JUNE 8th 2018

On this day

793;Vikings raided the abbey at Lindisfarne in Northumbria.
The event is commonly accepted as the beginning of the Scandinavian invasion of England.
Yesterdays invader is todays immigrant - no grunting GOSH

1042; Harthacnut, King of England and Denmark, died.
He was succeeded in England by his adopted heir, Edward the Confessor, and in Denmark by Magnus, King of Norway.
Phil the Greeks family disappeared to Denmark when the military took over Greece.
The greedy gits are now ever hopefully back in Greece.
Polo will be coming back strongly! - it has you pleb with no gonads GOSH

1982; President Ronald Reagan became the first American head of state to address a joint session of the British Parliament.
The developed world began moving to the 'right' with the Thatcher/Reagan 'special relationship'.
Don't mention Bliar lapdogging it to george bush junior...NO Josh GOSH.

1999; Ex-cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken was jailed for 18 months after admitting he lied during a libel action.
Mr. aitken had earlier in his career broken off his engagement to Carole Thatcher - yes the offspring of one M. Thatcher.
Johny boy was the 'sword of truth and shield of British fair play'.
This, one; or how many times, 'fixer' for rich arabs - dont mention the arms industry - treasury minister was nicked for the inveterate telling of porkies as management and the establishment tend to be prone to - a greedy git GOSH

There was a left wing pleb, 'I'm backing Britain' campaign in the sixties.
It was for jobs, against the rapid international expansion of the american multi-national.
The new greedy git think tanks - just argue the percentage of the truth needed - were over here quicker than you could swing a bankers swag bag.

2009; the Labour Party suffered its worst post-war election result after it was beaten into third place by UKIP and saw the BNP gain its first seats in the European elections.
In the era of data dominating dissent to the establishment.
Has the right really taken over the western and developing world.
Or is it all, as some in the establishment would have you believe, just garbled gash GOSH

The Italian establishment as a member of the EU with an economy under pressure has just moved to the right. The Greek establishment, an EU full, including the Euro member is a coalition of left wing propped up by a few of the dissident 'right' wing.
Will the UK dogs brexit end up as brunch and tea/dinner!

JUNE 9th 2018

On this day

1549; The Church of England adopted the Book of Common Prayer, compiled by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer.
And; heres me thinking that God and jimmy jesus done all that kind of thing.
Please don't laugh at god and my 'gaff' GOSH

Wonder if catholic priests are still 'advising' on matters sexual.
All that hands on experience through the centuries; good god GOSH

1873; Alexandra Palace in London burned down, after being open for only 16 days.
It was built as a public centre of recreation, education and entertainment and as North London's counterpart to the Crystal Palace in South London.
With typical Victorian vigour, the palace was quickly rebuilt and it reopened on 1st May 1875.
In the era when one had to travel - buy train; before the motor car - to suck it and see.
In the era of 'personal' instant information; there is little need for have-nots to 'get ones arse into 'gear'. GOSH

1958;The Queen (who) opened an extended airport at Gatwick, south of London, modernised at a cost of £7m. - £140m+ in todays coin of the bankers realm.
The third runway at heathrow is calculated to cost £14 BILLION - that is with no overun...
The main arguments for are: 'the future forecast' and the 'enhancement' of the economy.
Don't forget Kielder; and, one of the reasons for HS2 was to link London to northern airports.
With a Londoncentric increase in air activity; London will really be able to climate warm globally GOSH

1898; An agreement was signed under which Hong Kong was leased to Britain, by China, for a period of 99 years. Hong Kong was ceremoniously handed back to China on june 30th 1997.
China; with its unique style of capitalistic communism and 1.3+ billion population now has shares/investments in many English and European clubs.
The empire is dead
Long live the Empire
Us 'cynics'/realists know that the Empire - and those who wrote the history - are long gone. GOSH

China must be laughing all the way to bank with this to be short lived tantrum of trump trade wars.
And; how will us Brits without an Empire or special relationship fare in the trade wars.
Sovereingty; I'd rather trust in god GOSH

A Greek shipping magnate owns the top Greek footie club and; now in the championship chumps Nottingham Forest.
Many of the UK clubs not bought out by foreigners are owned financially by UK investment trusts.
In this era of internationally invested funny money and tax dodging; your guess is as good as mine... Go on have a guess and gosh.

