One couldn’t make it up...

MAY 16/4 to 23/4 2016

MON 16th of May 2016

In 1975 Japanese climber Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the top of the world.
The first by a man/men was in 1953 after 30 years of practice - Edmund Hilary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Nepalese Sherpa) - a British expedition
If you gotta go ... you gotta go GOSH

Everest is 8,848m high - Ben Nevis is 1,346m high; fancy a good walk...
Above 8,000 metres is known as the death zone - there are over 200 abandoned bodies in the death zone.
Some are used as waymarks - it's too cold for gore GOSH

The first solo - without oxygen - was in 1980; Rheinhold Messner - A German.
Today one can take a package trip to the top of the world - average cost $65,000/ trip
$40,000-£80,000 for a personal guide GOSH

People have climbed Everest in winter, ballooned over, skied down and paraglided off...
A helicoptor has landed on the summit twice - A Frenchman.
The death zone hasn't changed - most deaths occur on the way down...
If you are the weakest link - it is the survival of the fittest; no other rules...
Volunteers wanted to clean up the death zone...
A cold lonely death - not gruesome or grizzly - just gone GOSH

Society is starting to break up and down now...
If you haven't noticed; it's not cos you are too busy; it's cos you don't want to notice
It's not just up North that's getting grim.

Is this country so messed up that the ( independent!) treasury hasn't a clue...
The establishment has retreated to the bunker - the bubble is well and truly burst.
How are the roses in your garden GOSH

Are spain and Italy just behind Greece on the downhill slope.
Luxembourg has one of the highest income/capita in the world.
For one reason... It is a tax haven...


TUES 17th of May 2016

In 1897 an Irish inventor; John Philip Holland - known as 'Paddy the Dutch' - launched the first submarine with electric motors and petrol engines; in a port called Elizabeth, New Jersey.
An underwater tank before the land tank of 1916...
The modern arms race; all pace and face - no grace GOSH

Submarines have been used for: research, tourism, exploration and drug running...
Not just an underwater - don't mention trident - gun! GOOSH

What has a buccanneer got in common with a bailiff?
They both don't do much to help the balance of payments.
Wonder how many are UKIP supporters!
Bailiffs are pleb on pleb making the rich richer
Vocation! or just grabbing a damp granule of the gravy Gosh

At peace; foot soldiers of the present establishment...
The physical link; temporarily destroying the lives of surplus to requirement real money creators
For the fools gold gift of the funny money manipulaters.
Gallants! or gonads GOSH

Warren Buffett - his firm; one of two ex hedge fund managers; to be precise - are 'investing' $1 billion dollars in Apple.
Warren who! the one that made a fortune betting against the pound when we dropped out of the ERM; Remember!...
A huge player in the funny money game GOSH

Many muppets worship Buffett - the least baddest! more PR slaver than royalty - as a god; for his investment acumen...
In all forms of gambling and business; the one with the most money usually wins...
That's it; no secret; enough money to 'leagally' manipulate the market...
A game for really greedy gits GOSH

The £1 billion investment has been made to counteract Chinese competition.
The Irony! Apple uses cheap chinese labour to make the products and sells in the West, to make a fortune.
Unfortunately; so does China...
Easy on the glasnost GOSH

The banking watch dogs are slavering through their gums again.
No breaking up of the funny money cartel; no splitting of the gambling and retail sectors.
Just pigs flying, pie in the sky and a drip of gravy on the grease GOSH

Bet old boy buffett has a few bob in the banks trying to rip the guts out of Greece.
Funny money is making the world go around - trouble is for the greedy gits; the world is slowing down.


