JUNE 22nd 2018

On this day

1611; Henry Hudson, English navigator, was cast adrift with some of his crew after a mutiny in the bay that now bears his name.
The ship was stuck in ice for an eternity - It was the last time they were seen alive.
Hudson was being employed by 'merchants' to find new and quicker sea routes.
The crew were arrested on return to dear old England.
The differences of reward for individual endeavour are/were indeed great GOSH

1680; The 'Sanquhar Declaration' took place in the public square of Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway.
The symbolic demonstration, in a speech read by Michael Cameron in the presence of his brother, Covenanter (presbyterian by name and nature) leader Rev. Richard Cameron, was essentially a declaration of war.
It led to the Glorious Revolution and the end of the reign of the House of Stuart.
Many covenanters migrated to america via Ireland - proddies v catholoics.
The Unionism (Scot v Eng) 'conflict' of wealth still goes on today in the era of less religious 'interest'. In the name of more or less GOD GOSH

1802; Britain's Health and Morals of Apprentices Act limited children to a maximum twelve hour working day; whilst under nines were banned from the mills - introduced by the tory establishment dad of the twice PM bob Peel in the aiding and abetting of more profit; not so much a matter of conscience - a predecessor to the factories acts; which were much more pleb organised.
Those dark satanic mills are alive and 'well' in foreign factory fields to 'those' that take generational advantage.
Isn't cant, hypocrisy and the decidedly dodgy denial of duplicity great GOSH

Many of the factories acts were passed in victorian times.
In this 'one back' era of the two steps forward and one back advance of society; there are many who would take us back to 'victorian values.
If you don't believe it; you need a bit less gas guzzling in your gig GOSH

2010; Chancellor George Osborne - remember 'georgie boy' the public school chum of dodgy dave cameron born and bred to be in control - increased VAT from 17.5% to 20% (to take effect from January 4th 2011) and cut welfare spending as he moved 'decisively' to tackle Britain's record debts.
Record debts refers to peacetime.
Today we are in an Economic war that has resulted in inequality - those left behind; call it what you will - and the Brexit vote.
More and more people are questioning the veracity and credentials of the - increasing in number and don't mention the cost - of professional politician/pundit(s)
'Who am I to disagree', he gloated with gloss GOSH

As the developed world divides and lurches to the right over migration; Greece, one of the main EU doorkeepers, is starting to grimace and grin all the way to the bank.
Things can only get better-for some.

JUNE 23rd 2018

On this day

1661; Charles II of England married Portuguese Catherine of Braganza.
Catherine's dowry included Tangier, the Seven islands of Bombay, trading privileges and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000) - more than a few bob today.
'I will do anything for love; but, I won't do what'.
The arranged marriages of certain nation states are now more than frowned upon.
If you think that the greedy gits of the western world don't have 'marriages of convenience',
You need a lot more guffaw in your giggle.GOSH

1757; British troops, commanded by Robert Clive, won the Battle of Plassey in Bengal - laying the foundations of the British Empire in India.
It is said that after the British Raj left; India never suffered another famine.
How much of the UK economy does India now 'own'
The present alleged 'top dog' ( don't mention the funny money of 'quantative easing') the USofA, has about 50 military bases strategically positioned on our planet.
Love and violence, go together like a horse and carriage...
Living is easy, till your nation state carriage has a gun...GOSH

1940;World War II: German leader Adolf Hitler surveyed newly defeated Paris in German occupied France.
One of the main founding aims of the now Evolving EU was to prevent another war in Europe.
Wonder how us Brits will fare as a nation state in the world trade wars - will the nation states and the trading block of the EU still be at economic war when the brexit dogs dinner has been digested.
It never takes long for the citizens who reach for the skies; to reach for the gun. No GOSH

1985; A terrorist bomb aboard Air India flight 182 brought down a Boeing 747 off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 people aboard.
Most, of the lost souls were Canadian; followed by Indians from India.
A Sikh terrorist was fingered and received a mere 15 year in nick for killing 329 people.
Terrorist never win - tell that to the loved ones left.
How long does it take to forget; you git GOSH

1994; was announced that the Royal Yacht Britannia would be sold or scrapped.
Her final voyage was to Hong Kong in 1997, before being decommissioned.
Ironically to many Jocks, she is now based in Edinburgh, as a visitor attraction.
If/when Scotland goes fully independent; will the 'royal yacht as well as the NUKe subs have to go...GOSH

1997; Diana, Princess of Wales apologized for taking her two sons, Princes William and Harry, to see the 15 certificated film The Devil's Own, about an IRA assassin.

