One couldn’t make it up...

MAY 8/4 to 15/4 2016

SUN 8th of May 2016

Today in 1980 the WHO (health) confirmed the world wide eradication of smallpox - a virus that caused the death of millions of people over the ages.
The small pox virus was used in biological warfare - many tribes of american indian were deliberately infected by our ancestors
Weren't we the good guys GOSH

The NHS talks are back on again.
In any dispute; there is hospital car park loads of reasoning and rhetoric.
The NHS is an organisation staffed by humans in the digital era...
Taking the hippocratic oath doesn't make one a demi-god...
Every organisation has good and bad guys and gals NO GOSH

I caught a bug from a French user friendly lake (Annecy) in the 2003 heatwave which seen off thousands of mostly elderly french.
The only sign in the incubation period was a slightly sore big toe...
Not much later; I was really ill; on two occasions I was wakened from a delirious doze by the baddies fighting the goodies.
I could feel the buzz of the baddies as they retreated back down my leg to the big toe.
The bug could tell when I was asleep - The little git Gosh

The bug could certainly fool the GP. - I had to threaten him with going private and sending him the bill...
Two hours later I was in the single room of an arthritis ward of a local hospital; despite,a confused, 'but I haven't got arthritis'.
After: two/three fluid extractions of a bloated leg, a number of 'whoa' diagnosis/prognosis, loss of all records and 54 (my count)blood tests...
I was confidently informed in the, dodgy diseases day clinic, 'You have got something; but, we haven't a clue what it is - you should be Okay in about 6 months'
I signed myself off after three month of gradual improvement
It was; except for occasional numbness of the big toe; gone GOSH

We discovered the cause on our next trip to France...
Cos of the extreme heat the beasties in the top few millimetres of the lake(s) had transmuted into a nasty new form. France had a number of people infected by the same bug and threw more money at the problem.
Health costs money - or you might be a goner GOSH

The NHS is precious - it costs money.
This present government repeatedly claims to spend more money on the NHS.
Not only is it not spending more it is spending less.
The lying gits GOSH... NO GOSH

The UK spooks spokesperson reckons MI5 and 6, will be worse off if we leave The EU cos of European data sharing.
All kinds of dodgy dealing is being done with our data.
Once it goes into that black box and onto the cloud via the web - it's no longer yours; despite the data protection act
The daleks haven't gone GOSH

What have NUFC and Greek plebs got in common?
The future is looking dodgy...
Will they both be revolting!
Europe says they have a deal with Greece - the IMF is the bank that likes to say no...
Who's in charge! the bankers or the politicians!

MON 9th of May 2016

In 1386 England and Portugal ratified the treaty of windsor - the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world still in force today.
The inter - marriage of monarchies that followed; were a sort of fluid EU ruled by royalty within an aura of divine right.
Us plebs must have been right thickies for 500 years...
Serfs, suckers and plebs on gruel GOSH

Now we have a Europe run by centre right republicans who have aided and abetted the inequality present in most of the world brought about by private banking.
Should I stay! or should I go GOSH

The Uk media haven't publicised the degree of unrest experienced by most of Europe...
Change can be brought about within Europe.
Us plebs will be both economically and ecologically, marginally better off, by remaining in...
Not out of Europe; out with the greedy gits GOSH

The large UK construction firms; that paid for and contributed to a blacklist; have settled out of court for huge sums.
The settlement out of court means that the 'bosses' won't have to give sworn evidence in court.
It has taken years to achieve; just like Hillsborough and now Orgreave
Lives of families ruined for a life time by greed GOSH

The LIBOR rigging trial is in court now - five greedy gits from Barclays.
Barclays were fined £290m by UK and US regulators in 2012 for fiddling the bank lending rate.
The vast majority of banking and tax cases are settled out of court.
Cost and complexity are the ready tended excuses.
It couldn't be a lack of will - they are all in the same greedy gang GOSH

Much is being made of the docs strike...
Privatisation wages and hidden delayed cost PFI's are helping push up the bill for the NHS.
When these are sorted; we will still have to pay more for a seven day NHS
If! us plebs; don't make everyone - including us - cough up; it will be gone GOSH

The NHS is stealthily being privatised.
The sad, desolate, fact is that new labour in power played a major role in the of privatisation of the NHS
They were for - not against GOSH
Where do you stand on network rail platforms?
No other country has a crazy hodge podge transport infrastructure like what we have.
How insanely surreal is HS2?
Do men make as much from train sets as football clubs
The madness of money and greed GOSH

The Greeks are really struggling with immigration and inequality...
One of the five in court for fiddling the LIBOR rate is a greedy Greek.
When will the full facts of the Greek private bank loans be publicised...

