WED 1st NOV 2017

On This Day 1st of NOV

 God on his side  Sir Beardie Branson

1688; William III of Orange set out from the Netherlands ( the international boat set of the day ) to invade England and to overthrow James II of England during what is known as the glorious revolution.
William's successful invasion led to him ascending the English throne as William III of England jointly with his wife Mary II.
Not long before the christian world was almost all catholic.
Since then, all scraps have had a hint of religion about them.
Wanna be in my divine gang GOSH

Northern Ireland was under direct rule (London) from 1972 to 1988.
The deadline for the resumption of joint local rule ran out on monday.
Those with an inherited interest are using the can't set a budget argument to immediately return to direct rule. Don't mention the magic money tree or the brexit border...
Wanna be in my gang could be on the go again GOSH

1858; Following the bloody events of the Indian Mutiny, Queen Victoria was proclaimed ruler of India.
Replacing the reign of the East India Company.
The greedy git is dead...
Long live the greedy git GOSH

After a sustained period of death and desruction overseen by our long gone relations; India is the biggest democracy on the planet. So it is said - acknowledged.
Now, those contemporary relations of the financially persecuted (Brexit must come under some flavour of banner)are expected to forgive and forget GOSH

1927 Betting tax was first levied in Britain.
Two days later the bookies went on strike at Windsor in protest.
Toffs must gamble... GOSH

2014; A pilot was killed and another injured as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashed in the California desert.
Richard Branson (don't mention public 'contracts and the privatisation of the NHS>) said - "Space is hard - but worth it - We will persevere and move forward together."
The size of ones back pocket is directly proportional to the taking of real risk.
Isn't PR great gosh

The manipulators and movers of money, pay for PR - they are immune to the designed intent.
The Greeks won't be saved by the insidious patter of PR gobbledygook.
It will take the passionate patter of politics - honest patter...

THURS 2nd NOV 2017

On This Day 2nd of NOV

 Richard 111  Sean Quinn

1470; The birth of King Edward V of England, one of the two 'princes in the Tower'.
Dick and Ted; - named as Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, Edward, in the who's next for the wealth at the time -'disappeared' after being sent (allegedly for safety reasons) to the Tower of London.
Responsibility for their deaths is widely attributed to his uncle, Richard III.
Yes dick the turd - a horse, a horse an all that... the one whose remains were found in a Leceister car park by the Richard 111 society.
Mr marmite of time - don't mention the watford gap GOSH

If you think that death and destruction have given way to democracy in the 21st century...
You need another gulley for your gash GOSH

1871; British police began their Rogues' Gallery, taking photographs of all convicted prisoners.
We now have data bases and DNA.
An establishment organisation wouldn't sell your personal info for dosh GOSH

If you are of the opinion they don't; you are as naive as a numpties noforall...
If you ain't doing nowt wrong...
The lines are as deliberately blurred as a muppet with macular degeneration.
The cause of MD is reckoned to be genetic and smoking.
Will the next generation see the light...
Wheres me glasses GOSH

The police as an organisation, were formed to specifically fight crime in society.
Today; they are increasingly becoming an aid to the establishment...
The establishment- what ever the political persuasion - has now become the haves...
Give me a bit of the greed GOSH

2012; 66 year old billionaire Sean Quinn, once Ireland's richest man and the 12th richest in the UK, was taken to prison to begin a nine-week sentence for contempt of court.
In 2011 Mr. Quinn and family were made bankrupt after the Anglo/Irish bank collapse.
He was nicked; not for trying to illegally hang on to wealth; but for ignoring the court that had found him bankrupt.
Justice must be 'seen' to be done...
Are you in the 'let's hang on' gang GOSH

The Greek nation state loans - is being a member of the EU a major or minor complication! - are still to be sorted out. The biggest holder of the debt is the German nation state.
Yet the loans that got them into the mess were arranged by private american banks.
Some body looked the other way...

