MAY 1st 2018

On this day

May Day - originally a Roman festival which began on 28th April and lasted several days to mark the commencement of summer.
In England, middle and lower classes would gather flowers - ‘go a maying’ - and the prettiest village maid was crowned Queen of the May, celebrated with dancing around the maypole.
May day means something different today - It takes two to tango; will another one go GOSH

1328; The Wars of Scottish Independence ended.
England recognised the Kingdom of Scotland as an independent state.
In this era of devolution, will there be A scotland gate GOSH

1517; In 'Evil May Day' riots in London, London apprentices attacked foreign residents.
Cardinal Wolsey suppressed the rioters, of whom 60 were hanged - an extremely hostile environment. Don't mention the catholic church and history - not even for the love of God GOSH

1707; almost four centuries later; The Act of Union joined the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.
It is not just the weather that is different in Scotland...
In a few generations, long after the oil has run out, will global warming change everything.
After a bit sex and violence will these isles become one again GOSH

1916;The end of the Easter Rising in Ireland, following a week of bitter fighting in Dublin after Irish Nationalists rose against British rule on Easter Monday, 24th April.
More than 400 lost their lives.
The 'troubles' have never completely stopped - will they kick off big time over The EU.
Give me a greedy gun GOSH

2014;It was revealed that OCR (optical character recognition) scanners would confuse arms and anus in old text, leading to some unusual romantic translations...
The banks and IT more than seem to have their share of money eating problems...
It has a lot less to do with technology and much more to to with the GIG economy and greed.GOSH

Is it strange that news of Greece is always on the back burner.
Strange bedfellows indeed; the disinterested pleb; the MSM and the greedy GOSH

MAY 2nd 2018

On this day

1194;King Richard I gave Portsmouth its first Royal Charter.
The date that such a charter was granted is considered to be when a city was founded.
A bit like the city of culture today...
The frst dick was known as lionheart - his dad Henry11 gave no land (English or French) to his elder brother john.
Which gave rise to the dysfunctional family and myth (or not) of Robin hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Don't mention Crusades, kidnapping and Godamn Gold GOSH

1536; Anne Boleyn, second wife of England's King Henry VIII, was sent to the Tower of London, accused of adultery, incest, treason and witchcraft.
She was executed 17 days later.
Her dad tommy was a close friend of Henry who 'pinched' a lot of his land on marriage.
You won't get me I'm part of the union - tommy died landless.
Don't mention a lot of things; including the start of the reformation and gallons of gore GOSH

1797; A mutiny in the British navy spread from Spithead to the rest of the fleet.
Ever heard of a 'D' notice...
The establishment - Phony Tony as PM questioned the very existence of an establishment - can restrict any information or gen given to the plebs.
We think we know the gen... No JOSH GOSH

1933; The modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster was born when a sighting made local news.
Several London newspapers sent correspondents to Scotland, and a circus offered a £20,000 reward for capture of the beast.
There's nowt as queer as folk - do you give the advertisers of this world; reason to gloat GOSH

2015; The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana), a sister to Prince George.
She will be fourth in line to the throne.
Primogeniture - the heir being male - has come and gone throughout the history of this planet.
At the moment it only applies to royal births before 2011...
Succession is like casino's - the house always wins.
The present UK royal house is windsor - don't mention them germans; No JOSH GOSH

Our present queens spouse is Greek.
Both Greece and Germany are now Republics - so is France; believe it or not at the moment.
Still members of the EU trading block.
We are a still a constitutional monarchy.
Long live the KING; there's klingons off the starboard and larboard (port) bow...

MAY 3rd 2018

On this day

1497; A rising broke out in Cornwall, provoked by taxation.
James Tutchet led an army of 15,000 from Taunton through the southern counties to attack London.
Was jimmy a military man mesmorising the masses,or; paying the plebs - he was a baron against Henry 11.
Being in the 'higher' echelon he was beheaded; instead of hung.
If; you don't do anything about it; you deserve everything you don't get.
It's local election voting day for some...
Time for change; who are you/we to disagree GOSH

1788; The first daily evening newspaper, the Star and Evening Advertiser, was published in London.
If you don't think that the owners of the printed press are part and parcel (there's a cliche for ya) of the rich establishment; you need some more Grrr. in your placate the pleb Grammar GOSH

The web/internet was supposed to be for all - especially us plebs.
The rich establishment are now trying (well on the way) to control the Web; with the contrived moral assistance of nation state elected 'representatives'.
Get your arse and mind into gear...
Get into my gang GOSH

