MAY 8th 2018

On this day

1450; The 'Jack Cade' (A pleb; don't mention the obvious corruption of the higher eatablishment and the continued threat of french invasion) rebellion occurred 'On This Day' when men of Kent, led by Jack Cade, revolted against King Henry VI with his 'Complaint of the Poor Commons of Kent' manifesto.
His army of as many as 5,000 marched on London, causing the King to flee to Warwickshire - Henry thought; rightly or wrongly - that jack and the lads were on the side of the Duke of York.
After taking and looting London,( mustn't have been mercenaries then) the 'rebels' were defeated in a battle by all classes at London Bridge and scattered.
They were promised pardons and reforms, but many of the rebels were instead declared traitors, and Cade was killed in a small skirmish on 12th July 1450.
Just like today; one must pick the right gang GOSH

1559; The Act of Supremacy was passed by which the new Queen Elizabeth I became "Supreme Governor" of the Church of England and a Common Prayer book was introduced.
How many of the commoners could read!
The prey (pay) for me and I'll set you free Gang GOSH

1933; Mahatma Gandhi, the pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British ruled India began a 21 day fast in protest against the British rule.
Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world.
Hull erected a statue of Gandhi in 2004.
It was pointed out at the unveiling ceremony that no other city in the world had, within half-a-mile, the statues of Wilberforce, Mandela and Gandhi, who had devoted their lives to fight against slavery, racism and colonialism.
India never had another famine after the Raj left.
Some - of all colours and creed; work for me and I'll set you free - wish the days of the British/company Raj had never gone GOSH

2015; Dodgy David cameron's Conservative party won a majority Government.
In the aftermath; Ed Miliband resigned, as did Nick Clegg and also the UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
The referendum - some say ask the thickies - resulted in a divided nation. (Don't mention dogs breakfast)
If parliament is the home of ugly actors!
How does one describe UKIPers - the vast majority are tories again; now.
One can't describe a book, by looking at its' cover - really he giggled GOSH

The rise of the extreme right is getting more than some media attention in Greece - it is the same in a few other EU nation states.
Is it the same in dear old Enland/UK.
Are left wing politicians being associated with the extreme left!
The establishment couldn't be institutionally bias, could they!

MAY 9th 2018

On this day

1092; Lincoln Cathedral was consecrated.
For 249 years it was reputedly the tallest building in the world.
Writer John Ruskin (who - a gentleman commoner; born into money man in the middle; lakeland poet etc declared that "The cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have."
His rich jock dad hoped johny would become a higher echelon churchman.
For most of his life, Mr Ruskin didn't believe in the church - in those days, a covert heretic!
In later life it is thought he returned to believing in christian religious gangs GOSH

The highest building in the world is usually equated to the richest...
It is a long time since religious building were the highest - in any religion/culture.
The developed world now worships the shopping mall; not,the church.
Good God/groat/guinea/gold GOSH

Before 1944 the currencies of the world were pegged to the British pound and, exchange rates were pegged to gold
Since the Bretton Woods ( New Hampshire in the USofA - not an old english country seat ) agreement, currencies were/still are pegged to the US dollar, and the exchange rate mechanism
The US dollar is now competing with the Euro and the Chinese renmembi/yuan - read all about it.
Don't mention Free trade and trade tariffs...
Renminbi is the more modern coin of the people; yuan is linked to the US dollar trading markets.
Bitcoin is in! Gold is out...! Who sold all the gold GOSH

1960; Start of the sexual revolution of the 1960s when the birth control pill went on the market.
1996;The British House of Commons voted to maintain the Ministry of Defence ban on homosexuals serving in the armed forces - don't mention the DUP of today!
Sex and violence. EH! As society takes 5-8 inches forward it takes an ivf/? left hook back
Wanna be in my well garnished gang GOSH

Greece is in the Euro - it used to have the Drachma.
Over time it has had its share of sex and violence...
Would you f...... fight for your nation state!

