JUNE 16th 2018

On this day

1779; Spain declared war on Britain, and the Great Siege of Gibraltar began.
In February 1783 the siege was lifted and the French and Spanish troops retired, disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months' conflict.
The final peace treaty left Gibraltar with the British, but the victorious British garrison sustained a loss of 1,231 men, and expended 8,000 barrels of gunpowder.
Wonder if the incumbent greedy git gang are split over Gib.
Many will want to flog it off before it becomes worthless; how many year after Brexit.
Let my tax haven/people go GOSH

1880; The distinctive Salvation Army ladies' bonnets were worn for the first time when they marched in procession in London.
Heard the repartee... and all she had on was her sally bash bonnet.
Go girl go... GOSH

1915; The foundation of the Women's Institute, regularly referred to as simply the WI.
Its two aims were to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War.
It is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK - and the royals have gotten their well refined spinning toecap in the door.
The RWVI is capable of a mouthwatering sweet and spicy spread...
Go girl go... is your hobby too gobby gosh

1958; Yellow ‘No Waiting’ lines were introduced to British streets.
Parking in our of what is regarded as developed part of the planet, has now become a pervasive problem.
Is it a conspiracy theory that with all to do with driving fines the establishment considers one guilty!
Are motoring (and other) fines part of local authority income now!
Who am I to disagree, he said with the wry experienced grin of gurgling glee.

After years of driving a 7m motor home on the mainland of Europe; on return to the UK I was done for speeding, on the AI.
Being tailgated front and back in two lanes at 69.5 MPH; by rush hour lincolnshire tractors, alarmingly ensconced in a peugeot 207; I considered it too dangerous and pulled out into the fast lane.
I seen the flash and became aghast.GOSH
I just made the naughty step one day course.
Mostly business men who could afford to drive fast - surprisingly; half the course were foreign females; done for 1 or two over the 30; so they said and so I gathered GOSH

When one gets the 'ticket'; one is given(or was a few year ago) - within the max limit - the choice of a fine and points or the naughty step course.
If you don't think that the insurance 'gang' don't get to know; you need some more humour for your giggling gear.GOSH

Long gone are the days when a insurance 'person' let you know that they knew by reading it on the monitor.
Next July we collide with Mars - it says on/in the database In the era of inequality and economies under pressure do you know if you are talking to a say nowt human or a robot!
Is everybody now in an after your money gang GOSH!

'interested' parties talk up their interests - it's part of the game.
Those that hold the Greek debt say that the demanded austerity - a condition of the repayment plan - is working.
If the same austerity was working in the UK - there wouldn't have been the brexit protest vote.
The Greeks can still leave the Eurozone, the EU, and/or default on the loans.
A week is a much longer time in politics now.
Many nation states have defaulted on loans throughout history.
The USofA created $4trillion dollars by Quantitive Easing to stay ahead in the game of top dog.
The funny money went to bankers... Some economists call it the time dollar...
If I only had time to make something in this increasingly complex world.

JUNE 17th 2018

On this day

1497; The Battle of Deptford Bridge took place On This Day in London.
Forces under King Henry VII were victorious in what was the culminating event of the Cornish Rebellion. After carefully spreading rumours that he would attack on the following Monday, Henry moved against the Cornish at dawn on his 'lucky day' which was Saturday (17th June).
A cunning plan; or, just normal conduct of a leader(s) followers a greedy git gang.GOSH

The 'disagreement' was all about taxes on English plebs to support the war against the Jocks.
You'll never guess who was on the side of the victors; the establishment church, Good God GOSH

1703; The birth of John Wesley, English evangelist who initiated the Methodist societies and brought about an evangelical revival, not only in England, but also in North America.
John was the 15th of 19 children born to Samuel Wesley, Rector of Epworth, and his wife Susanna.
Epworth was a sleepy valley village in the bad/flatlands of Lincolnshire.
In the never ending era of sex and violence; everybody should have a hobby.
19 offspring - never mind the death and destruction; Good God GOSH

The mining communities of Co.Durham readily adopted the religion of methodism; a natural progression in the protest against the more than wealthy establishment prince bishops.
Wherever a mine was 'shafted'; a village sprung up...
The wives of miners hung precariously on to the coal wagons for many a mile on the return journey to the nearest town market.
Food and supplies were much cheaper in town than the local pit store; which was owned by the family/relations of the mine owner.
Why is/was there only one monpolies commission.
He's always on your side! who! GOD GOSH

Greece was dragged into the developed world by/on entry into the EU.
The original loans were arranged by private banks - don't mention the american influence - to bring the Greek economy into the strict economic alignment demanded by the EU as a prerequisite to joining.
Since the original loan there has been more than a bit skullduggery by all organisations concerning the further and repayment of loans.
What level of Greek pleb has just been a pawn in the game of greed!

