WED 1st MAR 2017

 'Sir' Edward Mosleyy Greek Fascist Cartoon !

1946; the British goverment - labour; really representing the plebs in them days - took control of the Bank of England.
Previously run by greedy gits on behalf of the poor plebs for 250 years.
It was just after the WW2 that countries started competing by ditching the relationship between currencies and gold.
By 1971 all traces of the link of money to gold were gone GOSH

1947; the International Monetary Fund came about- it has 180+ member nations; but is run much more than less by the G20. group of nations.
The IMF is the one institution most responsibile for the inequality brought about by globalisation. GOSH

The World Bank - very similar to the IMF - is alledgedly deemed to be more politically inspired and is supposed to be under the auspices of the UN.
Both outfits - boys will be boys - have been accused by the less developed nations of being bias to the greedy GOSH

In March 2011 the Ministers of Economy and Finance of the African Union proposed to establish an African Monetary Fund.

At the 6th BRICS summit in July 2014 the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)announced
the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) with an initial size of US$100 billion,
a framework to provide liquidity through currency swaps in response to actual or potential
short-term balance-of-payments pressures - a rival banking outfit.

In 2014, the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was established as a rival to the IMF and World Bank. Who needs gold GOSH
In 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU - having rejected the Euro and the ECB a lifetime earlier.
The nation states of the EU are still members of the IMF and World Bank - as yet.
The US of A has the veto on the world bank and IMF; and, after electing Mr Trump who alledgedly wants to be our special Chum.
Us plebs better play and play better, the game GOSH

The IMF and ECB; as well as nation states (privately) of The EU, and America; have all made loans to Greece.
World Banking is controlled by the greedy gits; aided and abetted by politicians of whatever colour.
The US of A and us have just had protest votes against the greedy gits - it's not just the plebs of Greece against globalisation.

THURS 2nd MAR 2017

 The Bodleian Library

Greek Fascist Cartoon !

1545; Tommy Bodley - wasn't known as tom the bod - the founder of the Bodleian Library was issued today.
The research library at Oxford Uni is second in size to the British Library.
The yanks don't have the right to bear books - it's guns GOSH

Phony Tony Bliar done more to bring about inequality; with the policy of 'Education x's three'.
For over a generation parents of both left and right have been frightfully scared for the offspring not to have a 'Degree'
The more the degrees the smaller the economy to fairly support the people given the 'right' to be better.
Never mind the quality feel the width.
Gotta be in my gang GOSH

1779; Joseph Grimaldi - the original white faced clown - popped out; he was rolled out on the Drury Lane stage aged three.
1988; the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party launched their new joint political party - the Social and Liberal Democrats.
Not long in a lifetime, before the alliance, the 'unfortunate' - in todays vernacular - disclosed 'innuendo' of a publuc trial gave rise to the classless - mostly pleb - " I'll be buggered if I'll vote Liberal"
Don't mention I'm a gonnerhere GOSH

2015; the police were given the right to arrest people driving under the influence of drugs.
Any drug and any level gave it a zero tolerance 'criminal activity'.
Will a on zero hours 'bro' in a banger be stopped more than a banker on bonus in a brand new beamer.
Justice must be seen to be done...
Where have all the cop cars gone...GOSH

Talks about the loan(s)are ongoing - as they say ont telly.
A peaceful protest - 1,500; guestimate by who - against 'austerity' was held outside the hotel of talks.
Austerity in Greece will be the same as in the UK.
Kick the plebs in the plums the hardest with your jack boots on.

FRI 3rd MAR 2017

 The Broken Country
EU Danger Zones !

