NOV 16th 2018

1811; John Bright son of a Quaker cotton spinner, was born in Rochdale, Lancashire.
He was an MP for Durham, Birmingham and Manchester and as a Quaker and pacifist he was opposed to slavery and to the Crimean War.
He campaigned to abolish the Corn Laws (1846) and was also a campaigner for free trade.
The John Bright Group employed thousands of Rochdale people in the textile industry for more than 180 years.
Was Mr. bright a - very, very few on the ground nowadays - rich good'n GOSH

Rochdale is a bit more than belligerent political battleground in more contrived ways than one at the moment.
I turned round and seen/sensed my first blackman - complete with tribal facial scars - in the late 60's.
This was a time when only the lowest in the pecking order of the British Army accepted black people.
It was okay for a black person to fight on your side but not to live next to - times have changed.
It took twenty years for them to be accepted as individuals after fighting as commonwealth regiments.
Anybody moves and the nigger gets it in the gonads GOSH

Immigration is put down as the cause of the brexit vote.
Every individual/nation/creed has an inbuilt bias of self preservation - many of the auswitch oven operators were Jewish; call me anti-semite if you wish.
My heart is with the leavers; but, my head is with the remainers.
Is it not more than a little strange that everyone is acting in the national interest.
If the tories had a massive majority; they wouldn't be playing the brexit v staying in power game. NO GOSH

Why my head is with the remain camp is not so obvious to many - or is it.
Power; therefore trade and jobs is moving eastwards - get used to it; never mind the complication of global warming.
A little empireless nation state like what ours ( how big is our GDP) is now; will in the future, need to be in a large trading block - change will be fostered from within.
Does my head rule my heart! Some people of all sexes, are still ruled by their gonads GOSH

The Greek nation state will play (from within) its own game - and so will the EU! Que sera

NOV 17th 2018

1603; The trial of Sir Walter Raleigh began.
Falsely accused of treason, he had been offered a large sum of money by Lord Cobham, a critic of England’s King James I, to make peace with the Spanish and put Arabella Stuart, James’s cousin, on the throne.
Raleigh claimed he turned down the offer, but Lord Cobham told his accusers that Raleigh was involved in the plot.
One mans toys is another mans noise - watch out the women are now about.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1880; The first three women to graduate in Britain received their Bachelor of Arts degrees at London University.
How many generations later, and women have still not achieved equality.
A generation ago - four generations can now exist together on this planet - females had better education results than males. According to the stats - there are; lies, damn lies and statistics - this generation the males are fighting back with better 'figures'.
Is female emancipation just a tantalising trend! or a sign of things to come!
Wanna be in which sex gang GOSH

1922; Britain elected its first Communist Member of Parliament, J T Walton-Newbold standing for Motherwell, Scotland.
He eventually joined the Labour Party.
In rugby and football; there is a phrase; 'playing the man and not the ball'.
The phrase also applies to politics.
When one is desperately devoid of deliberation; attack the person and not the policy.
This less than blatent belligerent bullying is now more common than the 'commoner' thinks.
Ask anyone who is not part of the existing establishment.
I'll pay you to be in my gang GOSH

1970; Stephanie Rahn became the Sun newspaper's first 'Page Three Girl'.
The love of money and the love of sex makes the world go around.
We are well into a phase of; 'heh hoh let's go GOSH
Wanna be in my secret victorian values GANG GOSH

2014; Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, gave his final press conference and parliamentary speech before handing over to Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first female First Minister.
Say no more - lets go to print and hope for more gore GOSH

They say that Greece is a less developed member of the EU.
The women seem very well developed to me.

