THURS 16th NOV 2017

On This Day 16th of NOV

John Bright  Mark carney

1811; John Bright son of a Quaker cotton spinner, was born in Rochdale, Lancashire.
He was an MP for Durham, Birmingham and Manchester.
As a Quaker and pacifist he was opposed to slavery and to the Crimean War.
He campaigned to abolish the Corn Laws (1846) and was also a campaigner for free trade.
The John Bright Group employed thousands of Rochdale people in the textile industry for more than 180 years.
Not one for the Blairite gang GOSH

He was a man of/for the middle classes - a liberal; no less.
A gifted orator - the ones who write their own songs make the most impact/money.
Attributed to the reinvention of the phrase,' flogging a dead horse';and
The man who forged the maxim, 'mother of all parliaments'
He said it in the context of the country not; 'westminster'
Said to be the man who led the fight against the UK coming in on the side of the south, in the american civil war.
A man of peace not gore GOSH

He was the man who was the advance guard of the liberal party; and on the side of trade unions.
A man on the left of the lib dems and definitely to the left of Tony Bliar.
There's leaders and bleeders in all gangs GOSH

1976; Seven men took part in an £8m bank robbery raid at the Bank of America in Mayfair, London.
They received jail terms totalling nearly 100 years.
Only £1/2m was recovered.
The judge said the sentence ensured that the thieves would not enjoy the fruits of their haul.
Put the enemies of the people in jail... No Josh GOSH

2008; the over the top risk taking (gambling) of a few thousand greedy bankers caused global melt down of the finance system.
The main players - UK and Yank - waited for retribution - none came immediately.
The banks were bailed out by a supposedly socialist government.
Socialism for the rich gang GOSH

In the afermath a few yanks were nicked; for the Brits; retribution in the form of jail, there was none.
The public (us plebs) were dripfed the full extent of the damage.
Much of the cause and subsequent practice was discovered to be activity bordering on the wrong side of illegality.
The greedy gits were not jailed - they were fined.
And; how did they pay those fines! with more of the funny money that was electronically magicked up.
The gamekeepers and poachers had been - with the blessing of government - greedily morphed into the one greedy Gang NO GOSH

The Greek debt originated cos of the EU nation state economic entry conditions.
When the true state of the Greek economy became 'more open'; secret dodgy deals in the form of more loans were arranged by the international banking fraternity.
Were the majority of Greek plebs aware of this!
Of course they weren't; would it have been different!
Those involved - via their rich chums - would have you think the Greek pleb was complicit.
Anybody moves and the pleb gets it...

FRI 17th NOV 2017

On This Day 17th of NOV

Staphanie khan  Feigned Neutrality

1810; Sweden declared war on its ally Britain during the Napoleonic Wars.
No fighting ever took place!
The declaration of war was the result of an ultimatum by France to the Swedish government that France and its allies would declare war against Sweden if Sweden did not meet the French demands to declare war on Britain, confiscate all British ships and seize all British products.
The war existed only on diplomatic paper, and Britain was still officially allowed to station ships in the Swedish port of Hanö and trade with the Baltic nations.
One mans shame/blame is another mans game...

If you don't think that contorted, convoluted and deluded diplomacy is alive and well!
You need another flying carpet for your porkies to land on.
Oh! what a tangled web we weave; when first we practise to deceive.
Life can be short(er) in the lying and dying game.

1855; David Livingstone became the first European to see the Victoria Falls in what is now the present day border between Zambia-Zimbabwe.
Zimbawbe - not forgetting Mr Mugabe - is making page three in the papers again.GOSH

An anti-apartheid black South African man of the cloth Desmond Tutu (who) said,
'When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.'
Much is acheived in the name of god GOSH

Zimbawbe - just to the north of South Africa - used to be called Southern Rhodesia in the day of the empire.
When the greedy gits could no longer plunder and pillage fields afar. In the disguise of god and democracy; backed up with death and destruction, dealt indiscriminately and complicitly with the plebs.
They eased naturally into plundering their own national assetts; to the cost of the plebs of all nation states.
Death and destruction rained down on lesser developed nations - wealth didn't trickle down to the plebs of the more developed nations.
Life is a game; bring back God! GOSH

1970; Stephanie Rahn became the Sun newspaper's first 'Page Three Girl'.
Do you take historic offense!
Or straddle the fence! Wonder why it wasn't, 'testicles on two'!
If! 'the love of money makes the world go (a)round.
Is! love and money just a game GOSH

The greedy gits are set to rip apart Greece - if we let them...

SAT 18th NOV 2017

On This Day 18th of NOV

The pen is mightier  Fat Cat

1477; Caxton’s book, the Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres, was published.
It was the first printed book in England bearing a date.
They (who) say the pen is mightier than the sword...
Kids and kindred humans go straight from the crayon to the keyboard in this fast moving - some (not enough) say too fast - era of digital innovation.
Can one now from a keyboard forge a gun! GOSH

The social media has overwhelmed the younger generations - A load of josh GOSH!

