MAR 23rd 2018

On this day

1645; The birth of William Kidd (later known as Captain Kidd).
He was tried and executed for piracy in 1701 after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean.
Despite the legends and fiction surrounding Captain Kidd, his actual career was punctuated by only a handful of skirmishes followed by a desperate quest to clear his name.
Shall we hang him!
This kidd was a jock who lived in the recently urbanised New York.
His hanging and public display of remains in London; had more than a touch of intrigue in the fast moving adversity of the politics of the day...
In a few generations - or less - the belligerent protagonists in the Brexit breakfast will enter the disputed realms of myths and folklore of human history.
Are you a giggly gland GOSH!

1848; The good - give me the money - ship John Wickliffe arrived at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, carrying the first Scottish settlers from Greenock on the Firth of Clyde.
The gentrification of NZ began in earnest - to the detriment of the indigenous population; who, or whatever they were.
Is gentrification the new colonisation! - you bet an immigrants imagination.
As each generation - age is irrelevant - comes on line; the sooner they realise that it has all been done before- the agnostic better.
Those that take a lend of their fellow humans in their non stop race; know this already.
In this present age of austerity and this seemingly ever so convenient instant innovation; it is up to the plebs what comes to Pass - time for big change with consent not adversity.
Let's hang on to what we got; thats why we make em; giz a gun GOSH

1929; Dr. Roger Bannister, the first person in the world to run a mile in under four minutes was born.
His world beating record time was 3 min 59.4 sec. in 1954.
In the 60's athletics - despite the relative wealth of class distinction - was still going strong under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Association.
Events were held in stadiums; not city centres...
The best slapstick I have ever seen in reality; took place at the end of the meeting at Gateshead stadium.
The pole vaulters carried their own poles in them days - the slapstick!
The winner trying to get out of the stadium while trying to carry two poles and three holdalls.
Two of the holdalls were prizes...
In this era of individual endeavor sport is now professional - it worships mammon and mendacity...
Individuals are con - veniently injured; not resting or burnt out; under the constant pressure to 'compete'...
The real winners are the greedy gits NO GOSH

1991; the circus boy/banker Prime Minister John Major issued his Citizens' Charter.
Failing public service providers would be forced to offer customers cash refunds or face government budget cuts.
Tough decisions made by the rich on behalf of the poor, or playing placate the pleb - 25 year - a generation nowadays - before the Brexit vote.
I'm still flumoxed as to why the country (now countries) moved to the centre right and then marginally to the far right to cure the economic woes of the developed/advanced part of the planet world.
The brexit vote didn't come about cos of immigration or sovereignty - it happened cos of plebs wanting a decent job; therefore a decent standard of living...
Change should have come about from within the trading block - god bless the Chinese and Americans...
Which way will we go GOSH!

The Greeks are the poor kids on the EU block.
Poor kids with a coalition of left and a smattering of breakaway greedy gits government.
Is their democracy in greater peril than ours!

MAR 24th 2018

On this day

1707; The Acts of Union 1707 was signed, officially uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland to create the Kingdom of Great Britain.
The act of union played no mean part in affecting the balance of power in Europe when royalty ruled OK
Just over three centuries later inequality and now brexit have made the SNP say,
'Let my people go', No GOSH

Wonder if the sweaty socks would vote to stay if england/Uk became a fairer (no pun...) Republic.
The haves are hanging on to the back end of royalty like glitterati hanging on to third class celebrity guilds and gangs GOSH.

The act of union to bring the island of Ireland under the control of royalty and the supporting gang of greedy gits was another political decision made in 1800.
And so the 'troubles' began again NO GOSH

Eire became the Republic of Ireland in 1937 - the good friday agreement was approved by referendum both sides of the border in 1998 - the recent troubles had over 3,000 deaths.
Devolution - driven by inequality - is once again paramount in affecting, to some extent. the balance of power in a mostly republic, centre right controlled Europe.
Would getting rid of the dysfunctional UK royal family go some way to making things a little less complicated.
Time for change - let the greedy gits go NO GOSH

2015; UK inflation fell to zero for the first time on record.
A deep oil price slump and a fierce price war being fought out by supermarkets brought fuel prices down by 16.6% over the year and cut food prices by 3.4%.
Can one have growth without inflation - have plebs had enough of experts.
Before the more belligerent brexiteers; economic forecasts ruled OK.
I'm - yes me - not going to make any forecasts; however; here's some personal proof of trend...
When we lived in France we averaged 1,40 Euro to the pound - it's now down to 1.14.
The bankers have no international borders - they are not fussy when pursuing profit...
It is the politicans of the day that start trade wars...
Here we Go GOSH