NOV 18th 2018

1836; Sir W.S. Gilbert, who collaborated with Sir Arthur Sullivan to produce light operas, was born.
Opera and Ballet have always been relatively well funded by the establishment.
Now we are well into the era of 'austerity'! wonder it it is still so!
It used to be if one did not support the classic entertainment industry; one was considered an uneducated pleb.
We want your money! but, not you...
Were/are you in Gilberts gang GOSH

1906; Birth of Sir Alec Issigonis, born in Turkey of a Bavarian mother and a Greek father.
He came to Britain in 1922 and made his way slowly in the motor industry, designing the Morris Minor in 1948, the first British car to sell more than a million.
In 1959 he had his greatest triumph when he unveiled the Mini Minor ('the Mini') which ten years later became the first British car to sell over two million.
A 'fine' example of pre-austerity immigration and power moving eastwards.
The original mini was owned and developed by the UK firm that was privatised and became the rover group.
It was split up and selectively sold - BMW now make the modern mini; and the profits.
Are you one of the protest vote Brexit gang GOSH

1926; George Bernard Shaw refused to accept the money for his Nobel Prize, saying, 'I can forgive Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize.'
The Nobel prize is awarded annually for outstanding contributions in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physiology or Medicine, and Economic Sciences.
While the 'Nobel Prize' is open to anyone; it is an establishment institution.
The greatest lyricist ever - Bob Dillon - has controversially just been belatedly awarded the literature prize and the accompanying roughly 1m quid.
Are you part of a greedy git gang GOSH

1967; A ban on the movement of farm animals across the whole of England and Wales came into effect at midnight, in a bid to curb the spread of foot and mouth disease.
At first the establishment authorities couldn't understand how the disease had spread so quickly.
Then they discovered that live stock was being traded 2 or 3 times in their short lives - many just across the valley.
They really love their livestock in the food industry.
Are you a one for being in any covert capitalist Gang GOSH

2002; United Nations weapons inspectors arrived in Iraq. It had been alleged that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction but no evidence was ever found.
Nevertheless, on 20th March 2003, an alliance of primarily U.S. and British forces invaded Iraq with the authority of President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Both georgie boy and phony tony are now establishment condoned multi-millionaires.
Wanna be in my lying greedy git gang GOSH

2014; Tony and Jan Jenkinson were 'fined' £100 by the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool after they wrote a damning review about it on TripAdvisor.
After their stay, the couple found that their credit card had been debited, as the hotel had a 'no bad review policy' included in its terms and conditions.
The money was later refunded and the policy changed.
In a digital me me me nation state that aligns itself to the free and the brave; whatever next, killing each other...
Life and death is very much akin to a sale - there is no refund or policy change; when you are gone; you are gone.
Wanna be in the - someone has to be - goner gang GOSH

Are we now somewhat like the Greeks; unless you are rich;life is becoming shorter

NOV 19th 2018

1600; The birth of Charles I, King of England and Scotland who believed that the king ruled by Divine Right, until his action in dissolving Parliament led to the civil war with Cromwell and his eventual execution.
Wonder if he talked to the trees and called in the coins of the realm to send em out a bit lighter.
Is it not amazing that god cannot prevent one from being a goner GOSH

1911; Doom Bar (previously known as Dunbar sands or Dune-bar) in Cornwall claimed two ships in a single day, Island Maid and Angele, the latter killing the entire crew, except the captain.
There have been over 600 beachings, wrecks and capsizings at Doom Bar since records began early in the 19th century, with about 300 ships being wrecked.
The lure of something substantial for nowt or very little is classless - don't mention whiskey galore at the other end of the country.
When I came out of HM forces in the early seventies of the last century, with a few bob in my pocket - even after paying for my freedom - a Jock with a well used walking stick used to occupy the corner of my local.
He was the paymaster of what was covertly and then openly the more blatent part of what was referred to as the 'Lumpa'.
What can only be called an irascible character showed me a picture taken by the taxman.
It showed him lying on a road after jumping over a wall in a vain attempt to flee the raiding taxman.
His gang were refurbishing a what used to be a Lairds empire - not mucking about was the 'Lumpa'.
It was and was not for very personal imprisonal reasons the move to the NE.
He used to get the cash from a Barclays hole in the wall; just across the road, to pay the participants. All trades and his dog turned up on a friday afternoon and had a sort of pay party - wonder if the good lord knew that one of the buildings was a larger than life place of worship.
This was an era when men were the master of money and the weaker sex believed in God GOSH

