FRI 1st NOV 2019

1688; William III of Orange set out from the Netherlands to invade England and to overthrow James II of England during the Glorious Revolution.
William's successful invasion led to him ascending the English throne as William III of England jointly with his wife Mary II.
If you don't think that the battle of the Boyne is waiting in the wings of reallity...
Wanna be in we can work it out without religion gang GOSH

1762; The birth of Spencer Perceval who was later assassinated in the House of Commons.
To date he is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated - there have been 30 (at least) attempts to kill incumbent american presidents; four have been succesful...
Who! or what blesses America!
The pundits say that the west follows America - roll on global warming and the wealth of the planet moving eastwards...
It is an unwritten rule that the 'big boys' don't go after each other - there was...
The last american presidential assassination was only in 1963...
There is an unwritten/written rule, 'as soon as the next generation forgets'...
Wanna be in a, 'forget the step backwards that society usually takes' - we will remember them gang GOSH

1956; under a tory government; Premium Bonds first went on sale in Britain with the winning numbers picked at random by a machine with the acronym 'ERNIE'.
The first Premium Bond was bought by the then Lord Mayor of London, Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd.
The 'latest' national lottery started in 1994 - it was thrown into the 'mix' by the circus ex banker boy tory John Major - it is billed as the 'first' cos of technology...
Remember when the deputy PM foil of new labour( yes it was he; two jags John Preston) came back from the USofA with the gifts from the gambling industry of cowboy boots and stetson...
It seems that adults require supervision and guidance; as well as kids.
Wanna be in a confine deregulation to the dunnie gang GOSH

1990; The UK's deputy Prime Minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe, resigned after disagreements over the government's European policy.
The conservative division was there for all to see.
Did you see the inequality coming!
The present division and inequality has thrown up some very strange bedfellows indeed!
Wanna be in 'the fun has really just begun' gang GOSH

The present deputy PM is a judge; Panagiotis Pikrammenos.
The role of deputy PM is somewhat different in Greece - however, the deputy is still appointed by the in power PM.
The vast majority of judges are establishment figures.
They (whom) say that the representatives of the people of most nation states have lost touch with the pleb - they - no matter how much they deny it - have become representatives of the Establishment.
A good dose of socialism will sort out the problems that the internationality of the EU have now - (global warming will help) surfaced.

SAT 2nd NOV 2019

1470; The birth of King Edward V of England, one of the two 'princes in the Tower'.
Along with his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, Edward 'disappeared' after being sent (allegedly for safety reasons) to the Tower of London.
Responsibility for their deaths is widely attributed to his uncle, Richard III, but the actual events have remained controversial for centuries.
In the battle for power and wealth - who else would have been responsible...
Today the posh family on benefits pays some of the best PR. merchants on this planet.
Wanna be in a, 'time for them to go' gang GOSH

1636; The birth of Edward Colston, Bristol-born merchant and Member of Parliament.
Much of his wealth, although used often for philanthropic purposes, was acquired through the trade and exploitation of slaves
The economic theory that wealth trickles downwards is a lie distributed by the wealthy.
Corruption does not necessarily have to trickle down; it already exists at all levels of income...
To this day, exploitation of fellow humans exists (communication let me down) no matter what the colour.
Today many - not just blacks - know that the lead of the western part of this planet is down to the exploitation of slavery.
Wanna be in a more honest gang GOSH

2012; 66 year old billionaire Sean Quinn, once Ireland's richest man and the 12th richest in the UK, was taken to prison to begin a nine-week sentence for contempt of court.
Justice must be seen to be done...
Is this the reasoning of the man who made a fortune from the selling of gravel on the family farm; to the the insurance, hotel and property development industries.
The family tried to declare bankruptcy in NI after the banking crash of 2008 revealed the amount of speculation and movement of assetts abroad.
The Anglo/Irish bank was nationalised in 2009...
Working class heroes were found not guilty of tax fiddling by twelve good men and true.
Today the establishment is trying to get rid of the jury system; cos of austerity, they say
Wanna be in an almost classless one law for all gang GOSH

Greece will soon discover an establishment where almost no one is guilty of nowt.
The economic justice as dished out by the greedy gits!
He would say that wouldn't he...

