MAR 1st 2018

On this day

1812; Architect Augustus Pugin was designed into the world today.
He is best remembered for the Palace of Westminster (politicians version) and his churches such as St Giles' Catholic Church in Cheadle, Staffordshire.
Pugin was Of French/Irish lineage finally became a Roman Catholic again; was married three times due to death; and is thought to have died cos of syphilis (caught - no pun intended - when young).
Does the good lord - whatever the denomination - love a gadabout! GOSH

He designed most of the, what is known as 'the mother of all parliaments - dont mention the cost (how much -when finally finished).
The economies of Europe were around at the time but the divisions were not as developed as those of that man called Farage...
Was the politicians palace designed with a garage! GOSH

1946; The British Government took control of the Bank of England, after 252 years.
By a labour goverment not long after the second world war ended.
The treasury is the political side of UK money.
The BofE has seen may changes over time.
In recent times the rolls of the BofE and the treasury were supposed to be officially separated.
Due to deregulation any distinction between the two has become even more blurred; in reality.
Hence 'the establishment' v the plebs with their all to willing 'con' leaders and the brexit vote...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH.

1966; Mr Jimmy Callaghan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, confirmed that Britain would change over to decimal currency in 1971.
The seeds of simplicity and mans complications were being sown.
Ted Heath a greedy con fellow took Britain into the European community in 1973...
The cultural and economic ties of almost two generations will take some undoing.
Don't mention Brexit and dogs breakfast...
Giz ago GOSH

The strength of the EU will soon be tested by the member vote re. the so far brexit deal.
No giggling Gosh.
Wonder how Greece will vote...

MAR 2nd 2018

On this day

1779 The birth, in London, of Joseph Grimaldi, English creator of the original white faced clown.
He was introduced to the stage of Drury Lane at the age of three; by the family...
He was a third generation immigrant - his grandad came from Italy -where facism is once again rearing rampantly due to unequal economic poverty.
His dad made Harvey Weinstein look like a straight catholic priest...
Very few - most of em are economic - require a grant NO GOSH

1930; David Herbert Lawrence (known as D.H. Lawrence), novelist and poet, died from tuberculosis in France.
He was only at the poorly age of 44.
His books (and films) included Lady Chatterley's Lover, Women in Love and Sons and Lovers.
Mr. Lawrence was the son of a Nottingham miner - it is thought that he was a left leaning social commentator; he was more of a right wing, anti feminist - almost facist - believer in utopianism.
The establishment prosecution of his pushing the literary envelope book 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' spectacularly collapsed when the prosecuting barrister - brandishing a copy over head - said, 'would you let your servant read this book'.
The well thumbed book was avidly passed around amongst both sexes in the schools of 60's Britain.
There's no such thing as bad publicity on a planet of sex and violence.
Wanna be in my hypocritical Gang GOSH

1995;British financial dealer Nick Leeson, (recently resigned head honcho - whatever that is; these days; - of an Irish footie outfit); who bankrupted Barings Bank, was arrested at Frankfurt Airport.
The sit back and rake it in old boy bosses of Barings were clueless as to how and what was going on.
The question is not if; but, how greedy GOSH.

The newly arrived immigrants that are stuck in Greece are still being told that Europe is open for business.
Greedy people are still playing the game - that's present day life... on this increasingly larger carbon foot print planet.

MAR 3rd 2018

On this day

1857; The Second Opium War: Britain and France declared war on China, using the killing of a missionary as the pretext.
The UK has been to oily war twice lately in recent history - one thatcherite; one blairite!
Are the UK - what's left of it soon - ready to go to the world trade wars initiated by trump after the brexit decision.
A squaddie dies and a diplomat lies...
Play the Game GOSH

1943; World War II: 173 people were killed in a crush while trying to enter an air-raid shelter at Bethnal Green tube station, in London.
Non combatant deaths - intentional or not - are euphemistically referred to as collateral...
Long before men and women start killing each other; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Play the deathly game GOSH

1955;A statement was made that London would become a smokeless zone at the beginning of October.
A developed nation taking the lead...
In times of any nation state economy coming under pressure; the carbon footprint is put on the turned off back burner.
Play the short greedy game GOSH

