MAY 24th 2018

On this day

1487; The ten-year-old Lambert Simnel was crowned in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, with the name of Edward VI in a bid to threaten King Henry VII's reign.
Then, as today; religion didn't rule OK; however, it played a very important role in the tribal conflict of the pursuit of power.
In the hearts and minds of men - and now women to an even greater extent - the church plies a path of pretentious piousness in the gadabout for gold. NO GOSH

1689; Parliament - as such it was in them days - introduced the Toleration Act.
The Act granted freedom of worship to Nonconformists (i.e. dissenting Protestants) and granted them their own places of worship etc. subject to acceptance of certain oaths of allegiance. In the same year; the 'bill of rights' was passed by william of Orange - a dutchman who gained the throne of england and NI by paying plebs to slap head.
Proddies were in again and catholics were well out of the ruling game GOSH

1738; John Wesley first attended evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, then went on to a meeting at Aldersgate where he experienced his conversion to Methodism.
The coal miners of the North were attracted and converted to Methodism, as yet not a religion of the minor masses.
They adopted Methodism cos the rich and powerful prince bishops were ripping them off.
Getaway GOSH

1809; Dartmoor Prison was opened to accommodate French prisoners of war.
From 1850 it became a prison for convicts - international or not.
Nowadays it is owned by the duchy of cornwall and operated by her 'majesty's' prison service.
By law prison chaplains have to be CofE - the church would have you believe it has a major - don't mention the salvation army - presence in UK prisons.
Nothing could be further from the truth - Oh; God GOSH

1819; Princess Alexandrina Victoria was born at Kensington Palace in London, the only daughter of the Duke of Kent.
As Queen Victoria, she reigned for 63 years, from 1837 until her death in 1901.
She married Prince Albert in 1840 and had four sons and five daughters; all of whom married into European 'royalty'.
UK plebs were kowtowing - whether they knew it or not - to the royalty of Europe, lorded over by the German house of hanover.
Wonder if they got a hangover from all that GIN No JOSH GOSH

The Germans now own most of the Greek and quite a chunk of the Italian debt.
For the EU to survive future decisions - democratic or not - must be more political and less economical.
If; you don't think that a divided EU is in the interests of America; I'll eat trumps hair without a trade agreement.

MAY 25th 2018

On this day

1713;John Stuart, Earl of Bute, Britain's first Scottish prime minister was born.
He was the Scottish rich 'nobleman; PM of England for a year; just after the act of Union.
The duke of newcastle used to be the equivalent head of plebs at the same time - not/or can be, to be mixed up with the Duke of Newcastle under Lyme; a relative in the greedy gang GOSH

In the days when news used to take a few days, Scotland was split by the love of money,roughly North to South.
Please don't bring up the one about two jocks fighting over a penny...
In the contemporary days of the SNP. it is split East to West.
Now where did I put my whig and glengarry GOSH

1895;At the end of a sensational trial, Irish writer Oscar Wilde was convicted of gross indecency in his relations with the son of the Marquess of Queensberry.
He was sentenced to two years hard labour.
1914; The House of Commons passed the Home Rule Act for devolution in Ireland.
Ireland is in the game again - don't mention abortion, the DUP, or borders after brexit.
In the name of religion; here we go again GOSH

1994; The Camelot consortium won the contract to run Britain's first national lottery - it wasn't the first lottery that was intended to be national...
The last time I looked, 'our' lottery was owned by a Canadian teachers union - an investment income for retirement.
This present era of international capitalism rules - don't mention being propped up by the manoeuvering of funny money - and inequality, is the main reason for Brexit.
The main reason for Trump is the wealth - no matter how it is created - moving to the Underdeveloped Part of the planet.
Will violence be - for the near future - the name of the game.GOSH

Wonder how the Greek Plebs are getting on!
The Greek nation state is said to be one of the oldest democracies on this - climate warming on the back burner - planet.
The greedy gits of all colours and creeds are more of a problem than the developing nation states/trading blocks.
Long gone are the days when to vote one had to be an over twenty one (male) landowner.
Or; have they...

MAY 26th 2018

On this day

1670;Charles II and Louis XIV signed a secret treaty in Dover, ending hostilities between England and France.
A diplomat on the side of the greedy gits lies and a squaddie dies.
Charlie boy agreed to become a catholic - and, he received more than a few bob a year from the French in a pact of a promise of mutual aide to retain power as boss of respective nation states.
If you don't think that sort of deal doesn't still go on, you need another tool in your box polished.
The present (aspirant)leaders of nation states/empires - a sad fact of life is that butchers, bakers, and builders from Byker marginally agree - all wear the greed and giggle goggles.NO GOSH GOSH

