SUN 1st OCT 2017

On This Day 1st of Oct


959; Edgar the Peaceable became king of all England - greedy gits and the church backed him more than others.
Other kings were available at the time
'The Peaceable', was not necessarily a comment on his character, for he was a strong leader.
He took the Northumbrian and Mercian kingdoms from his older brother.
A north south divide in the draconian days of fighting for gold GOSH

1843 The News of the World, Britain's most popular Sunday newspaper, was first published.
By 1950, the NOTW became the biggest selling English language newspaper in the world - almost 8.5 million/week.
It was briefly owned by the press rogue cap'n Bob Maxwell - the bouncing Czech...
When ever so big Bob owned the mirror - there's a market in socialism...
He said to the decision gang - 'I want a million pound bingo; but, I don't want anyone to win it.'
Such compliance from the good and the great.GOSH

A dude called Derek Jameson was the editor of the NOTW in the early 80's.
He lost a libel case against the BBC ( a satire program - Week Ending ), when it descibed him...
'An East end boy made bad who thought erudite was a glue'
The court thought it was 'fair comment' - he disappeared from the scene when the 75,000 quid costs stuck like goo.GOSH

Some of the later editors of the NOTW are household names due to their somewhat nefarious activites:
Piers Morgan - had his share of not guilty fiddling
Rebecca Wade - should have been a make up artiste for retired police horses and Dodgy Dave Cameron
Andy Coulson - was nicked for lying; taking a hit for Murcoch
Kelvin Mckenzie - was editor of the sister rag 'the sun'; one of the globalised gobsh...

The NOTW was closed down on the 7th July 2011 by the then owner Rupert Murdoch.
Do not mention phone hacking and the people yet to be prosecuted/let off for an illegal activity.
Are really greedy gits guilty!

Fill the prisons full of plebs - does it cost less!
One has heard of arms length organisations - usually some sort of hybrid (they say) local authority organisation.
The really rich international (1%) keep their selves at arms length using money.
Funny money for the rich is the new inflation...
All bubbles eventually burst - too much cheap funny money is trickling down to the plebs again.
Bang... Again GOSH

The decision(s) to save the Greek economy will be political not economical.
The decision(s) to save the EU and the Euro will be political...
Time for change - will there be enough change!

MON 2nd OCT 2017

On This Day 2nd of Oct

 The Middle Ages  Greek Island Camp

1452; King Richard III was born - Yes him; Dick the Turd.
He was killed at the Battle of Bosworth - only two year on the job and aged only 32.
His remains were uncovered by the Dick 111 society.
Everbody should have a hobby; said Mr. Gobby GOSH

He was infamous in history cos:
The last king of the House of York
The last king to be killed in battle.
He was the first boss of the 'Northern Powerhouse'
The last event in the middle ages.
He was the early equivalent of marmite - cad or gallant! GOSH

Even before Shakespeare got his pen worths in...
Rickie boy was known informally as 'Dickon' - in the context of treachery.
Different alliances in the pursuit of power.
Today; many more - anyone that's interested - people are aware of the game.GOSH

2001 Prime Minister Tony Blair warned the Taliban that it would be the target of military action unless it gave up Osama bin Laden.
Bombs away...
Tally Ho...
Does anyone know what is really going on - apart from...
People dying - people emigrating and some people getting very rich.
Guns and gold GOSH

Refugees (Immigrants) are increasing on the Greek islands.
Conditions in the camps are becoming unbearable.
Poverty is relative - will the rich and the relatively rich spend money before it's too late!
Not 'my' problem in the short term...!

TUES 3rd OCT 2017

On This Day 3rd of Oct

 Daffyd ap Gruffyd  Prince Charles

1283; Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd and the last independent ruler of Wales, became the first nobleman to be executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered.
He defied and alledgedly plotted the death of King Edward I - Teddyone to us plebs.
Davy boy (Dafydd) was dragged through the streets of Shrewsbury attached to a horse's tail then hanged alive.
Revived, then disembowelled and his entrails burned before him, before being cut into four quarters.
The days when a greedy git says you gotta go - what a way to go GOSH

2013; The cost of a National Lottery Lotto ticket doubled to £2.
The rise was the first since the lottery started in 1994 - the culture of greed was being reinforced by the greedy gangs.
Initially 'owned' - sorry! ran - by camelot; a greedy git gang cobbled together; don't mention the 20% owned by the then state owned Royal Mail.
The 'national' Lottery, after an extended period of controvery; is now owned by an Ontario teachers pension plan - don't mention the sponsorship by the Canadian Government GOSH

2014 Samuel Tree (68) was jailed for three and a half years - his lass got 300 hours community 'service'
Part of an UK con gang that made and sold fake plastic bomb and missing people detectors.
His plastic 'Alpha 6' cost just a few pounds but sold for thousands - the gang made a fortune...
You can't con an honest man...
Do honest men Gamble GOSH

Brexit came about cos the UK was ripped apart by the greedy gits.
If Greece is ripped apart will there be a Grexit!

