MAR 15th 2018

On this day

1906; Rolls-Royce Limited, the British car and aero-engine manufacturing company was founded by Henry Royce and C.S. Rolls.
The quintessential and quirkily English Rolls Royce and other famous marques are now owned and produced by the Germans.
Rolls Royce also made civilian and military things that fly in the sky - they have been a plc, nationalised, floated on the markets and privatised.
The car bits were split up and hived off long ago.
It's longer than you think; the period of making their bit for the greedy gits GOSH.

Don't mention the rover group (which made the mini)et al, being owned by foreign private equity investment holding companies.
All mass production car plants in the UK are now owned by foreign holding companies - just registered in England as English.
And who bangs on about the success of the UK car industry; the gang of well lobbied part time political greedy gits GOSH

I've spent much more on a French multi-national made peugeot car (still family owned) in three years the I did on a British made and owned Rover.
The only fault after 12 year; the drivers side electric window needed a quick bash - in the right place and, timing of course- for it to align correctly when closing.
A sign of the times; or were the old rovers great GOSH

1990; Iraq hanged British journalist Farzad Bazoft, a freelance reporter for The Observer, for alleged spying for Israel while working in Iraq.
Immediately after the execution, Britain recalled her ambassador to Iraq and all ministerial visits were cancelled.
Bazoft's story contributed to international isolation of Saddam's Hussein's regime (who had previously been a pal of the West) and just months after the incident, on 2nd August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, sparking the first Gulf War.
There's hawks and doves and fortunate good timing in times of desperation...
Will death and destruction kick off in the name of speculation again... GOSH

The truth of the Greek loans hasn't seen the true light of day yet.
There's international and nation state devilry (pronounced divilry - nowt to do with causing division) about...

MAR 16th 2018

On this day

1190; The Crusades began the massacre of Jews at Clifford's Tower, York.
Some committed mass suicide rather than submit to baptism and they set the castle on fire to prevent their bodies being mutilated after their deaths.
A few Jews did surrender, promising to convert to Christianity, but they were killed by the angry crowd.
150 were killed.
Death and destruction in the name of GOD GOSH

The christian religion of all faiths; has been remarkably quiet nationally, over the present escalation of belligerence in the world...
Is it cos the church doesn't rule now OK; or are they just being diplomatic!
Never ever forget; A diplomat lies and a squaddie dies.
Much more often than not; those that make the tough decisions die peacefully in their beds.
Hands up grasping a means of 'defence' - wonder if all our ammo is made in Belgium! - if you are on the side of GOD GOSH

1935; The first driving test pass slip was presented to Mr. R. Beene of Kensington, a pupil of the British School of Motoring.
Tests were introduced on a voluntary basis and became compulsory in June.
Of the same year.
The highway code is used in a court of law; some of it - to 'all' road users - is merely 'guidance' GOSH
Plebs now can't afford the costs of hiring help through the 'guidance' of state or individual litigation.
Let's pray for lenience; to GOD Gosh

I was automatically given a ticket for speeding by the 'authorities' in the rush hour traffic on the Linconshire section of the A1 ( to M or not to M ) at the age of 67
Wedged in and tailgated by Linconshire 'Chelsea' tractors at the local customary 69.5 MPH; I made a break for it.
Bang Flash; what a picture, what a photograph...
Just made the naughty step course by 1 MPH;- yes the one rumoured to prevent the offence affecting driving insurance.
Notice how telephone conversations don't betray the data base now.
If you believe (especially a pleb) in an era of an economy under pressure that one can 'get away' with it; - unless you know someone - you need another gaff on your gashpipe GOSH

In this era of austerity when everybody is after your money; what has the greatest growth Rate?
Leasing or Litigation!
It's a toss up.
When an innovation comes on/into the market - which up till now has kept capitalism going - hiring or leasing has been the thing of millionaires.
Sign the contract on the right hand side...
If you don't think that this cream it of the top society has spewed out more lawyers - don't mention the pleb enforcement agents...
You need some more gluttony for your Gladstonbury NO GOSH

2001; According to a health survey, 16th March 2001 was the only day between 1993 and 2002 when nobody in the United Kingdom killed themselves.
In the battle for the hearts and minds of men and women; stats rule OK.
Stats and sound bites he uttered with a time for change Grin GOSH

Greece is having great difficulty in paying back the loans of The EU and private investors.
If Greece accepts austerity it will give a more favourable future to the Greeks.
The trouble with austerity for some; is the present level of inequality throughout the western developed world.
Without inequality there wouldn't have been Brexit - don't mention the rest of the planet complications.