1913; Emily Duncan became Britain's first woman magistrate.
America was a few year before us Brits - she had to have her husbands permission though.
Women could only judge female villains at first.
Will that good looking git 'winestain' be found guilty by a female member of the judiciary!
Men are from Mars; women from Venus it is true; however, we seem to have survived on this planet for q while now.
Some - mostly; but getting less - them from Mars find sex and violence a giggle GOSH

1972;State-owned - thats us plebs - travel firm Thomas Cook & Son was sold to a consortium of private businesses headed by the Midland Bank.
Tommy started up transporting fellow - and female - temperance society soles on holidays in 1841.
In 1948 it was nationalised cos it got into financial difficulties after the war.
Today; as part of the Thomas Cook Group; it is listed on our stock exchange; owned by the germans and has done a deal with a Chinese investment group.
Part of the international 1% EH!
Going on holiday is a giggle GOSH

2014; Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg rejected calls for him to stand down, after the party's worst European election result for 25 years.
The Liberal Democrats lost all but one of their 12 MEPs.
Don't mention the general election...
Prior to that - after much deliberation; really - the lib dems formed a coalition government with the tories.
This was the era of 'I'm leaking like a coalition cabinet (cabal)'.
There was a prolonged period of pejoration by the MSM for the duration of the coalition - the papers and tv took the piss out on the lib dems in the cabinet.
If; the lib dems in 'power' hadn't been all centre and further right, this chapter in UK politics would have been a bit more different.
In this ephemeral phase of modern human history, the free market and individual endeavour in an economy under pressure has taken on a furious form of inequality and greed.GOSH

Greece has an ongoing border dispute with its nearest neighbour on the planet.
The EU has given 800m plus Euro to Greece, to help 'Deal' with the refugee migration into Europe problem
Perhaps! some nation states of the EU have helped the crisis to develop - don't mention 'interests' or arms sales...

MAY 27th 2018

On this day

1153; Malcolm IV became King of Scotland.
He was noted for his religious zeal and interest in knighthood and warfare.
For much of his reign he was in poor health and died, unmarried, at the age of twenty-four.
He also ruled Northumbria and Cumbria - he didn't half like an under the counter/across the border sausage stottie.
All this was well into the prolonged era of sex, violence death and destruction.
Royalty and religion ruled OK - have a genuflection gargle on the geordie plebs in the garrison GOSH

1657;Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell refused parliament's offer of the title King of England.
He still handed over the republican reins to his son...
Aint nepotism so right - it's in the genes No JOSH GOSH

Like Crufts; the great big melting pot mingling has to be almost forced upon any establishment.
Every now and again nepotism, feminism, racism and slapping headism - other well worn isms are available - raises its' well shaved head.
Let's have a galaxy sized family get out gala GOSH

1919;Oil - texas tea; black gold - was struck at Britain's first on-shore oilfield of three wells, at Hardstoft, near Tibshelf in Derbyshire; where!
100 years later; the frackers are coming - or; are they?
Fracking has been around for two generations...
Multi-national, opportunistic consortiums; backed by british greedy gits are having a go when the economy is under pressure.
After taking any establishment concession and grabbing as much profit as possible the will leave any lovey locals in the lurch and - asexual under clothes to you pal - make a quick getaway NO GOSH

1955; The Conservatives won the general election with a clear majority, ending a five-year political stalemate.
Were career politicians around in them days!
In the second year of the first labour party led coalition; Labour MP's were wearing top hats and sending their sons to Eton - does Eton accept women now!
Even when the establishment is democratically held to account the establishment spin still rules OK.
Are you going against the voice of the British people is the oft put - naturally bias by income - question of the media.
Surely; this is the phase of pre-election promiseering and placate the pleb.
Let my more gushing garrulous greedy gits go GOSH

2014; 34 year old Edward McKenzie-Green, former head of counter-fraud at Oxfam, was jailed for more than two years after using fake companies to defraud Oxfam of more than £64,000.
The no so cliched little fish in an even larger lake - justice must be seen to be done.
The banking establishment will not investigate any fraud under 1million pounds sterling.
The greedy gits that are found guilty are merely fined funny money; not knicked.
Those that wear the greed goggles are having a gargantuan giggle GOSH

Greece; like almost every other nation state - in a trading block with no (sovereingty) or not - has more than a fair share of establishment backed greedy bankers.
Time for change...

MAY 28th 2018

On this day

1503;James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor were married by Pope Alexander VI. A 'Treaty of Everlasting Peace' between Scotland and England was signed on that occasion.
The everlasting peace lasted just ten years.
The battle of Flodden (somewhere in Northumberland) was an alleged diversionary tactic to help the French brought about by the old alliance (Scotland and France) to prevent the frequent English attempts at invasion.
The superior in number Scots army was well beaten by the use of bad tactics and the arms race.
A bill in the guts Gosh

At the time England was on the side of the Italian pope against the French.
What religion are the present far right coalition said to be democratic choice of Italy.
Will the nations of Europe use religion as an excuse to slap head again.

