FRI 23rd JUNE 2017

Cath of Braganza  Trade Balance

1661; A marriage contract was signed between Charles II of England and Portuguese Catherine of Braganza.
Portugal had an Empire too - don't forget; it was one of the biggest over time, as we know it.
Catherine's dowry secured to England; Tangier, the Seven islands of Bombay, trading privileges and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000).
The marriage contract helped end the spanish influence of king philip 1 and 2. - 3 and 4 were still a golden twinkle
in the eye.
The 'relationship(s)' between the international gangs of greedy gits were just as complicated then as now.
History is full of ironic gadzooks GOSH

The independence of America seen off the British Empire.
The independence of Brazil seen off the Portugese Empire.
The greatest irony of all...
The main players up against British 'beligerence' over time are now all republics...
We as a nation state still have our 'royal' gang(s) of greedy gits GOSH

1940; German leader Adolf Hitler surveyed newly defeated Paris in German occupied France.
Liebensraum so soon, again; Gosh

One of the main aims of the EU is to prevent another war in Europe - which leads to world war.
The EU reached its 28 member countries with the accession of Croatia on 1st July 2013.
2016; The EU Referendum; the UK voted to leave the European Union - cos of inequality
International inequality - or not!!!
All them republics against a monarchy... British beligerence at its best!!!
Where have all the negotiaters gone; long time passing; long time ago...
The present 'talkers' better be good GOSH

A tory led establishment has given the go ahead for a foreign nation state backed company to provide energy to the UK
Never mind the price...the risk is with the company; they say.
The same PFI - the same political - establishment patter all over again...
The brexit vote - albeit so narrow - was all about the UK and jobs...
Interesting times ahead - who'd be an establishment greedy git GOSH!

Greece is a nation state member physically and politically on the edge of the EU.
Has the UK got a trade deficit or surplus with Greece !
It is of no consequence now - they are in and we are out.
If you think that the trump solar power wall will stretch across the atlantic!
You need some more nous for your nuclear nourishment...

SAT 24th JUNE 2017

UK! Border  EU Flag

1314; Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II at Bannockburn and so completed his expulsion of the English from Scotland.
Although England did not recognize Scottish independence until 1328 with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh.
The union of Scotland and England came about in 1707 after clan and region economic scrapping for the wealth ended - some say after much english 'influence' and skullduggery
It was the love of money - not roaming in the gloaming NO GOSH

The differences of today are still about money - not national pride.
Scotland - much of it - wants independence from England; but not from Europe.
England - much of it - wants independence from Europe; but, not from Scotland.
What is so ironic; is that despite the masses of info available - at a cost of course - the politicians and pundits got it wrong again dad.
When change is staring you in the face and you can't see it - It's time to go GOSH

1509;Henry VIII ( English reformation proddy ) and Catherine of Aragon ( Spanish catholic) were crowned King and Queen Consort of England by the Archbishop of Canterbury at a lavish ceremony in Westminster Abbey.
The coronation was followed by a banquet in Westminster Hall.
Hands up if you think the plebs provided the lolly Golly GOSH

An era of economic conflict between the monarchy greedy gits and the religious greedy gits.GOSH

Are the days of, if you didn't cough up you were killed; gone!
Life is like comedy - it's all in the timing.
Some bloody joke NO JOSH GOSH

What's the difference between Henry V111 and the present prince of wales?
Apart from 500 year - not much...
They both preferred a male heir to the life of a wife.
If one is rich; life is a giggle GOSH

1974; The Labour Government admitted that Britain had exploded a nuclear device in the United States a few weeks previously. The announcement sparked a row amongst senior ministers about Britain's involvement in the arms race.
The decision to go nuclear at Hinkley is linked to the arms 'race' and the british 'detergent'
Nuclear power production provides the raw material for nuclear arms.
They both bring about a warm glow GOSH

Will brexit affect the French/Chinese on UK land Nuclear power plant.
If you don't think so - you need another arm up your arsenal...
If we can afford to kill people; we can afford to look after people.
From the nuclear cradle to the nuclear grave GOSH

1986; Hard-line unionist leader the Reverend Ian Paisley (joint founder of the DUP) warned that Northern Ireland was on the verge of civil war.
2017; a voice from Sinn Fein warned that any alliance/coalition between the tory majority/minority government and the further than right centre DUP; would be a breach of the peace agreement.
Gobs with gravity or gattling guns GOSH

Has Greece a future of relative peace compared to a nation state that leaves the umbrella of the EU.