1947; George VI created Philip Mountbatten the Duke of Edinburgh in preparation for his wedding to George's elder daughter, Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II), the following day.
1951; The white football became official.
1967 The Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, stood by his decision to devalue the pound saying it would tackle the 'root cause' of Britain's economic problems.
The Bank of England spent £200m in a single day trying to shore up the pound from its gold and dollar reserves.
This was just before the era what was to become; 'they are all the same'.
How much has the masters of manipulation lost in propping up the UK economy.
Yes it was new labour that sold off the gold reserves; however it was the tories that had to disasterly withdraw from the ERM and created BIG BANG the new form of inflation that led to the banking crash.
Don't mention the political dogma of austerity which has led to the present level of unequal economic blood and gore GOSH.

The duke of Edinburgh was and is known as phil the Greek.
The internationality (don't mention the inbreedig) of royalty has been around almost as long as the internationality of trade.

NOV 20th 2018

868; St. Edmund, Saxon king of East Anglia, was martyred by the Vikings, who tied him to a tree, shot at him with arrows, then beheaded him.
He gave his name to the town Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
How long ago!
It is only recently that man - there but for the grace of god go women - has pretended to end the cycle of death and destruction; in the name of democracy.
At any time us humans in the play away war period can resort to gratuitous playing at home gore GOSH

1970; The ten-shilling note (50p) was officially withdrawn by the Bank of England.
Digital children - those born with a mobile phone stuck to a certain part of their anatomy - will never have heard of the ten bob note; never mind remember.
Change - what kind - is inevitable; it is the present rate of change that makes many an early goner.GOSH

1990; Margaret Thatcher failed by four votes, to gain outright victory over Michael Heseltine, for leadership of the Conservative Party.
This wasn't good v bad cop sort of syndrome or nice v nasty party; this was the division in the tory party over, the EU v America.
If business needs certainty - why do so many say, 'we are taking a chance'!
The division is portrayed to the pleb today as sovereignty v the EU - the links of well off individuals to the USofA are yet to be made public.
Which gang GOSH

2007; Two computer discs holding the personal details of all families in the UK with a child under 16 went missing.
The Child Benefit data on them included the name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number and, where relevant, bank details of 25 million people.
Chancellor Alistair Darling said there was no evidence the data had gone to criminals - but urged people to monitor bank accounts "for unusual activity".
'What have you got to hide', innocently say, those that think they are innocent.
If you don't think that those who deal in dodgy data are not costing you 'money'...
You need some more diligence up your doughnut - wonder what rhymes with dosh! Oh yes, GOSH

Greece like the UK is split almost evenly over the EU.
The difference; Greece has less links to America and chosen to remain - you gotta go your own way, Futuristically thinking!

NOV 21st 2018

1695; The death of Henry Purcell, English composer and organist.
He is generally considered to be one of the greatest English composers and no other native-born English composer approached his fame until Edward Elgar.
Music wasn't my first love; and it certainly won't be the last - I have not got a tuneful tendon in my well worn torso/body.
How often is classical music brought to the 'market'
What is its shelf life - as a child of the liberating sixties; lets just say, 'everyone likes to play their own record'.
Music reproduction has seen too many forms since the gramaphone. NO GOSH

1913; The birth of twins Roy Boulting and John Boulting, known collectively as the Boulting brothers.
They were English filmmakers who became known for their popular series of satirical comedies in the 1950s and 1960s.
Each generation to its own...
These films were the forerunners to the 'Carry on Series' - the mildly sexual innovation of innuendo.
Are we really still approaching the end of the era of surreal blood and gore GOSH