Greece can't afford to pay the interest on the loans never mind pay the 86 billion Euro/pound/dollar loans back.
The International Monetary Fund - don't mention the alleged skullduggery - has given a further loan and wants to extend the pay back period.
The German banks - who in practice control the European Central Bank; the Euro - who hold the most debt; want the loans repaid as soon as possible.
Those against the EU will be trying to laugh all the way to the bank...

MAR 25th 2018

On this day

On This Day 25th March 1199;King Richard I was wounded by a crossbow bolt while fighting in France, leading to his death on 6th April.
Richard spent very little time in England and lived in his Duchy of Aquitaine in the southwest of France, preferring to use his kingdom as a source of revenue to support his armies(mercenaries).
He produced no legitimate heirs and acknowledged only one illegitimate (bastard in the vernacular ) son, Philip of Cognac.
He was succeeded by his brother John as King of England.
Was Robin hood; a god fearing, good baddie or a bad goodie ! GOSH

1807; The Slave Trade Act received the royal assent, eventually bringing an end to the slave trade.
British merchants transported nearly three million black Africans across the Atlantic between 1700 and the early 19th century.
The 1833 Slavery Abolition Act outlawed slavery itself throughout the British Empire but slaves did not gain their final freedom until 1838.
Slave owners of all classes were paid a small/large fortune in compensation.
The slave trade is alive and well (hidden - don't mention working for nowt and the gig economy)
Immigrant slaves are refered to as trafficked.
The kids that played Ken Dodds' diddy men were not payed.
Was tax dodging Ken (a modern myth working class hero) really that good GOSH

1957;Six European nations signed the Treaty of Rome thus establishing the Common Market.
They were Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg.
The UK officially joined the EEC with Denmark and the island called Ireland in 1973; under the control of a greedy git government led by Ted Heath
A referendum on membership of the EEC was held in 1975 - a labour govervment.
Despite the deep split in the labour party; the country voted for continuation of membership - 67% for...
This was an era of nation state and trading block mixed economies without pronounced inequality.
Nowadays would it be facetious to say; 'when the going gets tough; the tough get going' GOSH

Much more than a generation ago I read about the - then well worn amongst the knowing - Mckinder concept...
'Who ever rules the heartland of Europe; rules the world'
No matter what the change in nation state world power and economics; the mckinder concept still holds true.
Immigration and sovereignty are merely minor reasons for the brexit vote.
The real reason behind the brexit vote is inequality.
Change in the long run should come about from within; no man is an Island...
It take a change within our nation state to end inequality.
When the plebs are ready; will we re-enter the European trading block to increase ones personal wealth. Lets have less graft and a bit more gander GOSH

In 1975; the national front marched - some in uniform - through London to protest against the vote for Europe.
The national front morphed into the British National Party in an attempt to increase membership and stand/sit in elections - they got not one political seat anywhere in the UK.
UKIP came about in 1991 - it has 19 soon to disappear MEP's, 3 members of the house of Lords and a declining smattering of local concillors.
If you don't think that UKIP is predominantly far right racist; you need another hole in your head.
Unfortunately many UKIP members would be more than pleased to put one there.
The desperate vote of the desperate gullible GOSH

The far right is on the rise in Greece - Golden Dawn is internationally described as Neo Nazi and racist
Is this the consequence of a 'left wing' government accepting austerity!
The good lord and his servants on earth move in mysterious ways...

MAR 26th 2018

On this day

On This Day 26th March 1885; A lady well-known in literary and scientific circles’ was the only clue The Times gave to the identity of the woman who was cremated by the Cremation Society in Woking, Surrey.
She was the first person to be officially cremated in Britain and was a Mrs. Pickersgill, the first of three cremations that year.
Hope I die before I get old - too late now...
You're gonna burn...
'Religion was invented to give hope in the next world; to those that have no hope in this', JK. Gilbraith.
When your gone you're gone no Gosh.