The futures not ours to see
Que sera que sera
whatever will be, will be
There's no such thing as a money tree
Are you (swear word) kidding me!

SUN 25th JUNE 2017

Mary Tudor  EU Imbalances

1533: The death, at the age of 37, of Mary Tudor, the younger sister of King Henry VIII and queen consort of France through her marriage to Louis XII.
She was first buried at the abbey at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, but her body was moved to nearby St. Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, - five years later - when the abbey was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
Oh ho ho ho when I'm dead and gone GOSH

Mary was a looker and in great demand on the European marriage contract circuit.
When Louis died she married a Norfolk greedy git without royal assent - technically treason; and was fined the equivalent of £7 million in todays gold GOSH

Her bro henry relented and they were officially married after big bro reduced the fine - somewhat or just some.
And; you thought that greedy git family in Dallas - don't mention the windsors - had complications with their greed GOSH

This was in the era of being guided by prayer...
Nowadays; people in power/establishment/greedy gits; say anything but their prayers.
In the age of, very limited indeed, church influence - it is still the same; anything goes GOSH

1903; today seen the birth of George Orwell, English novelist of 'Animal Farm' and '1984'.
Nearly all that man/womankind thinks up comes true - it's the stuff that humans are made of...
If I only had time...
Oh ho ho ho when I'm dead and gone GOSH

2001; Race violence erupted in Burnley, Lancashire. White and Asian youths were involved in a series of overnight attacks on pubs, shops and restaurants. Many vehicles were also damaged or destroyed.
Sticks and stones will hurt my bones - but calling will not hurt me.
In the era of psychological enlightenment; is that no longer true.
In what should be the age of jaw jaw; man (and woman) is still prepared to go to war war; in the guise of God GOSH

There has been a lot of jaw jaw about the repayment of the Greek loans - very,very few have died as a direct result of the situation.
Let's hope - pray if you want; whatever gets you through the night - that it stays that way!

MON 26th JUNE 2017

 Richard 111  Payday loans

On This Day 26th June 1483; Richard, Duke of Gloucester, began to rule England as Richard III, having deposed his nephew, Edward V.
Edward and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, were soon afterwards murdered in the Tower of London.
A controversial ( some spell it different ) character at best -: the tots in the tower; the unparayelled pursuit of power; a bunch of bastards; the wars of the roses, nookie the nobles daughter; thats a canny hoard, where's me bloody sword
Put up the garlands; let's have a gargle and giggle GOSH

It was the exploits of richard the third that earned him the solemn sobriquet; 'dick the turd'.
That writer of old, had him crying, ; A horse; a Horse; my kingdom for a horse...'
Dickie boy was the last english king to be killed in battle...
It was him whose body was unearthed from a Leicester car park...
A publicity stunt! they were looking for the greedy git.GOSH

 Bones in a box
1939; Britain's first National Serviceman, Private Rupert (a rupert is a derogatory word for an 'officer') Alexander, signed up for the Middlesex Regiment.
His service number was 10000001.
Millions died during the second world war - 20 million russians alone; a conservative estimate...
1945; Delegates from nations around the world signed the United Nations Charter, designed to help ensure future world peace.
The first meeting of the U.N. General Assembly occurred in London in 1946.
The 'ability' of democracy to prevent death and destruction is one of the finest examples of cant and hypocrisy in life today.
There we/it was gone GOSH

