The odds of winning the UK lotto are just under 14 million to one.
The odds of winning the three number payout are 1 in 57 - The best of British to you.
Win the UK lottery now and you'll just be able to afford a small central London flat - sorry apartment.
A percentage of ticket money goes to the government - a percentage goes to good causes in the form of a grant. One of the first ever grants awarded, went to Eton for a sports pavilion - the rich know how to play the game.

The odds of winning the Euro lottery are just over 116 million to one.
The most you can win on the Euro lottery is 190 million Euro.
The biggest win ever in the UK was 161 million pounds in 2011.
Germany isn't in the Euro Lottery - It has a national/regional lottery similar to their banking structure.
The swiss - in the land of the tax free secret bank account - have to pay tax on a win.
France, for some reason, has the highest, by a long way, of jackpot winners.
La bonne Chance.