SUN3rd NOV 2019

1919; The birth of Sir Ludovic Kennedy, Scottish born journalist, broadcaster, humanist and author, also known for his role in the abolition of the death penalty in the United Kingdom.
This eton and christchurch,oxford educated person came from a conservative family and, stood for parliament as a liberal in the 1958 rochdale by election.
He greatly reduced the tory vote but was easily beaten into 2nd place by the labour candidate - ever heard of Jack Mc Cann - neither have I...
Tactical voting and surprises have been around since voting began...
Rochdale has made the news for being more than slightly covertly racist,recently.
Many political pundits are predicting the next general election to result in a hung parliament.
Wanna be in a,'it really is about time for change' gang GOSH

1949; The BBC purchased the Shepherd's Bush Studios from the Rank Organisation.
Mr. kennedy worked for the BBC and ITV - he followed the money and pretended to put people before profit; he personally milked the conditions of the time.
Many people - who should know better - have been subverted by the economics of austerity.
Wanna be in a, 'time for change should come from within' gang GOSH

2014; Will Cornick, aged 16, who murdered Ann Maguire while she was teaching a Spanish lesson at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, showed no emotion as he was handed a minimum of 20 years in custody.
Ahead of the killing in April 2014, he had also planned to murder two other teachers, including one who was pregnant.
There are many in this what was once a green and pleasant land, whom wish to return to an eye for an eye
For differing reasons; some want to turn back time...
Even with a fully functional time machine; it is impossble
Wanna try and be in a turn back time without a time machine gang GOSH

Greece finally abolished the death penalty in 2005.
The EU took on board human rights and abolished the death penalty in 1950 - many members of the EU took their own time; some thing to do with sovereignty I believe.
Whether one agrees or not some states in the USofA - along with mainly arab and asian nation states ( lets pretend we like them; we need the trade )still have the death penalty.
Greece is still a member of the EU - will we be; soon!
If you believe that America is a true friend of the EU; you must be selling dingbats and not the dollar.

MON 4th NOV 2019

1677; The future Mary II of England married William, Prince of Orange.
King billy had already invaded and took advantage of England having no king.
The English throne was in the altogether.
They later jointly reigned as William and Mary.
Willy was the son of king billy and Mary the daughter of Charlie 1.
The king is dead; long live the king/Queen - pillocks to primogenature...
The first born male heir is back on the bill - ask the present charlie
Wanna be in a, time to get rid of em all' gang GOSH

1839; The Newport Rising took place.
It was the last large scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
Between 1,000 and 5,000 (how many) marched on the town of Newport in Monmouthshire, intent on liberating those who were reported to have been taken prisoner in the town's Westgate Hotel.
22 of their number were killed by the troops and upwards of 50 were wounded.
The era of death and destruction wasn't that long ago in the timespan of humanity.
Wanna be in an, era of democracy gang GOSH

1890; The Prince of Wales travelled by the underground electric railway from King William Street to the Oval to mark the opening of what is now the City Branch of the Northern Line.
It was the first electrified underground railway system.
The 'prince' at the time was the son of victoria - he later became king of england/uk as edward V11.
The prince of wales has been english! since the welsh one was killed in a 12century battle by an engish king.
The present prince of wales - a right charlie; is waiting in the wings to be King - a custom since 1301
Wanna be in a, get rid of them all gang GOSH

1952; Queen Elizabeth II opened her first Parliament...
She is still there; much to the chagrin of charlie; for obvious reasons...
Wanna be be in a let them all go gang GOSH

The Greek royal family - a clan of europe - is back in Greece and waiting...
No chance - even with the greedy gits in charge.

