WED 8th MAR 2017

 Emily meets The Establishment The Cancellor

1908; The house voted down the Suffrage bill; denying the right to vote to the fairer sex.
The gander is in charge; let's have a goose. GOSH

2017; Mrs/ Miss / Ms Hogg is now the deputy governer of the Bank of England.
Her Bro. is a barclays bankster.
What is bad for the plebs is now good for the up-market goose and gander.

I rang up 'the treasury', the day after a certain 'Gordon Brown' - an economist by name; and, Scottish nature; dont mention the banking collapse - presented to the plebs, his first budget.
Reached level three of mis/man/agement with the same; 'where did you get this number - whooo are you... Oh Oh?'.
It was printed on the treasury pink papers; which at the time, were on display in the reference section of most public libraries.
If one want's a surreal conversation - is it worse now - Give it a Go GOSH.

Ps when 'Gordon' - who now earns a bankers bonus on the speaking curcuit - held up the in/famous red box/case, he was telling hoggies.
The budget was locked away in a safe to stop him tinkering with it.
There's nowt as queer - the really old meaning - as folk.
The not so old grumpy gander/goat GOSH

The present tax dodging chancellor is now trying ever so hard to be an alchemist/ magician/ man of mirth.
'Every' thing in the secret high walled garden is rosy; However, we still need just another atom of austerity.
The 'cuts' are now starting to affect the haves; as well as the have-nots.
New lamps for old - have you got any gold! GOSH

The women of Greece are supporting international womens day; much more than the UK!
It is mens day on Nov 19...

The government in power that arranged the under the table loans with private banks was conservative.
The loans were the loans to pay off the loans that gave the - tory at the time - Greek nation economic access to the EU.
What could have possibly gone greedily wrong - monitor up more money men.

THURS 9th MAR 2017

 The Hoss Rides Of William Cobbett The Facts or Spin

1743; a jounalist/bloke called Bill Cobbett - born into the middle class by income; became one of, if not the first, champion of the working class.
An anti-establishment - imprisoned, anti-greedy git corruption - man in the middle; who became an MP on the fifth attempt; cos he wasn't in a gang and wouldn't buy votes.
He didn't get a gong off the greedy gits. NO GOSH

Despite being born into a period of relative free conflict - an Army seargeant major in early life - Bill was fully aware that Britain was more mercenary than most nation states.
What goes around comes around - history always repeats itself - people don't change; technology does.
Bill gathered info, face to face, by travelling on the back of a hoss.
One of the main advisors to the politician of today is the psephologist - a person who studies election and poll results.
I prefer the description 'data divi' - a mercenary who interprets info from a bias data bank and spins it.
A gang member; or not; smells as sweet as any greedy git GOSH.

1881; Ernie Bevin was born today; the Labour Minister of Labour during the second world war.
Famous for the 'Bevin Boys'- young men picked by ballot to go down the mines; instead of the armed forces.
'Where have all the young men gone - long time passing'
'Where have all the young men gone - long time ago'... Gone not so long ago GOSH

The encumbent chancellor - a politicians promise; not to put up taxes - has put taxes up.
One can only 'intelligently' (greedily) guess how they came about which gang to tax more.
If you can't work it out - divide the divi's - you need another exit for your extraction tractor.

1973; Northern Ireland voted 90:1 to remain in the UK.
In the 2016 EU referendum; NI voted, 55.7% to 44.3% for remain.
Different/same gangs? GOSH

Anything Greece can do; we can do better...
If! you are an up to date - dodgy/or not - man of this green and pleasant land...
Have a trip to mainland Europe and see if they get their road/path/railway repairs flatter than ours!
Us smoothies Eh!

FRI 10th MAR 2017

 Betty 1 and Mary A Smart Telly

1536; a rich landowner with the handel, Tommy Howard - fourth duke of Norfolk; bet he had a few serfy plebs on/under/by the parchments - was knicked by Betty one for planning to marry, Mary Queen of Scots; - Betty and Mary were half sisters Both greedy gits GOSH

Tommy got the chop in 1572 for plotting with the catholic king of spain - the armada and all that.
Phil 11 - for it was he - had been married to Mary Stuart when she was queen of England - making him the King of British plebs.
Divorce; devolution; death and destruction - democracy still had centuries to be 'discovered'
Give them greedy gits gongs GOSH

Don't mention charlie boy and Diana; or
The last honest man (and woman) to enter parliament was a Guy - torture the tosser - called Fawkes.
To the greedy gits he's known as Guido GOSH

1801; the first national census - every ten year except 1941; something to do with nations scrapping. Most plebs couldn't even read or write in them days - the original words to that song were
'One eye on the 'brat' and tother up the chymney'...
In the present day of technology; plebs still need not read or write.
The government/establishment will just get the gen from 'the' smart telly.
He's joking isn't he - no JOSH GOSH

Wonder if the greeks have smart tellies - they certainly have the latest generation mobile 'phone' thingies.
India has at least eight classes - used to be called the caste system.
The UK is regarded as having three classes - if you believe that; you need another wayout on your winnet walk.
It's easily simplified today - each class (whatever) now has haves and have-nots - don't mention inequality.
Less than two generations ago the Greeks had only two distinct classes - now they have more.
If! the private banksters get their funny money way; it will be back to the two classes.