MAR 17th 2018

On this day

1337; Edward, the Black Prince was made Duke of Cornwall, the first Duchy in England; a duchy being a territory or domain ruled by a duke or duchess.
Nowadays administrative areas are subject to 'Democratic' change - like it or like it not.
Throughout time the royal establishment has subtly hung on to means of control... The lord lieutenant of each old county since 1921 has not been officially allowed to form a king or queens army.
However; today the position is always held by one of the establishment (usually retired) who has links to the various military outfits of the nation state.
Let's have an onside gang with guns GOSH

1649; Oliver Cromwell abolished the position of King of England and the House of Lords and declared England a Commonwealth.
Other nation state revolutions/armed uprisings produced Republics - we ended up with a commonwealth.
The son of charlie (charlie two) regained power from the son of cromwell and mercilessly hung drew and quartered many of those responsible for giving his dad the chop...
After stating to the newly formed parliament, that he wouldn't...
Do those in power tell more porkies than plebs!
You bet - no gambling GOSH

2015; The UK's first Bio-Bus, nicknamed 'the poo bus' was officially launched in Bristol as Service Number 2.
Powered entirely on gas generated by human and food waste it went into regular service on 25th March.
One tank of gas gave a range of just under 190 mile - wonder if it's still going!
Has it been given the bums rush by the greedy gits who are not really that green GOSH

Greece is greener than the UK.
The EU has a green party -- them germans are the greenest country; has it the smallest carbon footprint; it certainly plans to have.
Will Brexit be the economic signal for the UK to become less greener?
Ask the Ukippers if it's always greener on the other side...

MAR 18th 2018

On this day

978;Edward the Martyr, King of England and the eldest son of King Edgar, was murdered at Corfe Castle.
The murder is thought to have been ordered by his stepmother Aelfryth, mother of Ethelred the Unready who was eager to see her son crowned.
In days gone by anyone and anything was game in the pursuit of wealth.
If! you don't think it's any different today; here's another penny for a rich or poor gits gadget GOSH

1745; Robert Walpole, Britain's first Prime Minister, died.
Since then we've had 73 men and two women - give a vote or two - as Prime Minister...
The vast majority by an EU metre have been (including the pseudo career socialists) right of, and further, centre.
The bulk of meaningful change prior to the 20th century - political and commercial) has been brought about,and,or, assisted by a minority of those that have wealth.
In this present era of austerity; relative inequality is fast approaching victorian values.
Time for change - go on give it a go GOSH

1947; The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip - phil the greek - (born in Corfu - Greece on 10th June 1921), became a naturalized Briton On This Day.
Immigration is nothing new; it has gone on long before those inclined, discovered the novelty culture of painting on cave walls.
It's not the movement of man and women we have to 'worry' about...
It's the mendacious and malevolent movement of money - funny or not.
Time to end the graft of funny money and a return to real graft GOSH

1949; - less than 4 year after the second world war - NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was proposed.
The aim was to 'safeguard the freedom and security of its 26 member countries by political and military means.'
Never forget the the original EU was formed to prevent another war in Europe.
Even after Brexit we are still in Nato and chums of Europe.
If you don't think - like fire safety - the strength of NATO has waxed and waned over recent time.
You need less gattle in your gasping gob GOSH

Greece at the moment seems very similar to the UK and other nation states.
The poor are being made to pay for the greed of the greedy gits.

MAR 19th 2018

On this day

1649; The House of Commons passed an act abolishing the House of Lords, declaring it 'useless and dangerous to the people of England'.
Today has seen concentrated period of 'let's get rid of the gits. GOSH

The reason; cos they nowadays often deny the will of the house of commons.
A house usually controlled by a coalition (tory and centre right liberal) and greedy gits.