TUES 5th NOV 2019

1605; Guy Fawkes, (A yorkshire man) was arrested when around 30 barrels of gunpowder, camouflaged with coal, were discovered in the cellar under Parliament.
Robert Catesby’s small band of Catholic zealots who planned to blow up James I and Parliament were only arrested after Fawkes revealed their names when tortured on the rack.
Conspirators met at the Old Lion Inn, Dunchurch, Warwickshire on 5th November to await news of the destruction of Westminster.
Guy Fawkes is today, billed as 'the last honest man to enter parliament'
Wanna be in a, don't forget to remember the expenses ho hah - let he who is without guilt, cast the first stone, gang GOSH

1935; Lester Piggott, champion jockey, was born.
Aged 18, he rode his first Derby winner.
Piggott had 4,493 career wins, including nine Epsom Derby victories and is one is one of the most well-known English flat racing jockeys of all time.
In 1987 he was convicted of tax fraud, jailed for three years and was stripped of his OBE that had been awarded in 1975.
A Working class hero - mr.Piggot was never ever working class - he only served 365 days of his 365x3 sentence - he denies that he was only nicked for paying a fine from an undeclared account/book
Wanna be in a, 'The real story is now shrouded in racing course mist' gang GOSH

1991; Millionaire publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell was found dead at sea, several hours after mysteriously disappearing from his yacht off the Canary Islands.
He had purloined (stolen) the daily mirror pension fund and more.
More than rumour has it that as the owner, he said to the mirror board of staff, 'I want a million pound bingo; but, I don't want anyone to win it'
This purporting to be a Labour MP was known as the bouncing Czech and took anybody who came up against him to court - don't mention his female offspring and 'prince edward'
Wanna be in a, justice must seen to be done gang GOSH

2006; Following the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 by a coalition of countries including Britain and America, Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq was sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for his role in the massacre of 148 Shi'as in 1982.
His execution was carried out on 30th December 2006.
Saddam Hussein was a pal of the west; at one time...
Talk about the latest 'axis of evil'
Wanna be in a, do you know what is going on - apart from the oil - gang GOSH

GREECE The fact that Greece has no known oil reserves helps to keep it in the EU.
The north sea oil - at present enjoyed by us and the Norwegians - is by international law, owned by Scotland if devolution comes about.
Are the north sea oil reserves low!
Or; is the SNP hedging its bets!

WED 6th NOV 2019

1429 Henry VI was crowned King of England, seven years after acceding to the throne at the age of eight months.
Two years later, in Paris, he was also crowned King of France.
Henry wasn't a yorkie in the battle of the roses... After some skulldugerry, historians reckon that henry VI was found murdered in the tower of London at the age of around 50.
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

1638; Birth of James Gregory, Scottish mathematician and astronomer who described the first practical reflecting telescope and contributed towards the discovery of calculus.
The act of union with Scotland was ratified in 1707 by 106 for to 69 against.
Today; as society takes two forward and one back, Scottish independence seems to become likely again.
Wanna be in a devolution (from who) gang GOSH

2008; - the year of the crash;remember - The Bank of England made a 1.5% cut in UK interest rates to 3%, the lowest level since 1955.
Today the base rate is 0.75%.
Up from its lowest at 0.25%.
The highest ever base rate was in 1991 and 1981 at 15%.
The base rate - if you are a normal human being affects the mortgage rate.
Unfortunately; it is not the only factor involved...
You try getting a mortgage in the era of inequality - most plebs are stuck in the renting market.
Wanna not be in a, it's not the good Lord that giveth and taketh away; it's the greedy gits' gang GOSH

Greece is in the Eurozone and, unlike the UK, has adopted the Euro. Greek mortgage rates are linked to the ECB.
There are still renegade nation state mortgage rates to be taken.
Inequality in Greece is much more pronounced than in the UK - it has one of the greatest unemployment rates in the recorded world.
You pays your money and takes your chance - are you in the game!