SAT 11th MAR 2017

 The First paying UK Pamphlet A Smart Telly

1702; the first successful UK newspaper was published today.
The 'Daily Courant' was only one sheet; but, was printed until 1735; when it merged with the Daily Gazeteer GOSH

Prior to the 'Courant'; the printing of news (info) was strictly controlled by the government
Which was totally controlled by the greedy gits NO GOSH

By the 1720's there were 12 London and 24 provincial 'newspapers'
In the 19teenth century: London had 52 and the also rans had access to well over 100 publications.
One paper was started in Manchester by non conformist - alledgedy left leaning - wannabe greedy gits.
It is now printed in London and goes by the name, 'The Guardian' GOSH.

The 'Daily mail' was first printed in 1896 - for the femail reader; more women still buy it now.
Are you keeping in touch with your femimine side - you greedy gonad GOSH

Don't mention the bouncing Czech, 'Cap'n Bob Maxwell' not the first or last greedy git to pinch a pension or two.
It is much more than myth that the 'suer of exposers' asked his staff to come up with a million pound bingo -
that was impossible to win.
Say nowt; not even a grin GOSH

The 'newspaper game'' has seen it all before; from :
Tax to tampons
Hacking to whoring
Fake news to wtf news
Media barons to don't answer the question Farrons
Saint to sinner...
Murdoch to in the dock
Censorship to oneupmanship...
Those media men and women know how to play the game NO GOSH

You! don't think that 97% of publications, mostly owned by non doms; aren't totally tinged with an establishment bias.
You, definitely need another easer for your effluence eliminator.
Here's a bung; if you're on the rung.
We are all in it to - gather GOSH

One song that the winning team used to sing at post rugger game drinkies is, 'Its all gone quiet over there'.
Some nations (don't mention Germany holds the largest by far chunk of Greek debt) have already made up their pre-negotiations mind.
Is it, the unceremoniously cliched. 'no news is good news'- or; is it about to kick off once more with feeling.
All the worlds a stage; and all those on it are factors.

SUN 12th MAR 2017

 One of the First vestal virgins A Fat Cat

1994; the C of E ordained 32 women as priests in Bristol Cathedral - mustn't have been any London ladies, wannabees to the cloth.
It took 21 further years for a woman to become a bishop.
In the man world of religion; he works, indeed; in wonderful ways; the great gadgee GOD(s)

2017; another Sunday another soul saved; or so it goes.
Here's a quote about god from an economist.
'God, was invented to give hope in the next world, to those that have no hope in this world'.
JK Gilbraith - Canook adopted by the land of the brave and free.
A clever so and so; and/or a greedy git GOSH

Yesterday; there was a bloke with a sign - of sound/pound mind - attempting to save/collect souls at the Gateshead HUB
The 'hub' is a material manifestation of globalisation - a one stop thingy to provide wealth for the tesco empire.
The 'hub' is the High street of today - even though Gateshead used to be (known as)the dirty street leading to newcastle.
We'll all be sorry when everthing is the same - there's not much diversity out of destruction - no matter what the chain of globalisation game GOSH

Ps. the cleaner who put the sign, 'Please do not piss on the floor' in the think tank of one of the dirty street, hanging on in there, independent drinking houses...
Was given the sack - no pun - no matter how weak - intended
Aren't people who work in churches and pubs great GOSH

The gang of plebs that sell their labour to the Tesco group/whatever; are well aware of the 'chosen few' fiddling the books.
The accountants must have been on their hols...
Not many know that the 'board' had more private jets than Sir - everthings a pound - phil Green has super yachts.
Don't mention the cancelled ones on order - you aint seen nothing yit; you greedy git GOSH

Never been in a Greek Orthodox - voted to allow women in; 2004; or any type of - Greek Church
Been in most other kinds of Greek 'constructions'
All over the western world, the shopping malls have more whooping than worshipping.
The Greek Loans fiasco - no news is good news.
Let us prey.

