WED 23rd NOV 2016

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1990; Roald Dahl dies at Oxford aged 74.
There he was gone GOSH.

Mr dahl; was a tall Welsh person with Norwegian parents who wrote for children/himself and bashed out few short stories.
He was Up there in the Enid Blyton class.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Plonker with the Peach were his - The pit and the pen. were E.A. Poes.
They both wrote or were adapted for all kinds of media - anything goes GOSH.

The media are, and always have been, predominantly establishment influenced organisations.
Never forget there is a market for socialism.
Nearly all markets are less than subtly ruthlessly exploited for gain GOSH

Even the nicest of politicians are careerists on the gain to some extent.
Hence the present disgruntled disconnect with the present political class.
When the Soviet Russian form of communism collapsed; very few members resigned from the Duma.
Aren't career politicians great GOSH.

The greedy gits in power in the UK are just about to play the 'placate the pleb' game.
A few crumbs to those they regard as cretins; then revert to type as furtively as possible.
With the private think tank spin aided and abetted by the majority of the media the plebs just bend over the barrel again GOSH

Is American democracy propped up by death and destruction.
How many world wide military bases has the US of A got on the go GOSH

Greece has a left wing coalition narrow majority; propped up with 13 right wing independents.
The loan mess was created by the previous conservative government - centre right they say.
They - the media - say the only thing the coalition has in common is 'anti-austerity'.
Wonder what is Greek for male cow effluence.

THURS 24th NOV 2016

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1963; Lee Harvey Oswald who/who didn't assassinate(d) JF Kennedy was assassinated by a Jack Ruby.
Ruby (originally Rubenstein-Polish parents) worked at management level for organised crime (mafia) was well known for 'perks to the police'.
He was sentanced to death; appealed; but died, cos of lung cancer in 1967.
There's a teoria del complotto to get one going GOSH

America has had four presidents assassinated and six attempted toppings.
Live by the gun; die by the gun GOSH

What has America got in common with Israel?
The persecuted have now become the persecutors.
Going; going; gone, GOSH

Fireball over Florida has also been spotted in Fleetwood Fenham and Fenchurch.
Be careful when you go out for a gander GOSH.

Is the western world moving to the right.
The polls and voting results seem to give reason for concern.
The far right against the centre right.
I'll sort it - give me a gun GOSH

The panama papers and lobbying are less than conspicuous by their fortuitous abscence of public awareness.
Two of the main root causes of inequality.
Brexit saves the bacon.
Any one for irony, gravy and more gold GOSH

If Greece does not default on the 'loans' - what will happen to inequality.
You aint seen nothing yet.
And you think a few immigrants are causing you trouble in the UK.
Phoney Tony bombed them and other countries are taking em.
Do you think it won't go on the 'British bill'

FRI 25th NOV 2016

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1120; some white ship sank in the English/Europe/French Channel.
Young Billy Adelin; son and heir of henry 1 was drowned.
Bill was the legitimate grand son of william the conk; whose arrow archer squaddie put one in the eye of Harold (alledgedly) 1066 and all that.
Thus began a period of the band of brothers squabbling over the wealth of large tracts of two nations.
The king is in the counting house; give me all the goodies GOSH

Henry the horn had over 25 kids; only three were leg... weren't bastards; only one of each sex survived a while.
One bastard was called, Fulk the king's son - no tittering you twit.
Henry 11 was the grandson of henry 1 ; he became king at the age of 21 in 1154 after an intensity of infighting by the 'royal gang' of greedy gits.GOSH

During the days of old it was all over by the time the serfs really knew what was going on.
Life expectancy at birth - around 30.
In contempory times - the true era of enlightenment - many divis still defer.
Long live the king/queen; they'll soon be gone NO GOSH

The Greek royal family is a splendid example of European intermarrige for money.
Don't mention the prussians danes and phil the greek.
Greece became a republic in 1967 - the military junta.
In 1974 a referendum confirmed Greece as a Republic.
The greek/danish/whatever greedy gits have announced they are back living in Greece.
Can any economy afford a huge gang of greedy gits creaming off the top.