JUNE 18th 2018

On this day

1583; The first Life Insurance policy was sold in London, and when a claim was eventually made, it was disputed.
Did he/she die as per policy - they/we call it smallprint now.
Insurance/assurance agents/salesmen - it was always a man - used to discreetly park the car and appear to do 'the rounds' on foot.
. He was a family pretendy pal/chum, by gum GOSH

Oh those 'delicious' days of the penny policy - pennies in and a few quid out for the burial.
Today in the database economies under pressure anything and everything comes under the annual binding contract.
What you didn't read the unreadable smallprint when you signed - you gonad GOSH.

What percentage of the population - no matter what the class; the UK has roughly the same class distinction as the well studied and used to be dominated Indian sub/continent; it has had and always had - now makes a living from the rest of the population.
Now that nation states can't take a lend of other nation states as much - don't mention the multi-nationals - we plebs subtly take a lend of each other.
Wanna be in my divided by debt GANG GOSH

1817; Waterloo Bridge across the River Thames was opened.
Originally it was called Strand Bridge but was re-named in honour of the British victory at Waterloo in 1815.
Will it now be named UKIP bridge; in honour of the changing sides outfit that unknowingly dedicated itself to the achievement of a divided dogs dinner of a nation.
Wanna be in my nation state Gang GOSH

1965; The government announced it would introduce a blood alcohol limit for drivers, with penalties for those caught above it.
Nowadays; one can be done for drug driving.
Is there one law for the rich and one for the poor! Depends if you are a pleb or toff.
Wanna be in my not guilty of nowt Gang GOSH

1975;The first North Sea Oil was pumped ashore in Britain.
In the run up to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum; we we told by the MSM that the remaining North Sea oil was not worth bothering about.
If Scotland does become independent; according to present international law, it will own the remaining and new oil reserves - don't mention the non Scot owned dry land.
When will Scotland become too warm to wear a Glengarry!
At the present rate of change; after a prolonged cold snap or not; in a couple or three generations. NO Josh GOSH

Not long after the bloody Middle East regime changes to protect the oil supply; we are told that the UsofA is self sufficient in oil again, thanks to fracking.
If it were true! why the Quantitive Easing and the sudden emergence of make America great again Trump!
If you believe that fracking will recover the UK economy, you deserve to disappear down/up your own blackhole.
There you go GOSH

Greece has very little natural resource; perhaps, it is one of the reasons for remaining in the EU trading block.

JUNE 19th 2018

On this day

1809; Curwen's Act was passed in Britain, to prevent the sale of parliamentary seats.
Remember when dodgy dave - yes, the bloke that called the referendum in a useless attempt to curb the division over Europe v America in the greedy git party; and, resigned after the pleb protest vote helped the leavers win, resulting in the present dogs dinner - said; just after the expenses fiasco,
'the next parliamentary scandal will be lobbying'
Perhaps, when the brexit dogs dinner is digested, NO Josh GOSH

Deregulation has produced division and inequality in this still rich, sovereign nation state to be again!
Are people of all levels of income, too busy hewing out a living in this nation state where/when everbody is after your money, to recognise the difference between a market economy and a mixed economy.
One example of/in the climate greed, that now gone night club owner with the funny hair.
'you can't give people something then take it away'
Tell me about all those that had decent livings making things; and, are now on the gig.GOSH

1917; The British royal family renounced the German names and titles of Saxe-Coburg, (responding to anti-German sentiment) and became Windsor.
Free Tommy Robinson will never catch on like, Free Nelson Mandela.
Play the game, A sign of the times.
Less goose stepping and more of a Gander GOSH

1961; Kuwait declared its independence from the United Kingdom after which the state's oil industry saw unprecedented economic growth.
In 1990, Kuwait was invaded and annexed by neighbouring Iraq - Iraq was once a chum of the developed western world.
If you think that the regime change 'war(s)' was more about the axis of evil than Oil!
You need more guts in your gig and less giggle and gaga

PS; when you stop bombing our countries, we'll stop coming to yours.

2014; 63 year old Jeremy Paxman presented his last edition of the BBC Two programme 'Newsnight', after 25 years at the helm.
The compere - bullingdon club who/what - chair man/person of question time retires soon
In any coup/takeover, control of the telly, is one of the prime objectives.
Lets see how we go GOSH

Control/massive reduction of the Greek State television/radio is one of the austerity provisos of the loan repayment agreement.
The Greeks that will lose their incomes due to austerity are far from happy about it.
It's the same the whole world over; 'it's the rich that gets the pleasure; it's the poor that gets the blame.
Tough decisions Eh!