TUES 10th of May 2016

On this day in 1940 a toff by the name of Winston Churchill became Prime Minister; after Neville Chamberlain ( another toff )resigned.
Neville the numptie was the one who waved the 1938 signed peace agreement with Adolf the hitman Hitler.
Peace in our time...
Butter not guns GOSH

Winnie the winning war leader and losing election leader.
A clinical depressive plonkie is said to be the greatest 'living' briton ever...
A political and financial opportunist or super toff!
just another greedy git GOSH

Heroes are manufactured by nations at war.
We don't need another hero...
The real heroes are posthumous...
There they are gone GOSH

Winnies grandson - another Winston and toff tory MP - sold the churchill papers to the nation for £12.5m.
Us plebs coughed up - The national lottery paid for them.
A pleb and his money are soon parted - pass the gravy GOSH

The chilcot establishment leaning report won't crucify Bliar.
I could be wrong; I could be right...
The court of human opinion - suppressed by the media - will have a good go GOSH

If the use of drones to bomb Syria is found to be illegal...
Should those who voted to bomb Syria ( just the fascists though ) be found guilty.GOSH

It's all gone quiet over there.
Despite the opposition and unrest to the bail out...
The sell off of national assetts to the greedy gang began years ago.
Some what similar to our NHS - do us plebs really care !
Imagine if we had to sell or lease the isles of man and wight.

WED 11th of May 2016

Today in 1927; Louis Meyer, boss of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, formed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The movie industry became the biggest single dollar earner for the US of A.
Money; the reason why the USofA is the world financial friend of Israel.
With the golden age of movies; who needs gold GOSH.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the rest are now (don't forget the 'money' men) are a mixed bunch...
Does one think the 'foreign policy' of the USofA will be decidely different...
Us and America were quick to react to the 'changes' re. the black gold GOSH

The Manu and West Ham team coaches were only 100 yards apart on a West Ham fan packed stadium road...
We have just recently re-experienced the 'crowd to shroud' phenomenon
A minor skirmish!... Another gaffe GOSH

I can remember having seen the corrupt country list.
Yes/no... I do get out a lot - I've got the start of skin cancer - without the sun bathing...
Afghanistan and Nigeria were high up on the western compiled listed.
Officials from the two countries are also on the Panama 'papers' list.
Dodgy Dave... Kettle-pot and garbage GOSH

Is Britain experiencing the backlash from colonialism!
The queen reckons the Chinese were, 'very rude' on the recent state visit.
The ups and downs of power and; the cant and hypocrisy of the elitism of a privileged world.
Don't mention the boxer rebellion and the Hong Kong governer GOSH

We were helping all those countries of the empire, weren't we - not raping and pillaging...
This country has taken a lend of more countries than any other country on the planet.
Would we now be better off huffing the nearest neighbours; or those we took advantage of; and have a huge elephant sitting in the room.
Should we stay or should we go GOSH

The expansion/building of a airport down south is high on the 'agenda' again.
Kielder was constructed to supply water to the expasion of UK industry...
Don't mention HS2...
Isn't the invisible hand; spurred on by personal gain... Great GOSH

The main N/S lakes road has taken 5 months to repair; after the flooding damage...
This country is estimated to be the 4/5/6 richest on the planet.
Is this just a guesstimate! GOSH

Goldman Sachs were behind the complex money deals that made Greece eligible to join the Euro - these were kept secret.
The private debt driven banks of a consortium of countries own The Greek debt.
The: world bank, IMF, European bank, Swiss, UK, German, French, and others to a lesser amount are involved.
These are the 1% who own 65% of world wealth.
Who are kept in place by pension funds, insurance companies, etc and establishment posh plebs - more more than less.
A battle of the haves and have-nots - there may be trouble ahead...

