MAR 8th 2018

On this day

1765; Britain's House of Lords passed the Stamp Act to tax the American colonies.
Not Post office Stamps but stamped paper made in England - a law passed by the greedy landowning class.
No taxation without representation - don't mention having a free cuppa...
Was this another cock-up chapter of the beginning of the end of the British Empire!
The Empire is dead; long live the Empire...
So far all empires have been run by the gun GOSH

Here's a quick 'what you're like', question?
What's The USofA got in common - apart from the economic relationship - with Israel?
The oppressed have become the oppressors.
Sex and violence...
Giz a preferably automatic gun GOSH

1963; The first Ford Anglia was produced at Halewood, LIverpool.
I once had a ford escort made in the UK...
We have all heard of the Monday morning car - this one must have been on the production line when Ford changed over from Imperial to Metric.
This was in the days before digitalisation; and, any old - or young - pleb could fix em; and, we did.
One would think that the different spec would have gone from side to side on the production line.
This bleeding (brakes of course) calamity of a car had no rules OK
I had enough brake pipe to spell 'go away ford' - in the vernacular;of course; on the back wall of the garage.
Cock-up or conspiracy! he deliberated with a fiendishly wry grin GOSH

Have you noticed that recently that each successive generation is being guided into relying more and more on Big business, banks and Government - bitcoin and the 'now' competitors are still a glorified Ponzi Scam for the plebs - easy come easy go...
'Trust in me and I'll set you free (rich people making tough decisions on behalf of the poor people) Grinned the Greedy git.GOSH

2014; The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (known as Clare's Law) came into effect across England and Wales.
The scheme allowed people (mostly women - the odd man or two) to find out from police if their partner has a history of domestic violence and was named after 36 year-old Clare Wood who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009.
Despite the sporadic advances of feminism on behalf of women; women will never achieve equality - whatever that is - till they can chin man.
Sex and violence still rule OK - having a laugh is often still a big Gaff GOSH

Greece is one of the still less economically developed members of the EU.
There's nowt as queer as folk - no pun; modern or ancient intended.
In this era of inequality does that mean more or less problems of the the heart and mind!

MAR 9th 2018

On this day

1763; The birth of William Cobbett, English political journalist who championed the working class and became its first leader.
Never heard of him! - Bill was an anti corruption, radical liberal; well before the Labour party came to life.
Bills dad was a farmer and pub owner/renter - wonder if he grew his own hops!
Mr. Cobbett was on the side of the impoverished farm worker; in an era of grain and grin GOSH

A brief interlude - just listening to an American gun shop owner on early morning radio.
The biggest selling gun is the automatic rifle - one of the main reasons is the threat of foreign terrorists.
The vast majority by far, of USofA deaths are caused by home grown Americans...
Those red knecks even worship (don't mention snakes) the gun GOSH

In the era of the 18th century the landowners were the champions of innovation.
Don't mention the Luddites and many many others against mechanisation.
A decent life is not about the coming and present bots; it's about the fellow human greedy gits - NO GOSH

1881; Ernest Bevin was born; one of the founding leaders of the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU), which soon became Britain's largest trade union.
He was Minister of Labour during the Second World War and created ‘Bevin Boys’; young men chosen by ballot to work down the mines as part of their war service.
Life is a lottery - is it too late to say, 'hope I die before I get old...'
Some of our fellow human beings don't give a damn... dogs doodah about selling and supporting the sale of guns GOSH

1950; Timothy (dim but Tim - remember him) Evans was hanged for the murder of his wife.
Three years later John Christie admitted killing her and several other women.
Despite DNA; prosecutors and police think that the innocent are still guilty - they are trained to do so.
Don't mention, injections and gallows GOSH

1973; Northern Ireland voted in favour (90:1) of staying in the United Kingdom.
Will the magic money tree influence the decision to remain within the EU! Just guessing GOSH

Do the centre right politicians of the EU think that Greece has had its magic money tree.
Will the fact that the economies of the western developed countries are surviving on the debt of the magic money tree; lessen their resolve for repayment...

MAR 10th 2018

On this day

1629; Charles I dissolved the Parliament, beginning an eleven year period known as the Personal Rule.
He had been harshly criticized by Parliament and realized that, as long as he could avoid war, he could rule without them.
It caused discontent amongst the ruling classes, (the land owning greedy gits) although the effects were more popular with the common people (the plebs!).
How many plebs knew what was actually going on.
Tax with me and I'll set you free - 'sharpen your scythe', said the landowner with glee GOSH

1801; Britain's first National Census.
A census has taken place every ten years since 1801, with the exception of the 1941 census, cancelled because of World War II.
Who needs a census nowadays!
Send your data to me and I'll set you free...
Said the greedy git with even greater glee GOSH

1886; Cruft's Dog Show was held in London for the first time.
Previously it had been held in Newcastle.
The organizer was Charles Cruft, general manager of a dog biscuit firm.
Are us dog lovers as daft as footie fans!
'How can I make a few bob', said the seen him/her coming with a disguised glee GOSH