1284; Welsh Wales - look you - became part of the crown jurisdiction of king Ted the head 1.
The fuedal lords signed up to the overlord.
Jaw;Jaw after War;War - the democracy after death and destruction.
And who was on the side of the winner - Good God GOSH

The independence referendum of 1997 - even closer than the UK, EU referendum - enabled the formation of the Welsh Assembly in 1999.
A referendum in 2011 - 63.49% yes; 36.51% no - gave further devolutionary powers to Wales.
Democracy without death and just a bit destruction - remember the torching of the holiday homes.
They ousted the tories - and labour to a lesser extent - they had,had enough, - albeit on a low turnout - from Gwent to Gwnedd GOSH

1857; Britain and France - yes France - declared war on China - the second opium war only lasted three and a bit year.
The first opium war handed Hong Kong to the British in 1842 - the treaty of Nanking. One UK reason - one of the excuses - for the war in Afghanistan; was opium; remember.
The opium wars were more to do with Empires scrapping for wealth - very little to do with the drug.
Wonder who has the biggest Empire now - the future is all agog GOSH

1995; Camilla Parker Bowles - used to be a posh hat hand in desk jockey - divorced Andy and married Charlie Boy.
A marrige made in heaven - or lust and greed GGOSH

2015; a greedy plonker called Paul was sent down for 12 month; guilty of insider trading involving shares in the Ocado Group.
The Ocado group is a British online grocery business founded by three ex Goldman Sachs bankers - it was floated on the LSE in 2011.
Ocado - a chum of Waitrose - do Morrisons online deliveries - plonker Paul Coyle; was the treasurer and tax advisor for Morrisons - keep it in the family.
Nearly all family businesses are now owned by gangs - financed by quantative easing - of greedy gits NO GOSH

Germany has rejected a six month delay - a sabbatical - to the paying of the loan(s)
Don't forget the nation state election time tables in the big boys of the EU.
The greedy gits are queueing up to privatise the Greek national assets.
How rich - or greedy - are the big boys really!
Donner kebab und blitzen.

SAT 4th MAR 2017

Greek Debt Graph

1681; Charles 11 granted a royal charter to Bill Penn; the go ahead, to set up a gaff/colony by the name of Pennsylvania.
The rest is democratic/ mostly republic, history - with a fleet full of container ships - of death and destruction.
Giz a gun Gosh

The American Empire became the biggest military force - sorry; democratic - ever seen on what used to be pink; planet earth.
The sweet smell of colonial success is now becoming the foul smell of executive effluence.
Under Trump diplomacy in theatres of conflict/open war has been put on hold - while it re-arms.
Giz a bigger gun GOSH

France is putting guns - guns; a less diplomatic word than boots - into Africa again.
A centre right 'socialist' government is going for gold - not another new neo-colonialism case.
5% of French wealth comes out of Africa - ever heard of the African Union; gaining in strength diplomatically; annually.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Grab a grenade GOSH

Have you spotted the globalisation of sport from the comfort of your amateur armchair.
The quality has been diluted - there's not enough stars to go round.
A cynic/reallist would say, " is there a selectively convenient; injury rota/list.
A true fan can have a drug free grumble grunt GOSH

The short lived electoral victory in Cumbria has given 'this government' more confidence to carry out cuts.
The scrapping of housing benefit to the young will disastrously disproportionally affect the plebs.
Keep going you greedy gits GOSH

Greece is best chums with France in the bailout negotiations.
France is second to Germany in the amount loaned.
There is growing disillusionment with the majority socialist government deference to the globalised banking establishment.
Germany wants everything done and dusted before the EU nation state elections.
Turbulent times - not the good times - are coming.

SUN 5th MAR 2017

Hurray hurray; it's a holi holiday.
Gone Galivanting GOSH....

Not for you Greek Gadgees; it aint.

MON 6th MAR 2017

 Frankie Howerd Kellingley Colliery

1917; Frankie - the hombre - Howerd was pushed out today; 60 year of risque double entendre - titter ye not.
He died in 1992; one day before his mate, another master of monumental mirth, Benny Hill.
There they were; both gone - no giggling GOSH

Which British colony was the first to go independent in 1957!
It was Ghana GOSH

1974 the miners called off a four week strike; when offered a 35% pay rise.
Ten year later the NCB announced a massive program of job losses and pit closures.
On the 18th DEC 2015; Kellingley Colliery closed - the last deep coal mine in the UK was gone GOSH.