WED 4th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 4th of Oct

 King James Bible  The Times Change

1535 The first complete English language Bible was published by London printer Miles Coverdale.
With translations by William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale.
Flummoxed! confused!... God zooks GOSH

The king James bible - yes! the one that used to be available in every (most) hotel(bb) room in the land...
Translated and written by 50 learned scholars was finished in 1611
Most plebs at the time couldn't read...
Wonder why it was named after a king - a less than subtle form of the cosh GOSH

The authorized version of the kj bible is free from copyright in most of the world.
However; in the UK, the right to publish comes under royal prerogative; not copyright.
Does royalty still rule in the UK OK.
Are us plebs still controlled on more than paper by a rich gang GOSH

1829 John Thompson of London designed the first greeting card.
Post cards are older - something to do with the cost
Now, cards are out texts are in...
Texts are out sexting is in; the new sin... I'm guessing GOSH

1976; British Rail began its new 125mph Intercity 'High Speed Train' service.
At the time of its introduction it was the fastest diesel-powered train in regular service in the world.
Engineers have calculated that, with a certain amount of rewiring, the Mark 3 carriages can be made to last until at least 2035.
Slow down ya going tooo fast...HS2 is(n't) good for you...
Is! things are no longer British... one of the reasons for brexit?
Here we go GOSH

2103 London won the coveted title of number one 'Crap Town' in the UK, held for the previous decade by Hull.
Not only was Hull stripped of its title, it completely dropped out of the top 50.
Less than 2 months later, Hull was named the UK's next City of Culture, beating Leicester, Dundee and Swansea Bay to the right to hold the title in 2017.
There are many that say (including me) the NE is a backwater.
There's spin, gin and grin GOSH

Greece is in Catalonia is out - or is that the other way round - those North of the E/S border striving for independence and those chaps in the EU will be watching this one...
Spain still has a king - some help he was...

THURS 5th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 5th of Oct

1796; Spain declared war on Britain - something to do with Napoleon they say.
Get the plebs up front when one is going for gold.GOSH

1917; sir arthur lee donated chequers to the nation as a holiday home for British prime ministers.
Art was the son of an anglican vicar with a military background in the days when money talked and bought a lot.
He married into the money - an american banking heiress.
Arty played the game as a greedy git NO GOSH

1927; The labour party voted to nationalise the coal industry; at the annual conference.
Does one think that the economic/political arguments against, were louder and longer than today.
Underground coal will soon be surfacing again - yes we still import coal. Different gangs - same gold; don't mention Orgreave GOSH

1936; the Jarrow march started today - it was all about the lack of jobs.
In those days it was men only; apart from Ellen Wilkinson - the Jarrow MP.
Inequality was much more profound in them days...
Poverty and a standard of living for the have-nots is fast approaching that degree of relativety.
Can you not see it through your degree DOSH GOSH

1967; a court in Brighton accepted a majority verdict from a jury.
Try getting a trial from a jury nowadays...
Are you not guilty GOSH

It's all gone quiet over there - which means...

FRI 6th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 6th of Oct

1536; William Tyndale, English religious reformer and translator of the Bible's New Testament, was strangled and burned at the stake, for heresy.
Remember it was only published in 1535.
Alledgedly betrayed by a man of the cloth; tried for heresy by the catholics of Brussels while trying to spread the protestant word.
Not the first or last; in the name of 'religion' gangs to go...GOSH

1978; Ann Dadds became London Underground's first woman Tube driver.
She became an Union official...
Just recently a director on the management 'team' complained that his offspring with a good degree couldn't find employment in London; as well remunerated as a tube driver.
The union leaders response, get him or/and her to become a tube driver...
Class warfare or gangs GOSH

2013; Expenses documents showed that former cabinet minister Liam Fox successfully claimed 3p of taxpayers' money for a car journey of about 100 metres.
The ex-defence secretary made another 15 claims of under £1 for car travel approved in 2012-13.
I'm just a common old greedy git; as anyone here can see...
The culture of Individual endeavour or just plain greed GOSH

One must keep up with the German papers to prophesise Greek prosperity.
Germany - like it or not - is the top dog of the EU.
There is only the fear of Grexit after brexit holding the back.
The USofA used to be top dog of the world - time for more change!

SAT 7th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 7th of Oct

1765 Delegates from nine of the American colonies protested against the British Stamp Act.
Which raised a direct tax on the colonies.
Wonder if any of that tax indirectly trickled down to the British plebs.
0%, less than 1%, More than 1%!
Go on have a guess GOSH

1983; Plans to abolish the Greater London Council (GLC) were announced.
Thus started the well publicised (Pro right) ideological battle between Livingstone and thatcher. A form of socialism against individual endeavour.
More tax or pay more profit to the greedy.
Do you know where you're going GOSH

1986 A new British newspaper, The Independent, was published.
The UK press has a revolving door - just like the banking game...
The poachers and gamekeepers are the one and same - establishment
To what extent are you inadvertently or knowingly in the game GOSH

2008 UK banking shares plunged on fears that more financial institutions would need government assistance to stay solvent.
HBOS shares dropped 42% and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) fell 39% - Don't mention northern rock; cock.
Us plebs bailed em out; it's called socialism for the rich! Time for change - how much! Go on give it a go GOSH

Brexit is/was a vote for peaceful change.
He who pays the piper picks the tune - don't mention Scotland...
The Greek nation state is under greater pressure for change.
Any form of change costs...