1999 The National Stadium of Wales ( also known as the Millennium Stadium and Principality Stadium) held its first major event,an international rugby union match.
Wales beat South Africa in a friendly by 29–19; before a test crowd of 29,000.
Wales used to be 'rugby union' land - the stadium is still 'owned' by the WRU; the stadium was renamed to 'The Principality stadium' in 2016' when a deal was done with the new sponsors; who are now owned by an English group.
Who claim to still be a mutual building society - despite all the mergers and take overs
If you believe that; you need to do some more maths on your mortgage - need a gauge GOSH

Building societies were formed cos the banks were ripping plebs off.
Most building societies today are not much different from banks.
Even in capitalism there is a profitable market for socialism - ask the owners and shareholders of the Daily Mirror!
The mainstream media and mortgage money men are grabbingly great GOSH

Another one bites the dust - the ECB is now having to bail out a couple of Italian Banks.
The EU is a centre right organisation colluding in the embroiled manoeuvering of made up money by the western world banking system.
One could laugh if the money wasn't so funny - the greedy gits are hanging on.
Time for change - manufacturing now; not funny money rules OK...

TUES 27th JUNE 2017

 Rebellion  Colosseum

On This Day 27th June 1450;Irish born Jack Cade led a 40,000 strong - quite a few anyway - demonstration march from Kent to London to protest against laws (taxes) introduced by King Henry VI of England.
Cade was later killed! when a 'sheriff' attempted to take him to a London trial for treason
'sheriffs' enforcement officers and 'other things' make a living today by - rightly or wrongly- collecting for the establishment.
Jack Cade was a pleb mixed up with less poor plebs.
Play the game GOSH

1497; Cornish rebels Michael An Gof and Thomas Flamank were executed at Tyburn, London.
The rebels had marched on London to protest at King Henry VII levying a tax to pay for an invasion of Scotland.
They believed that this was a northern affair and had nothing to do with them.
An impoverished army of tin miners led by a blacksmith and a lawyer against the greedy gits of England.
Wonder how the £1.5 billion+ to Northern Ireland will affect the devolution of today.
Play the godamn game GOSH

Remember when FI drivers used to die! No ! well they did...
Reminds me of the history of the roman gladitorial games.
Cant fill the colesseum again - lets make it more and more spectacular.
So tedious this run of the mill motoring - somebody has to die...
The rulers become the heathens for the sake of profit...
Was towering inferno a film! or an omen for the get the guillable game GOSH

Life is often a gang of greedy gits giving it to the weakest.
Will a Greek tragedy enter stage left!

WED 28th JUNE 2017

 Henry V111  Barclays World Presence

On This Day 28th June
1491; The birth of Henry VIII, King of England and second son of Henry VII.
He married six times, beheaded two wives, broke away from the Catholic church to form the Church of England.
Executed Catholics who failed to recognize the church and executed Protestants who complained that he should execute more Catholics!
Yet he still managed to remain a popular king.
A british period of divine, much more than centre right, history - for the love/money of god GOSH

1838;Queen Victoria was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London. She was just 19 years old.
Were the patrons of primogeniture taking the pith!
A young girl/maiden with all that power - don't mention those US presidents/UK PM's of late.
Wonder how 'they' - both sides of the same effluence engine - didn't/couldn't spot an old socialist coming.
No pun intended.
Wanna be in my time to go GANG GOSH

1928; The birth of the politician Sir Cyril Smith MBE.
He served as Liberal and Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Rochdale from 1972 until his retirement in 1992.
After his death in 2010 , numerous allegations of child sex abuse of young boys by Smith emerged.
Greater Manchester Police said the boys 'were victims of physical and sexual abuse' and the Crown Prosecution Service said that the MP should have been charged with the crimes more than 40 years previously.
Plebs watch the telly - the establishment watch their backs
I'm not going to say that less of those in the establishment are found 'guilty'GOSH