1919; The British Government ( Coalition led by Loyd George - a Liberal type chappie) decided in favour of building a tunnel linking England to France.
This was a year after WW1 - lest we forget. NO GOSH

The Channel Tunnel officially opened in 1994 - one year late
It is supposed to be (was) a public company - it did not make a profit until 2007; after restructuring.
The Group Eurotunnel was rebranded Getlink in 2017...
Wonder to what extent Brexit will affect the chunnel!
Who owns what now, is anybodys guess GOSH

The passenger count is slowly rising - they bought out the french ferry competition in 2012...
Monopoly is the name (sod the jobs as long as we can) of the capitalism Game NO GOSH; GOSH

2003; MP Clare Short threatened to resign from the Cabinet if Tony Blair led the country to war against Iraq without approval from the UN ..... and she did, on 12th May
After the war had started on the 19/20th of march 2003.
Don't mention mass destruction...
There she was - the only one - Gone GOSH

Greece consists of human beings - just like any other nation station.
When (if) the Brexit dogs breakfast is all devoured and digested; will we still as a nation want to hang em...!

MAR 11th 2018

On this day

1845;A Maori uprising against the British began in New Zealand.
The maori wars - later called the New Zealand wars - lasted nearly a Generation.
Would the Brits have won without some Maoris being on their side!
Death and destruction having a huge hand in the Democracy of the British Empire.
Wana be in my gang - we'll give you a gun GOSH

1916; Harold Wilson was born in Huddersfield, Lord Wilson of Rievaulx, British Labour Prime Minister from 1964-70, and again from 1974-1976 until he resigned, aged 60.
A statue of Harold was erected side Huddersfield Railway Station. It was unveiled on 9th July 1999 by the then Prime MInster Tony Blair.
There is talk of a statue of Margaret Thatcher going up in a public place.
The least of the damage will be graffiti GOSH

1932;Birth of Nigel Lawson, former editor of the Spectator turned politician.
He was Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1983-1989.
He was the boyo who many tories said of, God he's selling off the family silver now...
There has been all kinds dogmatically sold off since then - nearly all owned by foreigners; using the funny money magic tree of quantitative easing.
Wanna be an immigrant in my gang GOSH.

1988; The Bank of England pound note, first introduced on 12th March 1797, ceased to be legal tender in Britain at midnight.
When the deadline for returning old notes was reached, it was estimated that some 70 million were still outstanding.
Bank with me and I'll set you free - it used to be , where there's muck theirs money...
It is now the making up and manipulation that makes money... Let's hang on to what we got GOSH

Will the Greek loan repayments be real money - a value of wealth - or will it be funny money!
Or an even worse; tax haven money, laundered through the UK Banking system.
It's supposed to be Nation state money.

MAR 12th 2018

On this day

1664; New Jersey became a British colony as King Charles II of England granted New Jersey to his brother James, Duke of York.
If your bro or fellow constituent was in a wheel chair; would he even (no pun intended) get a new jumper! No JOSH GOSH

1930; Mahatma Gandhi began his 300-mile march to the sea in protest against the British tax law securing a monopoly for salt.
Joined by thousands of protesters, Gandhi and his followers eventually reached the Arabian Sea, where they made their own salt by evaporating sea water.
The march, which resulted in the arrest of Gandhi and 60,000 others, earned new international respect and support for the leader and his movement.
It's about time the UK had a Ghandi GOSH

1941; Hebridean islanders hid thousands of bottles of shipwrecked whisky from government officials.
The episode was celebrated in the film "Whisky Galore."
A windfall for the plebs up north...
Deregulation has brought about tax haven riches for the greedy gits; and, dont mention inequality.
The bias msm (main stream media - even the Guardian has bias due to self preservation) is never slow to HS11 rail against the return to trade wars and trade unions.
In those days before 'austerity' we had a mixed economy.
Even in an economy under as much pressure as that of the UK, it's the fairest way.
Time formore honesty and no pigs with lipstick...
Time for a free market economy to go GOSH

2013; The people of the Falkland Islands voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a UK overseas territory. Of 1,517 votes cast in the two-day referendum - on a turnout of more than 90% - 1,513 were in favour, while just three votes were against.
Were they all Brits in the Falklands gang!
If the Falklands hadn't been handy (geo-politically and logistically) for the oil in the Antartic.
It would have been long GONE GOSH

The Empire is dead; long live the Empire.
After the brexit breakfast will we have to rely on a special relationship deal with a nation state that voted to put itself ( economically, right or wrong for less than the passing of a generation) First.
Will Scotland, N Ireland the Falklands and other bits of the so called commonwealth - don't mention gib... have to go. No Josh GOSH

2018; Tributes began to pour in for the comedian Ken Dodd who died on Sunday (aged 90), just days after leaving hosital following a long term chest infection.
He passed away in his home at Knotty Ash, Liverpool, the home that he was born in and had lived in for his entire life.
Two days earlier he had married his long term partner of 40 years, Anne Jones.
Ken Dodd's lengthy stage shows were legendary and a quip was made that the funeral would last for three days.
In the 1960s Ken Dodd earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's longest ever joke-telling session, reportedly telling 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours.
Give the man a gong GOSH

In 1989; Doddy was found not guilty of tax evasion by a jury of twelve good men and women true
Despite having no money in the bank and, over £300,000 in the loft - and/or under the floorboards.
'A value for money' man of the poor people and therefore the greedy gits GOSH

The Russian owner of a Top Greek footie team was spotted on the pitch after a referee decision invoked pitch invasion.
He appeared to carry some kind of holstered weapon - where does he think he is!
America; or the UK!
Greece is to hold another auction of government bonds in an attempt to alleviate the loans repayment.
Bankers will buy them with funny money -the plebs haven't got any.
The funny money manoeuvering version of capitalism rules OK...

