WED 16th NOV 2016

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1904;John Fleming; a British engineer; takes out a patient for the thermionic valve.
The first vacuum tube; where's all - nearly all - the air gone GOSH

The thermionic valve preceded the transistor.
The theory hasn't changed much; the size has.
100 years later the smallest transistor is now the size of a molecule.
How big? golly gosh

Unfortunately; they are having more than a bit trouble joining the little barstidos up.
There's nowt worse than a big mother... board.
Quantum computing is stalling faster than the speed it's trying to achieve.
There's an investment look you.
The price of shares can go... GOSH

Will quantum computing become the new world economy driver?
The driver at the moment is funny money - all developed economies are now driven by debt.
Debt is just stored up inflation.
Inflation caused by plebs is bad - bankster inflation is good GOSH

The housing market is back on the media show.
There's only one problem with the UK housing market.
It's now controlled by all classes of greedy gits.
Of course! you; are not a greedy git GOSH

Can Greece conrol its own destiny; in or out of Europe.
It's now the time Dollar and or the time Euro v the time Yen and or time Rouble.
With the sovereign pound hanging on in there - or not.

THURS 17th NOV 2016

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1869; the Suez Canal short cut was opened today.
It was built/dug by a French controlled company with forced local labour and many deaths.
The Brit colonialists took the huff until it was pointed out that the Egyptian railways had been built under
Brit control and the same deathly conditions.
Here's a shovel serf; dig yourself an early grave.

In 1956 When Britain owned 44% of the canal co.
A bloke called Nasser claimed the canal as Egyptian.
Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt.
America intervened and just as quickly as they had come; they were gone GOSH

Middle East politics and war were just as complicated then as now.
How many more plebs will die over money and keeping the oil gush GOSH

Not much is made common knowledge re the US of A paying off the Egyptian national debt.
Different era, different people; same problem - same gaffs GOSH.

The politically turbulent time is bringing out the same centre right response to even direr economic woes.
More of the same but slightly different.
The establishment still don't get it.
The electorate don't believe your inequality producing load of ball delivered with condescending gall GOSH

Greek plebs think the private banking system is corrupt.
Anyone of any nationality in the 'game', know, banking is corrupt'
The national establishments are part of the problem and not the answer.

FRI 18th NOV 2016

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1916; D. Haig - one of the poppy people - called off the First Battle of the Somme.
After 141 days of carnage; there were over 1 million casualties for 12Km of land
On the first day 19,240 British squaddies lost their lives.
Half as many Germans at the most.
All them souls on one go gone.GOSH

The Somme is an inconspicuous river in northern France.
Northern france is covered in Memorials and war graves.GOSH

The first world war gave rise to the phrase,'lions led by donkeys'.
I'll never cop it; they won't get me - there I was gone GOSH.

War; what is it good for!
Just 21 short years later we were at it again GOSH

One of the founding tenets of the EU was the prevention of another war in Europe.
Have no fear; mans two favourite hobbies, sex and fighting; will take our mind off Climate Change.
Are the sea currents changing now!
Don't hear speak or see.
Just give em a gong for gallantry. GOSH

When this plant (pleb/rant) mentions man.
It of course; without saying; includes women.
Women are more than capable of pressing the button.
The girls in the gang GOSH.

Alls quiet on the western Greek front.
I think it has something to do with a greedy git named trump.
Will Greece be part of an EU for or against trumps america.
It's not, there may be trouble ahead - but how much!

SAT 19th NOV 2016

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1816; The tsar Alex the first of Poland gave his permission for the establishment of Warsaw Uni.
Only five departments; Law and Admin, Medicine, philosophy, Theology, and Art and Humanities.
No plumbing, plastering or genetics. No josh GOSH.

Poland was the first country invaded by the Nazis in 1939 - lebensraum needed no declaration of war.
17 days later the Soviet Union invaded Poland.
Many Poles thought the Russians were just marching through to have a go at the Germans. No josh GOSH

Operation barbarosa was the planned invaion of the Soviet Union in 1941.
Adolf had never really been keen on the Judeo Bolshen.
The Ruskis ended up on our side and the rest is History - I guess GOSH

Poland became a republic just after the end of the first world war in 1918.
Poland is in the EU.
Poland is the fifth best English speaking nation in the world.
You've heard of Warsaw and Krakow - ever heard of Gdansk GOSH

Poland is part of the EU Shengen zone - free movement; no passport required.
The UK, along with Romania and Bulgaria, is not.
Nige Farage and chums are chummy with the Romanians and Bulgarians.
A somewhat strange concoction of plebs and greedy gits GOSH.