1950; A novice U.S. team beat the highly fancied England players 1-0 in the first round of the World Cup in Brazil.
The English team included Billy Wright and Tom Finney - who!
A one off! Don't mention the premiership and the more recent nation state (England) team.
Very, very, very few of those that make a living from the 'game' will admit publically to there being anything wrong.
Is an own goal better than no goal! GOSH

2004;The US handed sovereignty back to Iraq in a low-key ceremony in Baghdad.
Wonder if there's any oil in syria!
Don't mention Qatar - or Fifa and the world cup corruption - coming off the USofA Xmas card list.
Will the price of oil be adjusted to make up for the cost of the middle east farce!
How far up - I mean; to what extent is our green and pleasant land in the game GOSH

The delivery drones are coming - to a take-away near you.
Four states in america now allow them on/over footpaths and zebra crossings - they have to have a human minder...
At the moment...
The downing of drones will be 'd' noticed - except for...
It is thought that a disadvantaged have-not dressed as the milky bar kid; covertly downed a drone with a corn on the cob catapult.
Utube dicks are amassing the clicks; we will leave no pizza unturned to unmask this mother...
If you don't lend a hand - you're a luddite ungodly gland GOSH

The warnings are out; about the state of our economy.
The debt powered recovery is out of time and funny money.
The banks now have more of the same money moving skullduggery than they had at the time of the crash.
They are being 'advised' as opposed to told; that, if there is no change in banking practice; interest rates will have to go up - lets knick a few as a we mean business warning.
If interest rates go up - business and those with high mortgages are right in it.
If interest rates don't go up we - mostly plebs - 'might' be right in it.
Time for change - let's go GOSH

Brexit was/is all about sovereignty - at all levels; thought the pleb leavers.
If Greece pays back the loans it will lose economic sovereingty as a nation state.
If they discover oil in Greece; would The USofA and its poodle chum invade eventually!

THURS 29th JUNE 2017

 Globe Theatre Fire  Grenfell Tower Fire

On This Day 29th June

1613;The original Globe Theatre in London burned down after a cannon was fired during a performance of a Shakespearean play and set fire to the straw roof.
The theatre was totally destroyed, and, rebuilt in June 1614, this time with a tiled roof.
That theatre closed in 1642 - the establishment thought police reckoned they were taking the pith - and a modern reconstruction of the Globe opened in 1997, approximately 250 yards (230 m) from the site of the original theatre.
All the worlds a stage; and all those upon it are players.
An example; over time, of mans folly and pursuit of the lolly Golly GOSH

Much has been said about Shakespeare over time - it is reckoned that his early 'plays' were all comedies.
Perhaps the finest acolade/plagarism to Shakespeare - up there in use and infamy, with 'No ---- Sherlock'
'More ---- than you can shake a spear at'
No relief at all to those that lost everyone and everything in the latest folly of man and women kind in the pusuit of profit.
Oh OhOh Oh, when I'm dead and gone GOSH

1620; After denouncing smoking as a health hazard, King James I of England banned the growing of tobacco in Britain.
Them foreigners growing things that slowly kill us Brits.
They'll be coming over here next; you mark my weasel words.
It's a good job we have the British Lion and Unicorn - that'll keep em out.
In Englands green and internationally ripped apart Land - I'm no gland GOSH

1871; The Trade Union Act was passed, giving trade unions legal status for the first time.
1905; The Automobile Association was set up by motorists angered by police harassment and to warn drivers of speed traps.
Here we go again - don't mention Ireland - again GOSH

The national infrastructure and austerity are now being openly deliberated upon.
If you don't think that this sustained period of 'individual endeavour' has led to inequalty
You must be well and truly in a gang of greedy gits NO GOSH

1966;Barclays Bank introduced the Barclaycard - the UK's first credit card.
The era of debt began - grab the pleb by the goolies GOSH

The loan problem is far from solved - trouble with the germans!
It is rumoured that the talks are now to be passed over from the German finance minister and put on the plate of Mrs Merkel.