2014; The Queen officially opened the new £2.5bn Terminal 2 building at Heathrow Airport in west London.
Heathrow and 6 other main UK airports are now owned by a Spanish led 'international group' - could be any nation states on the planet.
Wonder if the Third Heathrow runway at an estimated (now reduced by 2.5 billion) cost of a conservative £14 billion will ever take off.
Those that put profit before planet have got some certain Gall GOSH

2016 The EU Referendum, The now deeply divided UK voted to leave the European Union.
The Union reached its 28 member countries with the accession of Croatia on 1st July 2013.
Soon to be 27 and counting; plus or minus - here we go GOSH

The finance ministers of the EU have agreed to a second loan repayment deal - a further ten year to pay back the loan.
Is that a further two fingers or not to the world bank, controlled as yet, by America.
It's not over till the fat Greek grins...

JUNE 24th 2018

On this day

1509; Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon were crowned King and Queen Consort of England by the Archbishop of Canterbury at a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
Katy - the first wife a catholic from spain - was married aged 23 to henry V111 and died of cancer(they reckon), after being married as a child bride to the elder bro. 7 years her senior.
The king is dead; long live the king... The coronation was followed by a banquet in Westminster Hall.
Nearly everyone likes a bit of a do...
Was the developed world ready for the ensuing goo!GOSH

1717; The Grand Lodge of the English Freemasons was founded in London; after drifting southwards from Scotland.
The best description of the handshaker gang was on the telly - a play...
The mafia of mediocrity; obviously a working class view of an organisation to keep the pleb in his/her place.
Many (in)famous men have been/are in the masons - some - whatever the degree - actually think they are charitable... Me! I actually think that they are relative greedy gits.
Who are you to disagree GOSH

1850; Horatio Herbert, Earl Kitchener, British field marshal,was born in County Kerry.
His dad an ex military man; bought land with the assistance of the government, in one of the most Irish catholic regions of Eire.
He achieved notable victories in foreign parts fighting for the Empire, and was Secretary of State for War at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. He mounted a major recruitment campaign and appeared on posters to exhort, ‘Your country needs you!’.
Horatio was a handshaker; don't mention concentration camps - wanna be in my charitable/greedy git Gang GOSH
1986; Hard-line unionist leader the Reverend Ian Paisley warned that Northern Ireland was on the verge of civil war.
The use of religion in the pursuit of power.
Were not most with a pecker and a pulse in the game aware of the incoming fact.
Let my people go...Here we go GOSH

1993; Northern Ireland Minister Michael Mates resigned over his links with fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir, Chief Executive Officer of the Polly Peck company - watch out; never let the bastards grind you down...
The greedy gits are now more than ever, over their heads in their much involved multi-national means of making money.
Yours is not to reason why!
Yours is just to do and die...
Play the game...
Greedy gits are so great GOSH

Will the Greek plebs do as they are told.
Those with Greek greed goggles on, certainly will.

JUNE 25th 2018

On this day

1533; The death, at the age of 37, of Mary Tudor, the younger sister of King Henry VIII and queen consort of France through her marriage to Louis XII.
She was first buried at the abbey at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, but her body was moved to nearby St. Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, when the abbey was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
Today; mostly for environmental reasons - is ashes to ashes cheaper - our/the dead plebs are cremated.
Will your remains be ash or Gash GOSH

1646; The surrender of Oxford to the Roundheads virtually signified the end of the first English Civil War.
In the second civil war the jocks were on the side of royalty and unionism - Scottish lions led by English well off donkeys.
Lets hang on to what we got GOSH

