NOV 1st 2018

1688; William III of Orange set out from the Netherlands to invade England and to overthrow James II of England during the Glorious religious Revolution.
William's successful invasion led to him ascending the English throne as William III of England jointly with his wife and cousin, Mary II.
It was protestant William of Holland that; backed by many well off English, was King Billy at the the battle of the Boyne - which led to the just recent 'troubles' in Ireland.
Don't mention the border...
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

1762; The birth of Spencer Perceval who was later assassinated in the House of Commons.
To date he is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated.
The last honest man to enter parliament was Guy Fawkes in 1605.
A politician today is regarded as a rich person making tough decisions on behalf of poor people.
It used to be a police in a park - today it is a politician and his/her pension.
No matter how reasonable, or not; one sees oneself - who are you to disagree.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

1858; Following the bloody events of the Indian Mutiny, Queen Victoria was proclaimed ruler of India, replacing the reign of the East India Company.
Out of the hands of one gang of greedy gits; into the hands of another.
It was us that divided off what is known as the nation state of Pakistan.
The sub continent of India never suffered another famine after independence.
The commonwealth is held together by gang of international greedy gits
Wanna be in what type of modern gang GOSH

1927; Betting tax was first levied in Britain.
Two days later the bookies at Windsor went on strike in protest.
When I were a lad betting shops were illegal
The bookies runner used to sell royal navy duty free cigarettes as a fiddle job.
Gambling is a get rich quick activity - those that supplied the shovels became the richest in any gold rush.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1956; Premium Bonds first went on sale in Britain with the winning numbers picked at random by a machine with the acronym 'ERNIE'. The first Premium Bond was bought by the then Lord Mayor of London, Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd - who!.
Lotteries come and lotteries go.
Was it the sixties or seventies that kiss me quick hats were on sale in many a resort.
Now that a get rich 'any way period' is coming to an ending; has anyone ever seen a 'get rich quick hat'.
Wanna be in my gang!

The demise of the leader of the German nation state will affect the Greek loans politically.
The Germans hold most of the Greek debt.
All developed nation states are in some form of debt - never a lender or borrower be; make things...

NOV 2nd 2018

1470; The birth of King Edward V of England, one of the two 'princes in the Tower'.
Along with his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, Edward 'disappeared' after being sent (allegedly for safety reasons) to the Tower of London.
Responsibility for their deaths is widely attributed to his uncle, Richard III, but the actual events have remained controversial for centuries.
Yes; Dick the Turd (bodies of heirs to be king in the tower) was found in the Lie(ei)cester car park by his appreciation society.
If; you don't think that humans are dying unnatural deaths today; you are either deliberately looking the other way, or, need a shed load of light for your lamps.
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

1636; The birth of Edward Colston, Bristol-born merchant and Member of Parliament.
Much of his wealth, although used often for philanthropic purposes, was acquired through the trade and exploitation of slaves.
He endowed schools and almshouses and his name is commemorated in several Bristol landmarks, two schools and the Colston bun - which bun.
The followers of footie are lauding the generosity (wealth) of the now disasterously dead Thai owner of Leicester City Football Club.
When the true facts are revealed; how many faces will go red gracelessly!
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1871; British police began their Rogues' Gallery, taking photographs of all convicted prisoners.
Who knows; who knows, what, about who, in the era of information.
The establishment is lobbied by wealth - like it or not.
Without further elaboration; the police are the establishment preserving instrument of wealth.
Blow the whistle; the whistle is lost wandering through a wheatfield of me,me,me,we.
Are you an antidisestablishmentarian; or, just a gofor.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1917; British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour submitted a declaration of intent to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
The British government hoped that the formal declaration would help garner Jewish support for the Allied effort in World War I.
1951; The final phase of the largest troop airlift since the war brought in British reinforcements to quell unrest in the Canal Zone, Egypt.
The threat of open hostility by the French and British was dissipated by pressure from the Americans.
How many know that the Americans paid off the Egyptian national debt to stop the wars against Israel.
The love of money makes some of the world go...
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

Greece does not seem to have many rich nation state chums at this moment in history.
Wonder how many chums a nation state with an economy under pressure and a history like us; will have in the near future...