1926; Britain's first General Strike, in support of the miners started 'On This Day'.
It ended 8 days later on 12th May.
Times change; when playing the race card in those days, them on the 'wrong' side of black emancipation were called, 'Uncle Toms'.
Today; they are called, 'coconuts'; brown on the outside and white on the inside - what no middle!
Is coconut asexual to reflect/represent the present spate of feminism.
Wann be in my gender! Josh or no josh GOSH

1956;Granada TV broadcast for the first time at 7.30 p.m.
With the ending of the BBC's monopoly on broadcasting, viewers saw their first television advertising and four days later Granada did the first sports outside broadcast.
The game between the state and private TV began.
The BBC. is now seeing off the advertising; despite...
If you dont think that the greedy gits have taken over the BBC!
You need more, less manipulating memes, and less mind numbing programming - play the game GOSH

Riots in Greece - and now France, receive less of a public (pleb) airing by the MSM (press and TV) than they used to.
You will be in my gang - you must be doolally to believe in self determination.

MAY 4th 2018

On this day

1859; The Cornwall Railway opened across the Royal Albert Bridge and linked the counties of Devon and Cornwall.
It was built for profit in an era of inequality - which brings us on to the HS2.
The HS2 is good for you; GOOD Getawaaay GOSH

HS2 was concientiously conceived by a blairite government and placate the pleb promiseered as a national infrastructure project by a con/lib coalition.
As one second generation mixed race (coloured) comedienne, bluntly put it, 'who on earth wants to get to Birmingham 20 minutes quicker'

We (us plebs) will be luck/unlucky to see phase1 completed; never mind the planned extension to Leeds/manchester (phase 2/102b)
Approximately £2billion has been spent/wasted already.
Will those involved at the top; whether it is built or not; get some form of Gong GOSH

The main reason for the sucess of the German economy is not centre right politics.
It is regional banking - by law, banks must invest in their own region.
HS2 - if! it goes ahead - will further divide a divided nation/UK.
Will a really broken Britain be that grand GOSH

1966; Harold Wilson's government agreed to increase doctors' and dentists' salaries by up to 30% after fears that thousands of GP's would leave the Health Service for private practice.
Next they'll be learning latin to say they are not greedy gits GOSH

2017 Buckingham Palce announced that the 95 year old Duke of Edinburgh would be retiring from royal duties in the autumn.
At the time of the announcement the Duke was Patron, President or a member of over 780 organisations, with which he would continue to be associated, although he would no longer play an active role by attending engagements.
Must be one hell of a grafter!
They'll soon (don't mention for nowt) be giving them royals gongs!GOSH

The infrastructure of Greece will be sold off for next to nowt soon.
Are the plebs of Greece really politically between a sunny rock and a hard place!

MAY 5th 2018

On this day

1215; Rebel barons renounced their allegiance to King John; part of a chain of events that led to the signing of the Magna Carta.
The charter had something to do with liberty.
A previous agreement; now almost purposefully forgotten, was given new life by greedy gits and the incumbent king; backed up with the threat of violence on both sides and overseen by the church.
Stalemate for a while...
Feed the goats a few groats GOSH

1760; The first public hanging took place at Tyburn in London.
The original family money was linked to royalty - the fourth earl, to put it in the vernacular; was deemed to be more than a bit of a nutter.
An early example of justice must be seen to be done; even for rich chaps. Earl Ferrers was executed after being convicted of murdering his valet.
He was the first to be hanged by the new 'drop' which had just been introduced in the place of the barbarous cart, ladder and medieval three-cornered gibbet.

One could still be hung by the kneck until pronounced dead for the crime of treason, or piracy with violence, until 1984 in the UK - don't mention arson in royal shipyards.

It is still OK to kill for your country but not in your country.
Which religious tribe came up with an eye for an eye... Don't mention the salvation army.
It is still OK to smack a child but not a grown up...
Where has all the humour of the gallows GONE GOSH

1964; The Council of Europe declared 5th May as Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.
In this era of inequality, brexit breakfast and international/nation state dodgy deluded democracy...
There's not enough love to go round.
When advancing over (open) ground.
Don't you dare; unless the bloke/mate next to is shot; go to gound NO GOSH.