SAT 26th NOV 2016

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1948; the first Polaroid was sold in Boston Massachusetts.
1 in 22 people (male by far) in America is a lawyer; in Boston it's 1 in 11 - that was 20 year ago GOSH

My apologies ya honour; I digress. Grosse GOSH.

The first polaroid model lasted for 15 years - twice as long as punk rock.
Polaroid (instant) cameras took the photo and printed it shortly after.
The first selfie was taken by a polar bear on roids without a stick
He/she bit it - it was all glands and glacier GLOSH

Polaroid have been bankrupt twice.
The 60's version - the model 20 swinger - is reputed to be the biggest seller of any camera ever.
The smart phone has just about seen off all forms of amateur digital camera.
Don't believe me - have a selfie gander GOSH

The smart phone must be the most under used rip off gadget to date.
Plebs and patricians pay over £550 quid for something that costs just over a fifty quid to make.
And; use less than £150/£1.50p worth of whats in/on it.
Business is good/great/grand GOSH

Who says the phone part isn't as good as the original mobile phone.
I do; and all the other ahead of the game gits GOSH

Fidel died just lately; who!
Fidel Castro - the man who turned the whorehouse island of capitalist america into the socialist state of Cuba.
He didn't half get the US of A into some states.
Was Mr marmite one of the worlds great and good.

The EU has just voted to keep Turkey out of the The Union.
The EU had a deal with Turkey entry?/ immigrant borders.
Turkey has already threatened to open the borders.
The recent events/shenanigans can only strengthen the hand of the Greek loan/default negotiators.

SUN 27th NOV 2016

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1940; Lee jun Fan was born in Chinatown San Fransisco today.
He changed his name to Bruce Lee and made a living by hitting people (more often as not villains) in fantasy movies.
All movies and most of the media are an escape from reality - most cynics are really realists.
Brucie boy was and had been a real street fighter with many an exploit gory GOSH.

Mr Lee had a short, supremely fit and active, life, masked in myth and mayhem.
He died age 32 after taking a super form of analgesic. NO josh GOSH.

Bruce Lee films were made in Hong Kong not the US of A. - he held dual American/Hong Kong nationality
In died in 1973 a generation after the era of excess of the rags to riches movie game

Man's immorality is immensely desensitised under the duvet of doubt inducing dishonesty.
Chuck in a few years and anything goes; the more the money (just) the more it literally goes GOSH

One of the great faults/pluses of history is that man doesn't realise he is making history in real time.
The greatest error of history is the victor always (almost without exception) writes the history.
Does life have to be a greedy game GOSH

The money game now is exclusively controlled by the greedy gits.
The greedier the git the more the money; doesn't need to be said does it.
Or does it.
Play the game GOSH

According to the 'accounts' the nation state Greek money game is far from good, at this moment in time.
The Greeks are in too much debt.
Debt can be measured in many ways; one important factor is who actually owns the debt.
Private greedy gits under the auspices of nation states own the debt.
Will bankers or politicians rule OK

MON 28th NOV 2016

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1660; four (or more) well learned laddies got together and began the formation the Royal Society:

Chris Wren; oxford scholar; best known as post great fire of london architect.
Many of the edifices were designed by his underlings - he was head honcho of a gang.NO GOSH

Bob Boyle; Boles Law; and regarded as the father of chemistry - A goliath in his own game GOSH

John Wilkins; an educated ambassadorial philosophising man of god - one of the first ever spin doctors - to some suckers; a gallant GOSH

Sir - no less - Bob Moray; jock soldier; french spy, dabbler in the sciences, diplomat, freemason and philosopher.
A man all things to all men - A con man or gallant GOSH

All well off and privileged; two privately educated academics and two be in any gang patter merchants.
In the days of old when the knights were bold and aspirant greedy gits cuddled up to the king.
It will be easier if we form a gang GOSH

Why do 'free' schools cost the taxpayer - whose kids can't attend - more gelt GOSH

The good times are coming; grammars are good GOSH

If (when); the royal society is renamed 'The Republic Society'; to what degree would inequality be reduced.
All the worlds a stage; to some playing the game is still good GOSH

Did private banks bring about food banks!
Has Greece got more food banks than the UK
it certainly has a slightly different more compassionate society than us.
Surely not - us UK kids are great; aren't we!