NOV 3rd 2018

1534; England's Parliament met and passed an Act of Supremacy which made King Henry VIII head of the English church, a role formerly held by the Pope.
How long ago!
It is not the form of religion (religion comes; religion goes)
It is the pursuit of power and wealth attributed to the opposing groups.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1718; The birth of John Montague, fourth Earl of Sandwich who gave his name to the Sandwich Islands, and (allegedly) to the 'sandwich' as a result of his reluctance to leave the gaming tables but requiring a quick and easy to eat snack.
They say; that innovation is 99% perspiration!
Wonder if Thomas Crapper was constipated
Reminds me of the sexes toilet humour.
Early example of public park stall...
Here I sit broken hearted; paid a penny and only f.....
Later example of pub powder room.
My mother made me a lesbian!
If I give her the wool; will she make me one...
There's nowt like a giggly girl...
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1930; The birth, in Huddersfield, of Brian Robinson, former road racing cyclist of the 1950s and early 1960s. He was the first Briton to finish the Tour de France and the first to win a Tour stage.
His successes paved the way for other Britons such as Tom Simpson.
Tommy Simpson died on a hill climb in the tour de france.
A double brandy too far in the pre-drug days of an individual pursuit of power and wealth via 'sport'.
Are you in the right gear!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1949; The BBC purchased the Shepherd's Bush Studios from the Rank Organisation.
In those days; everyone on the radio had a queens english accent to the voice.
An accent said to come from the NE of Scotland; not royalty.
These days of 'must be seen to be neutral' it is not the regional accent.
It is the quality of transmission that is the problem; in an economy under pressure.
Public info is now a divided gas
You will be in my gang GOSH

Are Greek plebs caught out in this era of disasterously dedicated to the individual pursuit of power and wealth; as the balance of power changes eastwards.
Greece has; as yet, chosen to stay in a large trading bloc - we as a divided nation state have not.
Careful what you wish for...

NOV 4th 2018

1839; The Newport Rising took place.
It was the last large scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
Between 1,000 and 5,000 marched on the town of Newport in Monmouthshire, intent on liberating those who were reported to have been taken prisoner in the town's Westgate Hotel.
22 of their number were killed by the troops and upwards of 50 were wounded.
In the days of todays devolution; the true division (as then) is between the haves and have-nots.
Many of all incomes are paid by the no more intelligent establishment to be on their side.
That's one of the reasons why it is called a defence force!
Will the division of today be decided by death and destruction taking over from what is still called democracy.
Will it be a heady mix of spin and Gin NO Josh GOSH

1852; For the first time in its history, journalists were allowed into the House of Commons to report debates.
Today, the neutrality of those in an 'unenviable' position of influencing society is being more and more questioned.
Those with a decent level of income have an inbuilt bias - whether they admit it or not.
At what level of honesty does society in any nation state go about its business of operation!
We are well and truly stuck at the level of heres a few bob to hold your gob GOSH

1987; Millionaire Peter de Savary bought Land’s End in Cornwall.
10 year before the proudest product of M. Thatcher became PM.
Phony Toney is already acknowledged as a/the Red tory.
The sleep walking of the electorate became a spurious sprint to the present division.
Some rather ingratiously proffer the shift in world power balance.
There is no reason on earth that nation states should be guaranteed a year on year increase in wealth.
Global warming will see to that...
Now about my pay - I need more gin NO JOSH GOSH

1994; 400 years of shipbuilding came to an end at the Swan Hunter Shipyard, Tyneside, with the launch of the Royal Naval Frigate 'Richmond'.
The yard stood empty for a few years, before it was bought by Jaap Kroese, a Dutch millionaire.
An unseen sign, by those too busy earning a crust to see, of the increasing internationality of division.
I'll pay your gang less and repeat incessantly, we are all in this together... GOSH

Greece was a divided nation before the EU, relying on ship building millionaire families and competitive tourism to earn a living.
Membership of the EU, briefly brought Greece into line with more developed nation states.
Unfortunately; many Greek plebs were unwittingly ripped off by the new masters of the developed universe - the international bankers.

NOV 5th 2018

1854; Nineteen Victoria Crosses were won in the defeat of the Russians at the Battle of Inkerman.
Forget about footie; the auld enemy is alive and well in the present form of devolution and them damn Russians.
At this moment in cliched time; it is only economic warfare; a more subtle form of sticks and stones will hurt my bones;but,calling will not hurt me...Gee JOSH

Catch em young and just a few will be hung; drawn and quartered economically.
We don't need another hero...
Any one can now join the British Army - and no doubt people of both sexes from any and all cliched corners of this warming up planet will; which will bring its own problems.
This era of individual endeavor is now changing.
The establishment is now taking on the mantle of the Football manager that thinks he can control the bad boys...
This ex very young squaddie has no truck with pleb Jocks or Ruskies.
Then again I'm now an older non greedy git GOSH

