SAT 1st OCT 2016

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1852; British naturalist Alf Russ Wallace returned to the UK after 4 year of collecting specimens in S. America.
The ship was wrecked and he(we) lost em all
What! you've never heard of Alf; born in Wales? the offspring of an English women and a sweaty sock who, it's said, claimed ancestoral relations to William Wallace - the famous scrapper.
Alf was up there - some say higher than - with Darwin.
Two of 19th century academic greats GOSH

Why have us plebs heard of Darwin and not Wallace.
Who jointly published the theories of evolution and 'natural selection'.
Darwin was born into money - Wallace was a topsy turvy product of social mobility; who had to struggle through life.
Wallace had to be taken out of school aged 14 cos of poverty.
What kind of school! A Grammar GOSH.

In todays more liberated/liberal; we haves and have-nots tend to confuse naturalist with naturist.
Bet you don't - you are one of the unadulterated educated; not one of them libido overladen loonies.
I've never been an alfresco swinger; I've never swung.
Honest gov GOSH

Contrary to popular puerile prurience there are no naturist establisments of any shape or form at:
Boggy Bottom, Broadbottom, Brown willy, batchelors Bump, Beaver Close or Bushy Gap.
Nor at: Snatchup, Wetwang, Tity Hoe, Golden Balls or Sandy Balls.
If! one looks hard enough there is one called 'Eureka'
There's non begining with 'G' GOSH

The boss of a Greek (greedy git) property for profit outfit reckons privatisation will give returns of 15%.
Investors need more confidence he reckons.
An article in the international edition of CNCB - A huge business info international.
The Deutsche Bank fine $14 billion - Biggest player in the Greek Debt scam.
The Deutsche Bank current value is below $17 billion.
We shall see what the final negotiated fine is reduced to.
The Greek plebs have very little international voice or influence.

SUN 2nd OCT 2016

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1902; The Tales of Peter The Rabbit was published commercially by a London Firm.
Like the vast majority of Authors efforts; after doing the rounds and many rejections.
And you thought - or did you - the x-factor was a competitive game GOSH

Beatrix was born into a far from food bank family; but greatly valued her independence.
As soon as she could afford to; she bought a farm in the Lake District.
Her family weren't best pleased with her mixing with a lower class of person.
The simple but not so easy village life; made a lot easier if you are the boss GOSS

She left all her 'substantial' land and original drawings to the National Trust.
The single most important individual in the formation of the Lake Disrict National Park
Seen as many as a canny heroine - but not without her critics.
Were they just being Gobby GOSH

The lakes is; in my opinion; one of the finest parts of the world.
Having extensively tried and endured all forms of transport; undoubtedly the best way to see the Lakes
On your feet... Get lost if you have the grit GOSH

Being a tourist region it has come through recession and depression better than most areas of the north.
The times they are a changing.
The posh places are thriving - despite the post flood PR patter; overall;trade isn't that good GOSH

While the media and government has the nation focused on Hinkley point.
The moorside project has been given the go ahead at sellafield/windscale on the border of the lakes National Park.
Not Chinese or French; but, Japanese and American multi-nationals this time.
Have no fear; 57% of the construction will be undertaken by UK multi-nationals.
As the pleb said; aren't governments great GOSH

Deep sea dumping of nuclear waste was stopped world wide around 1993.
Not long after (we) offered an international waste storage facility to the world.
The Japanese declined - it wasn't safe enough.
There it was gone GOSH.

Underground storage of nuclear waste near the Lakes is still on/in the cards.
60% - probably more - of the cost of Nuclear waste is coughed up by the taxpayer.
The spin - a lot of the waste is military.
The cost of waste is fully factored into the price.
They can't tell porkies; can they, them government(s) GOSH

The present Greek government is a coalition of left with a few of the right.
The reason why Greece hasn't defaulted on the loans.
Why can't the MSM (main stream media) say that...
Spain is now a country similar to us and Greece.
A country split in the middle; with splits to the right and splits to the left.

