MAY 16th 2018

On this day

1532; Sir Thomas More resigned as Lord Chancellor of England.
He opposed the King's (Henry V111) separation from the Catholic Church and refused to accept the King as Supreme Head of the Church of England.
He was imprisoned in 1534, tried for treason in 1535 where he was convicted on perjured testimony and beheaded.
If you are not one of us, ye be a Goner GOSH

Tommy Moore (Well off family) was a catholic establishment lawyer; who didn't believe in the divine right of Kings.
He believed in the power of people but accepted the catholic pope as the head of religion on earth.
Was he an early remainer with religion defining the dividing lines.
As an individual agnostic atheist who used to believe in the belief of God (not a god); I have a certain empathy.
Was he a rare man of principle that went from gang to goner GOSH

1951; The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flights began between John F Kennedy International Airport in New York and Heathrow Airport in London.
Wonder how long it will take for the increasing isloation of The USofA (don't mention Trump or banks) to seriously affect tourism.
Remember Concorde - a joint UK/France enterprise - It went (economically) cos there wasn't enough people, who wanted to cross the Atlantic that quickly; nowt to do with technology.
The kielder dam was constructed to supply water to northern heavy industry - it is now one of the less visited expensive tourist attractions on this less green planet.
How much have they (£2billion) spent on HS2 before it gets anywhere near the ground.
They have got it wrong again bad dad - isn't selfserving mistakenly placting the pleb great GOSH

2013; Following earlier government plans to raise the state pension age, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a 'think tank', found that retirement resulted in a 'drastic decline in health' in the medium and long term.
The IEA is a free market think tank founded by a conservative businessman.
Many of us all all classes who are living longer in retirement would disagree! no GOSH
Life is ruled by the economy; not sense...
It takes a (Any) politician with a pension to decide that those with physical jobs must carry on till near death.
Are you a grafter GOSH!

Wonder what the greedy gits - including UK bankers - of Europe will insist the retirement age of Greek plebs will go up to.

MAY 17th 2018

On this day

1215; The country was in a state of Civil War and English barons, in revolt against King John, took possession of London.
Johny boy was norman french - the English barons were mostly greedy git northerners in debt to John.
The French (non norman landowners); it is alledged; were helping the English barons.
In those days of old, a pleb was lucky to get a peek at a pig in a poke; the rich in debt barons had been gifted land by the King.
Throw into the mix the control of normandy and the church...
It's the economy/land stupid - wanna be in my rich Gang GOSH

1590; Anne of Denmark was crowned Queen of Scotland.
She had married JamesV1/James 1 of scotland aged 15 in 1589 - her mother was 17 at the birth.
While most plebs were getting on with their relatively wretched lives - the rich 'royals' were in an intriguing international (European)internecine struggle for contol of the power and wealth.
Don't mention the shifting power of the church and 'monasterial' manipulators.
Wanna be in my grace of god gang GOSH

1984;Prince Charles called a proposed addition to the National Gallery, London, a 'monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend,' sparking controversies on the proper role of the Royal Family and the course of modern architecture.
Bet charlie boy had never heard of, never mind live, in Grenfell tower.
Don't mention marriages for hiers and talk to the trees/plants.
Time for the UK 'constitutional' monarchy to go GOSH

Just like the establishment going for the easy hit; do plebs go along with the flow!
The Greek plebs did; and look where it has got them - give us your Drachma.
The Greek national assetts were built up with the Drachma - will they be taken away in some contrived control con by the Euro.
It is up to the plebs.