Wed 18th of May 2016

The building work on the Warsaw radio mast was finished today in 1974.
The worlds tallest structure - 646m -; until it fell down in 1991.
A change of guy (rope) and gone GOSH

A young girl lost her life when an Edinbrough internal school wall collapsed in Jan this year...
A 'storm damage' wall collapse of another Edinbrough school in April; brought about the closure of seventeen schools.
They were all PFI contracts; an off the books scam dreamt up by the tories and championed by new labour...
Gravy from schools thanks to Gordon GOSH

PFI's are one of the reasons why the SNP cleared the labour party out of Scotland.
Profiteering on build costs and maintenance contracts - don't mention the secrecy - led to the SNP scrapping PFI's and introducing, NPD's; Non Profit Distributing.
No glazing over - just glasnost for the glens GOSH

Within this ever increasingly competetive country; there's a shed load of bull about the building game.
When one buys a new house; it is built to the standards of average reasonable workmanship.
Want anything perfect ( Decent ) get out the dosh GOSH

Oh yes I remember it well; when the site foreman on a new bellway estate (small cul de sac) breezed in for the handover inspection - 30 year ago.
" bet you never noticed them three faults... Eh!" No! but I've written down this list of 35 others - mostly not done; not quality of workmanship.
The 'subbie bonus' was one hell of a game for greed GOSH

The number of people in the UK who sleep rough has doubled! since 2010.
The number of people without a home in the UK ? how many are hidden from the stats; and you; cos you can't (won't) see them
Does one think that the Gov. will publish the lower stat...
Aren't Governments (Us) so gallant and great GOSH

Twent year ago there was a fire in the service area under Newcastle city library.
The old one - not the new PFI one; owned by a Japanese holding company.
At least twenty were sleeping there - a place of relative warmth in a cold Northern City.
If you were 'living' there! you'd be on the guinness and glenlivet (white lightning)GOSH

This country hasn't got an affordable housing shortage problem.
It has an inequality problem.
Have you heard about the million pound council house in London!
For some life is grand - for others; gruesome GOSH

30 year ago in Corfu there was quite a few half built houses dotted here and there...
They popped up overnight (locals) to get round planning laws.
Wonder how many were finished!


Thurs 19th of May 2016

On this day in 1962 (the year of the Beatles first hit - anyone not heard of the Beatles) Marilyn Monroe - a fifties sex symbol - sang 'happy birtday'to President John F. Kennedy in New York City.
Less than three month later she was dead - from casting couch to carcass in ten short years.
Her death at the age of 36, was ruled as 'probable' suicide - the fame and fortune of a golden globe then gone GOSH

J.F. Kennedy descended from a clan of Catholic Irish immigrants who initailly made their money from bars - don't mention prohibition or whiskey
J.F.K. was more than well off when he became president in jan. 1961 - he was assassinated in conspiracy free, Nov. 1963
TB. - phoney tony - became rich after the political suicide of illegal wars...
The rich and wannabe rich pseudo socialists; making tough decisions against the poor; on behalf of the poor.
They still think we are gozos and gonads GOSH

Many talented people die young; many, many, more don't...
The rich live longer than the poor...
Who am I to disagree GOSH

What's the difference between a pleb of bailiffs and a fist of bankers?
The bailiff gets £30; for making a pleb homeless.
The banker gets £30 grand; in a tax haven of his choice...
A new form Gazumping/gazundering for the greedy gits GOSH

Chinese rich git is to buy Aston Villa outright; from an American.
The chinese state has already invested in all forms of football - they own 13% of the company that owns Man. City.
Beijing and bradford - a local derby...
They'll be owning weetabix outright next - Oh! they do now.
The Little England grass and grain GOSH

Every foreigner and his dog is cherry pick investing in Englands green and pleasant land...
In The UK or The EU...! Us plebs can only guestimate GOSH

The greedy gits spend a fortune trying to out guess the game.
They somehow call it game theory forecasting - don't mention the 2008 bailout.
The central banks haven't a clue what the private banks are up to - cos of interdependent covered up corruption.
The Russians and Chinese have bought gold in case the world currency returns to the gold standard.
A hedging rather than going for gold GOSH

Governments haven't a clue who owns how much gold - it's as secret a market as the bitcoin was...
Gordon - who - Gordon Brown; sold off half of britains gold at a controversial price and lost a fortune in theory...
The fact is; it was a long term national assett - just like the NHS and the infrastructure industries.
No politician has the right - yet they do - to short term gamble...GOSH

Greece has very litle gold.
The greedy gits are after it.