JUNE 10th 2018

On this day

1719; The Battle of Glen Shiel, in the West Highlands of Scotland took place 'On This Day' between British government troops and an alliance of Jacobites and Spaniards, resulting in a victory for the government forces.
It was the last close engagement of British and foreign troops on mainland Great Britain.
Today troops are out and rockets are in - the ultimate trust a politician deterrent.
Is it not funny that the economies of nation states that have not got nukes and haven't printed or created electronic money are now surging ahead of those that have...
Let's have a laugh and hang on to what we haven't got GOSH

1923; Robert Maxwell, Czechoslovakian-born British media proprietor and former Member of Parliament. His unexplained death (at sea, around the Canary Islands) revealed huge discrepancies in his companies' finances, including the Mirror Group pension fund, which Maxwell had fraudulently misappropriated/robbed.
Long before deregulation and the resultant level of inequality; Cap'n bob said to the editorial board of the mirror, 'I want a million pound bingo; but, I don't want anybody to win it'.
It was plunder the pleb then; and now the greedy gits are playing placate the pleb to remain in power!
Now we have Brexit, Trump and the far right in power in Italy again.
There is one born every minute, and everyone is a good un GOSH

1940; Today in World War II: Italy officially declared war on Britain and France.
1942; World War II: The Czech village of Lidice was destroyed and every man in it killed in reprisal for the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich.
Women and children were deported.
Russia was on 'our' side in the second world war - the loss of 20 million was a conservative estimate.
Never ever forget - people do - that one of the founding aims of the EU was to prevent another war in Europe.
Most EU members have supported to some extent, the death and destruction caused by us and america in other parts of this warming up planet.
For most plebs - a diplomat lies and a squaddie dies - war is not a hobby; it is a life and death game. GOSH

1965; A de Havilland jet airliner made the first automatic landing, relying entirely on instruments, at Heathrow Airport.
They have been developing driverless cars ever since then...
It is not the robots we have to worry about - it is 'our fellow humans'.
Let my people and planet go GOSH.

The Greek military forces have sent 'people' - mostly peacekeeping,logistics etc - into many theatres of war just recently.
At the behest of prior agreement - some say badgering - with other nation states in the NATO alliance.
Who knows; like our nation state, - are you in the loop - what they get up to secretly/on the sly.
The Greeks played the non payment of war reparation card in the loan repayment talks.
Greece was 'occupied' by the Germans in the second world war...
Both nation states are still members of the EU.

JUNE 11th 2018

On this day

1381; Wat Tyler led the peasants of Southern England in a march to London; the first popular rebellion in English history.
His leadership proved one of the chief factors in the success of protest against the harsh taxation of the poorer classes - the first poll tax Wat Tyler was put to the sword by the kings chums; his head was paraded around London as a deterrent to other plebs.
Many others were hunted down and killed.
Today dissenters aren't killed; they are en block kettled.
Are establishments good at hanging on to what they got! GOSH

1488; James III of Scotland was murdered by rebellious Scottish nobles and was succeeded by his 15 year old son, James IV. Jimmy three married Anne of Denmark in 1469; the shetlands and Orkneys were given to Scotland as a dowry.
Jimmy 111 got on better with the English than his family; the rest is history...
Long live the king...
Don't mention the tower or Dianne.
Sometimes when you try/or not to hang on to the gold you have to go GOSH