THURS 7th NOV 2019

1956; An official ceasefire during the Suez Crisis following the British and French invasion of Egypt after President Nasser had announced the nationalisation of the Suez Canal.
What role did the USofA play! Colonialism is dead; long live colonialism...
Now about this commonwealth!
It was in the 1960's that the word 'antidisestablishmentarianism' became fashionable among pundits.
In reality; it had more to do with religion than politics...
Wanna be in a slow down change in the 21st century gang GOSH!

1974; Lord Lucan mysteriously disappeared following the murder of his children's nanny and a serious assault on his wife.
In the 19seventies men still ruled OK.
Female emancipation started coming up fast on the inside!
Wanna be in a, 'ask a gambler if time changes' gang GOSH

1990; Mary Robinson became the first woman President of the Irish Republic.
The Irish Republic was once dominated by the English (UK) empire.
After the 2008 banking crash; America invested very heavily in the Irish republic economy.
Eire is now a committed member of the EU and on the whole; wishes to remain so.
Wanna be in a remain in the EU and change from within gang GOSH

1996; The closure of 'Butlins - Barry Island' in south Wales, Billy Butlin's last-built and smallest holiday camp.
At the time of its closure it was owned by Majestic Holidays and was sold for £2.25m to Vale of Glamorgan Council who demolished the camp and sold it to Bovis Homes for housing development.
Whats it (brexit) all about alfredo!
The working class faction of leavers just want a decent lifestyle...
The right wing ERG( funded by taxpayers)just want to take control...
Wanna be in, careful what you wish for' gang GOSH

Greece - not being as 'developed' as the UK - has yet to experience the change that the UK is going through...

FRI 8th NOV 2019

November 8th is 'The Feast of the Four Crowned Ones', still marked by some English freemasons.
It commemorates four masons martyred by Emperor Diocletian for refusing to sculpt a pagan god.
In this time for change; all classes and organisations consist of all types of humans - they all have some kind of entry 'code'
In my humble and lifelong opinion; the more secret or semi-secret an organisation; the more, the individuals in it are self serving greedy gits!
Wanna be in a, 'who are you to disagree' gang GOSH

1605; Robert Catesby, the ringleader of the Gunpowder Plotters, was killed by gunshot, along with other conspirators at Holbeche House, on the border of Staffordshire.
He was buried close by but the bodies of Catesby and fellow conspirator Percy were exhumed and decapitated and Catesby's head was placed on the side of the Parliament House.
In the ever so long era of death and destruction; death and destruction must be seen to be done.
Wanna be in a democratic gang GOSH

1965; The bill abolishing the death penalty became law.
It is understood that the more vociferous of the public wanted to retain the death penalty.
The death penalty was abolished cos of the mistakes made by the legal system - which, overall depends on opinion of my learned friend!
The next election - many say - will be decided by brexit.
The brexit - some say dogs breakfast - position is very similar but different to the abolishment of the death penalty.
The future of democracy is dependent on what happens...
Remember the tried and tested, relatively modern, maxim'; as soon as the next generation forgets.
Wanna be in a, 'future gang GOSH

The last Greek election voted marginally sort of centre right to solve the loan and nation state problems.
The EU is a centre right led organisation of nation states - change should come from within...

SAT 9th NOV 2019

1908; Britain's first woman mayor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, was elected at Aldeburgh.
Shw was a maried into more money sufragette - with three offspring; two died before their time cos of meningitis.
Betty was born in whitechapel, one of the twelve offspring of a pawnbroker made good.
She was also the first female doc in Gt, Britain.
She died on 17th December, 1917 and was buried in Aldeburgh churchyard, Suffolk.
A century after her death women have still not acheived equality...
Nor has mankind...
Wanna be in a more equal gang GOSH

1915; The first Women's Institute (WI) meeting in England was held in the main bar of 'The Fox Goes Free' public house at Singleton in West Sussex.
Men are from Mars; women are from Venus...
Men and women have co-existed peacefully on planet Earth for how many years.
Wanna not be in a gang that doesn't believe in peaceful co-existence! GOSH