The EEA (European economic Area) is the EU + Iceland, Liechenstein and Norway.
Switzerland is still neutral; but part of the single market.
Swiss nationals have the right to live and work in the UK
Yeh you dont know what you've got til it's gone GOSH

The UK - or most of it - has its finger on the article 50 trigger.
Most people haven't a clue of what type and how big, is the gun GOSH

According to the stats; Greece is still a richer country than Poland.
Greece would not be in the EU if the western( and okayed by the world) banks hadn't loaned the money for Greece to accomplish the necessary economic entry conditions.
Entry conditions that our country struggled to achieve.
Debt has made these conditions a joke for the vast majority of the world - never mind Europe

SUN 20th NOV 2016

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1945; A lot happened in 1945 - The war ended... the war ended the war ended...
War and inflation are inextricablby linked by time.
The time it takes the next but one generation to forget..
Today the Nuremberg trials of nazi war criminals began GOSH.

Since 1945 mankind has went from two to four generations alive at the same time.
Such a short time in the history of man.
All gadgets and hang on to life a bit longer; don't go.GOSH

Today very few people who actually fought in the war are still alive.
Just as; if not more importantly; very few of the civilian pop. that experienced war are still alive today.
Unless one has lost someone close; wars are now fought at more than arms length.
The individuals in countries that wage away wars don't experience the true cost of war.

Vote for me you daughters and sons...
I'll bring you bread - but you must use guns. GOSH.

In all countries and across borders; inequality is past the tipping point.
The polarisation of politics is being ignored - it doesn't exist to those who can't and won't see.
Is this how war begins GOSH.

Did Greece experience a harsher more brutal world war than the British Empire.
Course not...
Us Brits are right hard...
It just that we don't talk about it.

MON 21st NOV 2016

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1783; Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent d'Arlandes - all accents missing - known as Jacky and Mr Franky
Made the first untethered hot air ballon flight in Paris on this date.
Paris gets cold in winter - the weather is right for a trip in a gondola GOSH

Jacky was a lick spittle pleb and Franky was a Maquis hanging around the palace at Versaille.
The first free flight gondola had a crew of a sheep, duck and cockerel; I kid you not.
Louis XVI - remeber him; marie Antoinette and Madame le Guillotine - had decided that the first crew should be two condemned criminals.
Jacky persuaded louis that it should be some one famous
Jacky and Franky became the gonads in the gondola GOSH

The government is using the strong arm of the law to control the unions.
They'll be putting children up chymneys and sending crims to Oz next.
We greedy gits aren't cruel
Let the plebs eat gruel... GOSH

The Met police have owned up to five/six undercover cops spying on trade unions.
Establishment condoned spying on fellow citizens - long before the present levels of inequality.
They'll be using cameras and data next.
Oh they already are; godamnit GOSH.

The greater the pressure on the economy.
The less culpable we become.
Anything goes GOSH

Just like us plebs bailed out the UK private banks;the Greek plebs are having to bail out the private banks.
The huge debt arranged - and a huge chunk owned - by the ptivate banks; has been passed on to nation states The ECB and IMF.
Germany is the biggest by far holder of Greek debt.
Is that the german state or german/international private banks.
The UK economy is £/$1.7 trillion in debt and we had Brexit.
How much austerity can a Greek pleb take.
All caculations by the same greedy gits that couldn't see a crash until it hits a pleb in the face.

TUES 22nd NOV 2016

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1869; the British clipper 'Cutty Sark' was launched at Dumbarton.
One of the last of its type ever built - the only one surviving today.
The cutty was made of iron, elm and teak.
Designed and built by a victorian Geek GOSH

The 'tea'and 'wool' clippers had to compete with the iron hull, coal powered steamships using the Suez Canal.
In 1895 the cutty was sold to Portugal and used to transport anything; mainly coal.
Around 1922 she was repurchased by a Brit and used as a cadet training ship.
It's now a museum/tourist attraction sitting above glass at Greenwich GOSH.

If an adult pays £18.50; he or she can now also see; figureheads and a ships bottom.
The complete package.
The mind goggles GOSH

The era of 'ships made of wood and men of steel', lasted for thousands of years.
The era of 'ships made of steel and men of wood', has lasted a mere 150 years.
As technology has become minute; physically, mankind has become massive.
We are now out of kilter with technology and each other - do we really know where we are going.GOSH

Unbridled capitalism has really worked.
Donny boy Trump is axing the trans atlantic trade treaty!
I was under the impression that the EU had said no nein non a while ago.
I could be wrong; I could be right.
Secrecy is a dastardly characteristic of all greedy gits NO GOSH

Is the greedy git grip on Greece as strong/weak; as an online gamblers grip of reality.
Is a plebs zero hours contract as good as a bankers bonus/footie fellows fortune.
Every day; more and more plebs think not...
Vote for me/who; and I'll set you free...