MAY 18th 2018

On this day

1152; Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, married Henry Plantagenet - later Henry II of England.
She had been divorced two months earlier from King Louis VII of France.
Let's play the music and dance - two nation states land; not the seven veils; not even one veil.
The arranged marriage sex instead of the violence.
Was lady Eleanor a high maintenance mama - and/or just a female greedy git GOSH

1756; The Seven Years' War began when Britain declared war on France.
This was the war over the 'americas' and 'India' between the two empires - England (UK) and France.
The last of the Mohicans and all that...
Don't mention the 'desertions' and division on both sides; and, the unecessary deaths. Less than 20 year later the american war of independence - over money - began GOSH

1803;Bored with no death and destruction for almost a year, Britain abandoned the Treaty of Amiens and declared war on France, again! GOSH or No GOSH

Were our British ancestors great! Or, just a bunch of bloodthirsty greedy gits GOSH

1954;The European Convention on Human Rights came into force.
Never ever forget that one of the main reasons for formation of the EU is to prevent another war in Europe.
Ever realised what sabre rattling actual is.
How long does the the pre death and destruction dance of death last!
Are we Brits more likely to go to war with or against america!
Has death and destruction definitely long gone GOSH!

Inflation comes just after the next generation forgets NO GOSH

It is quite a few generations ago when the people of Greece went to war voluntarily.

MAY 19th 2018

On this day

1499; Catherine of Aragon ( Spanish, aged 12) was married by proxy to Arthur Tudor, the Prince of Wales
Follow the money; honey.
Katy was the first wife of Henry V111 (They used to call it 'been round the block' a mere generation ago).
Their only offspring was female - Mary queen of Scots.
Katy - it's getting complicated now - was reckoned to be the first woman in modern history to openly have any semblance of power.
There is to be a 'royal' marriage today - who am I to question any motive!
Who are you to be in the disagree gang! GOSH

1568;Queen Elizabeth I ordered the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots - her sister somehow.
Mary had previously claimed Elizabeth's throne as her own and was considered the legitimate sovereign of England by many English Catholics.
After 18 years and 9 months in custody, Mary was tried and executed for her involvement in plots to assassinate Elizabeth.
The battle for wealth had well and truly adopted tribal religious division in the war of wealth.
Don't mention the real vicar of bray in the satirical song about, Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1997; The newly elected Sinn Fein MPs, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, visited and enjoyed the facilities at the British House of Commons for 24 hours, before the Speaker's ruling denying them the privileges of MPs in the Palace of Westminster came into effect.
In 2002 the ban was lifted by a blairite government - the Four Sinn Fein MPs took offices and claimed expenses; but never ever attended their seats, by election, in the commons.
Remember reading a book, '(why) Terrorists never Win' written by an American republican politician.
Like it, or like it not, the trend - not just modern history - is that terrorists do win over time.
If I only had time... in 'your' gang GOSH

1997; Health Secretary Frank Dobson announced that the sponsorship of sports events by tobacco firms was to be outlawed.
It gave a temporary exemption for Formula One motor-racing, whose owner, Bernie Ecclestone, had earlier donated £1m to the Labour Party.
Bernie is about as socialist as that greedy git called murdoch - do self employed, or not, taxi drivers and hairdressers - don't mention brainwashed mercenaries ( squaddies etc ) boost the circulation of the sun.
Wanna be in my relative dominated organisation/institution/gang GOSH

2009: Commons Speaker Michael Martin told MPs he intended to stand down, the first Commons Speaker to be effectively forced out of office for 300 years.
He had, and still does, faced criticism over his handling of the MPs' expenses.
It was around this time that a certain MP started using the words, they are the separate cheeks of the same arse'.
Love him, or hate him, it was the truthful (as any person - never mind a doing the best they can politician) George Gallaway GOSH

Greek news is very similar to any other nation state, except the loans news.
Time is running out for the IMF loans to the Greek nation state.
Much of the latest loans were to pay off previous loans
The IMF is a world bank dominated by the american dollar - Most of the loans went through the ECB, which is dominated by the germans - the germans have the biggest stake in the greek loans
The ECB is linked to the IMF by the domination of government sponsored private banks.
Wonder when the UK main stream media will make a national 'story' about the Greek loans again.
The Greek nation state are considering on insisting that legislation that,non EU drivers should have an international driving licence, be passed
Wonder how much politically and/or economically the UK government will charge/make of that, for one of those...