1902; The British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes died in Cape Town, aged 48.
Rhodes who controlled 90% of the world's diamond production, was influential in establishing the British crown in South Africa and Rhodesia.
The world has moved on since then; although...
Some whites still think/wish that the UK Empire hasn't gone GOSH

1973;Women stockbrokers were allowed on the floor of the London Stock Exchange for the first time in its 200 year history.
Men are from Mars; women from Venus.
Feminism has had another somewhat ferocious flurry in 2018,
Some women can be just as nasty as men - in life, not the battle/war for supremacy.
Equality of the sexes - if it ever truly happens - will be such a brief moment in the history of time.
Go girl go GOSH

2012; New record temperatures for Scotland were set at Cromdale in Moray, which reached a temperature of 23.3C. making it the hottest 26th March since records began.
The unseasonable warm weather made the UK hotter than southerly parts of Europe, including Barcelona, Nice, Majorca and Faro.
Wonder how and when, Brexit will affect Brits on holiday in the EU.
Warming, is just one of the reasons for the colonisation of Mars/another planet.
The main reason in this era of over-privatisation is profit - can you afford to go GOSH

2015 Richard III, the only English monarch without a marked grave, was reinterred at Leicester Cathedral after much wrangling, including High Court action over his final resting place.
Richard III's body was buried in the now demolished Franciscan Friary in Leicester and was discovered in September 2012 under what had become a car park.
From 28th March 2015 the area of Richard III's tomb was open to the public.
This funeral crown was commissioned by an historian who was involved in the dig that discovered Richard III's remains - was he a member of the 'Dick the Turd' attributed to an Irish comedian with a finger missing,society 'A horse... A horse... 'my' kingdom for a horse...'
There's a joke in there somwhere; but. it's long gone GOSH

Before all roads led to Rome; the Greeks had their time as world - as it was known - leader.
Will the Chinese ever be top dog!
Not if the EU has its way - don't be alone out there...

MAR 27th 2018

On this day

On This Day 27th March 1306; Robert the Bruce (eighth Earl of Carrick) was crowned King of Scotland at Scone Palace, near Perth.
Bruce secured Scottish independence from England, militarily at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
The Scots are going for devolution in a big way today - how will they achieve independence!
It's not the economy of scale - they want to stay in the EU trading block, and all the advantages.
Nor is it economy of scale as a nation state post brexit.
It is the oil and international ownership of Scottish land thar is being hung onto by the gang of greedy gits. GOSH,

1854; Britain declared war on Russia - ever heard of the Crimean war; it only lasted two years...
The pursuit of wealth under the guise of religion by nation states.
You must of heard of Florence Nightingale and the battle of Ballaclava - haven't you.
Now as then, it's the no. of deaths that bring an end to hostilities. Guns and graves GOSH

1880; The Salvation Army uniform was authorized, but the distinctive bonnets for women did not appear until June - ever heard the less than jocular, ... and all she had on was her sally bash bonnet
1881; Rioting took place in Basingstoke in protest against the daily promotion of rigid alcohol abstinence by the Salvation Army.
If death and destruction are mans', and now womans', two favorite pastimes; Drink must come a close third - drugs must be going through a relatively cheaper phase in history.
Giz a gun and gallon GOSH

1964; Six months after the ‘Great Train Robbery’ in Buckinghamshire, 20 of the gang were still at large, but the ten who were arrested were found guilty of stealing more than £2.6m from mailbags.
Sentences totalled 307 years in jail.
In the banker bonus era of today - a tough term for a trivial amount.
Justice must be seen to be done - wanna be in my gang! GOSH

If you don't think that the right wing of the labour party - condoned by the establishment; lets hang on to what we got - are playing the race card!
You need another hole in your hollowcause... greedy GOSH

Wonder if the decidedly dodgy use of data bases has affected Greek and yet to be revealed other nation states - in the EU or not!

MAR 28th 2018

On this day

1800; The Irish Parliament passed the Act of Union with England.
The Act included joining Ireland to Great Britain to form a single kingdom, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
The border in Ireland came about after provision was made in 1921 - the formation of the Irish Free state as defined by the Anglo-Irish treaty 1921.
The NI act of 1988 was to do with the devolution of NI within the organisation of the EU - read all about it.
Don't mention the 1998 good friday peace agreement.
Eire or southern island is still in and remaining a member of the EU - hence the perceived to come bother over the 300 mile border...
The irony is that the Eire economy has very strong links to the USofA computer and now internet industry.
Isn't the global economy and clandestine smuggling to come a gargantuan giggle GOSH

