One couldn’t make it up...

MAY 1/4 to 7/4 2016

SUN 1 of May 2016

Today in 1776; a german philosopher, Adam Weishaupt started up the bavarian illuminati.
An enlightenment era secret society - 5 law students from the uni of Ingolstadt
Been to Ingolstadt - a mix of charming old; and teutonic efficient new - nice 'laid back' part of the world; not as good as the lake district
Still; a canny grange of gaffs GOSH

Has anyone not heard of the illuminati; the controllers of the new world order?
It is in print; that old adam started the illuminati cos he couldn't afford to be in the freemasons.
Religion and the pursuit of power for profit - god can't be guilty GOSH

Conspiracy or open aspiration!
Mankind (that includes the girls) forms gangs to prosper and survive - no doubt about that.
The old cliched, 'we've established what you are - now we are discussing about how much' is the answer...
Are you in any kind of secret gang GOSH

What has BHS got in common with football clubs?
The owner(s) take the money out; and leave the scraps left, for the plebs.

Leicester football club is owned by a firm from Thailand.
Thai monks have blessed Leicester FC...
Everyones a winner...
There's nowt as gobsmacking as gadgees GOSH

The split in labour has gone - not unexpected from sizzling semantics to playing the politics.
Sadiq Khan has said the huha is damaging his chances of becoming the mayor of London.
Is the old 'new labour' gang dominated by Jews; or, is the labour party playing some form of... roulette! You pick the adjective in front of roulette - is it a good'un GOSH

The UK has new American and Israeli ambassadors.
They have both been 'bending the ear' - a new wave of waffle...
Palestine has an embassy in London - heard anything from them lately?
A squaddie dies; and a diplomat lies...
The good the bad and the ugly! - everybody is good GOSH

Is starbucks a multi-national, tax-avoiding,anti- union, profiteering outfit.!
It is now being sued big time in America; for the amount of ice in its cold drinks.
Too much cold gets the owners gold GOSH

In this ever increasingly competitive 'world' is it just the greedy gits at it!
Or; are we all forced into playing the game GOSH

Which western countries now have more lawyers than luvvies?
Quite a few; one should imagine...
And; even more geeks GOSH

The Greek loans talks are in deadlock.
If you think we have a problem with migration - spare a thought for the Greeks.
Greece is now piggy in the middle between; Turkey and Europe migration deals.

Today in 1536 Anne Boleyn was chucked into the tower of london, on charges of adultery, incest, treason and witchcraft.
Anne was henry the eighths second wife; and the first to lose her head over a heady mix of adultery,religion and ribaldry.
No male heir and couldn't even make the gravy GOSH

Bit of a lad our henry - power corrupts and all that tudor tuning jazz...
Couldn't happen with royalty today! could it?
Do they really believe in god! GOSH

EDF; majority owned by the French government; is trying to flog shares to anyone who'll buy em.
The French - and only the French - rely heavily on Nuclear power stations to provide electricity.
They can't afford to build new ones cos of the cost of decommissioning the old ones.
Pass the Geiger GOSH

The French are supposed to be providing the expertise;and the Chinese the money - or some concoction of the two...
To build the UK (probably just England) next wave of Nuclear power stations.
Don't mention the nuclear weapons deals with America or brexit and TTIP...
International trade talks must be gobsmackingly gridlocked...GOSH

The frackers are coming to Scarborough - by-passing the 'no' from Kirby Misperton council.
If you want to object to planning permission - frack free rydale in the search engine.

There are many - including me - that think; nuclear energy and fracking will have even less economic benefit than...
The planning preparation for HS2 is costing us a fortune.
No where near a train and all that Gravy GOSH

The lads of Leicester FC are getting close now...
How can a team worth 30 bob beat squads worth £300m!
Won't be much of a team from a squad with a massive range of payscales - paid before one plays.
Already got the lolly-golly GOSH

The voluntary guidelines for tipping aren't working - legislation necessary!
Any country that has to have a minimum working/living wage is at odds with itself.
Life for some is terrible - for others; great GOSH

The Greek min. wage peaked at £170/week in 2012.
In jan. 2016 it was £134/week.
The UK living wage for 25+ is £288/40 hr. week.
The Uk min wage 21-25 is £268/40 hr. week.
The cost of living in Greece is %30 lower than most European countries.
The Greek income is %50 lower than the UK income...
Any difference is made up by a better social security system.
The EU and Yank banks want to make the plebs poorer.