MAY 20th 2018

On this day

1497; The Italian explorer John Cabot, commissioned by England (henry V11 himself), set sail from Bristol in his ship Matthew looking for a route to the west.
At the time, Bristol was the second largest English port and the centre of - the only - expeditions out into the Atlantic.
A quick buck or investment has always been 'international'.
'Take a calculated chance on me', he paid with a gusto of glee GOSH

1903; King Edward VII opened the Kew Bridge over the River Thames.
The proper name is the Edward VII Bridge.
Teddy boy was the heir apparent (prince of wales) for 59 year; nearly as long as charlie.
He only became king when his mama ( victoria) died.
History always rings a dinner gong - will it be a case of here we go again GOSH

1958; The mayor and corporation of High Wycombe (Bucks) were weighed in, in full view of the public to see whether or not they had been getting fat at the taxpayers' expense!
Today it is a symbolic act that has been discontinued - cos of the cuts; more than likely.
Introduced in 1647; cos the mayor was actually corrupt - don't mention, expenses, T Dan Smith, bankers, CEO's and others too numerous to mention.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Is 'broken britain' now going through an international phase of too much corruption!
Or; is it just another 'here we go again'GOSH

1985; The House of Commons agreed to consider Sunday Trading proposals.
A sure sign of an economy under pressure; or just natural progress of a 2 forward and 1 back society.
Were the church and some trade unions just a mouthy minority to disagree GOSH

1993;Britain finally ratified the Maastricht Treaty which allowed greater co-operation between members of the European Union.
In the most recent of rare occasions - a referendum - no pundit or whatever type of parliamentarian; dont mention UKIP; actually believed the result would be brexit.
No matter what is said, The UK - or what could be left of it (no pun intended) - will be, for at least a generation, out in the cold in the hunt for gold GOSH

Is the Greek nation state more corrupt than us!
Each nation state in times of economic or political crisis thinks that other nation state(s) are.

MAY 21th 2018

On this day

1471; Henry VI, King of England, was murdered in the Tower of London where he had been imprisoned by Edward IV, who then resumed the throne.
The war of the roses; between the houses of Lancaster and York with a bit of complication from the French
The king is dead - live by the sword; die by sword! - long live the other king for the second time.
Wanna be in my bloody gang.GOSH

1662; England's Charles II married Catherine de Braganza, daughter of John IV of Portugal.
A marriage arranged by his dad Charlie 1; who got the chop from Oliver Cromwell, remember.
This was the beginning of the Portuguese Empire - a Catholic and Anglican against the mighty Spanish Empire.
Was there really a secret catholic wedding ceremony - don't mention the mistresses - More than likely.
Marriage and empires go together like a horse and carriage - don't mention brexit and borders.
Wanna be in my even bigger Gang GOSH

1958; It was announced that automated telephone connection, making calls easier and cheaper, would be introduced in December.
Direct calls, long or short, could be made without the assistance of an operator.
Trunk dialing would make life cheaper and easier.
Which sex will technology affect the most!
Them both; or, the boys or the girls GOSH

Two generations later we have an abundance of smart phones - no matter what one earns, one can still afford a 'CONtract'
In this profit above people 'planet' there are a number of two forward and one back ironies.
This generation of smart phone is not as good as a phone as the original generation.
The latest pay through the teeth smart phones have more unused novelty than benefit.
Calls to continental Europe still have to go via a landline - which goes under the sea...
The cost of the use of 'mobiles' after leaving the organisation that brought roaming costs down - will go up - whether one actually goes to the EU or not.
Pass the phone, laughing gas and giggle goggles GOSH