1936; The world's first gardening programme, 'In Your Garden, with Mr. Middleton', was broadcast by the BBC.
Have scripted reality soaps now seduced this generation of market seduced young ones!
A generation ago ITV used to compete with the BBC.
The fact that the Nationalised BBC seen off ITV is far from appreciated by those that in reality are merely greedy gits that are in the game of propagating their own dogma - he wrote.
TV is just one line of life - albeit, a everyone is entitled to five min. of fame, an important target of political domination.
Don't mention the digital domination of the manipulation of all media; and please don't mention the mandatory public participation in/on radio.
Here we go GOSH

1967; The number of animals slaughtered in the latest epidemic of foot and mouth disease reached a record high of 134,000.
The uncounted cost of capitalism shared by all.
In this era of inequality the rich have taken two forward and the plebs have taken one back.
Is the era of accountability coming soon - lets hope so or I'm a goon GOSH

2014; Residents and businesses on the Isles of Scilly were able to receive superfast fibre optic broadband following the completion of an project by BT and Superfast Cornwall to lay fibre on the islands, located 28 miles off the Cornish coast.
Fibre has been deployed on all five of the inhabited islands, with undersea cables linking St Mary’s, Tresco and Bryher, and microwave links connecting St Agnes and St Martins.
How many people know that new labour gave £1 billion pound to BT - which was once a part of the infrastructure nationalised industry and privatised in 1982 - to 'roll out' broadband - fibre or not - across the country.
Some remote areas have provided broadband themselves.
In this era of individual endeavour; has the taxpayer been ripped off yet again GOSH

Voting is mandatory for over 18's - many Greeks don't vote.
The UK politicians have thought about mandatory voting - the 'word' comes from latin not Greek; would anything change in this era of female emancipation.

NOV 22nd 2018

1764; History credits James Hargreaves with inventing the first Spinning Jenny, but it had been designed and built years before by an obscure artisan from Leigh called Thomas Highs.
Life is a bitch; then you invent one - sex robots have been after some delay; discharged again.
Even in the age of technology, it is not always the best invention that makes a fortune.
It is the one that is marketed the most/best.
The one with the most money invariably wins - not all trains are made of gravy.
Work hard and pass the Grolsch; gotterdamerung GOSH

1774 Robert Clive, English soldier often referred to as 'Clive of India', died, possibly from an overdose of opium. It may have been suicide, but suicide was regarded as a sin, and if this had been admitted by his family he would not have been allowed a church burial.
As it is, his grave was unmarked and remains so.
One is socially integrated into contemporary conformity - there but for the grace of God...GOSH

1819 The birth, in Nuneaton, of Mary Ann Evans, known by her pen name George Eliot.
She was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era.
My second nearest pub is still named 'The Victoria' today a pub of necessary character.
There was a pub in Blyth named 'the Burglars Dog' - wonder what it is called now!
M. Thatcher wanted to take this nation state back to victorian values - the first female PM wasn't much of a feminist.
Go girl go GOSH
1990; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher withdrew from the Conservative Party leadership election, confirming the end of her premiership that had begun in 1979.
A disguised mix of nation state politics and the early unintentional seeds of Brexit...
Never mind the argument - we protest voted to go GOSH

2013; Police arrested 63 year old Paul Flowers, former chairman of the Co-operative Bank, in connection with an ongoing drugs supply investigation that plunged the group into crisis.
Were the coop asleep at the boardroom steering wheel members aware of the on more than methadone minister.
Were they really cooperative socialists! or; was it, a divide and conquer inescapable sign of the times!
Come on lets fall in line with the greedy gits GOSH
The coop bank and many of the remaining bits of the now Coop Group are now owned by an American hedge fund.
Which; had first whack at the funny money electronically invented by the American government.
A now discontinued scheme euphemistically known as 'Quantitive Easing'.
Mr - dad was can immigrant; don't mention the wife(ves) - Trump is the last throw of the dice for the US of A; gained by death and destruction; empire.

Greece is one of the more quieter members of the EU; as regards Brexit.
Don't mention them marbles...