1992; Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr Michael Stroud set out on their unassisted crossing of the Antarctic.
For 97 days they fought pain, starvation and snow blindness until they were eventually airlifted out after completing the first and the longest, unsupported journey in Polar history.
They walked more than 1,350 miles across some of the most hostile terrain in the world, averaging more than 14 miles a day at temperatures as low as -45°C.
They did it as individuals in a team of two - they were often 100m apart as they walked...
What size is your gang GOSH

Greece has its own men and women of substance
We never hear of them cos it is a different nation state
Are we, 'simply the best'!

SUN 10th NOV 2019

1871 Henry Morton Stanley, (Welsh journalist and explorer) having been sent out to Africa by his newspaper to find the Scottish missionary David Livingstone, finally made contact with him at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika with the immortal words, ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume?'
Henry Stanley was born John Rowlands. His mother abandoned him as a very young baby and he was eventually sent to St. Asaph Union Workhouse for the Poor.
This bronze statue of Stanley was unveiled in March 2011, in Denbigh, the town of his birth.
It caused much unheard of controversy because of Stanley's inhumanity and racist views.
Many would say, ' A Welsh boy made bad'
Wanna be in a more humane less racist gang GOSH

1925; Richard Burton, legendary actor, was born, at Pontrhydyfen in look you Wales.
Was he more (in)famous for his marriages to Liz Taylor (rumoured to be one of if not the most beautiful and married 8 times female actors in the world) and, 'legendary' drinking!
Mr. Burton died of a brain haemorage in switzerland - he was only 58, and both he and Liz were well known for their 'carefree' lifestyle.
It is said that the old bellboy in the hotel in New York ( fought from the Dutch empire - many say bought) that George Best (realy liked a drink, top footballer from NI) was staying in with Miss World after noticing the huge wad of money on the bed, said ' where did it all go wrong, Mr. Best!
George best died aged 58 (the demon drink) after a successful (but dodgy) NHS liver transplant operation 3 years earlier. Wanna be in less famous gang GOSH

2014; The first UK TV adverts featuring the use of an electronic cigarette (vaping) were shown.
While e-cigarette adverts have been on television for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came into force 'On This Day'.
Smoking anything is bad for you.
Smoking is a young persons game...
I smoked for 37 and 1/2 years, and stopped on my 50th birthday - we did not know any different!
Have you noticed the dramatic increase in vaping material shops recently.
The jury is still out on vaping - you have been warned.
Wanna be in a 'stop while you can' gang GOSH

The Greek loan(s) problem is solved, say the pals of the banking industry greedy gits...
Wonder what is Greek for, 'rollocks'

MON 11th NOV 2019


TUES 12th NOV 2019

1555; Parliament re-established Catholicism.
For what is a gang; it causes as much trouble by any other name.
Wanna be in a much smaller or bigger gang GOSH

1660; English author John Bunyan was arrested for preaching without a licence.
He refused to give up preaching and remained in jail for 12 years.
Johny (yes he wrote - among many other things - Pilgrims Progress ) was a puritan.
It was the persecuted puritans that became the first english whites that went to america
It wasn't long before they started killing the indigenous population.
Wanna not be in a religious gang GOSH

1974; A salmon was caught in the Thames, the first since around 1840.
It was an 8lb 4 1/2oz female and she was discovered entangled in the protective nets around West Thurrock power station.
It was regarded by Thames Water authority as a vindication of the £100m they had spent on effluent control
Have you heard the story about...
Thames Water (now owned by investors - well over 50% foreign) customers now have 6-8 times recycled water coming out of the taps - many of the upstream fish are now hermaphrodite due to modern pollution.
Wanna be in a how much does bottled water cost gang GOSH

1984 It was announced, by Chancellor Nigel Lawson, that the pound note, after being in circulation for more than 150 years, would be phased out and replaced with the pound coin.
Change is inevitable...
Nige resigned over an economic argument with thatchers american sidekick called walters.
Nige is a leaver of the EU whom lives in France - he is also a holier than thou climate change denier.
Wanna really be in a mixed up greedy git gang GOSH

Greece will experience a lot of change soon...
No matter what happens - as in the UK - Greece will remain a divided nation State

Much sadness about yesterday; couldn't get on the internet...
My fault entirely - a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
Thats what happens when one dual boots with win 7 and linux.
PS. Win 7 is not supported from next year - will have to lean more about the free linux.
Everybody is after your money in the developed world now...

