TUES 1st NOV 2016

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1800; John Adams; the first vice president and second president of the US of A was the first to live in the white house.
Johny was a lawyer, who confusingly to some, defended British troops over the Boston 'massacre'.
After a few short months left on his first term; Johny was shown the door by the American electorate.
Get thee gone GOSH.

10 Downing St. is the UK equivalent of the White House.
Since - and during - thatcherism the resident of No. Ten has adopted the roll of president; more than Prime Minister.
Tony Bliar thought he was GOD GOSH

Many younger gits - greed goggles on or not - are not aware that at one time the 'public' could walk down Downing St.
If there is one thing representing inequality - it is the Downing St gates GOSH

The gates go up at times of 'trouble' with the IRA. and now 'world terrorism' will keep them there.
If you thought that Phony tony being Middle east 'Peace Envoy' was taking it a bit.
This country has form...
After nearly a generation; and still ongoing; of the latest Irish 'troubles'; we - yes us - sent a Peace Envoy to the Balkans.
Just what part of cant and hypocrisy do establishments not get GOSH

Don't mention 'plebgate'.
Play the game - on with the greed goggles GOSH

There are strong rumours of Mr mark carney being kicked into touch without reaching the end zone.
Marky baby worked for the infamously greedy goldman sachs bank.
Who have a hallowed history of providing the top echelon of'advisors' to the US of A government(s).
Let the greedy garish the gander GOSH.

Is this a cynical post brexit placate the pleb ploy.
Or, a more than obvious sign of present gov. tribal infighting.
The younger generation of tory outers are all exceptionally pro American.
A greedy go-getters own goal GOSH

One of the biggest american investment banks was paid a fortune to arrange the Greek loans.
The second round of loans that were somewhat secretly arranged to pay off the original loans.
No Greek socialist party was involved - but has to sort it out with a coalition government - in the taking on of the above loans.

WED 2nd NOV 2016

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1982; channel 4 appeared on our tv screens.
The first hybrid tv channel - funded by adverts but owned and controlled originally by the BBC.
Greedy gits and gamboling gonads or now just all greedy gits GOSH,

Channel 4 was originally launched as 'catering for the minority' TV.
Countdown was the first program aired nationally on 4 - today, it is still going GOSH

Tv - like football - reflects the trend of privatisation in the society of today.
The UK like the US of A has many channels; some say too many.
Some people watch the same program many times.
Is TV emulating technology - a period of stagnation enforced by finance, is the game GOSH.

Half the older population can pay for instant multiple choice.
The other half condemned to limited choice and the monotomy of repetition.
Instant or repetitive gratification GOSH.

Many of the younger generation(s) forsake TV and prefer to be algorithmicaly, captivatingly 'unbored' by the internet.
The internet for the masses is now the unseen psychological selfie fix.
Trust in me; the smaller the screen, the greater the glee GOSH

The Greek government has recently reformed their television game.
Reduced the no. of tv stations/companies from eight to four and auctioned them off.
The Greek courts have ruled the socialist government wrong to do so, cos they didn't consult the national TV and radio authority.
The coalition with the conservatives couldn't reach agreement on the members of the authority, leaving the positions open.
The government is now trying to pass an act.
Greece is more evenly divided politically than the UK at present.
Time for change.

THURS 4th NOV 2016

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1838; The Times of India; the worlds largest English language paper,
Is started as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce.
The Commonwealth is dead; long live the c...
No; it really is gone No GOSH.

The UK/England alone wont be able to negotiate as good deals as the Massive EU block.
Will Scotland soon be gone GOSH.

The Ex-colonial countries without the greed goggles will be waiting to give
the old rulers one in the gertchas GOSH

It is better to trade with your near neighbours in this ecologically smaller world.
Chum(p)s with China! Don't mention an own goal GOSH

Greece can't carry out socialist change when it is in coalition with a small right wing faction.
Even without Russian resistance to desperate American economic expansion backed by military might.
There may be trouble ahead in this polarised planet.

FRI 5th NOV 2016

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1854; Florence Nightingale and her staff of 38 volunteers arrived at the main British camp in Turkey.
The Crimean war only lasted from 1853 to 1856 but emphasised a no. of basic class and religious ideologies in many nations societies.
The charge of the light brigade and Florence Nightingale are historically recognised for Valour and Heroism.
And who was on both sides! GOD GOSH

The Crimea is just another episode in the history of fluctating fortunes sought after by European nations.
Mans love of money; with borders and religion disguising the greed.GOSH

All wars end in treaties; a compromise reached when humans get sick of violence, death and dying on national scales.
Wars start long before us plebs are dragged in to do the fighting.
Some plebs ( and greedy gits ) don't need much dragging - fighting is a way and means of living.
Such, for what ever reason, selfie sanctioning gallants GOSH

European and world wars are one of, if not the main reason, for the founding of the EU.
Centre Right political domination in collusion with the banksters and multi-national free marketeering has bought about developed world unacceptable levels of inequality.
Was it inequality or national self determination - this so called sovereingty - that clinched the Brexit vote.
When the quality of life is tough; the tough get going GOSH.