FRI 3rd NOV 2017

On This Day 3rd of NOV

 Henry V111  King Charles

1534; England's Parliament met and passed an Act of Supremacy which made King Henry VIII head of the English church.
A job formerly held by the Pope.
Henry was never given the title, 'The Catholic killer King'.
Any sign of opposition - religious or not - was given the chop; after of course, being found guilty GOSH

Taxes that once went to Rome were redirected to Henry's huge pockets.
Was this an early form of brexit!
Not much to do with sovereignty and all to do with, gelt, gulden, guineas and gold GOSH

1838; The Times of India was founded, as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce.
It alledgly has the largest circulation among all English-language newspapers in the world.
The empire has gone ...
Long live the empire...
Democracy needs a big gun GOSH

Will the online version of the EU paper be in English?
Will it be worth more in german! no josh GOSH

If brexit goes no deal ahead...
Will we brits be reading/not reading all about it in the Euro gazette gosh

2014; Will Cornick, aged 16, murdered Ann Maguire while she was teaching a Spanish lesson at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds.
He showed no emotion as he was handed a minimum of 20 years in custody.
He had also planned to murder two other teachers, including one who was pregnant.
A modern version of 'burn the books'.
Killing is King...
Long live the king.
With the help of God GOSH

Wonder what religion the wanna be rulers of Greece would become.
Born again greedy gits gosh!

SAT 4th NOV 2017

On This Day 4th of NOV

 William 111  Gold Diggers
1650; William III, King of England, Scotland and Ireland was born ..... in Holland.
On the day after his 38th birthday he landed at Torbay with a mixed white army of English and Dutch troops.
Parliament declared the throne empty, he was proclaimed king.
Long live the king. Where's the last one gone GOSH

1677 The future Mary II of England married William, Prince of Orange - Yes the same greedy gadgy above.
They later jointly reigned the UK and he irish bit as William and Mary - both protestants - in 1689.
King billy was her first cousin and james 11 - where did he go in catholic france! - was her catholic dad.
The royal machinations of an early EU... Who was yet to come - them germans no josh GOSH.

Just prior to the most recent mass migrations; the white populations of the world were not averse to vehemently mocking the coloured citizens of foreign nation states for marrying into money - forced to; they say.
If I only had time...
To look through the grime...GOSH

Divine rule by royals pandering to religion are long gone.
Are we now ruled by the borderless, multi-national, international 1% - the rich greedy gits.
What's it all about! alfie - making alfred great again GOSH

They (us) say, 'the robots are coming'...
The people who make money from making robots are coming...
In this even faster era of two forward and one back.
Is it time to take a big one back?
If I could turn back time...
Even the medical profession are saying we could do with a bit more grime GOSH

The Greek loans are an up front example of a nation state being dragged through time at an uneven flow.
Who is doing the dragging - the greddy gits; don't mention the manipulators and movers of money.
Government establishments are complicit in the prevailing culture of greed...

SUN 5th NOV 2017

On This Day 5th of NOV

 Guy Fawkes  The village of Wool

1605; Guy Fawkes, born in York was arrested when around 30 barrels of gunpowder, camouflaged with coal, were discovered in the cellar under Parliament.
Robert Catesby’s small band of Catholic zealots who planned to blow up James I and Parliament were only arrested after Fawkes revealed their names when tortured on the rack.
Conspirators met at the Old Lion Inn, Dunchurch, Warwickshire on 5th November to wait for news of the destruction of Westminster.
Penny for the guy GOSH

Have you heard of an 'Old' Lion Inn!
Heard of red, white and the lamb; but, the OLD Lion!
Has the 'OLD' Lion been spun/conspired out of existence! Where do the 'old' go GOSH

Link to old and new pub names

More to the point/picture/scenario...
Nearly all nation states that have an national emblem containing an animal
Display an animal that is indigenous to that nation state.
Is the 'old' british lion, African, Indian or Asian.
Where's the empire gone GOSH

2006; Following the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 by a coalition of countries including Britain and America.
Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq was sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for his role in the massacre of 148 Shi'as in 1982.
His execution was carried out on 30th December 2006.
Strange; the fact that countries with natural resources - don't mention oil - that, unfriend the western more developed nation states become natural enemies.
Giz a bigger gun GOSH

2013; The village of Wool, in the Purbeck district of Dorset, reported that at least 160 sheep had been stolen from nearby fields, sometime between 1st and 3rd November.
There are three pubs in Wool - not one is called the Woolpack.
The recent recording of crime stats has been a bit wooly...
Some would go as far as saying, 'they are a pack of lies'...
In an economy under pressure; those that believe in austerity, need a lot of word games. GOSH

There has been a lot of misinformation re. the Greek loans.
More often than not; spin, put about by the chums of those who lent the money - funny or real money!