In the political climate of today - environmental climate! rollocks said the I'm doing alright, rich! man - many will be studying the preamble to the civil wars - some will be hoping for another one.
The kick off to rioting isn't planned - especially by the many that don't riot...
Here/do we go !!! GOSH

1912; The Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith - a yorkshire born oxford educated Liberal; the rich ruled then as now - was bitterly attacked in the Commons for the 'torture' of force-feeding suffragettes in prison.
The vote for women was hindered not by man alone - it was influenced and delayed - intentionally or not - by political party lines.
Herbie - who was a heterosexual of no mean stature - was against the vote for women.
Without a good gander; 'what's good for the goose...GOSH

1969; Wimbledon saw the longest men’s singles match ever when Charlie Passarell was beaten by Pancho Gonzalez 22-24, 1-6, 16-14, 6-3, 11-9.
Let's change the rules - money rules OK.
Sport was becoming an industry - a profession not a passion.
Bring on the artificial aids (drugs) - one can't make cash if your performance is gash GOSH

The England team have - the England squad; not the UK squad - always ready for the 'next' competition - clubs rule OK - qualified to the knockouts by pulverising Panama.
The international journalists perpetually perusing the panama papers have named the top two world footie players as tax dodgers.
We can't all be in/on the game GOSH

2014; Royal aides - lickers, lackeys and kowtowers - said that the refurbishment of the Kensington Palace apartment for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a renovation boosted by £4.5m of taxpayers' money, had made the space neither 'lavish' nor 'opulent', but just like 'an ordinary family home'.
Wonder if the 'palace' quarters have taxpayers wheelchair access.
If! you don't think that there are rules for the rich and next to SFA for the plebs; you need some more guts for your Gonorrh(o)ea GOSH

2014; Britain's best-known payday lender, 'Wonga', was ordered to pay more than £2.6m compensation after it was found to have sent threatening letters to customers from non-existent law firms.
Wonga is run by humans; not robots.
Wonga is a four nation state investment company owned by a white S. African.
Have you got shares; they could be invested in Wonga via american venture capitalists - sorry outfits.
Don't tell the church or crown estate...
How many plebs and patricians know that the UK head tax offices are leased through a tax haven.
Wanna be in my deregulated god fearing Gang GOSH

What do you know about the Greek loans and/or economy!
You; couldn't be influenced by the percentage bias of the barons that own the press!
My/your money makes the world go around...

JUNE 26th 2018

On this day

1483; Richard, Duke of Gloucester, began to rule England as Richard III.
Edward V. Edward and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, were murdered in the Tower of London.
What's a couple of family princes in a tower when one is after power.
The king is dead; long live the king...
It's a bit of a family thing; gangs GOSH

Don't mention the war of the roses - when you are a king...
Richards body was found in a church car park - the society was seeking it...
Richard 111 made it into plays written by the Bard; and, (in)famously renamed 'Dick the Turd' by a late Irish tv comedian.
Dicks body was found to have a few unexplained wounds.
Backstabbing is still a contemporary sort of hoped for secret pastime/indulgence.
In or against any alliance,
Wanna be in my GANG GOSH

1826; Samuel Crompton, the inventor of the 'spinning mule' a machine that revolutionised the cotton industry worldwide, could be used to spin anything; died today.
The invention was 99% inspiration from an idea and unpatented.
Death is the final part of living; they reckon we all do it.
Wonder if Sammy was aware of the short life of 'mandingo' and chums in them hot cotton fields.
There was a one hell of a lot of, chains means gains NO GOSH

The 'transatlantic' and British Empire slave trade - but not slavery itself - was abolished in 1833 by a Whig (not tory) government.
The compensation to owners - don't mention the church and posh plebs from all levels of society - was a loan to the/our government of 40% of GDP (over £16 billion in todays money) finally paid off in 2015.
Some less fortunate people of all nation states are treated as slaves today.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH.