The lords currently has entitled to sit, 791 members:

247 cons
194 Labs
183 crossbench 99 libs
28 dup
3 ukip
3 uup 2 greens
1 Plaid Cymru

And; by no means disproportionaly least, the 4 independents and 25 men of (CofE and others - no jocks) only ) GOD
Which nowadays includes 2 women by special dispensation (complicated).
If it looks like a lord and smells like a lord...
In the present political climate (don't mention warming when it snows) do plebs really have a non-establishment bias representation!
Don't mention the hierarchical house of god Gosh

Just like the commons the members of the lords can claim expenses.
Average daily attendance is 480 - not all; but the most claim the £300 a go GOSH
The attendance of the lords is on the rise as the economy just flatlines at best.
The price of politics is having - never mind the commons - a go GOSH

A disabled lord gets a good turn of the wheel compared to a disabled pleb.
If you don't think that the 'strong' Take the easy pick on the weak!
You need another outlet for your orifice of gash GOSH

'My palm with silver', said the con artist to the Ruski...

MAR 20th 2018

On this day

1413; The death of King Henry IV of England.
It partly fulfilled a prophecy saying that he would die in Jerusalem.
He died in Westminster Abbey's Jerusalem Chamber - the still standing abbey was started by henry 111 in 1245.
There were 4 kings in between H111 and H1V.
This was an era of the barons and interbreeding in the pursuit if wealth.
Westminster is the church of the royals - establishment in the spin of today Were they all be buried/reburied in the house of the lord - the then catholic religion and GOD GOSH

1806; The foundation stone of Dartmoor prison in Devon was laid.
It opened three years later to house French prisoners of war, but by 1850 the first convicts were being imprisoned.
Now in the era of austerity and an economy under pressure from 'johny foreigner' do we have more litigation and lawyers and less the time of felons/bad plebs incarcerated...
Don't mention contracts and enforcement agents...
Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee GOSH

1917; Dame Vera Lynn was born. During the Second World War she was known as the "Forces Sweetheart". Her songs included "We'll Meet Again" and "White Cliffs of Dover".
In 2017; Dame Vera Lynn and some of the nation state celebrated her hundredth birthday.
During the Second World War she toured Egypt, India, and Burma, giving outdoor concerts for the troops.. The release of a compilation album made her the first centenarian singer to have a new album.
According to the papers it was the best selling female album of 2017... No mention is made in the official charts...
Nostalgia aint what it used to be becomes more pronounced as the generations go GOSH

2015; The Financial Times Share Index (FTSE 100) rose to more than 7,000 points for the first time in its history.
The footsie - as it is more intimately referred to - represents the share value of the top UK 100 companies.
Now the companies are nearly all multi-national holding groups - don't mention tax havens...
The old british names of companies are long gone NO GOSH

The US technology index (nasdaq) has taken a dive due to facebook (relatively little tangible assets -give me hope; there's nowt as queer as folk) selling data to a Brit Co, which is owned by one of Trumps american chums - one can't make this up; how long will it take - if ever - for the international implications to take effect.
Don't mention the unmanned uber vehicle killing a pedestrian.
Remember shares may go down as well as up - here we/they go GOSH

The Greek coalition government is/has issuing/ed national bonds to help pay off the loans.
International banksters who made the loans are investing in these bonds.
More austerity is the political price of deferring the loan repayment.
How much hardship (austerity) can a Greek pleb take!
It is up to the citizens of the nation state members of the EU to decide what democracy is or isn't.
Change to the centre right controlled EU must come from within due to changing world power and trading patterns - they can't afford another brexit.