TUES 29th NOV 2016

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1803; man of maths and physicist C. Andy Doppler was delivered in Salzburg on this fresh day.
Most famous for the Doppler effect - not to be confused with 'doppel ganger'GOSH

Doppler is all to do with the change of sound, and sight, due to frequency/distance ratio - or sumat like that.
Doppelganger means double goer - not every mans dream - but a look alike; all gadgees( and gadgeese ) not gadgetry Gosh

The Doppler effect is technically used in all manner of things technical.
From radar and satelites to the treating of gangrene GOSH

They - whoever they are - reckon that everyone on the planet has a double.
I - whoever I am - know that some people can have a whole bottle.
The good life and/or bad livers; there they go GOSH.

Some types of person use the doppler and dopple ganger; to; what has been up til recent times; great effect.
They both confuse and are members of two gangs GOSH

They are know as career politicians - many believe the old lot are careering out of control.
And; the resultant; emanating (spewed out) new mob are instantly recognisable as another gang of greedy gits NO GOSH

The men of material magic are now intensely studying the inverse doppler effect - watch or listen to this space.
The men of money have only come up with funny money - the alchemists were proved fake long ago.
The plebs have been suckered by the spin for two generations now.
Time for change - the false gods should have went long ago GOSH

Is the Greek game an omen!
Is Brexit a sort of omen!
The two nation scenarios certainly wont be bit players on the world stage.
Many EU nation states have fast approaching elections.
There may be 'what level' of trouble ahead.
It will certainly be nothing knew - haven't some of us seen it all before!

WED 30th NOV 2016

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1872; the first international footie match of Scotland v England; kicked off today.
The land of the sweaty socks is named first cos it was played at Glasgow GOSH

The score 0 - 0; 1 shilling to get in; 4,000 at at the gate. GOSH OR NO GOSH

The jocks were all from one team; Queens Park, after previous national teams had fielded foreigners (English)
England fielded a (m)narrow range of players - mostly from oxbridge ) :

Robert Barker (Hertfordshire Rangers)
Ernest Greenhalgh (Notts County)
Reginald de Courtenay Welch (Harrow Chequers)
Frederick Chappell (Oxford University)
William Maynard (1st Surrey Rifles)
John Brockbank (Cambridge University)
Charles Clegg (Sheffield Wednesday)
Arnold Kirke-Smith (Oxford University)
Cuthbert Ottaway (Oxford University)
Charles Chenery (Crystal Palace)
Charles Morice (Barnes)

Man U followed by Liverpool now have by far the most international appearances.
In 1921 one England international came from Gateshead GOSH

Hamden Park still holds the record attendance for a European International match; 149,415 - v England 1937.
Today the Jocks pay more than most in Europe to watch footie - the cost is comfort; the money men say!
Prices up - performance down.
Name 6 jock teams; not towns - apart from celtic and rangers - has Gretna gone GOSH

In England the no.of people playing footie has gone down.
The no. of people watching footie has gone down.
Money and inequality are good for the game! GOSH

The National Lottery has been hacked for fame or infamy; not money.
The alternative lottery is one huge rip off - owned by the daily express UKIP donator.
The UK national lottery is owned by a Canadian school teacher pension fund.
Keep on grafting GOSH

Wonder if the Germans will try to privatise the Greek national footie team - they aren't doing so good lately.
Pressure is on the Greeks to privatise their national lottery - a (Greek!) greedy git is after it.
An american/irish investment group by the name of DC and Dublin divis are second favourites to be the second owners