Some will be surprised at this 'vocation', being included; look and learn.

The honourable members always quote about £66,000 as their annual income. Balderdash. With allowances and legitimate - yes legitimate - expenses included, the true cost of the member's lifestyle to the tax payer can be easily doubled.
Many members can have more than one income directly attributed merely to the fact of being an MP.
Many members have more than one job - often the MP role is the second job - this second job can be as diverse as the members themselves. This type of MP sometimes has to declare an interest - when interest rates go up again - they will be able to live lavishly on interest alone.
Many members (the repetitive use of 'many members', is merely bad writing, and is no way intended as an euphemistic puerile pedantic pun) are what are known as 'career politicians'. This type come with a first in PPE from an elite university and hang around in gangs for mutual strength - This arrogant gang will reluctantly accept anyone, but consistently prefer the middle class and above.
Any member - along with their top Civil Service chums - can whilst in office, make plans for a more lucrative and lavish post political lifestyle. This is innocently referred to as the revolving door. All lobbies in both Houses of Parliament are fitted with revolving doors.
To become a successful member certain characteristics and traits are elementary essential.
Are you a flipping:  greedy, grasping, back stabbing, double dealing, buck passing,on message, thick skinned, manipulative, conniving, contriving, devious, waffling,treacherous, unaccountable, baby kissing, bottom licking, god fearing; offspring of a demagogue and a rabid damp sponge?
Yes! Get on your local, or any, list as soon as possible. The selection bods (could be any body from Gretna Green to Golders Green) of any party, will love you.
Do not worry that a large minority of the electorate have now realised that the vast majority of you as alike and as bad as Jedwood - there's still a privatised sackful of senseless suckers who think they can still make a difference by voting.