MON 6th NOV 2017

On This Day 6th of NOV

 Henry V1  Theresa May

1429; Henry VI was crowned King of England, seven years after acceding to the throne at the age of eight months.
Two years later, in Paris, he was also crowned King of France - 22 year disputed reign during the 100 rear war - England V France greedy git gangs GOSH

Henry was king of England for almost fourty years - founding eton and colleges in oxbridge.
His wife; Margaret of Anjou is said to have worn the much money smock and breeches.
He was sent to the tower and done in by the son of the victor of the war of the roses.
A two king country! evidently not enough guilder to go round for two gangs of greedy git gangs.GOSH

1924 Tory leader Stanley Baldwin was elected Prime Minister.
He appointed Winston Churchill, former Liberal, as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
W. churchill made jacob rees smog seem like a leftie...
How old is spin - one has to grin.GOSH

2008; The Bank of England made a 1.5% cut in UK interest rates; a preplanned thoery drop after the crash
The rate went down to 3%; the lowest level since 1955.
In 2017; the interest rate went up from 0.25% to 0.5%; alledgedly, to combat inflation which had risen to 3%.
Can one remember when the mortgage rate was 17%! No.
The bankers win what ever the rate - the difference betweeen buying and selling.
Whatever happens in the culture of greed; the haves win...
Time for change; Or, here we go GOSH

Are you a greedy buy to let greedy get or a desperate, reluctant buy to let, scraping out a living, greedy git.
Forging a living from the property market (and business) is similar to poker - the one with the most money usually wins.
At what interest rate will the amount of tax haven money brought back into the economy become too much...
The UK is reckoned to be the world leader in tax havens; will that money go 'abroad'!
Time for us plebs (the have-nots) to say enough is enough.
Time for the market economy to go...
Mixed economy ( don't mention the Chinese)is the future name of the game

Time for the Greek plebs (and other nations) to say enough is enough.
Is the internationality of the EU holding them back!

On This Day 7th of NOV

 London Gazette  EU law court

1665; The first edition of the London Gazette was printed.
It is the world's longest running journal and carried news of military appointments and engagements.
Mostly death and destruction in the name of democracy...
Now known as 'The Gazette', it is the official public record, printed and copyrighted by the Uk government.
Unless of course; they don't want you to know - listen do you want to know a secret;
Do you promise not to tell!
Glasnost and all that gumf/ph GOSH

Need to know! covers just about all one needs to know about secrecy.
The need for a freedom of information Act lets the secret out of the society.
Any public contention about secrecy and it goes to law.
How many pleb lawyers do you know?
Secrecy at high level is a rich mans game NO GOSH

The developed world has nearly as many words for secret as the Innuit (one can't say Eskimo now) have for snow.
The west has more synomyns for secret than tax dodgers have for money - it's close though.
Tax havens can be made as complicated as one desires - they exist on the back of an honest man. Tax havens rely on secrecy - when the complicated web is uncovered; they lie.
If you don't think that greedy gits lie; you need another sluice for your slushfund.
There's an elephant in the room; and a bloody big silver back gorilla GOSH

Databases are the juvenile delinquent in the era of digital information.
If you've nothing to hide, is often the innocent old dear deliverance put forward by those agents of government/establishment that are constructing databases.
We want to know everthing about you - want to know anything about me; up yours sucker!
Wasn't it the tax office that leaked the idea of flogging your/our info to private enterprise.
In the era of info. for the few and misinfo for the many; money is unfortunately the name of the game GOSH

2013 A report showed that the NHS spent nearly £700 on clinical negligence cover for every live birth in England.
Almost a fifth of all spending on maternity.
When it's gone; it's gone for some time - just like the EU...
Does the Uk society really want the NHS to go GOSH

2014 Alan Knight, a fraudster from Swansea, pretended to be quadriplegic for two years in an attempt to evade punishment for conning an elderly and vulnerable neighbour.
He was jailed for four and a half years - that means 2.25 year in nick at most.
In an economy under pressure; anything goes GOSH

Greece like most other nations on this planet has a freedom of information act/law.
It was passed in 1986; 14 year before ours - is that good or bad!
Wonder if they have more exemptions than us.
Both nation states are subject to EU freedom laws; at the moment...