TUES 8th NOV 2016

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1895; Was it an accident - 90% perspiration; 10% inspiration and and all that
The discovery of X rays by Wilhelm Rontgen - a German physicist - while experimenting with elecricity.
Willie was awarded three medals and the first Nobel prize for physics.
Give the man a gong GOSH>

Willie gave the Nobel prize cash to his uni.
His dad left him 2 million reichsmarks.
Willie became bankrupt after post WW1 German inflation.
To Willie was cash just gash !! GOSH

Willie would have been American; but, for the first world war.
There are twice as many Germans as English in the US of A.
Brits have the largest ancestry - more than 5 million over the years.
People emigrate for a better life.
All figures are less rough than the people who persecuted them.
Don't thank heavens for 'little' gangs GOSH

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is one way of reliably measuring the wealth growth of a Nation state.
This planet is a finite resource.
There is no reason on earth why all nation states can continue to 'enjoy' the previous rate of growth.
Will China unionise and become less competitive.
The banks have alchemised the debt driven Time Dollar to keep it going.
Where have all the tired technological goodies to keep things going gone GOSH.

Us humans on this planet are fast approaching the tipping point of conflict.
Individual, class and nation state/trading block relationships are in a inequality driven pre belligerence era.
Time! for more gangs and Gongs GOSH

Pick on the weakest is the way of things.
The German and American greedy gits seem intent on pressurising Greece.
Will the rest of us less affluent nation states condone it.
England is getting smaller - a thirty bob player in the big boys game.
The greedy gits won't admit it though.


WED 9th NOV 2016

pic pic By kgberger - own drawing/Source of Information: Putzger – Historischer Weltatlas, 89. Auflage, 1965, CC BY 2.5, Link

1918; on this very day; Kaiser Wilhelm II; German Emperor abdicates after revolution.
Germany becomes known as the Weimer Republic.
Kaiser means Emperor not king or big cheese.
In the new pleb dictionary it also means greedy git GOSH

The Weimer republic is historically associated with one 'thing'.
Hyperinflation - the third worst ever experienced on the planet.
5 dollars in no time; became worth 50 billion marks or more.
There are some - quite a few - who think that hyperinflation was deliberate to prevent paying war reparations.
Proud and sly or desperate and sly gits GOSH.

In 1933 the nazi party took over control from the split Weimer republic; following a long period of depression.
A period of relative developed western world depression.
Six years later they/we were at it again.
A short sharp shock of, viscious to the point of death; national socialism would deliver the goods.GOSH

There now follows a short break on behalf of the pleb party.
Just to see if the winner is trump or gump.GOSH

Trump is the President - is he the winner.
Who in their right mind would want to take on $17 trillion of debt.
Who in their right mind would want to take charge of a country with such inequality in turbulent times.
A bloke called Adolf did - let's all be chums now.
Some anti-establishment people have an enormous ego GOSH.

How will Trumps foreign policy affect Greece.
If Greece pays off the debt owed to Us of A banks will it reduce the American national debt.
Germany France and the IMF, ECB, World bank and some we've never heard of will complicate it.
Don't mention China and Russia.
We could fight for it.
The world is crazy enough for it.

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THURS 10th NOV 2016

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1930; the last thingies are removed - 8 years after discovery - from the tomb of Tutankhamun.
They are taken to England under the supervision of English archaelogist/Egyptologist, Howard Carter.
They want em back now - the foreign gonads GOSH

King Tuts tomb in the valley of the kings contained thousands of objects; many of them made of precious metals.
Howard - not known in Hounslow and Hull as Howie - didn't work for a Uni or the government.
He was 'sponsored' by, a bloke far from the left; Lord Canarvon.
A greedy - if ever there was one - Git GOSH.

A lot was going on around the 1930's:
The British Empire was almost still at its 'best'
Are Empires made from mens minds or military might! Or just big greedy gits.Gosh

The real socialist - not the pseudo latest version - fight back against inequality producing victorian values had begun.
The industrial revolution which made Britain a global superpower was well faded.
Oh yes! the great depression started.
Isn't change good GOSH

Many academics opine that it was the employment spewed out by 39-45 WW that ended the great recess/depression.
In the 30's a gay, liberal party, member of the Eugenic society and bloomberg, relatively rich, Baron, came into economic prominence.
Keynesian economic theory came into being.
The world; divided into command and free market economies became dominated by the mixed economies of the western world. Keynes was a good greedy git GOSH.

The World sufficed; until along came the divine duo of Thatcher Regan.
Inequality generating free market economies were adopted by the world.
The politics of the world is now dangerously daft.
Time to get back to mixed economies - less graft and greed GOSH

Greece has a socialist coalition and the plebs are revolting/ rioting.
The US of A has just elected a somewhat far right goverment and the people have taken to the streets.
The UK is far from a happy place to be at the political moment.
Will change be peaceful!