1913; The first Morris Oxford car left the converted Military Academy at Cowley, Oxfordshire.
It was William Morris's first factory.
The politicians and pundits are still expediently banging on about the British Car industry.
We haven't got one - it disappeared not long after the Empire.
The greedy git party still has not come to terms with the Brexit protest referendum result.
Hence the awarding of the blue passport contract to a member of the EU.
Brexit is simulating democracy by becoming a dogs breakfast - try not to gasp or giggle GOSH

2017 A 12-sided £1 coin went into circulation.
The new coins feature a string of security features including a hologram that changes from a '£' symbol to the number '1' when the coin is seen from different angles.
They are being made at the Royal Mint Llantrisant, Wales.
The pound sterling is the oldest currency still in use - the value rated now on the UK economy is dropping.
When the greedy gits refused to adopt the Euro - influenced by the banker led service industry - I would have kicked us out of the EU.
It was only the size of the UK economy that kept us in the EU club.
The EnglisH pleb voted to come out cos they weren't getting their share of the gravy NO GOSH

Despite the economic woes; Greece shows no sign of leaving the EU trading block.
If the majority of a nation state or Organisation wants something to work; it usually does.
Before the brexit vote I predicted that Russia and Turkey would become members of the EU.
Despite the present political tensions and actual death and destruction - a week is still along time in politics
The brexit vote will bring about an increase in EU membership - Turkey has applied; will Russia!

MAR 29th 2018

On this day

1461; Over 28,000 people were killed in the battle of Towton, North Yorkshire, during the War of the Roses (Lancaster against York).
It is described as 'probably the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil'.
The Lancastrians, under Henry VI, were crushed and the throne was claimed by Edward IV.
Nearly 600 year before the even larger and bloodless, as yet according to stats, battle of Brexit.
How far are us humans prepared to go for marginal returns in a new alleged era of sovereignty to be.
If enough change isn't brought about; brexit will have been all for nowt - in the vernacular of region
It will be pointless to plebs (non greedy gits) if 'we' just give it half a go GOSH

Assuming that the real reason for brexit is a protest against the haves; is the timing just a meaningless blip representing the disaffection of plebs.
Brexit - not just the economic consequences of the dogma of austerity - has helped to bring about the early adoption of political party pre-election promiseering by the greedy gits.
Who are you to disagree, he gobbed with glee GOSH

1788; The death of Charles Wesley, English evangelist and hymn-writer of more than 6,000 hymns. He was an evangelist like his brother John, who were the founders of Methodism.
Their father was an Anglican cleric who sent his sons to private education under the enduring influence of the eatablishment.
Much has been made of the religious differences between the mainstream and methodist churches.
The reason for divergence was, Charles Wesley thought the Church of England was corrupt...
Were Charlie boy and christians 'men of God' or 'men for god' GOSH

1940; The Bank of England introduced thin metal strips into banknotes as an anti-forgery device.
Many moons before; if the kings of England were short of a bob or two. it was okay for the king to call in the coins of the realm (usually gold) and to send them back out a bit lighter...
Ever heard of clipping; naughty plebs clipped a bit of the coins...
What's good for the goose is good for the gander...
The present money system of the creation and manoeuvering of money favours the haves; too much.
Don't believe me; have a good gander GOSH

1967; The Torrey Canyon oil tanker 'refused' to sink, despite more than a day of heavy bombing.
Tens of thousands of tons of oil formed a slick 35 miles long and up to 20 miles wide around the area.
A one off incident - don't mention sustained 'global warming' and production of plastic; which comes from oil
How big is your carbon footprint on this tiny globe in the Galaxy(s) GOSH

2004; The Republic of Ireland became the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places, including bars and restaurants.
I smoked for 37 year; I reckon I have a non addictive personality - it takes 10 year to get the system fully cleared after stopping
Some people get away with it - most don't...
Don't give it a go GOSH

2017; Theresa May ( a greedy git in disguise -if ever there was one 0triggered 'Article 50' to start the negotiation process for Britain to leave the European Union.
Today is the first anniversary - just one year to go GOSH

Greece still wants to remain a member of the EU - despite having more inequality and relative poverty than the UK.
It's hard to assess the outcome of brexit on the world economy.
It will effect the different nation states on this planet relatively.