WED 13th NOV 2019

1002; English king Aethelred II ordered the killing of all Danes in England, known today as the St. Brice's Day massacre.
Yes he was known to historians as Ethelred the Unready...
They (the historians) reckon he was advised to carry out the massacre of immigrants.
Advisors today are known as spads - the cost of democracy increases as wealth moved eastwards.
Wanna be in a, 'the sooner we get back to making things the better off all will be' gang GOSH

1887; 'Bloody Sunday' in London when violence erupted in Trafalgar Square at a Socialist rally attended by Irish agitators.
Note the year - 1887; not 1987 or 2017 - bloody sunday in belfast occured in the year 1972.
Will violence and deaths increase with the division present in the society of today!
When the last form of communism collapsed; how many people in the russian parliament resigned!
Wanna be in a, 'lets prevents deaths gang GOSH

1936; King Edward VIII told the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, that he intended to marry twice divorced Mrs. Simpson.
1947; Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hugh Dalton, resigned after admitting he had disclosed tax proposals to a reporter several minutes before presenting his Budget speech.
Just two examples; of how times have changed
You aint seen nothing yet...
Wanna be in a, ' time to slow down the rate of change' Gang GOSH

1987; With a view to encouraging 'safe sex', or AIDS prevention, the BBC screened its first condom 'commercial' (without a brand name).
The feigned neutrality of the BBC is starting to grind now...
If you dont think that the cons have subtly taken over the BBC now!
You must be in a gang that has more bucks than brains GOSH

Greece has just elected a greedy git government.
Will the pursuit of bucks get them brownie points with the centre right led EU!

THURS 14th NOV 2019

1911; George V and Queen Mary landed at Gibraltar, the first time a reigning British monarch had visited a British Commonwealth country.
In 1917 the Saxe Cobergs (european royals) changed their name 'officially' to windsor...
All classes in the UK are quick to adopt and adapt... The 'royals' are still head of the UK Establishment - the king (queen) is dead; long live the king - or whomever the big boys advise.
Wanna be in a,'some change will be good' gang GOSH

1948; Birth of Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George), Prince of Wales and an enthusiastic and concerned environmentalist.
A 'part time' environmentalist at best!
Primarily he is a greedy git of the 'royal/Greedy genes' variety.
Wanna be in a definitely time for change gang GOSH

1977; Firefighters held their first national strike, over a 30% pay demand.
More than 10,000 troops were called in to cover emergencies - the green goddesses (establishment fire engines are long gone).
I used to be a fireman - now firefighter - that went on stike for 7 weeks against a labour government.
Don't forget the 56 hour week...
The post office 'workers' have just had their planned strike put on hold by 'my learned friends'
If; you don't think that the law is an overused part of the establishment in this extended era of individual and gang greed
You should try putting on the beer goggles - instead of the greed googles - for awhile.
Wanna be in a time for change gang GOSH

1983; The first Cruise missiles arrived at Greenham Common, a US airbase.
The USofA still has over fifty military bases throughout this planet - most of em still active.
If you think that the land of the free and brave has given up control of its UK and planet nukes.
You need to get into the real world - not part of the greedy planet.
The SNP believes in people not nukes...
Wanna be in real time for uncomplicated change gang GOSH

2014; Parliamentary authorities defended their decision to ask a gardener to remove each leaf manually from trees outside the House of Commons.
A Commons spokesman said: 'If we waited for the leaves to fall off it would waste a lot of time raking them up' It is more time efficient.'
Laugh - OK; there is no need to nearly go to the far end of flatulence.
Planned maintenance - like the truth - has been chucked out of the window, in this era of austerity.
Do you live in/on a flood plain!
Wanna be in a it is time overdue for change gang GOSH

Greece has not got any nukes.
Wonder if; in the near future the newly elected greedy git goverment will canvass for nukes and people living on flood planes - pun and spelling intended.