MON 13th MAR 2017

 Charles Earl Grey The Work of the World

1764; Charlie Earl Grey (whig PM for 4 year) was born in Northumberland today - him on the statue in Grey st. Newcastle; who drinks that horibble tea said to be named after him.
He wasn't an Earl or lord - earl grey was a title in the english peerage system; he was of baronet rank whose family was promoted to the peerage for scrapping/scraping the barrel of world wealth; when officers and gentlemen bought a commission.

In this present economic era of ever increasing inequality; the sooner we get a Byker bricklayer on that ever so high column; the better.
No Jocks or Geordies is no JOSH GOSH

If you don't think that we (the UK ) are top heavy; you need another crevice in your crack (no puns please) Now is the time; not to start (wo)manning the pumps; but to start making them.
A Politicians porky floating on lets hang on to what 'hot air' we got won't eradicate inequality a stimulate growth
NO growing GOSH GOSH

The Greek men and women are the poor relation of the EU.
In 2008/9 the men and women of Iceland 'marched on parliament' and didn't bail out their bankers.
They put them in jail.
The economy of Iceland is now picking up again - with real money; not artificially created funny money.
The Greeks still have a choice - not devolution; but default.

TUES 14th MAR 2017

 Loyds of London  The Bank of Greece

1873; the worlds first 'insurance' institute was founded in sunny Manchester.
The plebs took to penny policies after wars - like smucks to slaughter - the regulated insurance weekly collector was your chum.
1986; 'big bang' the deregulation of London Stock Exchange - to increase competition - changed the whole greedy game.

No rules OK UK led to insurance and all things financial being gobbbled up by the too big to fail 'banksters'.
The planting of the seed of greed led to the present level of inequality.
Don't mention:
agencies and umbrella's
Holding companies with more levels than a north of midlands multi-storey.
Revolving doors giving access to any floor.
The corruption and consumption.
The politicians porkies.
The bean counter bending over the barrel.
And; - you pick one; not tax - all things part of the not making things greed game.GOSH

2014; a bloke called Benn - MP for fifty year - died today.
Was his biggest mistake naming his son Hilary; or having the pseudo socialist, prostituted to the press, war mongering, muppet type offspring.
Making and having mistakes is all part of the game GOSH

Greece is not a main player in the international money game - though it is a global player to some extent.
Having banks in near quasi ex eastern block countries and London. It is getting close to one million Greeks without access to medicine due to lack of insurance and poverty
Greece is an advanced country and a member of the EU.
Who's next!

WED 15th MAR 2017

 King charles 11  The Chancellor

1764; Charles 11 - that means second, not eleven - was it him personally - brought about the, 'Declaration of Indulgence'; religious freedom.
A religious/political coalition - not pray for me; more, pray for anyone one wants - there(to church) you go GOSH

It was Charlie 11s dad that got the chop after the civil war remember - roundheads v cavalier ; parliament v the king.
A litle later in time - a time of cabals and secret plotting - the quaker gang reckoned that jimmy jesus - or was it his dad - was coming down on a working holiday, and lead them to chinning all their religious opponents.
Whose side exactly is he on; this gadgee called God.

There followed a period of intense inter gang/family/nation state negotiation/clandestine meetings and u-turn skullduggery.
A Dutch protestant greedy git financed by a Dutch immigrant jew invaded the divided land of England; and
The protestant/anglian/CofE gang ruled evermore OK - the Catholics; there they were gone GOSH

And; which side were the serfs/plebs on!
Most kept their heads down - the 'tothers'; which ever gang paid the greatest GOSH

Inequality is even more reliant on being international now.
Will China achieve equality before the EU.
The UK plebs - don't mention the yanks - don't seem to think so.
The wheels of the international banking wagon are coming off now.
Have us Brit plebs jumped to soon!
Shall we gather...GOSH
Ms Hogg (Charlotte) - her and the private barclays banker bro. (Quintin) are the offspring of one Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone, KG,CH,PC,QC - has resigned as a deputy Gov of the B of E.
'She was the only women on the monetary policy committee', politicised the Gov. of the B of E.
A One, Mr Mark Carney; a Canadian ex Goldman Sachs Gaffer, appointed by Georgie boy - man of the people! now getting a fortune employed by an international investment bank/gang Gideon Oliver Osborne CH,PC. Keep it in the establishment gang GOSH

In the 60's - a generation or more, before the banksters - the paid for by multi-nationals USofA think tanks invaded the UK.
They perfected the 'just put over your patter by 51% technique'
The birth of spin - though us plebs didn't know at the time.
One has to keep up if one wants to be in the greedy gang GOSH

Will Greece default and /or leave the EU!
The EU has already intimated that The UK - or what's left of it - (no PUN intended) can rejoin in the future.
Will they electronically induce more imaginery money as an inducement.
Lets hope the band of banking bros will be long gone by then.
They are now making money to hang on in there - not make real money.