FRI 11th NOV 2016

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"2008; The QEII left Southhampton Docks and sailed on her last voyage to Dubai.
She had been bought by, Nakeel - a holding Co. of course - owned by the Dubai government.
The boat was to be berthed at Palm Jumeira -
that man made island with more problems than a middle class Manchester maths master.
There it was over the horizon gone GOSH

The banking crash, near collapse of the oil price and the island; put that plan out to and lost at sea.
The boat - das boot; was once refitted in Hamburg - is now slowly being altered or scrapped.
Where has all the money gone? GOSH

The Dubai development is a rich resort built on the money from oil.
The average summer temperature - 95F or 35 C
Many of the Dubai oil rich young live in London.
They annoy the native rich london mob with extensions and super cars that growl GOSH

Dubai polo club have won the queens cup played at Guards polo Club - of course.
The Queen and the rest of the gang have prospered - payed for by the plebs; yet immune to austerity.
The haves as yet; seem oblivious of the have-nots.
Despite the up front in the face signs; they must think we are all grasping greedy gits.GOSH

Our esteemed - trying ever so much not to appear toff - tory government is looking forward to actively
renewing the 'special relationship' with the Trump regime.
Another special relationship with the rich.
One would think there are no poor plebs on the planet.
Where have all the plebs gone GOSH

Greece hasn't got a polo team.
Inequality has enabled the world wide resurgence of polo.
One doesn't have to be a greedy git - a greek polo shirt to the first pleb on a polo team. Greece has a water polo team - men and womens.
They beat the UK.
The UK isn't that good at polo neither - Tally Ho.

SAT 12th NOV 2016




2014; The unmanned Philae probe lands safely on comet (large rock) 67p churymurov-gerashmenko.
Remember Rosetta - the one where that spaced out astronomist/scientist nearly had a whatnot on the telly.
Rosetta was the first craft to orbit a comet; and, phil was the bit that bounced on landing.
Passing Mars on the way.
Ten years going and, in two days; going, going, gone GOSH

The trip was to explore the environs of a comet that orbited near to the sun.
The Rosetta and phil mission was EU and cost 1.3 billion Euro.
The EU space control centre is at Darmadst in Deutschland.
A mere few seconds from Frankfurt - the EU central bank HQ city - as the space craft goes. GOSH

Post Brexit; will little england opt out of financing space research.
Never mind another pfi runway or chinese/French nuclear energy generation.
HS 2 is good for you.
Is that effluence on you shoe.
Aren't people great GOSH

Just like space; is mans economic journey a mere trip into the unknown.
Will mans knowledge help us advance peacefully!
Or; will, unbridled greed, aided and abetted by algorithms and arrogance take us to war again. GOSH

Will the diplomats lie and/or the squaddies die?
As a pleb with some of the T-shirts and now the time to 'look' around.
The nation state/gang economic pressures on possible conflict are now in the danger zone on this ever smaller planet.
Who was it that said, " guns or butter".
OH yes; that gadgee called Goering. GOSH

It was American bank loan fiddles favourably subverting the Greek economy that enabled Greece to get into the EU.
Will greece take sides - which side?
What's the difference between a bankster and a gangster.
One has the law and governments on their side.
And so does the other one...

SUN 13th NOV 2016

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1940; the first night of the musical film 'Fantasia' in Broadway, New York.
Walt Disney - most aptly decribed as entrepreneur than film maker - was a German. No josh GOSH

There's a multitude of American Germans:
Bruce Willis was born in Germany
Custer and his kid brother were scalped sort of; at the Little Big Horn.
Clooney, Costner and Cruise - even Doris had her Day.
Hackman and Hasselhoff, Rock Hudson, and lets not forget Lilian Gish GOSH

Einrichtung is German for establishment.
Rockefeller and Romney, Rumsfeld and Roosevelt
Nixon and Palin have bits of german in them 'about Obamas mother now.'
6 first ladies of america are of german descent:
Pat Nixon, Rosalynn Carter and Babs Bush; just gone GOSH

In 2014 Mrs merkel sent the US head diplomat/spy in Germany back to the states.
A more than spectacular 'up your's Jimmy' when the Germans realised the true extent of US spying.
A period when German US of A establishment hierarchy was on the back bunsen burner.
Don't mention Volkswagon and the US car trade.
Komplott Theoretiker is german for conspiracy theorist; gotterdamerung GOSH

Herr Donald Trump is of German descent
Will he take America -or just its pants - down!
There's a kick in the Komplotts; gotterdamerung again GOSH

The biggest lender to the Greeks is the Deutsche Bank.
The Americans have just given the Deutsche bank one of the largest fines ever in history.
$14 billion for international investor fiddling.
The German bank needs the Greek loan repaid to survive.
The Greek loan was supervised/arranged by Goldman Sachs...
Give that one a kick in the komplotts.
The deutsche bank sits along side and part of the EU central bank in Frankfurt.
No need to swear; a GGGOSH will do.