1907; Gloucestershire dismissed Northamptonshire for 12 runs. It was the lowest total in English county cricket.
Scotland have just beaten England by 6 runs - whatever.
Despite having played for 200+ year and a semi substantive set up; Scotland is by no means a cricket nation state.
The Jocks are even less represented in Rugby league - until 1995 it was a Gt Britain team.
When we hosted the rugby league world cup in ( off the tip of my tackle/top of my head ) the year 2000, Scotland fielded a team.
Much more than rumour has it; that, the only connection to Scotland was the coach; a South Sea Islander, whose great great great gran was related to one of the mutineers on the Bounty.
The by far vast majority of - even 'amateur' - sport is now an industry.
Money is the name of the Game GOSH

2012; Downing Street admitted that David Cameron had left his eight year old daughter in the pub after a Sunday lunch two months previously, because of a mix-up with his wife Samantha. The story proved embarrassing for the Prime Minister, as it came on the same day that the government relaunched its £450m 'Troubled Families Programme'.
Blood is thicker than water...
The good lord looks after those who look after themselves.
Good job we have a God GOSH

Greece - still no Grexit dogs breakfast - is far from a recognised planet player in the world of sport.
It used to be long ago.
Football; thanks to FIFA and EUFA is now on the ball - didn't they win the EUFA cup once!
As a small nation state Greek individuals punch above their weight in a number of modern day sports.

JUNE 12th 2018

On this day

1458; Magdalen College, Oxford, was founded.
Pronounced maudlin; it is one of, if not the richest, colleges in the UNI industry.
Funded originally by the catholism rules OK establishment of Henry V11.
Elitism in whatever form is trying to firmly get on the front foot.
Funny how it is OK for international 'business'; yet, international socialism is a no go... GOSH

1667;The Dutch fleet,(proddies) burned - what no rape and pillage - Sheerness, sailed up the River Medway, raided Chatham dockyard, and then escaped with the royal barge, the Royal Charles.
A gang of really greedy gits have seriously mooted the (Con)struction of a royal yacht.
Wonder if it would have been Nuke or naturally powered!
In this era of 'austerity' if they ever use the metal from melted down wheelchairs and mobility vehicles to build a 'royal' yacht for one of the most dysfunctional families on benefit ever.
I will show what I can't shove my elbow up, in a hanging on high street store of your choice.
There we go GOSH

1819; English clergyman and author of 'The Water Babies', was born.
Charles Kingsley was the son of a church of England clergyman and, educated at the Cambridge uni version of magdelene college.
What unusual blend of, 'me,me,me' and charitable good will to all men was our Charlie Kingsley!
Today the church of England (christian) attendance is way on down; and the CofE was rather embarrassingly found to be a lower than minimum wage paying outfit.

1842; The death (aged 46 -how old) of Thomas Arnold, headmaster of Rugby School.
He had much influence on public school education in England and during his time at Rugby, Arnold gradually raised it to the rank of a great public school.
Public schools ( charitable for money only) teach how to control the plebs - subtly to some; less subtly to others.
Everyone deserves a decent education.
Have you been saddled with the grammar of an (un)graduated ghoul GOSH

Charles Kinsley was interested in Greek mythology; and, was reputed to be a friend of Darwin.
Greedy gits have hung on to the language of latin not Greek.
Italy - all roads haven't led to Rome for quite some time now - has recently lurched to the far right again, in the search for economic salvation - will the church - whatever the denomination go along for the ride!

JUNE 13th 2018

On this day

1625; King Charles I of England married Henrietta Maria of France.
Charlie one - who lost his head remember - preferred her to be known as Queen Mary of... The UK at the time.
Henrietta Maria was a French catholic high maintenance mama - disliked by the plebs; hence + the misdemeanors of her ruling by divine right, man; the revolution.
An early(ier) example of the pervasive internationality of royal greedy gits. GOSH

In well spun cohesive contemporary times multi-nationals take on the mantle/names of the nation state they seek profit from.
The degree of delusion depending on the strength of the multi/host nation at the time.
You can fool some of the people some of the time...
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

In our present economy under pressure and hence more spin.
We have the dual burden of greedy monarchy and multi.
Do people go with the flow!
The flow between the channel or the pond! The trading block or America first gang GOSH

The young of most/any nation state on this overheating planet quickly adapt to the prevailing economic climate when hewing out a living; If...
Is it time for change!
Time to go GOSH

Will the lurch to the right of EU member Italy affect the Greek loans and Brexit.
Ask the trumpers; what no lucid answer.
Ask the N Koreans!
International spin is getting hotter in this warming up planet.