FRI 20th of May 2016

In 1873 - 1873 - a businessman called Levi Strauss and a tailor named Jacob Davis; took out a patent on the copper rivets that keep denim jeans together.
A businessman - not a banker - turning a base metal into gold GOSH

More than one - one; many - greedy git inclined people think that trading will stay the same if we leave the EU.
Life isn't like that...
Matters not; if you are a handshaker or a sheep shearer - gangs and families rule UK...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Wouldn't it be ironic if we left, and: Scotland, Wales, the whole of Ireland and Russia were in...
These changes will happen quicker than a threesome can take out an injunction; and make the an ass of the law for money...
Only writers and satirists can live off irony...
Most plebs have to work at proper jobs to produce the goods NO GOSH or DOSH

The English Channel ( la Manche ) is only 21 miles ( 33.79 metres ) wide - How wide are the pacific and atlantic!
Shipping is seeking greater efficiency as I Keyboard...
How efficient can containers get GOSH

The EU is centre far right with the bankers in charge...
Europe and the rest of the Western world is living (existing) on debt...
Debt is just a subtle form of a funny money inflation bubble.
It's up to us plebs to burst the bubble as soon as possible
Pick your means to an end...let's go GOSH

The bankers and supporting cast have created a catch 22...
The only way to turn the funny money into real money; is to put interest rates up for all the plebs.
If they do! too many posh and ordinary plebs will be made bankrupt...
Tell me again how clever these bankers and supporting cast are...
Just a gang of greedy gonads... GOSH! - definitely not.

Making funny money by manipulating and manoeuvering money has made the rich richer and destroyed economies.
It would only last so long...
Time for the whole gang of greedy gits to go... to anyone NO GOSH

The NHS is short of real money it x or y million! no one seems sure...
It is a propped up hotch potch of private and public.
The gang of tory greedy gits are robbing the mid wife to pay the gynaecologist - don't mention the anaethetist...
The NHS is just like the rest of the country time for them to go GOSH

The bankers can't afford to give Greece any debt relief - yet the politicians need to give them more debt relief.
Complicated - or not - this European thing.
Is the IMF - controlled by the Yanks - or The EU - controlled by the (german) central bank in charge.
Time for the politicians to regain control...

Greece and most EU countries pay 2-3% more of the national wealth for health care than we do.
How do you like them hospital food eggs! Dodgy - getting dodgier - dave.


SAT 21th of May 2016

On this day - 21/5 in 1939, the Canadian national war memorial was unveiled by King George v1 in Ottowa.
Was royalty - to the plebs - still the link to GOD GOSH.

100 days later - give or take a weekend binge - Britain had officially declared war with Germany.
Never ever forget - some, don't even know - that the Russians were our allies against the germans; in the second world war.
Over 50 million + people died cos of the second world war - the russians lost 20 million plus...
The recent world wars were about land and money - the church wasn't slow to jump on the blunder bus...
'For you don't count the dead... when god's on your side...
Almost every civilisation has had some form of war god GOSH

God; is a difficult person/concept/thingy to pin down...
Try J.K. Gilbraith, a, honest as one can get, American economist/diplomat...
' God was invented to give hope in the next world'
'to those who have no hope in this world'
Which ever angle you are coming from - that's near enough for me - for godsake GOSH

The mainstream church of today has a much greater ratio of dosh to disciples.
The synod and vatican wouldn't condone 'arms'; and other unethical investment would it!
The Salvation Army is a quasi military world wide church; devoted to helping the poor - a church in its own right.
All glory; no glaze GOSH

The Mormans; are against gambling; yet, the main wealth of the morman church comes from the casinoes of Las Vegas.
The Mormans were a persecuted minor church movement that had to move to Salt Lake City to establish itself.
The little guys - the gangs of god(s) have enjoyed a relatively free of persecution period lately.
Is modern life still in the hands of the gods GOSH

The Queen is still head of the state church - not the Archbishops of York and Canterbury.
The Queen rules us plebs by the divine right of GOD
The church and state are a marriage of convenience.
In days of old - when knights were bold - royalty married each other in the established church... to hang onto the gold GOSH

Do the royal family believe in God!
They certainly believe in gold GOSH

When man has colonised Mars!
Will they find god hiding in the next but one galaxy GOSH

The Greek Orthodox Church is the top christian religious organisation in Greece.
Ancient links to the Middle East and Russia - yet member of the EU...
The head of the Greek church is an Archbishop.
The minority - very few members - religions are; Hellenic Ethnic, Roman/Greek Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Atheism.
The times they are a changing - and mass immigration will change them even quicker.