THURS 12th of May 2016

An earthquake around 8.0 magnitude killed 69,000 Chinese people today in 2008.
We plebs weren't aware cos, it was the year of the banking crash...
The bail out of the bankers cost an estimated £21,000/UK Family.
What! you plebs aint got £21,000 - we'll just reduce your stanard of living for a generation or more
Cough up you scummy scabs - we must increase the inequality gap. Defintely no GOSH

The bankers said, we haven't done anything wrong...
The accountants of mossack fonseca - still remember them! the boys from panama papers.
Said, we haven't done anything wrong.
The bankers and accountants - such,not greedy good guys GOSH

The revolving door between western well off country, civil servants and politicians is wider than a barn door.
A barn door! more like an airship hangar door...
The airship hangar at Cardington is still there - the doors are huge...
The restored admin building has the original revolving door...
Miniscule compared to the 'real' London establishment revolving door.
They can't miss the gravy train - the revolving door is now gargantuan GOSH

Does anybody - on both (all) sides - really believe the desperate patter of dodgy dave in the commons.
The action on corruption reality is light years away from the words.
An elephant in the room - there's herds of em in the commons and lords...
A sort of lawyer driven, ironic artificial intelligence - good game for the rich gits GOSH

Nigerian leader nine - dodgy dave nil.
The new anti-corruption leader of Nigeria; doesn't want an apology - he wants the assets...
The stolen assets of his country stashed away in London banks.

What's the difference between a buccaneer and a banker?
About 200 years and the internet.
Plebs and rich gits GOSH

If the queen; as head of the house of windsor is supposed to be apolitical neutral.
Is the captured/leaked video of the conversation with three tories and the head of the church!
Another shaking of the foundations of the monarchy
All gas and garters... there they were gone GOSH

When an undeveloped country has a coup; one of the first targets is control of the national media.
The right wing in our 'developed' country are attempting to take over the BBC.
The left wing are accusing the BBC of a right wing bias...
Will the BBC be another U turn! have a gamble GOSH

The socialist prime minister has alledgedly agreed a deal with the bankers...
A deal which privatises and legislates massively in favour of the private bankers.
The deal has to be passed by the Greek parliament - which has a narrow socialist majority.
Watch this space...

FRI 13th of May 2016

Bad day in 1981 for Pole, Pope John Paul ll - he was shot by a Turk in St peters square.
He nearly died from his stomach wound - his assailant/assassin was an expert shot...
John survived a number of attempts on his life...
The popemobile is now no guts and bullet proof glass GOSH

4 US presidents have been assassinated...
Over 20 attempts have been made to kill US presidents... Guts for garters GOSH

Only one UK prime minister has been assassinated - Spencer Perceval.
Nothing political - A compensation grievance GOSH

By far the most assassinations of leaders have occured in America or the Indian sub-continent...
America is the winner... all politics not god GOSH

The most recent assassination to do the most damage...
Archduke Franz ferdinand of Austria getting it in the neck triggered two world wars.
All gongs and gore GOSH

Many attempts to assassinate Adolph Hitler failed - nearly every nazi atrocity was legal in nazi germany.
Not all germans were bad...
Many people in the UK think that our latest wars are illegal...
Are us plebs that gullible GOSH

Which is the latest cause the greatest offence in the UK?

Dwarf chucking
Thai flipping
Fly tipping

Fly tipping - and it's not all garbage GOSH

There! see! the greedy git gang haven't been that nasty with the BBC...
If! you think the tories are not trying to control the BBC.
You need a new remote with a hole in...
Gaze at that you gal/galoot

Brigadier stephen Saunders - British military attache - was assassinated in 2000; by motercycle gunmen from the revolutionary organisation november 17.
A terrorist organisation against the Greek colonels and chums. the US, UK and Turkey.
king George 1 of Greece was assassinated by a Greek anarchist - an unseen sign of the regional anarchy prior to the Ist world war.
There are some who describe the Greek loans tragedy as an assassination of the Greek nation by the bankers.
If Greece defaults and leave Europe; it could bring down the western banking system.
Our banks really are that fragile.