TUES 3rd of May 2016

1960; 15 years after the war ended; the Anne Frank museum opened in Amsterdam.
She was a German Jewish diarist - made stateless by hitler - she died aged 16; of disease in belson; just weeks before it was liberated - only the forcibly seperated father survived, cos he could work; the mother and two daughters perished
Hitler had laws passed which made the persecution of jews legal!
And; another one gone GOSH

If; one reads about the holocaust; one can understand and come to a sort of realisation of the state of mind of present day Jews...
Hitler and the nazis were bullies who picked on the weakest...
The zionists of Israel cannot see that; now, they are the bullies picking on the weakest - the Palestinians.
Are rich Jews that profit from poor Jews; just more godly galvanised GOSH

Sellafield in Cumbria is to be the site of one of the 8 new proposed nuclear power stations - due on line 2025.
Cumbria is a green national park - a world away from the SE that needs the energy.
Politicians making narrow minded decisions that unfairly affect the long term lives of plebs.
We can't see the stock piled waste or the grid GOSH

More plebs to lose their jobs in the banking sector.
The banks still can't get it right - despite quantitave easing - more money for them and more debt for the plebs.
The politicians promise to sort out banking - especially tax havens - is just exactly that...
'a politicians promise'
Are we really gobsmacked GOSH

Well Leicester have only gone and done it.
The Thai billionaire that runs the consortium that owns Leicester FC bought it as an investment...
He plays polo - tea on the terraces! eh!
The Leicester fans should thank the Thai plebs for providing the money.
Goal or own goal GOSH

The new universal credit will make plebs poorer.
Do not fear; it is a plan to make everyone richer.
Austerity and zero hours rule OK.
Becoming a surplus to requirments slave will be great GOSH

There's a new law going through the houses at the moment.
Everyone; I repeat, everyone; will be able to rob a pension pot and by a £100m yacht.
A tax haven will pay for the golden guardrail GOSH

The rich Greeks are investing abroad and keeping a low profile at home.
The Greek rich gits with tax haven accounts use the same ones as the rest of the 1% that own the wealth.
The richer ones will be first in the queue to greedily grasp another more refined level of secretion.

WED 4th of May 2016

In 1959 - yes that long ago - the grammy awards had their first annual do in the Beverley hilton hotel.
The B H is a 'luxury' hotel in Los Angeles California that holds many of the ceremonies that worship money.
We all haven't one foot in the gutter and looking towards the stars - a lottery of life ...
Wonder who now makes galaxy GOSH

Barclays 'bank' are trying to flog the %100 mortgage again.
One needs ones parents as a sponsor to get on the housing market.
Can one just imagine the desperate gatherings of the greedy gits; to get the plebs behind their gravy train again GOSH

The Japanese have a 100 year mortgage...
The Japanese bubble burst years ago - the Japanese economy is still floundering today.
The abacus arrangers are flummoxed - somewhat aghast GOSH

The japanese national debt is huge compared to nearly all the other developed countries.
Yet Japan owns a canny chunk of American debt - who has a huge chunk; China.
The mess made by the money men is ever more speedily being understood and realised by the plebs.
Who's in charge again! banks or governments GOSH

Nissan is a large employer in the NE of England...
Nissan is %45 owned by Renault...What you didn't know!
If the UK votes to leave Europe! will we say TaTa (Jaguar, Land Rover and Daimler) to those jobs!
Some powerhouse! - Ask a young'n about the Jarrow march - All them jobs gone NO GOSH

The UK supermarkets are seeing profits down.
The plebs (have nots) are apolitically voting with their pockets.
They are flocking to Aldi and Lidl...
Two multi- nationals owned by the German families - no josh GOSH

Care homes are the latest publicised casuality of private banking created debt.
If interest rates go up; they can't afford to pay off the debt that was borrowed to start the business.
Banks desperately need to put up interest rates to turn the Quantitave Easing created funny money into funny money.
If business and individuals go bankrupt they cant pay...
A classic, modern financial catch 22 created by the geedy gits GOSH

Who tells the most porkies?
Politics or Police!
It's hard to keep count when they collude
Are under cover cops colluding with the corporatism that lobby governments for gain GOSH!

A European court has ruled that a data transfer agreement between the EU and the USofA violates the European human rights law.
A blow for Google, Facebook and The US security mass surveillance regime.
The practices of whom were shown to be illegal by the whistle blowing of Edward Snowden.
Have a gander GOSH

The trawling and merchandising of data is now big business.
Data is an important factor in the covert creeping privatisation of the NHS.
' that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone'
'They paved paradise and put up a parking lot'
Going... going... gone GOSH

Nothing new...
It's just a matter of time for the skulldugery and corruption of the loans to come out.

THURS 5th of May 2016

In 1762 Russia and Prussia signed the Treaty of Petersburg ending the Seven years War.
Prussia was the old German Empire ruled by a monarch and the teutonic knights.
The end of the first world war resulted in a revolution and the setting up of a republic.
Being a republic didn't stop them having another go GOSH

Is your boss on another big bonus?
How's your pay as a pleb going...
They really can't see for the greed goggles GOSH

In 210 camelot (a consortium set up for the contract) sold the national lottery to a Canadian teachers pension fund for £400m.
Guess who uses a tax haven...
Bet ya the owners don't have to buy a ticket to get rich...
The UK lootto is harder to win now - heres a break down of the old £1 ticket cost...