FRI 15th NOV 2019

1688; The Glorious Revolution began when William of Orange landed at Brixham to overthrow King James II of England (James VII of Scotland and James II of Ireland).
When England (the UK) converted to protestism.
'Remember King Billy' - william of orange - for those that are unaware the catholics are green) is the inspirational cry from the lips of NI proddies.
When I was fourteen, I can distinctly remember staying up all night in the trenches, guarding the bonfire against an exepected attack - even in those days they could be bloody affairs - from the catholic gang.
The catholic gang lived in a seperate estate near to the miners pit - the shortest route was over the fields...
As society takes two forward and one back; some have 'reverted' to catholicism...
To me these people who are really charlatans (like the other side) have what is known today as 'hidden agenda'.
I/me, myself is an agnostic atheist - nearest example; humanist.
I am not a humanist cos I believe some in the church are good - all classes of society consist of all types of people...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1897 The birth of Aneurin Bevan, often known as Nye Bevan, Welsh Labour Party politician who was the Minister for Health in the post-war Attlee government.
He spearheaded the establishment of the National Health Service, to provide medical care free at point-of-need to all Britons.
The hierarchy - and many GPs of the medical profession had to be bought off...
The NHS is being strongly fought over in the pre-election promiseering of today - which comes at the charlatan end of austerity.
No matter how much one earns; the NHS should be free at the point of delivery.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1985; Britain and the Republic of Ireland signed a deal giving Dublin a role in Northern Ireland for the first time in more than 60 years.
Unionists accused Mrs. Thatcher of treachery.
The labour good friday peace agreement was signed in 1998.
Will brexit bring an end to what is euphemistically at best called the fragile peace!
Wanna be in a peace to all on earth gang GOSH

2014; Pensioner Kelvin Sibthorpe got his hopes up when he discovered he'd been the victim of pension mis-selling, which meant he could be entitled to a 'windfall'.
The windfall entitled him to only an extra 18p a month in pension payments.
It would consist of seven years of back payments, coming to a grand total of £10.08.
What aboput the mis-selling cos of deregulation that went on before the banking crash.
To many; without the benefit of hindsight; society and the 'good' lord work in mysterious ways, indeed.
Wanna be in a time for real change gang GOSH

Greece is already almost split right down the middle
There but for the grace of greed go I (Who)
The UK has been there...

SAT 16th NOV 2019

1724; Jack Sheppard, Stepney born highwayman, was hanged at Tyburn in front of 200,000 spectators.
How many! Just less than 3 centuries ago - such a short time in the existence of humans.
If I was a 6 foot piece of rope I'd...
An adapted version of a song sung by unionists much less than 30 year ago - some of them were not just singing.
After an undetermined while; modern society grows weary of death and destruction.
The generation in control should never ever forget the saying
'As soon as the next generation forgets'.
Will man(wo)kind always revert to death and destruction!
Wanna be in a pacifist gang GOSH

1857; Twenty four Victoria Crosses were awarded in the Second Relief of Lucknow (British India). It was the most awarded in a single day.
The british empire was won by death and destruction - every nation state on this warming up planet thinks they are great.
Now that China has warned the UK off, over Hong Kong.
Is it not time that the UK accepted its true position on this planet - some citizens wish to turn back time.
Said the ex squaddie turned pacifist.
It is ever so easy to call those of all levels of income that are less than pacifist, belligerent bufoons.
Wanna be in a you can't turn back time gang GOSH