Not sure if they have any: jedi knights, presbyterian, congregationalists, methodists, baptists, charasmatic and pentecostalists, eastern orthodox, oriental orthodox, trinitarian, quakers, bahai'faithists, jainists, sikhs, wiccas, druids, jehovah witnesses - wonder what they saw, and the latter day worshippers of shopping malls .

SUN 22th of May 2016

1972; Ceylon changes the name to Sri Lanka; becomes a Republic; and, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
Any one remember the Tamil Tigers - a huge terrorist group that wanted their own independent state
Don't mention that the Tamils claimed most of the coastal land subjected to offshore oil exploration...
Most of the Tamils were of Indian Extraction - 'guided' there; to work on the plantations by a large colonial power...
I wonder which one - and you thought you had a bad paygrade GOSH

Frenemy - a not often used oxymoron - halt who goes there! friend or foe!
My Frenemies enemy is my fremeny...
The Commonwealth - a gang of gangs GOSH

The commonwealth of nations (1949) - formerley known as the British Commonwealth - has 53 members; the vast majority; ex colonies of the empire.
India, Canada, South Africa and Australia are the the main commonwealth trading partners with the UK.
Over recent years; the volume of trade with these far flung nation states has decreased dramatically.
We now import more from the commonwealth than export...
The common wealth (ours) is going going gone...GOSH

The UK trade balance with all nations is now, not being kept in the black by services - banking and similar products
It was just a matter of time - other countries could see that - we are now owned by other nations.
The brexit bankers are letting the plebs,sing...
Let's hang on to what we got...GOSH

The nation state of Greece is the cliched 'Wake up call'- no matter what happens...
Europe as a trading block and currency; could just let Turkey in if Greece leaves...
If we leave - just let Russia in
If you think that ain't gonna happen - you need another hole further down your body than the one in your head.
Taking Europe off the greedy gits - now there's something worth doing...


MON 23th of May 2016

Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and, shot and killed in Louisiana; by Texas and Louisiana police in 1934.
Most people today think it was film not fact.
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow (real names - I kid you not) were of 3/4th generation US citizens of German/GB descent.
He was 25; she was 24... when they died ... a stash of guns and very little gold GOSH

There's some that say they were a side product of the recession and the ongoing dregs of prohibition.
Dont mention the mafia, presidental clans, bootlegging and capitalism...
People under the dosh... GOSH

In the contemporary western world - does capitalism rule today OK!
In this era of mans mastery of data (stats) we are constantly reminded that crime is down in 'this' recession
Recession! what recession...!
Graft like a greyhound and act like a slob; in your 30 bob job; Gonad GOSH

The UK prison population has increased - despite proactive attempts to reduce it - Yet the National Audit Office (who) tells us there is no link...
Crime (recorded) is down GOD damn it GOSH

Despite the privatised imprisonement of plebs and the odd greedy git; it now costs £37,648/prisoner/year.
The UK living wage is now about £8/hour - less than half/per year it costs to lock some one up.
Does our society prefer to bang up a baddie and buy a bomb...
Are you an own goal goodie bought out by the rich gits GOSH

Do you deny the existence of an underclass!- what inequality...
A new group is now recognised by those who; know... care... comment...
The precariat - those in peril of becoming part of the underclass...
The increasing number of those who think; lifes not that good GOSH

Political animals can see and sniff the polarisation of politics across the world.
Yet refrain from speaking openly and honestly about it...
Has spin got through to pleb level...
Are we all spinning that fast - put on the goggles GOSH.

The media spin of the greedy git gangs has the average Greek down as; a lazy, skiving, owt for nowt, freebie grabbing,free wheeling, socialist leaning, person...
The Greeks have geeks etc.... they are just another nation state...
However; at this time in history, the have the weakest economy in the European trading block.
Just like they went for the pound when it was at its weakest...
The bully boy gangs of greedy gits are going for Greece.