50p Prize fund
28p Good causes
12p Government
5p Retailers as commission
5p Camelot
4.5p!!! Camelot for operating costs
0.5p Camelot for profit
Remember Eton college was given one of the first grants out of the 28p good causes - 3 million smackers
Them greedy gits know how to grab GOSH

Sovereingty and self determination; indeed...
The greedy gits are suckering this country dry.
Where has all the money gone GOSH

BT announced pretax profits of £2.6 billion ; Sky news - over £3B. BBC - for last year.
Open Reach - part of the BT group - was given £1 billion to roll out broadband across the country...
Company accounts are about as reliable as a politicians promise.
The shareholders divi is bigger - alas; the black hole in the pension fund is increasing
Is your broadband and TV box going great GOSH

Greece and Germany have one thing in common - the are not part of the Euromillions lottery.
The Greek Gov. owned their national lottery - it was one of the first national co's to be sold off under the bail out deals.
It is now embroiled in a melange of obfuscation...
Germany has a state lottery administered by the 16 regions of the state and about 6 much smaller private ones.
It is also a member of the Eurojackpot set up to compete with the Euromillions outfit. The Eurojackpot is a mix of private and state members.

FRI 6th of May 2016

1937 was the year that LZ 129 Hindenberg; a luxury trans-atlantic airship; caught fire and fell to the ground at new Jersey.
36 people were killed...
7 million cu ft of hydrogen above a few gondolas Gone GOSH

(sir) Philip Green is taking on the commons select committee...
The owner of BHS that sold it to a twice previously bankrupted operator for £1.
Mr Green the man with all the money in his wifes name who lives in the tax haven of Monaco.
There's grafters and grafting GOSH

The panama papers are 11.5 leaked documents that spill the beans on over 200,000 off shore companies.
Of which 31,000 are linked to the UK...
Dodgy daves dad avoided tax for 30 year with mossack fonesca - whe DD became prime minister the wedge was transferred to Ireland
Where has all the money gone GOSH

Many world politicans and companies stash money in the secret mossack sack.
The holding companies are used to buy property in the UK.
Plebs on the street; second home mansions for the rich greedy gits.

There are stadiums full of international footie officials named on the panama papers. Life is grander with more than one game GOSH

6 members of the house of lords are on the list.
Most of em donated huge amounts to the conservative party.
Have to delve deeper into that new labour lot...
They like aspiration, innovation and graft GOSH

BBC presenters are predicting the decline of labour after the election results...
Gets some stick from the establishment; does our Jeremy.
They are just having a josh GOSH

Not many at all from Greece on the list - it won't be the only one...
Wonder if the Greek media avoid the subject as much as the UK

SAT 7th of May 2016

Today in 1840 the Russian composer Tchaikovsky - you know! the ballet 'swan lake' - was born.
That beatles No. - roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news. No!
Known by his surname only - his first names: Pyotr, IIyich...
Now theres two names to get round your gums GOSH

A pack of Australian cigarettes will cost £23 by 2020 - due to planned tax increase.
I smoked for 37 year; packed in on the day of my 50th birday; after failing once...
Addiction has been around as long as man...
The addiction of putting 'things' into the human body can be lethal...
Stop while you can...Go on... Give it a go GOSH

Flood Fire and Famine - alliteration or religion!
No! Science...
When man - in the pursuit of profit - mucks about with nature; it inevitably; now and again; sneaks around the back and bites him on the bum.
Gnashers for posh nosh GOSH

Famine happens in Africa - doesn't it...
We in the west are in charge - we control - don't we!
Famine!!! we don't even need food banks...
Kiss my ass as I wave you goodbye GOSH

The Irish potato famine and the resultant death, disease and poverty;
was the cause of Irish independence from British Rule.
The Indian sub continent has never experienced a serious famine since the end of British colonial rule.
Does history repeat itself!
Is it a famine of opportunity that has caused Scottish and Welsh devolution from British rule.
Don't mention the scum of the Glasgow Gorbals GOSH

The cabinet of millionaires must be decidedly dizzy after all the disguised U turns.
Are they aware they are increasingly polarising Uk politics - a division by dogma...
Can they see through the glazing of greed GOSH

Wonder when the establishment will decide to publish the Chilcot whitewash.
Anti semitism was timed to do the damage.
Us plebs will be even more aghast GOSH

At the time of the cold war and after; the Americans had a parapsychology warfare unit.
Stealth bombing at its finest...
Ya all heard of cyberwars...
The CIA actually set up a 'unit' to monitor the financial trading houses for signs of terrorist activity.
The theory; the baddies can't resist the lure of money; insider trading resulting from pre-event knowledge and the ensuing piggyback trading will signal an oncoming terrorist event...
All this elite surveilance and safeguards - did that bank crash really happen!
Be careful out there; they are watching you with all manner of glasses... GOSH

GREECE Who was watching the downfall of the Greek Economy - was it the Greek public officials with their intelligence departments!
Or the invisible hand and eye of private banking.
It was American private bank secret loans that accelerated the demise of the Greek economy - let's blame the plebs.
It was a manipulated series of private world banking skulldugerry that saddled the Greeks with unsustainable debt - let the world blame the Greek plebs.
The weakest economy landed up with the biggest debt.
These are the same banks that us Uk plebs bailed out - Remember.