Laureate is given about million quid as a do what you want gift GOSH

Of the 113 Nobel laureates to date:
16 have been French
11 American
10 UK
8 Swedish - name one.
No cheating - you guild of guileless guessers GOSH

Jack has sold 100 million books on children imagination, science fiction and religion.
Bob has sold 100 million records on every subject under the sun.
The Dylan lyrics have had more covers (kerching) than the EU referendum had political porkies
Forget the money and grumbles; he deserves the godamn Gong GOSH

Two Greeks have been awarded the Nobel prize for Literature.
They were both poets. Like the Swedes and Scandanavians; most of the world has never heard of them.
The Greek economy could do with a few million Euro.