The luddites smashed machines cos the were against the corrupt use of machines as well as the man v machine argument.
Luddites were executed and many deported to OZ.
In this contemporary era of digitalisation; bots and algorithms are, behind the scenes, being used to 'control' the inadvertent implicit masses of plebs.
It has been leaked to the masses that the robots/machines are coming... Haha.
Bots and machines are not the 'Enemy of the pleb'; it is our fellow humans.
In a developed or any nation state 'the rate of change' should be decided, democratically.
When a dogs beakfast is difficult to digest; Some people/nation states reach for a gun GOSH

How will Greece - one of the oldest democracies;ruled by the rich - fare.
Don't mention our fuel and rail fares.

JUNE 27th 2018

On this day

1450; Irish born Jack Cade led a 40,000 strong men of Kent and area demonstration march from Kent to London to protest against the greed laws introduced by King Henry VI of England.
History, has it that some of Cades classless army looted and pillaged parts of London and were seen off by the plebs of London.
Cade; beaten and betrayed, later died of wounds upon capture; and, his body was ritually beheaded for treason as a warning to others.
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

A somewhat, modern, less instantly bloody, similar equivalent is the third runway.
The divisions created over the third runway are 'classless' and divisive.
Is it a 'god' given right that this planet can go on sustaining the increase in nation state/trading bloc wealth for ever - never mind the near future.
Up till now; Empires and alliances have come and gone, as they played the leap frog of life.
In the game of life; greedy gits are driven (driverless cars!) to hold the best engines and cards.
Play the game. GOSH

1497; Cornish men Michael An Gof and Thomas Flamank were executed at Tyburn, London.
The dissenters had marched on London to protest at King Henry VII levying a tax to pay for an invasion of Scotland as they believed that this was a northern affair and had nothing to do with them.
A hist(e)orical example of me,me,me,; I'm alright Jack.
It was Phony Tony Bliar that questioned the very existence - briefly; but intently, on live TV - of the watford gap.
When I say to the people of the north east; ' this region is a back water'? the vast majority immediately reply, 'no', often with a contorted inquisitive grin
It is a strange phenomenon indeed, the concept of 'home town'
Don't mention the seamless move of those footie fellows change from tribal to multi-national.
Never mind the goals and own goals - play the game GOSH

Would the NE of england be better of as a region of Scotland - even allowing for the Brexit protest vote.
What about the other northern regions of England!
In the era of international devolution; play the game of geopolitics. no josh GOSH

1967; Barclays Bank opened Britain's first cash dispenser - a branch in Enfield, London.
In the early sixties; I was payed in cash - don't mention later envelopes stuffed with corruption.
Later I had the choice of traveling a few ( or more for many) miles to pick 'my earnings', or open a bank account.
We are now in the era of plastic rules OK - don't mention bitcoin.
Cash is now GASH GOSH

Is it not strange that the means of sharing and earning money are trialed in the sticks; yet,
The means of making money are centred and controlled by greedy gits condoned by government in London.
Money doesn't make the world go around; it is the greedy gits that manipulate and manoeuvre money (in all its forms) that control the world rotation.
If! only, we had regional banks - like them Germans No Josh GOSH

1846; The birth of Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish nationalist leader who was Member of Parliament for Meath ( less than a explosion from Dublin ); later leader of the Nationalist Party supporting a policy of violence which led to imprisonment in 1881.
His career ended when he was cited as the co-respondent in a divorce case and was dumped by his party.
It was the victorians who snapped/broke off the erect appendages of statues before they went on public display.
An ancient gang couldn't have worshipped onanism; could they!
In the era of enlightenment; no giggling GOSH

2012; The historic 'The Belfast Handshake', between the Queen and the former IRA commander, Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness, who went on to become Northern Ireland's deputy first minister.
Phil the Greeks uncle, Lord Mountbatten, the Queen's second cousin, was assassinated by the IRA.
They - the establishment - say that terrorism never works.
Tell that to the marines and the gullible GOSH

The rules of migration/immigration are changing by the day.
The Greek islands have numerous tented villages of political/economic migrants heading for Europe.
The Germans influenced, by means of money, the control of migration by the nation state of Turkey becoming the gatekeeper.
Turkey despite all the change - and impending change - is still trying to become a full member state of the EU.
Watch this space as the rules of the game change, said the Greek nation state; a full member of the EU.