MAY 10th 2018

On this day

1291;Scottish nobles recognized the authority of Edward I of England.
Who knew what the jock plebs thought or wanted.
Today; the Scots are divided over devolution; yet voted firmly/more decidely against leaving the EU.
One thing is certain; the Scottish people are more of a society/socialist than us English.
Will they revolt against the UK establishment in the Glens GOSH

1773;The British Parliament passed the Tea Act, designed to save the British East India Company by granting it a monopoly on the North American tea trade.
We all - most of us anyway - know what happened next...
Not a pleb in parliament; a socialist in sight.
Exactly the same thing has/will happen with the deregulation of the finance industry...
Designed to save the nation yet only temporarily saved the bacon of the rich guys...and gals.GOSH

The Bank of Scotland (owned 70% by us pleb taxpayers) has just agreed to pay a fine of £3 billion to the USofA for skullduggery/innapropriate selling, prior to the 2008/9 global/currencies based on the dollar, banking crash.
The Euro wasn't affected as much - but greedy gits of all developed nation states were in on the game. GOSH

Big Bang as it was known to some (usually the rich gits) started with the deregulation of the LSE (London Stock exchange in Oct 1986, by a con government under the 'leadership' of 'Margaret Thatcher'.
The American banks were over here faster than a pre... politically impotent president can grab a fancied female by the fandango.
They lost a fortune employing gangs from different warring public schools to buy and sell from the same building.
Is it not ironic that they then used chinese walls to diguise the making of money and the resultant inequality, the same time as the Chinese communist/capitalist controlled Nation state started to really compete by making things.
There's a lot of irony in time between the Dollar and the Groat GOSH

Ever noticed how the alledged top dog American Empire - with still the biggest military force on the planet - only takes on small nation states with, and/or oil and not pegged to the Dollar.
Play the bully - Game GOSH

Is Greece being bullied by economics.
Will Greece respond in this ever more complicated world with a political low (according to the greedy gits - who's a greedy git; not me) Punch.

MAY 11th 2018

On this day

1685; The death of 18 year old Margaret Wilson, executed by drowning for refusing to swear an oath declaring James VII (James II of England) as head of the church.
She died along with the older Margaret McLachlan - young Maggie was supposed to give up her religion and live when older Maggie drowned
Known as the Wigtown Martyrs they are buried in Wigtown Churchyard alongside the three men hanged at Wigtown - early jacobite presbyterians...
This was well into the death and destruction era of tribalism, religion, politics and the divine right of kings to rule OK.
A mish mash that was just as complicated as the one today.
In the name of GOD/GROAT let the game gan GOSH

1778; The death of William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham and British politician.
He conducted most of the Seven Years' War (1756-63) which secured Britain a huge new empire.
More hawkish than the later version; that chap called churchill - which one was the most ruthless greedy git! Both receive much more adulation than they dodgily deserve.
The trickle down effect was the same in both eras - it is just a con/spin job sucker.
Fight for me and I'll set you free.
Oh! I forgot to tell you; You can't be in my greedy gang. GOSH

1937; The knighting of Pelham Warner - for what is a name in any game - a cricketer, marked the first time the honour was conferred upon a sportsman.
In this contemporary era of an economy under pressure and level of inequality
Has one noticed the middle to upper classing of sport and comedy.
Life is a gas - all the world is a stage - play the game GOSH

1967; Britain, Ireland and Denmark officially applied to join the EEC.
How big is your gang! - play the game GOSH

1977; Wallace Virgo - who; a copper called! what - former head of the police pornography squad, was found guilty of taking bribes from Soho vice kings.
Ever heard of Elliot Ness; the fictional american prosecutor who couldn't prosecute cos every one was at it.
Play the greedy git game GOSH

1988; Athlete Zola Budd flew back to her home in South Africa following the diplomatic row over her eligibility to compete for Britain.
In this era of global village internationality - don't mention footie, brexit or trump - trump used to be a female euphenism for fart - name three plastic peruvians.
Play the ever faster - no drugs now - game GOSH

1995; Lord Nolan presented his report on standards in public life, in an attempt to rid Westminster of constant allegations of individual 'sleaze'.
Wasn't it phony tony blair who said, - much later of course - 'What you need is a public Enquiry', or words to that effect.
Spin the game GOSH

Are the whipping boys and girls of Europe; Greece, prepared to play the greedy git game!
They will be more damned if they do.
Wonder how many brit bankers - get in line, germans first, we are such nice boys - are lined up to turn the assetts of Greece into real money - they need real money, after all that skullduggery and manipulation of funny money.