MAR 21st 2018

On this day

1556; England's first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake as a heretic, under the Catholic Queen Mary I.
Also know as "Bloody Mary" - don't mention her chums in greed GOSH

Tommy was in a bad dungeon place for over two years and under pressure from Church authorities, he apparently reconciled himself with the Roman Catholic Church.
However; on the day of his execution, he dramatically recanted these beliefs, to die a heretic to Roman Catholics and a martyr to others.
His legacy lives on within the Church of England through the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty-Nine Articles, an Anglican statement of faith derived from his work.
'I believe in miracles... where you from you sexy thing!'
Venus or God! GOSH

Now that the relgion race has been relegated to the back burner behind science.
Will the flat earth religionists - don't mention other damn sects - relive another revival!
As someone who used to believe in the belief of god and now a firm (no pun intended) agnostic atheist.
Is god in the name of man and women, bad or GOOD GOSH

1935; The birth of Brian Clough, English footballer and manager of Nottingham Forest from 1975–1993.
Clough was widely considered to be one of the greatest managers of the game and the greatest English manager never to have managed the England team.
In the trade off between passion and professionalism; at what stage in the game, does a pro say anything but his prayers!
When Mr. Clough came to Sunderland FC as the manager - ex makem striker whose career ended early cos of injury - he pre season he press stated from the old stadium, 'I've always wanted to be the manager of this football club'; kismet! (my abbreviation).
A few days later - did he sign a CONtract - there he was gone GOSH

In the days before the premiership was it being 'streetwise; not 'spin'.
Brian Clough; the England manager that never was died aged 69; not long after a liver transplant - he liked a drink...
It is remembered/recorded that it was cos of his anti-establishment wit of mouth - don't mention the alleged corruption...
No doubt the spurs fans will remember a one glen Hoddle as a 'saint' of some sort...
There's nowt as queer as folk and footie fans God damn it GOSH.

The Greek national football (part timers) team, at least once, played a warm up game against the British Fire Service
In the old days Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade played and were beaten by Sunderland FC juniors.
Days of passion; not the international professionalism/greed of today...

MAR 22nd 2018

On this day

1774; Mary Cooper published the first book of English nursery rhymes.
Called Tommy Thumb's Song Book, it included Baa Baa Black Sheep, whose 'three bags full' is thought to refer to a tax imposed on the wool trade in 1275.
Income tax (personal) was not on the scene until 1798 - introduced by a con to pay for the napoleonic wars.
Tax throughout the ages has been and still is, a very emotive subject.
The shift from progressive (Personal) taxation to indirect (Vat etc) has been one of the causes of inequality. Don't mention tax havens...
When I were a lad; evasion and avoidance were the same thing.
Now we blatantly have one rule/law for the rich and one for the poor.
Can we have brexit without some form of grexit! GOSH

1785; The birth, in the village of Adam Sedgwick, a British geologist and one of the founders of modern geology.
Sedgwick had guided the young Charles Darwin in his early study of geology, but was an opponent of Darwin's theory of evolution.
Only a mere generation between the flat earth, God fearing gang; and the new breed of scientific humane believers.
Flat earth believers still exist today - no giggling GOSH

1954; The London bullion market, a market for trading gold and silver, reopened - it closed in 1939; the start of the second world war; how on earth, flat or not, did we manage
Most people are aware of precious metals - some plebs collect precious metal artifacts.
Many people are aware of the 'gold rushes'...
The now not so strange fact about gold rushes is; the ones who supply the picks and shovels end up a lot richer than those that seek the gold.
Don't mention the turn over of the spanish pub/restaurant dream!
Not so long ago there was an european quiz by the name of going for Gold GOSH

Nation state units of currency were once linked to the value of gold - now they are not.
Many books have been published on the pros and cons of returning to the gold standard - even having an international value of a basket of currencies.
We now have funny money - all the different currencies float on the market and private banks; with the nod from governments can just magic money out of thin air - there really is a thing such as 'the magic money tree'
'Have you got a magic money tree', he prospected with Glee GOSH

Quantitave Easing used to be the magic money tree - where do you think all these investment/various 'funds' got all the money to buy up industry as we once knew it.
Heard of the time dollar - no!
You have heard of trumps trade wars - has the dollar - like quantitave easing run out of time! The economic policies of international banking are now just an inequality inducing mess.
Time for the bankers to go GOSH

One of the reasons, stated by those that hold the Greek debt, for the relative poverty of Greece is corruption.
Tax evasion and bribery being high up on the list.
Is it not funny that the most corrupt nation states on this planet are the one that are prepared to take on America.
One mans corruption is another mans means to wealth.
We mustn't have Tax havens GOD Damn it...