JUNE 28th 2018

On this day

1491; Henry VIII, King of England and second son of Henry VII, was born today.
He married six times, beheaded two wives - and the rest, and broke away from the Catholic church to form the Church of England.
He had Catholics executed, who failed to recognize the church, and executed Protestants who complained that he should execute more Catholics!
Yet; he still managed to remain a popular king!
Is boris a modern! man who would be king!
Was it the personality of the King of Bling!
For every one he had done in he made at least two rich beyond their undivided dreams.
Wanna be in my money is no problem Gang GOSH

1914; Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were killed by a Bosnian Serb nationalist during an official visit to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo.
The killings sparked a chain of events that led to the outbreak of World War I.
Two minor kingdoms clashing not that long ago EH!
Borders that had been once won by the strength of the gun. GOSH

1919; Exactly five years to the day after Franz Ferdinand's death, Germany and the Allied Powers signed the Treaty of Versailles, officially marking the end of World War I.
Although the armistice, signed on 11th November 1918, ended the actual fighting, it took six months of negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference to conclude the peace treaty.
After the cessation of hostilities; many empires were lost and boundaries redrawn...
Jaw jaw after war war; he greeted with a gunmetalled grin... Grosch

1950; A novice U.S. team beat the England players 1-0 in the first round of the World Cup in Brazil.
The highly fancied to win, English team included Billy Wright, Tom Finney, Mannion and Mortenson.
Politics and money on a much minor scale ruled OK.
They were beaten by plastic Americans guided by a couple of jocks.
In those days it was a sort of knockout league - Uruguay won; we didn't make the second round... A generation later the UK had plastic Brits in all forms of sport.
Professionalism - don't mention drugs - took over from passion.
To make a living giz a game again GOSH

2015 The broadcast of the final episode of Top Gear with presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.
Clarkson's contract was not renewed earlier in the year after an 'unprovoked physical attack' on producer, Oisin Tymon at a hotel in North Yorkshire in March 2015.
His co-hosts refused to present future shows without him - and the rest is still history to many a petrol pleb.
Has the BBC stopped following the money yet!
One of the biggest growth industries of the last two generations has been private jets flying out of London.
The passengers (hirers) were mainly TV stars from the BBC - lucrative appearances abroad...
Don't mention the head honchos of - often failed lucrative contract - the IT industry on business/pleasure jaunts.
We have all heard of the financial woes and corruption of Tesco...
How many personal jets were/are still on interminable contract on order to members of the Tesco Board?
If you don't recognise the true extent of inequality; you need less gizmos and more guts GOSH

Ps. Mr. Clarkson is a personal friend and cotswold neighbour - don't mention early retired met police horses - of Dodgy Dave Cameron and also no longer in the limelight, Rebecca Brooks/Wade.

The intended austerity of the greedy gits will have a dramatic negative effect on the Greek economy and merely increase inequality.
Any pleb that is merely out to 'enjoy yourself' will deserve eveything they don't get

JUNE 29th 2018

On this day

1620; After denouncing smoking as a health hazard, King James I of England banned the growing of tobacco in Britain.
Tobacco is addictive - I smoked for 37 and 1/2 approx. years - some, very few; people get away with it
In the days of the early sixties; we didn't know any different.
It was plain cigarettes in them days: capstan, players and the smaller woodbines.
The bookies runner - before gambling was made legal - used to flog the sailors duty free allowance capstan full strength on the cheap.
Today; cos of health; in the era of the electronic tab - remember that old one about the copper saying,'lends a tab till the shops shut'; a pc was robbing the ubique cigarette machines; it is not illegal to grow your own tobacco for personal use.
Don't tell anybody in your gang GOSH

1801; Britain held its first population census - for tax! - producing a population figure of 8,800,000.
The last census; carried out under the supervision of the 'Office of National Statistics'; don't you dare mention data banks - data is updated annually; in 2011, came up with a UK population of over 63 million.
The break down of the changes can be (and is) used by any individual or organisation to labour - no pun intended - any point of view on the planet.
Wanna be placed uncategorically in my gang GOSH