1533;The Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer declared that the marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Anne Boleyn was valid.
Shortly afterwards, the Pope decreed sentences of excommunication against both Henry and Cranmer.
Subsequently the first break between the Church of England and Rome took place and the Church of England was brought under the King's control.
The power of plebs in the pew - it is very likely that most of the plebs didn't know at the time and many didn't care.
Was religion; entertainment and a means of enthralling control at the time, and now just a 'load' of gibberish! NO JOSH GOSH

1588; The Spanish Armada, with 130 ships and 30,000 men, set sail from Lisbon heading for the English Channel.
Was the story of the game of bowls, merely a load of bells and balls.
Is life is just a recorded and ongoing gotcha game!GOSH

If! one drives up the Northumberland coast road, just past the outskirts of the old mining town of Ashington, there are two beautifully preserved churches, one on each side of the road and within less than 200m of each other.
Intrigued! I made discrete enquiries.
They were built and owned by adjacent land owners, who competed financially for the itinerant preachers.
Keep thye scythe sharp or surely the good Lord will do you in.
Pray/prey for/on me the preacher sermoned with such groatish glee GOSH

1974; Northern Ireland's power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement collapsed following a general strike by loyalists.
Direct rule has been suspended for over a year now - something to do with concessions and corruption.
How will the Good friday agreement be affected by the 'border' and the Referendum result.
Blame it all on the 'unelected' EU.
Life can be a deadly game GOSH

2014; The death, in Florida, of Malcolm Glazer (85), the American billionaire who led a controversial takeover of Manchester United.
The Glazer family purchased United for £790m in May 2005 amid protests from many of the Premier League club's fans.
Are footie fellows/women eyes overglazed GOSH

Ever wondered why interest rates stay so low; despite the establishment having stopped inducing funny money into the banking system.
The glazer family borrowed funny money to buy Man U.
If interest rates rise the Glazers wont be able to service the loan, and go bust; despite the - to the many men and woman of money - unfathomable fawning of the footie fellow and fellowess in the football industry/game.
Unfortunately, many smaller places of profit - including the common pleb - are up to their funny haircuts in debt.
A pleb is at the bottom of the money tree - some trees now ever increasingly have racist roots.
Are you being financially forced into a GANG GOSH

Recent and ongoing nation state developments are affecting the outcome of the Greek loan repayment plans. PS.
A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing...
Are we now in the ever warming climate of; 'They say the best things in life are free'...

MAY 29th 2018

On this day

1798; The United Irishmen Rebellion against British Rule took place.
Between 300 and 500 United Irishmen were massacred by the British Army in County Kildare, Dublin Ireland.
Dublin is no doubt now Irish - it is still a member of the EU.
The economy of Ireland - despite being a relative tax haven and an entry point for US technology into The EU trading block - was subjected to the overall negative effect (anybody moves and the pleb gets it) of the western world greedy git banking crash.
It was the 'natural'! greed/duplicity inculcated into man/woman kind that found the 'way' to conquer inflation.
The new form of inflation that resulted in the present inequality of man...
The inequality of this planet nation states is presently being fought over with a mix of trade and death and destruction.
Did I mention the EU was formed politically, not economically, to prevent another war in Europe.
Play the Game GOSH.

1984;Police used riot gear for the first time since the miners' strike began , at a picket near to the entrance of 'Orgreave', near Sheffield.
How can one best describe the 'battle' of Orgreave!
Perhaps in the unguarded words of a pleb police, ' What did you get out of the strike! I got a new car from the overtime'...
Play the game GOSH

2014; Canoe fraudster John Darwin, who was found to have benefited from faking his own death in 2002, was ordered by a court to pay a £40,000 lump sum to the authorities after two of his pensions matured.
A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Teesside Crown Court heard that Darwin had so far only paid back £121 of the £679,073.62 he was found to have benefited from his 'death' - remember his offspring thought he was dead
Anne Darwin, now split from her husband, has repaid more than £500,000 under a separate Proceeds of Crime order after selling properties held in her name.
Crime - no matter what form it takes - isn't supposed to pay, they say.
Don't mention all those funny money fines - its a sign of the times.
Play the game... GOSH

What kind of a game is the Greek loan repayment plan!
The clock is not ticking anything like the Brexit negotiations.