And! now there is talk of sleep walking into and sabre rattling of another cold war.
The enemies and allies game all over again GOSH

Now; this once mighty, but now weak, nation is out in the cold - home alone for years.
A nation that has fought more nation states than any other nation in recent times.
Will it be trade or war that warms it up again GOSH

Greece as part of Europe can fight the already started trade wars with the help of the EU.
The EU has lost most of the UK.
It can't afford to lose another nation.
About them loans, now.

SAT 6th NOV 2016

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1925; Lt. Sidney Goerge Reilly - the ace of spies; a multi-national man of money - was executed by the Russians .
Sid was 52; a good age for a spy or spiv to die.
It is alledged that James Bond was modelled on Sid.
Compared to Sid, James was a saintly God of a guy GOSH

Sid was an old fashioned, up front, in your face, catch me if you can, spy.
He worked for us, the Germans, the japanese and them much maligned Russians.
The modern equivalent is surveillance by technology.
We are all chums;but, just in case we'll have a sly gander GOSH.

Your neighbour could be a spy - depending on post code of course.
Fancy a fiddle job; the secret services are always recruiting.
Some spies have no idea they are a spy.
Need gainful employment; write to:
Spies are us
Or a country of your choice.
Is the job a Goodun GOSH

Any thing on line can be perused by a pro.
No pun intended.
All roads lead to Rome is now;
All webs lead to Washington.
He's behind you; the got-at geek GOSH.

It's usually an ex tail-gating old dear that says,
"If you've got nothing to hide..."
Mass surveillance info. by state is sold on to private 'enterprise'.
Not only are we socially engineered...
We are money manipulated...
Still; if one has done nowt wrong - Don't have a gander GOSH

Greek national bonds are back in the market due to optimism of IMF involvment with loan repayment.
The bankers are plotting...

Where have all the bankers gone

SUN 6th NOV 2016


Battle of Jemappes in Austrian Netherlands - Now Belgium

1792; the French Revolutionary Army beat the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle of Jemappes in Belgium.
The 20,000 strong Austrian - yes Austrian netherlands now Belgium - regular army was beaten by a 40,000 strong motley collection/gang of plebs, royal army and national guard.
The French had twice as many casualities but won.
It was their triumphant starter for ten...
Aren't wars great.GOSH

The french revolutionary wars lasted ten years; they were fought to establish France as a Republic.
They were fought and won by French pleb armies against the armies of coalition monarchies of Europe including Russia.
They were about Liberty Egality and Fraternity, not lebensraum or gaining ground GOSH

The latter stages of the wars spewed out a bloke called Napoleon.
The 'little general' was given a bad press in Britain and Europe.
If Napoleon had been a football manager; he would have been one of the best ever.
If not the 'greatest' GOSH

Most large nations have had some sort of national revolution in the not so long gone days of old.
Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Italy, Russia and don't mention America.
Many don't realise that Germany became a 'Weimar' republic after a revolution against the greedy gits in 1918.
The next big bash was kicked off under national 'socialism' with more than a tinge of Goering and Goebals GOSH

Greed; like inflation; has a cycle
It comes around again just after the next generation forgets.
Will the western world not see the inflation for the greed Goggles! GOSH

War has a somewhat similar cycle.
We have heard the sabres rattling.
Next the stage of griping groaning and grappling GOSH.

Mans favourite hobbies are sex and fighting; not food.
The EU has failed to stop the sex; will it stop the fighting.
The GDP growth rate of the planet is now in need of TLC. Are we all ganets and greedy gits! GOSH

Are the greedy gits about to gang up on Greece.
Wars tend to happen when economies are run with less compassion than an audit commission caculator.
The mutterings are on the monitor for all to see.


The greedy gits have been storing up inflation in all economies by the debt driven creation of funny money.
Funny money for the few and the supporting gang; which creates inequality.
Price infation is now on the rise which affects everyone.
Time is running out for the hanging on greedy gits

MON 7th NOV 2016

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Frank Sinatra married Ava Gardner today in 1951.
It was his second and her third and last go GOSH

Frankie was one of the best recording artists ever - over 150 million records.
TV and screen actor, entrepreneur and film director, with huge FBI file.
Did Ava marry a gangster GOSH

Frankie retired every few years and made more comebacks than a leader of the kippers.
Frankie was on more sides of the political fence than the Sun.
Did Frankies' mates worship the gun GOSH

Mr. Sinatra was a an icon of the twentieth century.
With three stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Frankie boy knew how to play the game. GOSH

The Brexit plot thickens.
Some think it has more turns and angles than a barfly with flatulence.
What ever the legal and/or political wrangled shenanigans between the gangs of mixed greedy and not so greedy gits.
It boils down to a squabble between the haves and have-nots.
The vultures are hovering above the gannets GOSH

Leasehold on property has always been a rip off.
As pressure on the economy increases, the scum, in on the 'Game', are making it a huge unaffordable rip off.
People voted for brexit cos of these greedy gits. GOSH

The EU has offered 85 billion Euro To help with the loans.
A cherry pick of State industry is a proviso of the deal.
Debt that could be owned any where in the world now.
Don't mention tax haven skullduggery.
Grexit is still a possibility
15-19 unemployment is at 60% in Greece