MAR 30th 2018

On this day

1296;Edward I ( Ted Longshanks and hammer of the Scots- were his nicknames ) captured Berwick-upon-Tweed, during armed conflict between Scotland and England.
As many as 10,000 men, women and children were killed. Even a woman giving birth was hacked to pieces during her labour.
Even in predominant times of democracy; never mind death and destruction - the truth is the first thing out the window when man/womankind got to war.
In this era of 13th century death and destruction many atrocities were more than likely committed.
When the garrison commander Lord of Douglas surrendered, his life and those of his garrison were spared.
In this relative era of democracy; - less society and more individual endeavour - the truth is spun and the question very rarely indeed answered.
Play the game GOSH

1750; The birth of John Stafford Smith, English composer.
He is best known for writing the music for 'The Star-Spangled Banner' following the War of 1812.
Johny boy was a church organist -so was his dad - who was the Lennon mcCartney/Elton John/Loyd Weber of the day
The music of the 'spangled banner was used as a drinking song of the elite intelegentsia English club formed to promote music - I'm in with the in crowd
In 1931 it was adopted as the national anthem of the United States of America.
Is the special relationship still going GOSH

1936; Britain announced the construction of 38 warships, the largest construction programme for 15 years.
Not much to do with combating fascism - more to do with lamely hanging on to the Empire.
Wasn't it Betty One who cut down the forests of England to construct the warships of the navy - in defence of the realm of course...
Wealth didn't trickle down then; and, it doesn't trickle down now.
In this era of designer democracy; any increase in wealth will have to be earned - within the democratic rules of engagement of course.
Glasnost is gone GOSH

1978; Tory leader Margaret Thatcher recruited advertisers Saatchi & Saatchi to revamp her Party's image ahead of the General Election.
Now in the era of digitalisation and data - rules are meant to be broken; more than in the seventies...
Knowledge is power - if one isn't in the loop - knowledge is denied to the democratic masses; unless, it is revealed by a 'whistleblower'.
Any relevant revelation is spun...
Wanna be in my greedy gang GOSH

2002; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, (born August 4th 1900), died peacefully in her sleep, aged 101.
Was old betty a belligerent bitch!
The winner writes the history - the establishment has an inbuilt bias...
Let's hang on to what we got GOSH

Greece; despite being the poorest kid on the block, can still influence the EU.
If one is £1000 in debt to the bank; one is in trouble.
If one is a £million in debt; the bank is in trouble...

MAR 31th 2018

On this day

1862 The opening of Watchet railway station in Somerset.
It was chosen as the terminus of the West Somerset Railway as the town had been an important regional port on the Bristol Channel since the Middle Ages.
The WSR is the longest standard gauge independent heritage railway in the United Kingdom.
There are numerous preserved raiways in the UK - many are standard gauge and run restored steam locomotives.
The last steam train in england to work a national route was in 1968.
Very few of the mostly volunteer preserved lines are linked to the national network.
One doesn't need a signal gantry to have a good gander GOSH

HS11 Is good for you!
As the coloured comedienne commentated, 'I don't know anyone who wants to get to Birmingham 20 minutes quicker'
The HS11 was designed with profit in mind - many have made a fortune already; and, not an inch of track has been laid!
The UK rail system should be re-nationalised - the whole kit and caboodle as soon as possible.
When the rail route between Edinburgh and Glasgow was electrified; it was privatised halfway through.
The second half of construction (privatised) cost you (us) the tax payer twice as much as the nationalised first half of the line.
A nationalised infrastucture - like most other nation states is the way to go NO GOSH

1972; More than 500 people attended a rally in London ahead of a four-day demonstration against nuclear arms.
How many! the establishment writes the history.
Nation states with nuclear weapons have nuclear power stations to supply the necessary irradiated materials.
Nation states with Nukes don't have democratic buttons - sovereignty to who!
In countries with economies under pressure; the centre right - this generational moment - greedy gits GOSH

1990; An anti-poll tax rally in London erupted into the worst riots in the city for a 100 years when 200,000 protestors took to the streets - how many!
Was this the night that Charlie boy and Camilla were poked with a stick on their way to a theatre in one of the posh cars!
Was it a lack of common or arrogance that the windows weren't rolled up!
The Poll tax was trialed in Scotland - no wonder we have the SNP and devolution,
Has it taken a whole generation for here we actually go GOSH

Privatisation is part of the price of the loan pay back agreement signed by the Greek coalition government.
Many Greek plebs are grossly unhappy about the poor paying for the mistakes rich.
We aint seen nothing yet...