1991;The Queen needed three stitches in her hand after intervening in a corgi fight.
1995;Camilla Parker Bowles and her husband Andrew divorced. She married Prince Charles on 9th April 2005.
Now and again the tax haven owned press play placate the pleb...
The royal family are depicted as the most dysfunctional in this green and pleasant land.
Play the ?game GOSH

2015; Paul Coyle (aged 50), the former treasurer and head of tax at Morrisons supermarkets was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to two counts of insider trading after buying Ocado Group shares.
He was also handed a confiscation order for £203,234 - the ill gotten gains of crime; to be paid voluntarily; if unpaid, the payment can become compulsory.
In this era of inequality - one of, if not the main cause is deregulation - not one person involved in the mis-manipulation of money (banker and close chum) has been put in prison by the British establishment.
One would think they are all in it together...
If the same amount had been invested in manufacturing as banking and 'services' we wouldn't now have the delights of the brexit breakfast on the table.
How long can a nation state play the greedy for some only game GOSH

Greece is a less developed western nation trapped in the web woven by the wealth/funny money/tax haven owning 1% of super rich! greedy gits.
Before Brexit there are those that firmly believe it would have been Grexit.
Once again the well known word of tents and waste products spring into this mind.
What state of mind is left to the reader - is the pun intended!

MAR 4th 2018

On this day

1681; King Charles II granted a Royal Charter to William Penn, entitling him to establish a colony in North America called Pennsylvania.
Was this the beginning of the end of the British Empire - like footie club dynasties; nothing lasts forever; are we really going to colonise Mars!
Change is inevitable...
Is the world ready for the recent rate of change!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1912; Suffragettes, demanding votes for women, smashed every window they passed in Knightsbridge as a protest at government inaction.
Fast forward to 2018...
Sex and violence are still mans greatest hobby/pastime.
Women - some more than others; like man - have always been into sex; now women are becoming more and more violent (individually, as well as with nation state blessing)
Women will never take over from man until the become physically big enough to chin man.
Wanna be in my gender bender Gang GOSH

1966; John Lennon, caused outrage amongst Christians by stating 'We're more popular than Jesus Christ right now. I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.'
Beatles' records were consequently banned in many US states and in South Africa.
Good Lord bless my Gun GOSH

1997; The match-fixing trial of footballers Bruce Grobbelar, John Fashanu and Hans Segers ended in deadlock, with the jury failing to reach verdicts.
Them footie fellows will be gambling next...
You man/park the bus mark my cliched words.
Wanna be in my well paid gang GOSH

2015; The UK government announced that it was selling its 40% stake in the cross-Channel train operator Eurostar to an Anglo-Canadian consortium, for £757.1m.
Wonder who owns and makes money from the UK national Lottery.
It's this, way over the top, dodgy dogma of privatisation that brought about BREXIT.
Some plebs delusionally want to be in another Gang GOSH

Border huhahs - no deaths as yet - are increasing between Greece and Turkey.
Turkey is becoming increasing belligerent over off shore drilling for oil in Cyprus waters.
Greece is a full member of the EU trading block; Turkey desperately wants to become a member of the EU.
What a crazily complicated world we're living in!

MAR 5th 2018

On this day

1461; Wars of the Roses: Lancastrian King Henry VI was deposed by his Yorkist cousin, who then became King Edward IV.
From relative tiny tribalism in the pursuit of power to huge territorial trading blocks.
Are brexiteers an out of touch/time bunch of bellicose beligerents; or just a myopic anachronistic amalagamation of anarchists!
Thats enough ego driven alliteration...
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

1900; The British Government was offered peace proposals to end the Boer War, but rejected them.
If! when the Brexit breakfast doesn't go our way' will we send our toothless aircraft carrier to a rumpus up the Rhine!
He who rules the heartland of Europe; rules the world - the mackinder (who) concept was conceived when the British Empire was still struggling to rule the waves.
Are brexiteers waving good bye to a commercial non violent share of ruling the world!
Wanna be in my pursuing power GANG GOSH

2002; Phony Tony Blair was urged by 39 MPs not to back military action in Iraq. How many!
When democracy (what democracy) makes a wrong decision; a pundit - let's call him or her political - usually comes out with, 'capitalism and democracy aren't perfect - but heh it's the best we got'.
Too many people on this planet are taking it - are you on the take!
You better be in my Greedy Gang Gosh