MAR 13th 2018

On this day

1619; Richard Burbage died, English actor and theatre owner.
Richard and his brother Cuthbert had family interests in two London theatres, and ended up tied up in lawsuits.
The Blackfriars Theatre they kept, the other, called simply The Theatre, was dismantled when they could not resolve terms for a new lease with the landowner.
The beams, posts, and other remnants of The Theatre were moved to a new location on the south side of the Thames River and reassembled into a new playhouse called the Globe, famous as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
All the worlds a stage, and all those upon it are players.
Do you know someone who has never heard of the 'globe' GOSH

1770 The birth, in Leicester, of Daniel Lambert a jailer and animal breeder, famous for his unusually large (massive by any measurement) size.
By the time he was aged 35 he weighed 50 stone (700 lb / 320 kg) and was the heaviest authenticated person at the time.
He died suddenly aged 39, at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
'Hope' I die before I get old'...
Today; even with the NHS looking after you, if you are overweight; the grim reaper will visit you a bit earlier...
Though taxes are now debatable... Death is still a fact of life - and always will be...
It's a lot easier to be a gourmet than a gourmand, if you have a few bob in/under the bunker.
Can you guess when you are going. GOSH

1873; Eight clubs met to form the Scottish Football Association. They were Queen's Park, Clydesdale, Vale of Leven, Dumbreck, Third Lanark, Eastern, Granville and Kilmarnock.
Never ever forget that the population of Scotland is smaller than that of Yorkshire.
Do you know the geographical location of Scottish towns/conurbations; never mind the footie clubs.
Name anything north of the border begining with 'G' - apart from the Grampians. NO Josh Jimmy GOSH

1927; The lance ceased to be an official weapon in the British Army.
Nostalgia aint what it used to be - let's hang on to what we got...
Giz a gun GOSH

1961; Black and white Bank of England five pound notes ceased to be legal tender.
In 2018; most of the world is a bank; and, most of those upon it are payers.
'Let's hang on to what we got' laughed the greedy git. GOSH

1972; Britain and China resumed full diplomatic relations after a break of 22 years. The UK has always traded with the Chinese...
Before the Newcastle side of the quayside was developed; some of the Lock-ups contained the - more often than not - cheap party ware tat imported from China.
If you think - now China is a world player - we will garner favourable trade deals after Brexit.
You need another gunwale for your gizmo GOSH

One of - if not the - main reasons for Greece remaining in the EU is - never mind the politics.
A trading block can negotiate/demand better trade deals than a nation state - the N. American top dog of capitalism - despite the political change - is barking less menacingly now.

MAR 14th 2018

On this day

1757; British admiral John Byng was court-martialled and executed by firing squad on board HMS Monarch at Plymouth, for "failing to do his utmost" to relieve Minorca from the French fleet following the Battle of Minorca.
In practice, his ships badly needed repair and he was relieved of his command before he could see to his ships or secure the extra forces he required.
Heh ho, heho it's off to court martial we go GOSH

Johny - whizz kid and MP - boy was found guilty of not doing his utmost to gain victory at war...
The recently altered articles of war meant, he was sentenced to death.
His judges - fellow admirals of the admiralty - went to king George11 for clemency
None was given; no greedy GOSH

A French foreigner - the enemy at the time - by the name of 'Voltaire' satirised the scenario.
'It is good to kill an admiral from time to time; it encourages the others...
Giz a godamn Galleon GOSH...

1805; Master Betty (William Betty) played Hamlet on the London stage, aged just 14.
He was such a success that the House of Commons was adjourned to enable members to watch his performance.
His success was short-lived and, not long afterwards, he was hissed off the stage.
There are many today, who say; 'the career politicians of today just don't get it'.
There is a definite disconnect between 'them' and the people they are supposed to represent.
Wanna be in my well guarded (all and any puns intended) Gang GOSH

2014; Thieves - don't mention the bankers - who had built a 50ft (15m) tunnel to a cash machine on Liverpool Road, Eccles, got away with more than £80,000.
The complex nature of its structure could have taken months to excavate and echoes a similar raid in Fallowfield Shopping Precinct in January 2012.
Police said they were looking for 'people acting suspiciously, possibly covered in soil.'
Reminds me of Shergar and the Irish police inspector statement; and
Thieves broke into Hartlepool police station and knicked the WC...
Police have nothing to go on... Gee Josh no GOSH

Politics being what it is at the moment...
Will the Greek loans fiasco become a rejuvenated joke;...
No Josh Jimmy.