MON 3rd OCT 2016

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1835; JS Staedtler founds the Staedtler company; family firm making pencils.
Based in Nuremberg - don't mention the trials - now a minor multi covering the world.
A cheap labour relocator; or, keeping up with the times go getter GOSH

According to the website; 60% of staff work in Germany and 80% of what they produce is exported.
Three factories in Nuremberg; six worldwide.
Manufacturing/exporting - along with others - is the main reason for the post war German Economic resurgence.
Has a centre right led - roughly the same as ours - government managed to maintain a much greater level of equality than us.
You better believe it - mostly... Gotterdamnerung GOSH

Parsons was once a NE based world leading company.
Don't mention elecricity generation No Josh GOSH

Parsons - once the biggest employer on Tyneside - is now a rapidly shrinking division of Siemens.
A multi-national cheap labour relocator; as are many nations; the 1% wealth owners and all that.
It's history now but don't mention the war and cheap labour.
Goebbals not the Gorballs GOSH

What! you've never heard of the Gorbals.
The Gorbals was a large slum area of the City of Glasgow.
It could have espewed the phrase.
'As thick as Glasgow glue sniffers snot'
The poorest jews and catholics lived in the 'Gorbals'
A gift from their Gods GOSH

Less than a generation ago - before big bang and the deregulation of things financial.
A group from Glasgow lifted one foot out of the gutter.
They formed a self help group of amateur tradesmen/women - it grew
They opened a meeting place/cafe...
As soon as they introduced tokens as a form of barter.
The big banks used the law to close them down.
No help from the Gods GOSH

Siemens was involved with a series of bribery and corruption cases with Greek politicians.
Along with other countries.
It wouldn't happen here; would it now.
Ask phoney tony.

TUES 4th OCT 2016

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1895; the first US open mens golf championship was played at a course on Rhode Island.
Rhode Island is one of those schizophrenic states(tourist area)that persistently elects a democrat but nothing changes.
Is politics a funnier game than golf GOSH

The first pro womens open was in 1946.
It took 51 year for a women to get a proper grip on the club.
Anothe ten year to get a real grip GOSH

In both games; golf and politics; it's: 'talk the talk more than walk the walk'.
There's some that say - including me; yes me - that golf ruins a good walk.
Life's a game GOSH.

Once met a couple in a Keswick (tourist area) grub pub - only here for the beer.
The labour club is now a bike shop - the con club(s) is still open.
She was the current ladies captain and; he had been the mens captain; of Wentworth.
Patter merchants, or greedy gits GOSH

Wentworth is alledgedly the finest golf and country club in the country.
Something quintessential English ( and top end) is now owned by the Chinese
Who! are going to make it even more privately exclusive, expensive and grander GOSH

Wentworth is not far from windsor castle in the Virginia water zone.
Viginia Water used to be the country seat land of the old establisment (grand greedy gits) The likes of Elton John, celebs, arabs and oligarchs now secrete themselves in the long ago made mansions.
The nouveaux riche rule OK - the old layabouts are long gone GOSH

Virginia Water used to make the cotswolds look like Byker village.
If you thoughtlessly think the NE is not a back water.
Go and have a gander GOSH

Rhodes Island Greece has nothing in common with Rhode Island state.
Unless/except: Some of the bankers with the dodgy loans made to Greece live there.

They both have a higher than average rate of house repossession

If/when global warming does come about; both tourist industries will be severeley affected by the rise in sea level. The debt of Greece is constantly in the news.

The debt of the US of A isn't.

WED 5th OCT 2016

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1962; the beatles first single, "Love Me Do" was released in the UK.
Oh yes I remember it well - I think.
The almost instant fame of the beatles laid bare the pop music snobs.
Mostly a bunch of gobs GOSH.

Were the beatles the most famous music group/band ever.
Interviewer; 'Is Ringo star the best drummer in the world'?
John Lennon; 'he's not even the best drummer in the Beatles'.
Fact, fable or pre spin era gloss GOSH

The fab four come top of the world most sales lists anyway you look.
They were a group for only ten year.
Then they were gone GOSH

Music must be the, modern, single most reason for the spread of the English Language.
Don't forget the:
And last but debatedly not least.
The Irish... Begorra beGOSH

One strange fact about world wide music.
The Germans like Phil Collins.
Gruss Gott GOSH

The cons are now the true party of the working class.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Politics is such a greasy, grungy, glaringly glib game NO GOSH

The international greedy gits can't agree the figure of next year growth for Greece.
Just an excuse for the IMF and others to look the other way.
While the German greedy group try and give the Greeks a good kick in the goolies.
Will the Greek plebs and us defer to the greed goggle gang again.
Is there still one born every minute.
Time for change.