JUNE 20th 2018

On this day

1214; The University of Oxford received its charter. Oxford is the second-oldest surviving university in the world.
Final entry to Oxbridge was by interview for 600 year - colleges have been sponsored by Trade Unions for nearly 100 years.
The richest colleges were/are sponsored by the monarchy...
Bologna in Italy is the oldest; and, the oldest in the English-speaking world.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

Education at upper levels is an industry much much more than a vocation today!
Cumbria uni closed the mainly agriculture colleges in The lakes rather than flog off the real estate it owned in London.
The campus and other bits in Ambleside had to reopen when they couldn't be flogged off.
They had been donated by a local with the covenant that they could only be used for teaching.
If you don't think that the ivory/stone/brick towers are now concisely controlled by accountants; you need a bit more dander in your dodgy degree, he uttered with ungraduated glee GOSH

One can openly yet discreetly buy a thesis or degree in the age of the internet.
It is not beyond a greedy git at any level... to illegally overstate their education.
Two generations ago it was not frowned upon to add reading and films to ones interests in an interview application.
Giz a degree; I'm not posh but I still need the dosh... no josh GOSH

1984; The biggest exam shake up for over 10 years was announced with O Level and CSE exams to be replaced by new examinations, to be known as GCSEs.
How many times are Kids/brats/the next generation tested nowadays.
One is coached/trained/shown how to pass exams - the university of life is now off the curriculum.
Do you know where you're going to! Wanna be in my money worshiping gang GOSH

1995; Shell - once known as part of Royal Dutch Shell; is now a huge multi-national owned completely b(u)y the Americans - abandoned at the eleventh hour its plan to dump the disused Brent Spar rig in the Atlantic, provoking a furious reaction in the British government.
The environmental campaign group Greenpeace claimed victory in the high-profile battle.
The oil/nuclear industry has no qualms about the more than arms length taxpayer picking up the never ending bill.
Today - who knows who owns what; we are supposed to - it is one law for the bankers and another for the rest of us non-chums
Wanna be in my (whose) gang GOSH

2014; England were eliminated at the group stage of the Fifa World Cup for the first time since 1958.
They were knocked out after just two matches, with Roy Hodgson's side beaten by Group D rivals Italy and Uruguay.
Anybody would think that footie wasn't our national sport!
Is it not funnier than funny money that our nation state team will always be ready for the next competition.
Club wages now rule all and every sport OK.
Wanna be in the international greed goggle gang GOSH

In Greece - like almost all the nation states on this planet - inequality rules OK.

JUNE 21st 2018

On this day

1706; The birth of John Dollond, English optician. Dollond & Aitchison opticians was established in 1750.
I had what they call 20/20 vision until my lamps stated to go, just after coming out of a tunnel my eyes took some time to refocus - it was the diminishing amount of light going into the retina; or something technical...
Here they go GOSH

I remember a female optician - private vested interest and all that - saying that every ones eyesight starts degenerating around the age of 50.
In the old days many used visual aids in private and 'glasses to see' were no go in public.
At the onset of 'lens' and 'lasers' those that could and couldn't afford the new technology took to it like an eyeball to eye candy.
Was it vanity or confidence! - he said with glazed over glasnost GOSH

Having a bit trouble with your eyesight is a blessing - Ask the blind...
Talk about being blinking blase...
A generation ago the FB and other 'organisations' had a policy of getting rid of people (those not in the Gang) unlucky to develop bad eyesight.
Then some one down south in the 'establishment' - at whatever level - worked out that it was cheaper to give em glasses and do a full stint to earn a pension.
I wore FB issue glasses and got a right rollicking by the private supplier optician cos they were dirty - had been decorating my own residence; which was bought to live in; not live off - at the first check up.
At least he cared...
Or; was it cleanliness is next to Godliness, he arcanely gleaned... GOSH

1948; The first stored programme to run on a computer was put through its paces on the Small Scale Experimental Machine, known as Baby, at Manchester University.
Was the 'inventor' of television really a Jock! Every nation state has its own history...
In international history, the inventor is usually the one to be recognised as the 'commercial success' Inspiration is 99% perspiration...
Giz a go GOSH

In what decade - more than a 'new' generation ago; four generations can be on the planet at the same time now - did This Nation State; as it is at the present; realise/say that we have had more than our share of invention; and not enough 'commercial success'. The unacceptable truth is that close and more afar nation states have not only caught up; but, overtaken us now. It is all about how we adopt and adapt in the near future now.
Change is essential - lets not hang on to what we haven't got! GOSH

In the sixties international socialism that was more than frowned upon.
Now it is increasingly the unacceptable face of international capitalism that is in the bad books of nation states; being surprisingly more and more controlled/openly influenced by the far right.
Life is a stage/game; and, all the world are players.
Are you in the game GOSH

1991;British Gas chairman Robert Evans came under fire for accepting a pay increase of 66%, taking his annual wage to £370,000.
BG is now a UK/English co owned at the moment, by the UK multi-national Centrica.
Of the five main UK energy suppliers one is French and two are German - don't mention the americans or far eastern players in the game - plebs without shares undoubtedly can't play; only pay
Play the game GOSH

Is Greece a big player in the Game!
Will it become a bigger and better play than the UK by remaining in a large trading block.
What's your game? Ps.
The group that wrote, recorded, and sang, 'hope I die before I get old' are now really old for the time they wrote it.