2015; At 8:00 am about 50 small boats that were involved in the evacuation of allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk in World War Two set sail from Ramsgate to mark the 75th anniversary of the rescue.
The Dunkirk evacuation, codenamed 'Operation Dynamo' took place between 26th May and 4th June 1940 and saw hundreds of wooden fishing boats, pleasure yachts and lifeboats rescue 338,000 troops after they retreated from Nazi forces.
A lot of water and boats have passed through the 'English Channel', 'La manche, since 1940 - how many nation states became involved in the second/some say third world war.
Most of those that fought, were off the planet, prior to fighting on it.
This nation state will need a bit more than the 'Dunkirk Spirit' if it kicks off again GOSH

Will Greece remain neutral as part of the EU, if a war does start - some say we need one to sort things out
UK smuggling will increase after brexit anyway - see them small arms go off the planet nuclear.

MAY 22th 2018

On this day

1623; British Forces made a treaty with the 'Potomac River tribes' proposing a toast to perpetual friendship.
The Indian chief and 200 men then dropped dead from poisoned wine.
Was this one of the first recorded events of chemical warfare.
You'll never guess who came up with the first concentration camp...
We were only playing leap frog; as she lay between the lily white sheets with nothing on at all...
Wanna be in my nice gang GOSH

1807; Most of the town of Chudleigh in Devon was destroyed by a fire that started in the bakery.
After the fire, only the church and seven houses were left standing.
If; since then overall, society has taken two forward and one back; how would you describe Grenfell Tower!
One forward and two back! Or; money over life!
It's a sign of the times; we aren't reverting back to greedy gits!

1816; A 'mob' in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, rioted over high unemployment and rising grain costs.
The rioting spread to Ely (6 miles away) the next day.
Were they greedy gits or just hungry!
If you don't do anything about it; you deserve everything you don't get. GOSH

1998; Northern Ireland voted 'Yes' to a new peace agreement designed to end 30 years of violence between Protestants and Catholics.
The recent entry of a wanna be fat cat from the far right of Italy into the game, has well and truly complicated borders.
To say that recently in history; Italy has had more than its share of political turbulence would be dishing out a very small portion of pasta indeed...
There are a few on both sides of political greed who are saying that perhaps another war would sort things out; again GOSH

Greece; like Italy is one of the poorer nation state members of the EU.
Germany owns most of both nation states debt.
The pact between two Italian far right minorities is going to further affect the political resolve of the EU.
If; Italy leaves; see how long after brexit that Turkey becomes a member of the EU.

MAY 23rd 2018

On this day

1169; The First Conquerors' landed in Ireland.
They were Norman adventurers and opportunists from Wales, enlisted by Dermot MacMurrough to recover his kingdom of Leinster - originally local gangs of greedy gits scrapping for power.
The Norman influence lasted 200 years; despite the interbreeding the Normans split and the Gaelics took over most of the Ireland of Ireland.
Don't mention the recent troubles, the Boyne and borders; Begorra GOSH

1430; mostly mercenaries from Burgundy and the gang of the Duke of Burgundy allied to the Brits captured Joan of Arc and delivered her to the English.
A battle in the 100+ or - years war with/within France.
Joan of arc had the book thrown at her and was burnt at the stake age 19 years
At that time in history wasn't religion great GOSH

1701; British privateer Captain Kidd was hanged for piracy and murder.
Commissioned by the British crown in 1695 to apprehend pirates in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, Kidd apparently turned to piracy himself in 1697.
There was much political 'intrigue' and circumstantial evidence put forward by mutineered and disgruntled crew members at the trial.
Cap'n Kidd - a jock; no known relation to any living person, not even boris - was hanged and gibbeted NO JOSH GOSH

2014; Judges ruled that the remains of Richard III should be given a dignified reburial in Leicester, as the Justice Secretary criticised the distant relatives of dick the turd for wasting public money by challenging to have him interred elsewhere.
Richard III's body was buried in the now demolished Franciscan Friary in Leicester and was discovered in September 2012 under what had become a car park.
How historically great or gory GOSH

The far right have physically attacked a mayor from Thessaloniki - the 75 year old received hospital treatment.
How polarised must this planet become!