SAT 14th of May 2016

Today in 1804 two people who lived in St louis, on the banks of the mississippi - the deep south slave area of what was still a UK colony; took the first steps of their two year journey to the pacific coast.
They were just being nosey - this was long before golf ruined a good walk and the dicovery of gold GOSH

The journey from US coast to coast now takes 3hours and 57 minutes - from gate to gate - not including airport slaver and security.
Since 1804 and now, many people have suffered an early death due to war and disease...
The Yanks have killed many more at home than playing away.
All figures are estimates and guestimates GOSH

Over 11,000 deaths due to guns were recorded in 2013 - the US of A; of course.
1,145 people were killed by the US of A police in 2015 - 1,019 were by gunshot...
305 were white; 137 were black; the rest were mixed race - only 13% of the US pop. is black
How does one like that Bro. Grim GOSH

You are 100 times less likely to be shot by a UK police officer than an american.
No consolation at all if you are innocent and dead.
Modern life; not guilty but gone GOSH

Two tv political pundits - one tory and one blairite - denied any knowledge of the tory election expenses scam.
Not selective amnesia - they denied any knowledge at all...
The sitting labour MP, Alan Johson; vaguely remembered something when pressed...
Talk about the politician 'bad name game' GOSH

The IMF - a bank initialy funded (tax payers money) by the 44 countries that created it; at the Bretton Woods US of A. now has 144/189 members.
The role of the IMF is to maintain the stability of the international monetary system - police the system - and get rid of world poverty.
Things aren't going that great...GOSH

To say that the IMF is on the right of politics would be right on the money.
The MD of the IMF has reported that corruption could damge the world banking system
Is there more funny money hidden from the banking system than in the banking system!
It's their game and it's going wrong again...GOSH

Greece owes the IMF money aswell as; German and French private banks; which are chums with the IMF.
The Yanks who run the IMF have their private banks involved with the ECB and the Greek debt...
The electronic money created by billing us plebs - and creating funny money debt - hasn't solved the problem. Oh what a tangled web the weave...
When first the practice to deceive...

SUN 15th of May 2016

Today in 1869 the national women suffrage association was started in New York City
(how many other NE place names can one equate to America)
It was in 1897 that the UK formed a national movement - they were upper and middle class women and known as 'militants'
Suffragettes or silly gits GOSH

At the end of the first world war ( 1918 - remember ) female home owners (over 30) were 'allowed' to vote.
In 1928 all women (and men) over 21 were given the right to vote.
Many are unaware of the physical and mental violence, imprisonment and forced feeding, etc that these women were subjected to - the sacrifices of the few for the many
It was many years later that Frankie Valli and the four seasons made famous 'let's hang on to what we got'.
It's all about sex... I mean love between the sexes; not male politics.
Don't mention the sex differential pay grade GOSH

All the psychobabble re. 'in or out' is now coming out.
'Tommy Gun' will soon be 'Ray Gun' - science fiction does come true.
George Orwells '1984' was written in 1949 - It had the world split into three zones; constantly at war - go on read it...
His predicted geographical zones won't come about cos of Global warming...
The UK will become part of the Euro trading - not fighting - zone; controversially including Russia...
There will of course be 'the Americas' and, Australia with China etc.
How do you like them grapes! Gozo(ne)GOSH

The Trade treaties that the US of A so desperately needs with Europe won't come about.
The present world monetary system controlled by America will soon collapse...
The trump wall won't collapse; cos it wont be bleeding built...
All this change could happen quickly - or; it could take generations...
Want some more free insider gen! no josh GOSH

The Portillo/Johnson collusion to feign ignorance of the illegal tory election expanses scam is decidedly dodgy...
Is it a pact of hiding more corrupt collusion - embarrassment - what are they not telling us...
Governed by gonads GOSH

How long will the TV money keep the premiership going!
Despite record income; spending has gone down...
Are the owners turning the borrowed funny money used to buy the clubs; into real money; or hidden from the banking system money!
Ask the fans! it's a great game GOSH

Whether Greece defaults on the loans and leaves Europe; or not; there will be a profound effect on Europe and change.
If we leave Europe or stay in; now is the time for change...
If we vote out; Dodgy dave has promised to eat a lib dem hat, a football presenters skiddies and shove his elbow up what he should show in Fenwicks window.