MAY 12th 2018

On this day

1536; Sir Francis Weston, Mark Smeaton and several other alleged lovers of Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII, were tried for treason and executed 'On This Day'; two days before Mrs 'king' herself.
In this ever so long era of sex and violence...
The kings wife is dead; long live the king...
Here's a few bob to be in my gang GOSH

Rumour has it that the long gone wife of 'charlie' boy went through the best part of a rugby team.
A heir... a heir... My kingdom for a heir.
Lets have a posh gin and spin...
Bring back divine rule - play the royal game GOSH

1937; The Coronation of George VI.
The first ever outside broadcast televised by the BBC.
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became queen consort and was later known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.
George V1 was the second son of George V - dont mention the germans - the first son was ted who had to abdicate when he married american divorcee Wallis Simpson.
Georgie boy was expected to marry into royalty - he married Betty Bowes-Lyon; described as a commoner, yet the daughter of an old land owning rich gang. GOSH

Never in the field of spinning has so much muck been suppressed about one individual.
The in the loop royal press office must have been in over/overdrive over the Queen mother.
There was very little honest 'trickle down' in the days of damage limitation to the 'royalty' of teddy boy.
Listen; do you want to know a secret...
There's nowt as queer as here's a few bob folk to stay in my Gang GOSH

1997;Guinness and Grand Metropolitan, two of Britain's leading drinks companies, agreed to a £23 billion mega-merger that would create the world's largest spirits group, GMG Brands.
Now known as Diagoe PLC - Companies (means of making money) now have more top managers than foootie clubs.
See if you can find out who actually owns the company/group now.
Globalisation is the name of the game GOSH.

Internationality; many economists say, it is a good game.
It depends how high up your position in the game.
Brexit and trump have put in one hell of a complicated accountant.
. Don't mention asian robots.
No matter what level; play the game GOSH

2010; Conservative David Cameron's arrival in Downing Street as Prime Minister of a coalition government, marked the end of 13 years of Labour rule, with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister.
The Lib Dems were right wing led.
Were they more or less right wing than the Blairites.
Let the blame game - of inequality- begin GOSH

I know; let's blame the Greek Nation state...

MAY 13th 2018

On this day

1515; Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, were officially married at Greenwich.
We are all aware of the tribal/religious pursuit of power and wealth!
Who on this well soiled (isn't it strange that the bigger the carbon footprint; the less they use the mouth) planet, knew that Mary ruled France.
Who on this ever overused planet gives two hoots or quid who Charlie Brandon was.
As people/humans are grinding (all puns intended) out a living, they - as yet - they haven't the time or cliched interest.
At all levels, especially the higher - if I had a litte money... life is such a game.GOSH

1607; Riots took place in Northamptonshire and other Midland counties of England in protest at the widespread enclosure of common land.
Rich gits 3
Plebs nil; and less by mouth.
Don't mention the land clearances in Scotland.
Where have all the crofters ( are they making a comeback with the elected aid of the SNP) Gone GOSH

1787; The first fleet of ships carrying convicts to the new penal colony of Australia left England.
They arrived in January 1788.
'On This Day' in 1987 several sailing ships left Portsmouth, re-enacting the first voyage.
HMS Weare was a prison ship, planned by a tory Gov. and brought into use by the Blairites in 1997 to 'ease' overcrowding.
It became a tourist attraction; was sold to accommodate immigrant oil workers and was sold again to house black oil industry workers off the coast of Africa.
Wonder if the UK is still the only Nation state on this wild and wonderful plane, to incarcerate females for; DEBT
Or; do we use enforcement agents now that prison ships are out of fashion - Too expensive - to use as Gaols NO JOSH GOSH

1868; A team of Aboriginal cricketers arrived in England to play 47 matches - 14 wins, 14 losses and, 19 draws- anyone for tennis...
They preceded a white Australian team by more than ten years - don't mention the white ashes
Does one think that the abo's and Indians were well chuffed to lose their land to the white man.
Don't mention GAZA GOSH

1977;England captain Tony Greig was fired for recruiting players to Australian Kerry Packer's rival World XI team in what was seen as a 'breach of trust'.
Anyone for cricket without groats and googlies GOSH

Cricket - is it a dieing game - is played in Greece; there's quite a few brits out there.
The rape and pillage of the UK assets has resulted in Brexit, inequality and polarised division.
Will the Greek nation state be next; or, will they (we) learn...