2014; Birmingham city council announced the sell-off of four of its hugely popular venues, including the National Exhibition Centre.
The in the pursuit of power purveyors of privatision have tried unsuccessfully to ignore one basic tenet of modern day economics.
In the era of the the highest ever level of private and co. debt; governments can still borrow money more cheaply; no matter how complicated one makes it.
Wanna be an individual in my gang GOSH

Is the socialist chancellor (boss of the money after the treasury - don't mention the still UK; Canadian, ex Goldman Sachs investment banker, chancellor) who after much disagreement with the coalition government socialist PM resigned; suing the European Central Bank.
You bet -shares and tax havens may go down as well as up - he is...

MAR 6th 2018

On this day

1893; The opening of the Liverpool Overhead Railway (known locally as the Dockers' Umbrella) which operated for 7 miles along the Liverpool Docks.
. The railway had a number of world firsts - it was the first electric elevated railway, the first to use automatic signalling, electric colour light signals and electric multiple units and was home to one of the first passenger escalators at a railway station.
How many generations ago! GOSH

Innovation is more often than not; 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.
In the era of drastically (within nation states) increased inequality; rapid advancement of technology wouldn't have been possible without microminiarisation and, let's call em computers
The rate of change is out of kilter with the economics.
Along with created from nowhere funny money; easy come, easy go GOSH.

Less than a generation ago the technology was stacked up ready to bring in/onto the market.
In the gig economy of today; whether it's ready or not, get the product out as soon as possible - one must compete in an economy under pressure.
Have you done a work for nowt gig - the entertainment industry - especially pop groups - have long done the GIG GOSH

The novelty culture - notice how it's the same product, but a little smaller - is almost dead.
'Long live the novelty culture' chorused the select gang of greedy gits.GOSH

How long can this planet maintain sustained growth - increase of Gross Domestic product, trading block or nation state.
Don't mention climate change...
Carbon footprint! we don't even need feet! how high can we fly, said the greedy git GOSH

2015; Research from the University of Oxford estimated that the migrant population in England had increased by more than half a million in three years.
Uni's used to be national institutions - part of the infrastructure.
If you don't think that the UK Education is influenced - don't mention the MSM - by the 'sponsors', you need another getaway for your gash gallery GOSH

How will Greece cope with the often threatened increase in robots and automation.
Robots are made by people; it's our fellow humans we have to be wary of.

MAR 7th 2018

On this day

1671; Robert Roy MacGregor was pushed into the gloaming; just guessing, as some historians do - not many midges this time of year, north of Hadrians wall - usually known simply as Rob Roy, the famous Scottish folk hero and outlaw of the early 18th century.
He died on 28th December 1734 and is buried in Balquhidder churchyard.
Rob Roy was a Jacobite, his true history is memorised in mist.
Different clans have differing versions... Wanna be in my gang.GOSH

An interesting comment on a daytime tv programme yesterday...
The relationship between a 'woman' and mother in law is more complicated than the Brexit negotiations.
In the era of info and fake news; are they (things) really more complicated than previously!
Rob Roy didn't want to become an outlaw - does history have him down as a rule bending rebel.
Somewhat similar to how history will see the SNP epoch in years to come?
The polarisation of society is certainly interestingly complicated.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Many people are trying to influence democracy - as we now know it.
What is the score at this moment in time - 'it's the economy stupid'.
In the trade off between passion and professionalism (politics); recently the developed world has been deffered to the dollar.
The times they are a changing...
Are you in the haves or have-nots GANG GOSH!

1946; Doctors mounted a campaign to oppose the introduction of a National Health Service.
Trust me I'm a docker...
As individuals - from the doctors down; the doctors have all gone quiet over there - the medical profession is no different to any other profession/vocation; a mix of relative greedy/ non gits.
Except one very important angle; life and death.
Wanna be in my godless Gang GOSH

Was the word 'vocation' used with a wry grin in this era of everybody wants your money.
When I were a lad and we knew each other; we had a new years eve toast...
'Heres wishing you health wealth and happiness' In an economy under pressure; is the order of words in the wrong/right order!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Are Greek citizens any different to us!
All immigrants and nation states just want a better standard of health wealth and happiness.
Who are you to deny them - some people do...
Let the game begin in earnest!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH