FRI 16th JUNE 2017

 War Cry  Womens Institute

1779; Spain declared war on Britain, and the Great Siege of Gibraltar began.
In February 1783 the siege was lifted and the French and Spanish troops retired, disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months' conflict.
The final peace treaty left Gibraltar with the British, but the victorious British garrison sustained a loss of 1,231 men, and expended 8,000 barrels of gunpowder.
In the days of war war before jaw jaw; gunpowder was black gold; for those plebs that died early it was fools gold. GOSH

1880; The distinctive Salvation Army ladies' bonnets were worn for the first time when they marched in procession in London.
You're in the methodist army now...
A charitable quasi army organisation that relies on charity.
Is the concept of a church army a uniform irony.
Give god everything but a gun GOSH

Once went to Saltwell Park to walk the westie.
This generation think that the park is a haven of well kept somewhat organised escapism.
The park and other public spaces used to be kept relatively immaculate.
Must have just missed the sally bash band, at the bandstand.
The jazz/rockandroll impromptu private session of five of the remainers in the nearby shelter, was certainly a sight and sound to proverbially behold.
A one off; of, brass joyously going for gold GOSH

1915;The foundation of the Women's Institute, the WI. - imported from America
Its two aims were to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War.
It is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK.
Once had to pass through the room of a displayed WI food competition.
The quality and the quantity - I understand it was duly scoffed - was truly staggering; for 'amateurs'.
The WI is now said to be a middle class organisation - ever heard of the towns women Guild GOSH


The people who hold the Greek debt are the ones insisting on reform.
Reform means privatisation of Greek national assetts.
The private banks are queueing up to grab the 'loads of money'; they hope will soon be up for grabs.

SAT 17th JUNE 2017

 Grenfell Tower  A Big Bump

1239; Ted I of England was born today, also known as Edward Longshanks (because of his height) and the Hammer of the Scots.

1497The Battle of Deptford Bridge (also known as the Battle of Blackheath) took place On This Day.
Forces under King Henry VII were victorious in what was the end of the Cornish Rebellion.
After carefully spreading rumours that he would attack on the following Monday, Henry moved against the Cornish at dawn on his 'lucky day' which was Saturday (17th June).
By 2pm, Henry had returned to the City in triumph, knighting deserving parties on the way, and accepted the acclamation of the Mayor followed by a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul's.

1940; The RMS Lancastria was sunk by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire, France.
Over 4,000 lives were lost making it the worst ever loss of life in the sinking of a single British ship,
and the bloodiest single engagement for UK forces (in terms of lives lost) in the whole of World War II.
The sinking claimed more lives than the combined losses of the Titanic and Lusitania.

1964; the first purpose-built floating trade fair docked at Tilbury in London with 22,000 samples of Japanese goods on board.
The Aisian rim, pacific tiger was here - much of the japanese economy was fuelled by american investment.
The seeds of this era of inequality were sown long before thatcher and reagan.
Inequality has turned out Trump and Brexit.
A fact of life - not gloat or glee Gloss GOSH

Towering infernos and collisions at sea shouldn't happen in the age of robotic technology - should they!
An american naval vessel - a guided missile deystroyer - has had a serious bump with a Phillipine registered container ship.
Reminds me of the old, story/tale/joke! of the USof A naval vessel and a foreign coast guard.
Suggest you alter course 20% starboard to avoid collision - repeated similar messages between belligerents.
This is an american naval vessel suggest you change course...
This is a coast guard on an island; seriously suggest that you should alter course...
How long before the 'truth' emerges - A gargantuan gadzooks GOSH

1980; the locations for the first US nuclear missiles to be stored on British soil (at Greenham Common and Molesworth military bases) were revealed by the government/establishment of the day.
America still has about 45 military bases strategically positioned on this planet.
Democracy with a bit help from death and destruction.
It's a good job we have jimmy jesus and his dad god GOSH

The Greeks now believe in one single god - albeit it; slightly different to the one of more 'developed' nation states
In the great scheme of time on this planet; it's not so long ago that the Greeks - and others - had a god for this; a god for that;
A god for every godamn thing...

SUN 18th JUNE 2017

 Wine Merhants Guild  Bank of England

1583; the first Life Insurance policy was sold in London, and; when a claim was eventually made, it was disputed.
Insurance was preceded by mutual aid; long before jimmy jesus came along.
No contracts - people just helped each other.
Lie was a greater gamble but much less officially graduated GOSH

Traders in the ancient world came to a volutary agreement to spread risk.
When money came along as fashionably expedient means of exchange - the 'industry' took off.
Insurance was passed down from the rich, via the 'middle class', to the plebs.
More people could make money and a living from the game.GOSH

All forms of modern insurance have been around for centuries; except for National Insurance.
Guess who were the world leaders in nation state insurance - the germans.
NI; which is in effect the NHS by name but not number; came to the UK courtesy of the liberals in 1916...
After a coalition government had been formed to oversee the UK against the germans in the first world war.

The liberal party grew out of the whigs, and others; who were 'not' opposed to 'revolution' - The American more than most.
The Irony - capital I intended - The USofA has not got NI or a NHS.
Who was that comedian - own material or not - program sponsered by specsavers; who said on that big telly thing,
'If history has taught us anything; it's to keep one eye on the germans'
Rugby League refs and linesmen are sponsered by specsavers.
The greatest irony yet to unfold...
Since brexit; the UK is now playing piggy in the middle between The US of A and the EU.
Is the EU dominated by the germans - no josh GOSH

Insurance is now a primary part of the banking industry - long gone are the days when a human collector of premiums was your pretendy chum.
The EU Banking system has a predominance of German banks with the yank banks not far behind.
The german banks - long before unification - have a regional set up; they are required by law to invest in an area.
The yank banks have hedge funds - that can now bet on failure as well as success.
Invest in me and I'll set you free...
Gambling is for suckers - pass the money tree...
He compassionately high rise fived with such glee GOSH

The German banks loaned the largest single amount to the Greeks.
Many of the 'other' loans were lucratively arranged by the yank banks.
The vast majority of nation state banks are private banks that made loans condoned by governments.
The relationship between banks and governments is a mess.
Clowns to the left of me...
Jokers to the right...
Here I am; stuck in the middle with you!
Trouble is; the clowns and jokers are the rich, controlling greedy gits.

MON 19th JUNE 2017

 J C Curwen  Guns and Butter

1809; Curwen's Act was passed in Britain, to prevent the sale of parliamentary seats.
Just reducing number of seats which the British government could manipulate for its regular supporters.
Bribery and corruption at the highest establishment level.
What does one need to buy power - all that lovely lolly golly GOSH

When dodgy dave - remember him; the toff leader of one of the rival tribal gangs of conservative control...
The leader that the referendum result rejected into oblivion - would he have called a referendum if the rival factions; Not just the go or stay mobs -hadn't have been behind the scene so vociferous.
Was attempting to end/reduce the impact of public opinion on the MP expenses scenario/scandal; he...
Publically announced the lobbying would be the next big dodah to hit the fan.
Graded grains make finer gravy GOSH

At this short moment in political time; bribery is way back of the back burner of British beligerence.
The 2012 act seen it necessary to equate individuals to corporate bribery.
The act also includes 'servants of the crown' - many MPs must think they are exempt in the 'spirit' of the law.
In this dodgy post all the same, period of polarisation; let he who is without guilt cast the first stone.
The times they are a changing - wanna be in my gang GOSH

1917;The British royal family renounced the German names and titles of Saxe-Coburg, (responding to anti-German sentiment) and became Windsor.
Not many generations of history ago GOSH

It was just before the second world war that one of the top echelon nazis made his 'guns or butter' speech.
The Germans have twice tried it on using guns.
Where's the irony today - no matter guns or butter! must a nation state have one foot in the gutter! GOSH

The EU is a political congreation holding together a huge trading block.
Two - not counting whatever happens re. brexit - nation states are in almost direct confrontation over money.
Even for the perceived/relative rich politicians of Europe; life don't come easy.
Some of em will graft for their money - some of em won't...

TUES 20th JUNE 2017

 Uni's Private!

1214; The University of Oxford received its charter from the church - the catholic church.
Oxford is the second-oldest surviving university in the world and the oldest in the English-speaking world. Bologna in Italy is the oldest - remember when the roman empire ruled (OK) the developed world.
They followed the guidelines; death and destruction with a bit of mind but not heart type democracy thrown in.
Terrorists and guerillas GOSH

One of the major events in Oxford’s past, which helped to bring students to the city, is when King Henry II banned English students from going to Paris Uni.
The establishment led - religion eh; who'd have it - brexit of the era.
Every so often the establishment deems it necessary to reform the UNI's...
And the rest of the education system - which is now more of an industry than ever...
I'm a gnu; or is it guru GOSH

In our economy under pressure - what pressure I've got a good job...
Degrees are one of - if not the - causes of inequality...
I/we need a degree
We'd better get three
It's the road to utopian free
Why can't you see! First brexit; then grexit... With anticipated glee GOSH

Is it the irony of desperate capitalism that we are (have) developing an economy that can't reward a degree with the dodgy dosh.
Will the ending of student fees bring about a strong and stable economy.
How many can an economy afford!
Don't ask corporal clott - I mean capitan clegg, he wrote with bemused belligerence.
Coal not dole - before the era of inequality!
Uni not dole - now; gis ajob! you with the big gob GOSH

The Greek economy is in the dodah, compared to ours.
Are the shares in our economy tracking the German or Greek wealth.!
Those that make a living in the game will tell you what you wan't to hear.
There used to be winners and losers - now the winners are being rewarded with funny money; Huge pay rises to the 'elite' are essential cos of the rising ratio of funny to real money.
A good dose of equality and ending of austerity will bring real money back to reality.

WED 21st JUNE 2017

 one eyed man is king  Greek Demo

1706; John Dollond, English optician, first seen the light today . Dollond & Aitchison opticians was established in 1750.
Do you need glasses/lens to see you through the longest day.
The first aid to seeing in the form of spectacles, has been around since the 14th century
Sunglasses were first used a lot earlier by the eskimo/innuit persons that hunted; to cut out the glare GOSH

You'll never guess who I bumped into in the opticians the other day!
A lot of spectacles/lens are now made on the mainland of China - it's cheaper/ more profitable to chains
Jokes/reference to a 'chink of light' are verboten.
What are the new cotton looms - containers; full of glasses GOSH

When my lamps started to go; a private optician told me that everyones eyes went, around the age of fifty.
Are your aids to vision veiled by vanity! - some get away with it some don't.
Me; I prefer my full faculties - my heart goes out to those that haven't got em.
They are more common than one thinks; NHS or cheap glasses GOSH

1854; The first Victoria Cross, Britain's highest medal for bravery, was awarded to Charles Lucas, who was awarded it during the Crimean War for conspicuous bravery.
The medal was made from metal from a cannon captured at Sebastopol.
The Victoria Cross was extended to colonial troops in 1867 and;
to date, a total of 1,356 Victoria Crosses have been awarded.
One of the most decorated in this brave land is Phil the Greek.
He's even got a gong for grunting - no giggling GOSH

1948;The first stored programme to run on a computer was put through its paces on the Small Scale Experimental Machine, known as Baby, at Manchester University.
1984; big brother is watching you - not just the cameras; the codes of computers...
Anything and anyone wants the gen on you.
It used to be mainly capitalism - it's now governments GOSH

1991;British Gas chairman Robert Evans came under fire for accepting a pay increase of 66%, taking his annual wage to £370,000.
B. Gas was privatised in 1986 by thatcherism - it was the biggest and fastest privatisation; ask Sid.
It was in the eighties that the big uns were privatised .
Anybody! with a few bob in the bank could buy shares.
The selling off of the council housing stock and privatisation led to the present level of inequality.
A mere generation ago GOSH

There seems to be a stand off between the Greek government and those who made the loans.
A mix of EU and a bit other world owned debt.
The UK owns very little of the Greek Debt - it comes under foreign banks.
Greece could default on the loans; come out of the Euro; but remain in the EU.
Wonder if the Greek loans will affect the Brexit talks - sh... it's a secret

THURS 22nd JUNE 2017

 Richard Two at TEN  Next Tory Leader

1377;At the age of 10, dick II became King of England following the death of his granddaddy ted III, the previous day.
The next leader of the tories will be a ten year old teddy boy/girl from Tottenham.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1802; Britain's Health and Morals of Apprentices Act limited children to a maximum twelve hour working day.
Under nines were banned (banned) from the mills - wonder how old the apple 'gear' makers are!
Rich parents got the kids another servant when 'the' income was adjusted.
We don't feel guilty; we feel - up the empire - great GOSH

1893;The Royal Navy battleship HMS Camperdown accidentally rammed the British Mediterranean Fleet flagship HMS Victoria near Tripoli, Lebanon.
HMS Victoria sank, taking 358 crew with her, including the commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet, A Vice-Admiral.
Fifteen year or more ago it was rumoured that the RN had 21 admirals to every ship.
Today, we (some) equate crashes to traffic density not bad driving.
Wait till them human coded driverless cars take over.
There will be more near misses than that Street the navy boys used to frequent...
What was it called Boogie Street - I heard it through the grapevine...GOSH

1995;John Major resigned as head of Britain's Conservative Party, but said that he would stay on as prime minister while he fought for re-election.
He said he had been under attack for three years and told his critics to 'put up or shut up'.
He actually called his colleagues 'bastards' on the telly.
If you don't think that the present tory greedy git gang has more splits than the leather in a lounge lizards drinking den
You need another gash in your gigagunwale

2010; Chancellor George Osborne increased VAT from 17.5% to 20% (to take effect from January 4th 2011) and cut welfare spending as he moved 'decisively' to tackle Britain's record debts.
Remember, 'lies; damn lies; and statistics' - no matter which way one spins the stats; debt has increased.
If you don't believe that debt has increased, you need another hole in your harrass.
Never mind the whitewash give it some gloss GOSH

Austerity is an euphanism for the cutting of public spending.
The buying out of the banks in 2008 increased the national debt - the tory attempt to reduce it has accentuated inequality.
If you don't think that the infrastucture and public services, now need a few bob - or more - spent on them.
You either live in a gargangtuan gated utopian community; or...
You need another funnel for your facial faeces - no gurning GOSH

The Greek national debt repayment has already been delayed by loans from the World and European banking organisations.
An optomistic estimate of the time to become debt free; 2060 at the earliest.
If the western world bank crash hadn't happened!
Would the debt have been payed off a generation earlier.
Some one is having a laugh - one wo/mans humour is another wo/mans tumour.