2001; Britain's tourist industry hoped that the bank holiday weekend and good weather would attract visitors to areas previously closed due to foot and mouth disease.
At first; the establishment/powers to be were flumoxed as to how quickly Foot and Mouth had spread.
They then became aware that live stock were traded 3/4 times in their short lives.
Sometimes to the farm/outfit just across the road/valley.
Say no more, the cause and spread of Foot and Mouth was, wait for it, just making a decent living/Greed GOSH

Try and forget; lies damn lies and statistics for a few lines.
Tourism now accounts for nearly 10% of the National income.
Tourism - like it; or like it not - is directly proportional to the amount that we earn from making things.
Whether brexit affects tourism or not - in an economy under pressure, bereft of empire and in a position of political stalemate; it is time to let my expensive monarchy go NO GOSH

The Greek income from tourism is nearly twice ours.
More to do with the sun than now being a Republic.
Bet you a few Euros to a quick quid that Phil the Greek would disagree.

MAY 6th 2018

On this day

1536; King Henry VIII ordered that English language Bibles be placed in every church.
A religious brexit of the day.
Controll by the power of a King; not a democracy.
What conrivingly controls us plebs today!
A bankocracy powered by greed GOSH

1659; English Restoration: A faction of the British Army removed Richard Cromwell as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. Dickie was the son of Oliver - it was the son who lost controll.
A period of less sex and more violence in UK! history.
The period of greedy grabitbackocracy GOSH

When did the Mother of all parliaments become democratic!
After the second year of the second labour minority government...
'Labour' MP's were wearing top hats and sending their sons to Eton.
All under the auspices of royalty...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Not until after a period of extreme death and violence - never forget the russian state/empire lost twice as many souls as all the other nations put together in the second world war.
Did this nation state achieve anywhere near to being a democracy.
A sort of self determination mixed with the dying embers of the Empire.
The power and privilege of the monarchy was still in there.
Wanna be in my Great Britain Gang GOSH

1959; Icelandic gunboats fire lived ammunition at British trawlers during a Cod War between Britain and Iceland over fishing rights in the North Sea.
Iceland is not an EU member - nor will we be, soon...
Is there something fishy about Iceland!
Iceland food stores has links with Iceland.
They went bust at the same time as we bailed out the bankers - Iceland foods is now back in English (tory nouveaux riche) ownership - don't mention horse meat.
The people of Iceland took to the streets when the banks went bust...
Perhaps! they have more self determination as a nation state than us.
Wana be in my gunboat GOSH

1960; Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, married Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey in London.
It was the first televised royal wedding and was watched by more than 20 million viewers.
2018; another greedy git on benefit is getting hitched...
In this era of inequality; I'm well flummoxed as to why some plebs support the royals, instead of their fellow plebs.
It can't be, there go I, but for the grace of God GOSH.

Greece is a republic member of the EU.
The danish/greek international royalty relations of Phil the Greek have recently returned to Greece.
Do the greedy gang think they are in with a chance in the present economical/political climate.

MAY 7th 2018

On this day

1821; Sierra Leone, Gambia, and the Gold Coast were taken over by the British government to form British West Africa.
Get your slaves here...
All three are independent republics now.
The gold Coast is now called Ghana NO GOSH

1860; The birth of English freak showman Thomas Noakes, (later known as Tom Norman). In 1884, he took over the management of Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as the 'Elephant Man' and exhibited him for a few weeks until police closed down the show.
Over the next few years, Norman's travelling exhibitions featured Eliza Jenkins, the 'Skeleton Woman', a 'Balloon Headed Baby' and a woman who bit off the heads of live rats, the 'most gruesome' act that Norman claimed to have seen.
Other acts included fleas, fat ladies, giants, dwarfs and retired white seamen, painted black and speaking in an invented language, billed 'savage Zulus'.
Society likes something to see and rant on about.
Now that 'savage zulus' are old hat - don't mention institutional racism - is it now the turn of the Transgender NO JOSH GOSH

1928; The voting age for women in Britain was reduced from 30 to 21.
Emancipation and suffrage wasn't given to women - it had to be 'strenuously' earned over time.
Men are from Mars and women from Venus.
In many generations to come; after the colonisation of Mars - will the female species have to start all over again; or...
Will there just be the one gender NO JOSH GOSH

2014; An international league table (Better Life Index) showed that people in Britain were 24 per cent more likely to go out of their way to help a stranger than the average inhabitant of the world’s other leading industrial countries.
Before the brexit vote.
The number of people living on the UK streets is steadily increasing and directly proportional to the level of inequality.
Why and who comes out with this more than a touch if ironic gen?
No irony and no JOSH GOSH

Which nation states regard Greece as a developed nation.
Do Ukippers regard The UK as the most developed and desirable nation state.
It is all relative.
Does the EU have more relations in the USofA than we have now!
If you think that the likes of Johnson, Gove, and Reece Mog (et alia) are being altruistic sovereingty seekers;
You have less brain cells than my uncle Walters winnets.