1914; World War I: Britain and France declared war on Turkey.
It was the colonial empires of Us and the French that declared war on the Turkish (Ottoman) Empire - which came into the first world war on the side of Axis (who- what)
We are now entering the historic and murky realms of nation state competitiveness.
Will it be suffice to say, 'A diplomat lies and a squaddie dies.
Nations at war, soon discover how hard life and death can be; for some.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1950; Korean War: British and Australian forces from the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade successfully halted the advancing Chinese 117th Division during the Battle of Pakchon in North Korea.
It is said that the EU will is planning to have its own 'defence' force.
America used to be part of the British Empire - how many generations will the 'special' relationship last.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

Greece was overrun by the Germans and axis forces and became a theatre of war in the second world shindig.
The Germans now own most of the Greek debt.
It was aired to all in the loan repayment negotiations that as yet, Germany had not fully paid its WW11 agreed reparations to Greece.
Time is a great healer - or is it!

NOV 6th 2018

1429; Henry VI was crowned King of England, seven years after acceding to the throne at the age of eight months.
Two years later, in Paris, he was also crowned King of France.
He was born into that time gang.
Are you in a greedy git gang GOSH!

1856; The first work of fiction by the author Mary Anne Evans (later known as George Eliot) was submitted for publication.
The title was 'Scenes of Clerical Life'.
Her 1872 book, Middlemarch, has been described as the greatest novel in the English language.
In the era when the male sex ruled 99'999% of the world; women either had to be good in bed or make money for man.
1942; The Church of England relaxed its rule that women must wear hats in church.
As society takes two forward and one back; just now in time (bugger Brighton and Global Warming) after the recent pursuit of equality by man has been superceded as there is no such thing as equality.
There has been a revival of 'the battle of the sexes'.
As cohesive society stands at the moment; there is no such concept as equality - women will have to become top dog.
Which sex in future will rule okay! Which generation of sex will see the 'Daleks are coming'; never mind the 'The Campbells are coming'.
Never mind the drugs, let's go on the grog GOSH.

2004; The death, aged 66, of Fred Dibnah MBE - Bolton born steeplejack, industrial historian, mechnical engineer, steam engine enthusiast and television presenter.
To say that this cult figure was a bit of a 'lad' was well below the height he had no fear of.
In his later life he done a sort of documentary for the telly.
Quoting roughly - not that rough - from memory...
After the first TV series they phoned me up to see if we could do another one.
I turned up on site to meet the production team in my battered old land rover.
The young London producer - who had used a well worn old car in the first series - turned up in a brand new sports car.
Now about this trickle down theory and women in a church ruled by a male god GOSH

2014; The Government announced that new road signs showing height and width restrictions using both imperial and metric measurements were to be introduced.
"Imperial only signs can remain in place only until such time that they become life-expired, or replaced during routine maintenance."
Hold on; did not this nation state go from imperial to metric about a generation ago.
In the era of the individual when cars didn't have all that electronics over the engine; many more than now used to do their own repairs.
One would optimistically think that in a production line that the swop over would go from side to side.
This escort must have been a very early monday morning car.
This model differed fro component to component...
I ended up with enough useless brake pipe to spell 'F... off Ford ' on the garage wall.
Swearing like smoking is a young mans game.
Why in the quest of 'equality' must women emulate man so much...
Play the game GOSH

The Greek economy is now doing okay!
Why oh why; do we plebs often get a right rollicking for talking down an economy.
Yet; those with a vested interest can talk an economy up...
Gosh; I'll be a conspiracy theorist next...

NOV 7th 2018

1665; The first edition of the London Gazette was printed.
It is the world's longest running journal and carried news of military appointments and engagements.
The Gazette is only available by subscription - it is not for sale to the public (plebs) It was privatised in the 90's and printed by the 'stationary office' - which used to be HMSO; there you go GOSH

One/two of the ways a banker earns a living is through mergers and acquisitions.
Privatisation was a very lucrative period for an in the loop banker.
The 'trickle down' concept is an economic theory - in practise it never materialised; never mind any traces had to go GOSH

Heres a 18 century poem that was published about the gazette, re. gentleman farmers going bankrupt...
Man to the plough / Wife to the cow
Girl to the yarn / Boy to the bar
And your rent will be netted.

Man tally-ho / Miss piano
Wife silk and satin / Boy Greek and Latin
And you'll all be Gazetted.
No Josh GOSH

The modern printing press as we in the developed pre-digitalisation world, know it...
Was invented by a German and developed by a German immigrant many editions ago GOSH
The word 'theory' comes from old Greek.
Many in - and those that aspire to be in - the establishment study all things Greek.
It is often -and used to be a definite - a pre-requisit of the well heeled public school boy old boy network.

Old boy networks exist at all level of income.
The Greek nation state will have a few - No doubt.