Does AI and intelligence go together like guns and greed; in this age of individual endeavour!
Are the social media influencing the demise of society.
Listen; do you want to know an open secret!
The ones who own and control - the money men; not the minority executive coders - are the very same people who evade the taxes which help keep societies together. No GOSH; GOSH

Here's some old prose - no pun intended.
'What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet'; Words to shake a spear at!
Semantics suck; evasion, avoidance; lets call the whole thing Toff; tosh GOSH

Time for change, he typed gratuitously...
Give me a brown ale; I mean grolsch GOSH

There's one more thing... 2014; Sara Payne, the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne (murdered in 2000 by Roy Whiting ) shut her social network account after she had endured "over 10 years of online unrelenting stalking and harassment".
Sara's husband Michael Payne, who had fought a battle with alcohol since the murder of his eight-year-old daughter, died in October 2014, aged just 45.
Wonder if they believed in the good lord! God God GOSH

If! Greece is a less developed nation state still in the ever expanding trading block known as the EU.
Will technology run by the bots of the 1% help or hinder development;
Answers in a fake news Email to freedom not kingdom...

SUN 19th NOV 2017

On This Day 19th of NOV

Geordie Xmas Scene Greek Xmas Scene

1600; The birth of Charles I, King of England and Scotland who believed that the king ruled by Divine Right.
His dissolving of Parliament led to the civil war with Cromwell and his eventual execution.
The king is dead.
Long live the lord high executioner.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1620; The ship Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod, America.
Its 87 passengers were a Protestant sect, known as The Pilgrim Fathers.
The Pilgrim Fathers were thwarted in their first attempt to sail to America when they left from Havenside, near Boston, Lincolnshire in September 1607.
In them days; 'god' had man - yes man - by the goolies GOSH

Don't mention the muslims.
I said don't mention the muslims and men - a good or not God GOSH

1911; Doom Bar (previously known as Dunbar sands or Dune-bar) in Cornwall claimed two ships in a single day.
Island Maid and Angele, the latter killing the entire crew, except the captain.
There have been over 600 beachings, wrecks and capsizings at Doom Bar since records began early in the 19th century, with about 300 ships being wrecked.
Were there really smuggling blackguards! - bleeding borders and brexit...
Don't even think about Scotland - Whisky Galore GOSH

1994; Britain's first National Lottery draw.
It had a jackpot of £7M and was shown live on BBC television.
A £1 ticket gave a one in 14-million chance of correctly guessing the winning six out of 49 numbers.
Did you want to be rich! did you have a go GOSH

Oh! yes I remember it well...
In the back room of the Killy Arms; a bloke had spent a couple of weeks wages on tickets.
His family bratpack was one short of an eleven aside team.
He was a scaffolder - not; nicknamed: scary, scatty or scarface...
He had laid out all his tickets on the hastily gathered together tables;for the draw...
Jubilation was there none; a near miss! not even a sniff.
Isn't gambling great GOSH

Not much later; a computer program came out simulating the lottery draw.
Today it would be called an App.
After three and a half year at a pound a week; I was £127 down...
No luck and less skill; giz another gill. No Josh GOSH

2012; Father Christmas was left dangling from the ceiling for 30 minutes.
His beard became trapped while abseiling inside a Reading shopping centre as part of a Christmas lights switch-on show.
Kids used to celebrate Xmas; now it is an essential part of our economy under pressure.
I want to be a born again celebrity - get me out of here.
Let them pay for the gear GOSH

The Greeks haven't got many celebrities.
Do they celebrate Xmas less than the UK?

MON 20th NOV 2017

On This Day 20th of NOV

St Edmund Harold eye eye

868; St. Edmund, Saxon king of East Anglia, was martyred by the Vikings.
They tied him to a tree, shot at him with arrows, then beheaded him.
He gave his name to the town Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk - down south (Still has a local tractor service)
Being despatched anyway before your time is not a nice way to go GOSH

These vikings were the same ancestors of the Normans...
The ones that gave Harold a hiding and took over England in 1066.
Is this an arrow I see before me!
Every dog of death and de(con)struction has its day.
Different gods; with different dosh GOSH

2012; 32 year old Kweku Adoboli, a City of London trader lost £1.4bn of Swiss bank UBS's money was jailed for seven years.
He was found guilty of two counts of fraud.
It was Britain's biggest banking fraud and a 'a gamble or two away from destroying Switzerland's largest bank'.
Kweku who! a ghanian citizen living in London - done a couple of year in open prison; then deported...
Nigel -rhymes with pit louse; rhymes with garage - used to be a city of london trader.
Wonder if the oft leader of UKIP; Nige, had a soft spot for Kweku.
Let my people go GOSH

The largest amount lost by a ' trader' was 9 billion US dollars.
A yank called Howie Hubler lost it trading credit default swops in 2008.
The trade ( desperate gamble) was made through the London branch of JP Morgans investment office (set up)
As yet; no one has been nicked.