MAY 30th 2018

On this day

1536; Eleven days after he had his second wife Anne Boleyn beheaded, King Henry VIII married Jane Seymour, former lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn.
Jane Seymour - say no more - was the third wife of henry V111 she died a week after providing a male heir.
'He' had 6 posh wives/legal lovers; 'only' two were given the chop - one pleb woman had 23 husbands; it was an addiction to getting married.
Marry me and keep it in the family, he said with garbled gallivantery GOSH

1656; The formation of the Grenadier Guards, the senior regiment of the British Army.
What about the mercenaries before and after...
And! you thought the bankers were unregulated.
If you don't think that The UK isn't a world leader in men/guns for hire; you need another wick for your lamps.
Life's a semi secret - human making/breathing - gasGOSH

1972; The Official IRA announced a ceasefire, but the Provisional IRA said it would continue fighting until the British left Northern Ireland.
1972; The Angry Brigade, a small British anarchist group, went on trial over a series of 25 bombings throughout the United Kingdom - ever wondered why the establishment 'waited' for confirmation by the perpetrators...
Everybody should have a hobby - some are so much more intense than others.
Giz a gun toting Gang GOSH

1989; British singer Cliff Richard released his 100th single record, entitled 'The Best of Me'.
Many times have greedy gits on the inside have tried to obtain a small amount from the masses in the now mandatory banking sytem; even before the inequality era of Artificial ntelligence/information it was kept quiet by the establishment and bankers.
Does one make allowances for people with a modicum or oozes of talent!
If! Cliff wasn't such a greedy git he would just demand an apology; instead of suing for tens/hundreds of thousands - as much as he can get - Which us plebs will/have already eventually cough up.
Let's have another grabbing Gala for the greedy gang GOSH

2003; The death of Mickie (who) Most, record producer, with a string of hit singles with acts such as The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Donovan, Kim Wilde and Suzi Quatro, often issued on his own RAK Records label.
Listen do you want to know a secret - do you promise not to tell
How many people know that many of the stars of the sixties+ used to write hits in tiny little wooden booths the size of confession boxes, for 'a' man at the top.
What goes around comes around - on/off the record...
It is up to us plebs to decide our own future.
Money trees do exist, now and again - where shall we gather? GOSH

Oz and Israel are in the Eurovision/pean Song contest - money makes the world go around... The last time the UK (5 wins) won, it was held in Dublin (7 wins) - was that Irish or English/UK irony
Greece a - lot fewer entries than the UK - has only won it once and, never finished last; us UK brits have come last three times. Us UK Brits not having won for a long while now -despite being a world leader in the pop music industry - reckon it is political.
I find it very hard to accept that the still wannabe to some,Nation State - thanks to us and the remnants of the BE - of Israel won it the last time. 2018

MAY 31st 2018

On this day

1578;English explorer Martin Frobisher sailed from Harwich to Frobisher Bay in Canada.
Over time he brought home 1500 tons of 'gold ore'.
After years of smelting, it was realized that the presumed gold was merely fool's gold that was later used to pave the streets in London, leading to the myth that the streets of London were paved with gold.
Are the outlying regions of the UK now backwaters!
Germany, the top dog economy of the EU has regional banks; which by law have to invest in their local area
We have the main clearing banks which now own all organisations and things financial cos of made up funny money; which we are still bailing out - socialism for the rich
If you are still falling for the spin; have another gin no Josh GOSH

1838;The last battle on English soil took place at the Battle of Bosenden Wood between armed soldiers and 40 agricultural peasants.
They were led by flamboyant Cornish wine merchant (Sir William de Courtenay) who was merely a local 'brewer' known by another name, and were protesting against the poverty of their lives.
The plebs had sticks against the well armed establishment mercenaries.
A few were killed, some imprisoned, and two were sent to the penal colony on Oz.
Let's hang on to what we plebs have got.GOSH

1889; A painting of a small dog listening to a phonograph was shown to the general manager of 'The Gramophone Company' in London by the painter, Francis Barraud.
It was of his dog, Nipper. The phonograph was painted out and a gramophone substituted.
It soon became the famous trademark for the company 'His Master's Voice'.
HMV is now owned by Hilco which floated on the London Markets...
Hilco is owned by the American Hilco group; a buy em up and restructure/liquidate outfit which gained most of its wealth from the Quantitave Easing (funny money) electronically 'circulated' by the American government after the banking crash.
Now which class are the odds unequally stacked against GOSH

1985; The Football Association, supported by Margaret Thatcher, banned English clubs from playing in Europe following the Heysel stadium tragedy.
The Premier league was formed in 1992 - is it making hay while the sun shines.
The premiership is part of the UK economy - how many clubs have had tax deffered to stave off bankruptcy.
The footie fellows wont mind the new Wembley being flogged off - 100m + of the build cost was lottery money - as long as it doesn't affect the club they support.

There seems to be international unrest and concern at the lot of the working man.
Is the working man and women really being suckered into an illusionary salvation by the far right and 'chums'.
I'm not a greedy git, but I know a man who pretends not to be a greedy git

Greece has a left wing government propped up by a small gang of right wing greedy gits.
Somewhat similar but different - don't mention the money - to the UK conservatives and the DUP.