MON 14th NOV 2016

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1840; Ms Claude Monet; the founder of the impressionists popped out in Paris Today.
It gets cold in Paris this time of year - one needs the gear GOSH.

Warm clothes not drugs
Have you been on the glasgow glue GlOSH

Monet and his 'men' - his first wife died aged 32 - weren't mainstream; they were anti-establishment artists.
Don't like the style - just like Picasso; the boy could paint.
Monet made the money while alive - his family were lesser well off greedy gits GOSH

Monet is/was one of the best painters ever.
He painted the poppies - the sunflower was done by Vince V Gogh GOSH

The most expensive painting (pot luck) to date 'the card players' by Cezanne - at least $250 million.
Bought by the 'royal' - only royal to greedy gits - family of Qatar.
More than likely got a few oily Gaugins and gonads GOSH

Contemporary artistes make the old masters appear paupers.
How long before someone does the, 'Impoverished Pleb Preserved In Penicuik Pish' They really are taking it now - isn't inequality grand GROSH.

Will we ever see a post impressionist painting of a ' Prosecuted Panama Papers Protagonist'.
They are all chums together and guilty of nowt - such gallants GOSH.

Ever heard of a modern Greek painter! There's El Greco of course - hold on
Wasn't he born in Crete and found fame and frivolous fortune in Spain after trying Italy for a few year.
The Greeks were good in their time - mostly sculptors and vase painters.
Greece is going through a bad time in history.
123... Lets all give em a good kicking while they are down - what a bunch of plebs.

TUES 15th NOV 2016

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1988; The worlds first Fairtrade Certification Mark game kicked off today.
A foundation started by a clogggie called Max Havelaar - never heard of him; have you!
Max... is a fictional character greedy git in a book about the rip off colonialisation by the Dutch East India Co.
The Foundation - a real one - was unsuccessfully sued by the contemporary Dutch kings of coffee exploitation greedy gits.

It's not the fact that a Fairtrade foundation took so long to come about.
It's the fact that the fairtrade game was needed at all.
Man throughout history has always erred on the side of greed not good.

HS2 is good for you!
The next phase of 'planning' begins today.
There's infrastructure and built in structural greed GOSH

The upgrading and electrification of the Edinbugh to Glasgow main line began under nationalisation.
After, little over a year of privatisation; the cost had almost doubled.
Just watch the cost of HS2, one of the biggest white elephants ever, grow.GOSH

This youngest generation will never see it.
I'll never see it - not cos I'll be gone GOSH

The Scottish Rugby 'League' team has drew - equal points with the New Zealand RL Team.
A truly orgasmic - for want of a better word - event in the history of sport.
Bet you missed it - what a game;
Now all sport is the money game. GOSH

The first ever pro rugby league world cup was in 1954.
The 2000 RL world cup was held in the UK.
The nearest Scottish human link to the Scotland team was the coach.
He was a direct descendant of the grandmother of one of the Bounty mutineers.
Wonder if he wore a glengarry GOSH

Almost all sport, now maximises the money - not the game.
Any one for corruption?
Who are you to disagree GOSH

The Greeks are fair game to the bankers.
It's up to the Greek plebs to change the game.
The Olympic games have changed over time - are they now in extra time!

WED 16th NOV 2016

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1904;John Fleming; a British engineer; takes out a patient for the thermionic valve.
The first vacuum tube; where's all - nearly all - the air gone GOSH

The thermionic valve preceded the transistor.
The theory hasn't changed much; the size has.
100 years later the smallest transistor is now the size of a molecule.
How big? golly gosh

Unfortunately; they are having more than a bit trouble joining the little barstidos up.
There's nowt worse than a big mother... board.
Quantum computing is stalling faster than the speed it's trying to achieve.
There's an investment look you.
The price of shares can go... GOSH

Will quantum computing become the new world economy driver?
The driver at the moment is funny money - all developed economies are now driven by debt.
Debt is just stored up inflation.
Inflation caused by plebs is bad - bankster inflation is good GOSH

The housing market is back on the media show.
There's only one problem with the UK housing market.
It's now controlled by all classes of greedy gits.
Of course! you; are not a greedy git GOSH

Can Greece conrol its own destiny; in or out of Europe.
It's now the time Dollar and or the time Euro v the time Yen and or time Rouble.
With the sovereign pound hanging on in there - or not.