1871; The Trade Union Act was passed, giving trade unions legal status for the first time.
Over time the power of Organisations waxes and wanes.
Time to return to the Trade Union gangs GOSH

1905; The Automobile Association was set up by motorists angered by police harassment and to warn drivers of speed traps.
The AA - not to be confused with alcohol and now drugs - was 'demutualised' in 1999; and. is now owned by american private equity.
It can be illegal and attract a fine of up to £1,000 to warn other drivers of a speed trap.
The police as the guardians of modern society - most, by far; cameras are manned cheaper by civilians now - are watching.
You have been subtly warned.
Wanna be in my driverless gang GOSH

1986; Millionaire Richard Branson smashed the world record for the fastest powerboat crossing of the Atlantic.
Trains, planes and boats Branson is now into rockets - a rocket man.
Branson has just successfully sued the NHS (us the taxpayer) for losing a NHS contract to be.
In the current climate of deregulation and privatisation; we gave him and his companies, 2 million quid.
Don't tell Sid - a privatisation of shares old advert...
Cut through the spin - Do you really want to be in his gang GOSH

2010; The England football team returned home after being knocked out of the second round of the World Cup by Germany.
England ultimately lost 4-1, suffering their worst defeat to date in a World Cup finals match.
The Germans are out of the 2018 world cup.
Now a must win at all or any cost competition.
FFF... elicitations of a sort to the paying fans
Spinning and grinning he grunted GOSH

The recently coalesced far right Italian government has accepted a slightly amended EU immigration policy.
It is now looking even less likely that any kind of Grexit will follow the dogs dinner of Brexit...
A week is an even shorter time in politics now - ask 'I'm no gump Trump'.

JUNE 30th 2018

On this day

1643; The Battle of Adwalton Moor ( not far from Bradford) in the English Civil War.
The Royalists, under the Earl of Newcastle, (yes as in geordie land -it was known as the northern area in them days) defeated the Parliamentarians.
The won cos they outnumbered the enemy - something that is still taken into account in conventional warfare today(do not under any circumstance mention nukes).
The border defences on the southern side of Korea are now fully automated.
What ever next; robots with guns GOSH - pass the gin no josh GOSH

When young and daft I once done a Fencing demonstration dressed as a gay cavalier - gay meant jolly in the sixties, and earlier days - on the battlements of Chepstow castle; watch the drop.
In the age of austerity; the 'royals' have just been awarded a way way above inflation ( or call it what you will ) benefit increase.
They; the nasty party greedy gits; now playing placate the pleb, at one time,insisted on saying that, 'We are all in this together'.
Time to let/make the 'royals' and their silly supporters go NO GOSH

1893; The birth of Harold (Joseph) Laski, English politician and economist who campaigned for social reforms.
He became chairman of the Labour Party in 1945.
Wonder how the 'official' UK version of history will see the last couple of generations.
Don't mention; They are all the same in the westminster village, career politicians and the expenses fiasco, deregulation and division.
If you are looking the other way in/to the face of inequality...
You need to take off the greed goggles and have a more gregarious gander GOSH

1956;‘I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas’, written and performed by arch-Goon Spike Milligan, entered the British singles chart ..... six months after Christmas.
Was 'Spike' (Terence Alan) - I told you I was ill, or words to that effect, on his grave stone; the bloke who called 'charlie - where's me fancy bit - boy', a little grovelling bastard on live TV and later faxed, 'I suppose a knighthood is out of the question', a royalist.
Mr. Milligan; once described as the first alternative comedian - despite living in and buried in England was never ever a British citizen; his coffin was draped in the Irish flag - his family lived in Oz and, he refused to take the 'Oath of allegiance'.
Many a true word is said in jest.
Was he really just a guest GOSH

Will Greece become a modern comedy; or tragedy!
Next July we collide with Mars.
Life at the moment is as funny as the money and the disguised debt.
Trouble is; life (and death) is real...