THURS 6th OCT 2016

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1919; KLM - the cloggies are coming.
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines) is the oldest airline with an original name.
Hold on - isn't it; Air France-KLM now.
Hang on to your hat - let's have a bit gravity.GOSH

Most of the worlds major airlines have formed alliances - to compete.
There are three gangs with 63% of the worlds airlines - a mix of mergers and alliances.
They reckon that BA started the first Gang GOSH

The low cost airlines took off after deregulation in 1997
Many countries have only one low cost airline - we have a few.
Remember Freddy laker; no ; he's long gone

We are told that the low cost carriers couldn't compete cos the big boys were owned and operated mainly by governments.
Guess what; they still can't compete 20 year after deregulation
When you take off the garnish us plebs can see we are on the griddle GOSH

Ryanair (Irish - not northern) is 42% owned by international private investment shareholders and just taken on a 850 million euro loan.
At the same time it is covering all the legal loopholes to ensure ownership remains in control of EU citizens.
Talk about trade wars - where's me gun GOSH

Here's us little Englanders.
The gun boats have gone GOSH

Monarch Airlines have been in the news lately.
A low cost airline flying plebs on monarch holidays from Luton.
Billed as British - used to be owned by a Swiss Family.
Made a few bob and sold for not so much gold in 2014 - before the referendum. GOSH

Monarch is now owned by Greybull investment, 90%; and, lo and behold; the pension fund owns the other ten%.
Greybull specialise in 'restructuring' companies not doing so well.
They are confident they will get the £125m to keep 'Monarch Holdings' in the air.
Don't hang on to your gondolas - ask Mr Green gosh

The cons are now the party of the working class - a new one in cant and hypocrisy.
The auditorium in which todgerette Theresa spuriously spoke was full of:
Brummie brickies
Byker bacon butty broilers
Bradford boilermakers
Blackpool blacksmiths
Bingley brewery boys
Hebden Bridge bakers
Burnley butchers boys
And; cladders from Cleethorpes

Greece has had a stack of airlines; due to the no. of islands
The biggest one is owned by the Vassilakas Group - Who - they are all private.
The conservative group in the EU parliament is trying to put pressure on an early Greek loan deal.
The IMF is waiting until after the German elections.

FRI 7th OCT 2016

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1892; Alfie Tennyson, writer and Poet Laureate died ages 83.
Born a Lincolnshire lad; died not far from the posh seaside in W. Sussex.
Alfie was middle class but had links to the 'noble' greedy git gang.GOSH

Mr Tennyson was a grammar school boy who went to Cambridge and joined a secret society of posh tories.
Grammar schools are better at social mobility networking than educating plebs.
He had to leave cambridge before his degree; when his alcoholic dad died.
They were both gone GOSH.

Alfie was made poet laureate by Albert and Vic - mostly Albert.
Like opera and ballet the poor plebs didn't do much poetry in the gin houses.
He was made a baron and became a member of the house of lords
An agnostic - a step nearer the good lord! GOSH

Can you get anymore?:
The lady of shallot.
The charge of the heavy/light brigade GOSH

Modern day poets can be quite funny; Try:

Spike Milligan - I told you I was ill.
D H Lawrence - not just naughty books.
Basil Bunting - just had a funny name.
Muhammad Ali - watch out for the punchline.
Pam Ayres - a glow of innuendo.
And many many more.
Some will get you going - some of them are gone GOSH

The ancient Greeks had poets.
Some of them you'll know.
I don't think the modern ones
Can afford to put on a show.

SAT 8th OCT 2016

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2001; George W Bush announced the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security.
How long does it take to get through an American airport?
Wouldn't go GOSH

The Department of Homeland Security is the third biggest; 22 other depts. combined, with a staff of 240.000.
Antiterrorism and immigration, cyber security and secrecy
Big Brother is officially a goer GOSH.

These are the dastardlies that want - and are getting - your data en masse.
All societies are sleep walking into mass surveilance.
You are guilty until an algorithm proves you are innocent.
Are you guilty GOSH

The US DHS has a budget of around 38 billion dollars/annum
The defence budget is 497 billion dollars/annum
This year total US debt is about 19 trillion dollars.
All figures are audited by the greedy gits that failed to see the crash coming.
Get out the goggles GOSH

Greece has a debt/GDP ratio of roughly 180% the wrong way.
The Yanks and ECB can print money til the cash cows come home/or not.
The yanks and Euro greedy gits won't let the Greeks print money.