Remember Nick - Mr Leeson lost over 800 million quid trading derivatives fraudulently in Singapore.
He caused the collapse (insolvency) of Barings Bank and done 4 year in a Singapore jail for being a 'rogue trader'.
What is not given a lot of air !
Nick worked in singapore cos he was denied a licence as a broker in the UK cos of fraud...
Oh! what a tangled web we weave when we discover the art of greed GOSH

Investment banks have front and back offices - the back is supposed to watch over and regulate the front.
The parent bank is supposed to be audited - to keep it on the straight and narrow.
In the Uk; closely aligned to the USofA; era of individual endeavour; no gaffer was guilty of nowt.
Let my white collar crime regulation go GOSH

A Greek trader lost quite a few bob trading interest rate options for the Natwest. He had moved on to the Bear Stearns investment bank in America by the time he had been fingered.
He was allowed to resign - there you go...

TUES 21st NOV 2017

On This Day 21st of NOV

Henry purcell Paul Mc Cartney

1695; The death of Henry Purcell, English composer and organist.
He is generally considered to be one of the greatest English composers and no other native-born English composer approached his fame until Edward Elgar.
Music was my first love
And it will be my last...
Oh no it wasn't!
Easy come easy go gosh

The above lyrics tend to bring out the cynic (realist) in me...
A farmer loves all his animals...
A person becomes a politician to change things!
I suppose a percentage think they do - No giggling GOSH

Here's just a few of the lesser known facts (prefabricated fake news now) about music and the arts:
The classics; ballet and opera and all that... used to be heavily subsidised by many nation state governments - not now
The proms is still subsidised by the BBC - to the tune of about 5 million smackeroos a year.
A person called Paul Daniel (a Birmingham boy) once conducted the last night...
Debbie Mcgee; became (in)famous when asked on the Mrs Merton show, 'what first attracted you to this small balding millionaire'. Mr daniels was a magician at the top of his trade - anyway...
She lost a fortune of his (their) money with her doomed ballet company...
Pop music has never been openly subsidised - though it has had its fair share of fiddling.
Paul Mccartney was the first beatle to become a millionaire - alledgedly brandishing a bank statement.
The original lyric to the Chuck Berry, brown eyed handsome man classic, was brown skinned handsome man.
It was changed to brown 'eyed'... for racist and just a tinge of money reasons.
The x factor audition queues were ridicuously immense - mostly desperate plebs with one foot in the gutter and one eye on the stars.
Blond Electra (who! - x factor finalists) are related to georgie boy osbourne and the third sister is married to the son of Cher- remember her
Many of the try anything for money, strummer/singers who have made come-backs have lost their money.
Bernie Madoff with all of their money - the vast sums invloved still haven't been sorted out.
Much of it was hidden in off-shore tax havens.
There is a greedy one born every minute - dont mention the gospels GOSH

The Greek (and other) classics are being subsidised again at a theatre near you.
One mans music is another mans (and womans) myth.
Some wantonly take the pyth.

WED 22nd NOV 2017

On This Day 22nd of NOV

Blackbeard Paul Flowers

1718; Edward Teach, the English pirate who sailed under the name of Blackbeard, was killed when fighting with a boarding party led by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard...
Pirates; they say, used to bury their treasure - were these the first official/unofficial so hard to find tax havens.
Greedy gits from whatever persuasion, look after two things; their baubles and their gold GOSH

2017; today is budget day.
One of, if not the, main factors in the producing of wealth is the productivity rate.
Ours is way down low - say that in a low sad voice...
When pressed, the msm and greedy gits say we must have more investment.
They are talking the talk and not even seriously thinking about walking the walk.
Here we literall go GOSH

This nation state has more of a problem with obesity than others.
They say - and who am I to disagree - that it is a lot easier to keep it off than get it off. The uk productitivity has dropped dramatically cos of investment in things financial and tax havens.
Instead of manufacturing... - don't mention the by product of inequality.
Just as tukeys don't vote for Xmas; financiers and tax haven wallahs don't lobby for manufacturing.
What is needed is a change in direction...
We ain't gonna get that without an ASAP change of godamn government GOSH

2013; Police arrested 63 year old Paul Flowers, former chairman of the Co-operative Bank.
He was/is a druggy preacher man...
The coop group and bank is now owned by an american equity oufit that purports to be a practicing cooperative; They recently took control of NISA - a UK/Pakistan small supermarket hybrid cooperative.
The Yanks are a money borrowing assett striper outfit... Don't mention the premier League
How bad is it going to get GOSH

The assett strippers of all nations have made the plans and are lined up to strip the Greek economy.
It will take plebs to prevent it happening...