1904; English engineer John Ambrose Fleming received a patent for the thermionic valve (vacuum tube).
It drove the expansion and commercialisation of radio broadcasting, television, radar, sound recording, large telephone networks, and analogue and digital computers until the invention of the transistor.
In just over a century; look where we are now...
How many people are aware of the fact that Blairism gave privatised BT one billion pounds sterling to 'rollout' broadband across this green and pleasant land - you'll wonder where the money went...
BT invested abroad and lost most of their money, they (who - the greedy gits) consolidated back in the UK and raised prices - they (BT) now own EE nuff said, as they say in the vernacular.
Personally; I,know where the money went - who are you to disagree!
Wanna be in a gang that brings back cheaper and better nationalisation NO GOSH

1938; Willie Hall of Tottenham Hotspurs scored five goals for England against Ireland with his three goals in 3 minutes, setting a record for the fastest ever in an international match.
How many nonfootie people know that Spurs is owned by a jew and the majority of spurs supporters are Jewish.
Britsh football clubs have been taken over by international capitalism - one doesn't need var to see it.
Spurs in the near future will remain an also-ran unless a investor prepared to spend the money comes along Which brings us on to Jeremy Corbyn and anti-semitism in the labour party...
What has Israel and the USofA got in common!
The oppressed have become the oppressors...
'Our leader' has the proverbial, 'not a racist bone in his body' - he does what we tell him...
The leader of the labour party was a true socialist - before he took on the mantle of leader...
Wanna be in a time for change gang GOSH

The nation state of Greece is not as developed as the UK - give them time.
I, thought that Africa would come on line before China...
Parts of africa - never ever write off human capacity for change - have developed; but, China is a massive nation state

SUN 17th NOV 2019

1558; The Elizabethan era began when Mary I, England's first queen (also known as 'Bloody Mary'), died at St James's Palace London.
She wasnt known as bloody Mary cos of her 'blood group' - it is cos her and her and her supporters/advisors were ruthless in their desire to hold on to power.
She was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I. - only 'royal' offspring of Henry V111 and Ann Boleyn - Ann B got the chop remember.
Despite several courtships; well into the era when men ruled OK; Betty 1 was known as the virgin queen - no laughing now.
Betty 11 is from the same bloodline - PR is much more refined due to the internet of today
Wanna be in a republic gang GOSH

1880; The first three women to graduate in Britain received their Bachelor of Arts degrees at London University.
The 2019 pre-election promiseering has promised pay equality between the genders...
Will this satisfy the modern day suffragettes!
Wanna be in an equality rules OK and nothing more gang GOSH

1922; Britain elected its first Communist Member of Parliament, J T Walton-Newbold standing for Motherwell, Scotland.
He eventually joined the Labour Party.
When Russian soviet communism collapsed - it didn't happen overnight - very few of the russian parliament actually resigned.
Say, what you like about UK national politicians; and people openly do nowadays...
In this era of inequality; the vast majority of MPs do not represent the working' class.full stop
Wanna be in a time for change gang GOSH

1959; Two Scottish airports, Prestwick and Renfrew, became the first to offer duty free goods in Britain.
Heathrow followed soon after.
The major airports of the UK are now owned by foreign/international investment companies.
The more complicated capitalism becomes; the better (they hope) it becomes for the geedy gits
Wanna be in a mixed economy without turning back time; or, greedy git gang GOSH

2014; Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, gave his final press conference and parliamentary speech before handing over to Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first female First Minister.
2014; The Anglican General Synod formally enacted legislation allowing women to be nominated and appointed as bishops. The first woman bishop - the Rt. Rev. Libby Lane, was consecrated Bishop of Stockport in a ceremony at York Minster 10 weeks later, on 26th January 2015
2014 According to Dutch scientists, a single 10-second kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria.
Wanna be in a time for change for the good gang GOSH

The Greeks have just elected the greedy git party to power!
Will change in Greece eventually follow the UK - no matter what happens!

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