MAY 14th 2018

On this day

1080; William Walcher, the Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumberland, was murdered.
Bill was a Belgian man of god given the job by Bill the basher - the local plebs (that's us) were not happy with their 'god' given lot...
As revenge, William the Conqueror ravaged the area and took the opportunity to invade Scotland and build the castle at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Bet you thought that bill the basher didn't get this far north.
In the days of death and destruction (just as in these days of democracy) they would do anything to 'make' a few groats NO GOSH

1889; The children's charity the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, was launched in London.
A scouse busnessman had seen the Yank version and started a similar one in the UK.
Charity today is big busness indeed and reflects the inequality of the times.
CEO s of charities today are paid very big bucks compared to what they used to be.
David Miliband - failed to get leadership of labour party; his bro. Ed beat him by 1.3% - took a hissy fit and became the boss of the american charity 'IRC' on a wage of £300 grand + per annum.
Some say, he is not a blairite greedy git GOSH

1921; The British Legion was founded by Earl Haig.
His dad was the boss of haig whisky...
Douglas - yes an english jock - was a stupendously wealthy member of the Oxford bullingdon club.
One could say he was a bully boy before becoming the 'butcher of the somme'. 2 million casualties...
What kind of a good guy GOSH

1951; Trains ran on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales for the first time since preservation, making it the first railway in the world to be operated by volunteers.
Everbody should have a hobby - some turn their hobby into making a decent profit.
The multiple (many foreign) owners of our national train set have a great hobby.
How many - 51m + - different tickets to ride have the got GOSH

2013; The London offices of BP and Shell were raided by European regulators investigating allegations they had 'colluded' to rig oil prices for more than a decade.
The UK 'regulators' had just investigated and found no case to answer.
Brexit and the bankers!
Wanna be in my unregulated gang GOSH

Wonder if the splitting up and selling off of Greek national assetts will be profitable to a pleb!

MAY 15th 2018

On this day

1567; Mary Queen of Scots married James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.
Just; three months after the assassination of her husband, Lord Darnley.
This was well into the long era of sex and violence, death and destruction in The UK pursuit of power.
Darnley - a man from Yorkshire - was the second husband of mary queen of scots; and died by being blown up at the age of 21.
Jimmy Hepburn - a jock ladies man - was the third husband; who was fingered for and acquitted of killing Darnley.
A galivanting gallant! GOSH

1568; The last night on Scottish soil for Mary queen of Scots.
She was eventually given the chop - more prisons in england, than some footie managers or ceo's have clubs or firms - on the orders of the gang of her half sister Elizabeth.
An intriguing period of the deadly pursuit of power with more than a touch of tribal religion.
Mr Hepburn spent the last days of his longer life imprisoned in a Danish castle.
Don't mention phil the greek GOSH

Nowadays; us more developed Nation states are officially recognised as being less prone to killing each other.
If; those of both sexes, had to serve on the front line; would they be less prepared to vote for war.
Giz a gun GOSH.

1929; the first football international, England lost to Spain 4-3, in Madrid.
Most (old) brits remember the English team being beaten by poland on black and white telly.
At the time our generation see this as the beginning of the demise of the England footie team.
Followers of footie don't believe that the time of the English footie team is long gone don't mention the premiership and international inequality.
If only God...GOSH

1957; Britain's first hydrogen bomb was exploded on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.
The effect of the radiation on some of the British soldiers who watched the test only came to light many years later.
Never mind the referendum and sovereingty of parliament debate...
What if, we brits elect the equivalent of an american shooter.
Keep your eye on the ball and your finger on the button.
In this era of western economies under pressure we seem to be all hawk and gove GOSH

1990;Home produced beef was banned in UK schools and hospitals as a result of concern over 'mad cow disease' (BSE).
Don't mention computers and banks.
As society takes one forward and two back.
Cutting costs; 99 times out of 100, results in long term extra cost.
For the love of Atheist/God GOSH

The deaths in the middle east are allowing the media to take the heat off riots and immigration in Greece and France temporarily.
Inequality rukes OK.