2015; Oxford Uni estimated that Uk immigration has increased by over one half in three years. On thursday the 23rd of june 2016; the UK electorate voted marginally to leave the EU.
When one has to go; you have to go GOSH.

The billion euro/drachma question - will the greeks leave or be pushed!

TUES 7th MAR 2017

 Rob Roy Greek Debt

1671; Rob Roy Magregor felt the cool gloaming in the glen the first time today.
Born into a family of scrappers on the catholic side in the glorious revolution.
The facts are as misty as Jock pond mist.
Was he real or a myth - no Jocks or Geordies; no JOSH GOSH

A folk hero legend and only an outlaw by the skullduggery of 'religious opponents'.
The Jacobites were finally beaten by 'highlanders' taking the kings shilling.
Would any English person be bothered by devolution today; if the Jocks didn't live the closest to all that lovely oil.
It's not worth a light; said the westminster geologist; No JOSH GOSH

1946; doctors - the hippocritic oath - started a campaign against the formation of the NHS.
They'll be a harley street next - anything you can treat I can treat better...
Humans can't - can they - make money out of gangrene GOSH

In 1990 the Fayed brothers were allowed to keep 'Harrods'; despite being proved as liars in an official report.
Don't mention - I said don't mention - the B.Empire and the suez canal.
Send a bloody gun boat GOSH

2015; the one millionth Morris Minor - a real UK car industry product - was auctioned for £25,000; 55 years after it was made.
The 'younguns' won't recall; when cars weren't recalled - especially the Japanese models of reliability.
One didn't have as much corner cutting corruption when unions were strong - an era of much less inequality.
Under pressure; looking down on me...
The good times are coming...
Don't have too much of a gander GOSH

The banksters are towering over the Greek economy like vultures. - hedge funds are hovering for the quick buck.
Nation state politics will decide the fate of the EU - not international private finance.
If it don't - you aint seen nothing yet...

WED 8th MAR 2017

 Emily meets The Establishment The Cancellor

1908; The house voted down the Suffrage bill; denying the right to vote to the fairer sex.
The gander is in charge; let's have a goose. GOSH

2017; Mrs/ Miss / Ms Hogg is now the deputy governer of the Bank of England.
Her Bro. is a barclays bankster.
What is bad for the plebs is now good for the up-market goose and gander.

I rang up 'the treasury', the day after a certain 'Gordon Brown' - an economist by name; and, Scottish nature; dont mention the banking collapse - presented to the plebs, his first budget.
Reached level three of mis/man/agement with the same; 'where did you get this number - whooo are you... Oh Oh?'.
It was printed on the treasury pink papers; which at the time, were on display in the reference section of most public libraries.
If one want's a surreal conversation - is it worse now - Give it a Go GOSH.

Ps when 'Gordon' - who now earns a bankers bonus on the speaking curcuit - held up the in/famous red box/case, he was telling hoggies.
The budget was locked away in a safe to stop him tinkering with it.
There's nowt as queer - the really old meaning - as folk.
The not so old grumpy gander/goat GOSH

The present tax dodging chancellor is now trying ever so hard to be an alchemist/ magician/ man of mirth.
'Every' thing in the secret high walled garden is rosy; However, we still need just another atom of austerity.
The 'cuts' are now starting to affect the haves; as well as the have-nots.
New lamps for old - have you got any gold! GOSH

The women of Greece are supporting international womens day; much more than the UK!
It is mens day on Nov 19...

The government in power that arranged the under the table loans with private banks was conservative.
The loans were the loans to pay off the loans that gave the - tory at the time - Greek nation economic access to the EU.
What could have possibly gone greedily wrong - monitor up more money men.