JUNE 14th 2018

On this day

1645; The Battle of Naseby (Northamptonshire) was fought.
It was the key battle of the first English Civil War. 12,000 Royalist forces of King Charles I were beaten by 15,000 Parliamentarian soldiers commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell.
In them days, Northamptonshire was well into the roundhead gang.GOSH

Today it is known as Northants and is politically (democratically) totally under under the control of greedy git gang

Northants - name a town/city if you can - is in the East Midlands; further away from London than one thinks.
At the time of the 'revolution' northamptonshire had 2 establishment MPs.
The 2015 election returned 7 (yes 7) members to the westminster - different world - village.
Northants is most (in)famous for the Watford Gap
If you don't think that times are changing; watch the creeping north Gap GOSH

In 1995,Pauline Clare became the first woman to be appointed chief constable (Lancashire) in Britain.
In 2017; Cressida Dick was appointed commissioner of the Met by home sectretary - failed - more than less than by the book - family business, Amber Rudd.
Cressida was private school educated and Oxbridge Establishment offspring.
She was in charge of the operation that killed the south american electrician on his way to work.
Quote Cressida, 'we are seeing the glamourisation of violence' We all make mistakes - some more serious than others...
Mz Dick - her partner is a female police officer - earns more than twice as much as a Cabinet minister (expenses included - or not) Mind the Gap.GOSH

In this international era of austerity for some; wonder to what extent 'individual endeavour' rules OK in Greece!

JUNE 15th 2018

On this day

1215;King John agreed to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, or Great Charter of English liberties, at Runnymede, near Windsor.
The royals still ruled with the negative blessing of another ad hoc gang of greedy gits.

1825; The foundation stone of the New London Bridge was laid by ‘the grand old’ Duke of York.
It now spans an artificial lake in Arizona.
In this era of international western developed world austerity and IT; it is still two up/forward and one down/back.
The self preserving generationally opportune establishment taking devastatingly 'tough decisions' on behalf of the plebs.
Lets hear it for the greedy gits Gosh

1876; Newcastle Swing Bridge was opened today.
Designed and constructed by Sir W.G. Armstrong who lived at Cragside - well worth a visit.
The swing bridge was built and paid for by 'Bills' company; to enable war ships to sail further up the tyne and be fitted with guns.
Bill - middle class offspring - was knighted when he gave the patent of his field gun to the nation.
Mr/Sir Armstrong made his money from military and civil engineering and history has him down as a philanthropist - He gave jesmond dene to the plebs.
Let's hear it for a good! greedy git. GOSH

Bill Gates; boss of Microsoft - did they really all start up in a garage without any financial backing - is supposed to be a bit of a modern day softy philanthropist.
The IT industry spends more suing each other than the GDP of some medium size nation states.
Mr Gates donations to the 'poor' are done through 'trusts - accountants and lawyers; not far behind the bankers - Rule OK.
The fact of life is; plebs give a much higher percentage of their income to charity than greedy gits. NO GOSH

1998; Britain introduced a £2 coin.
1960; The farthing ceased to be legal tender.
The UK and Denmark are the only two members of the EU that are not/or obliged to be in the eurozone.
Switzerland - a very small nation(state); main language german - is not in the EU by referendum but has bilateral agreements and adopted many of the characteristics and practices of the Euro(zone) - don't mention the gnomes.
The banking crash - the new form of bad inflation for the many; driver of inequality - affected the economies of the two nation states that rely on banking the most; Us and the USofA.
This island nation state has always been divided between The EU and America.
The referendum result wasn't racist as a nation state - it was a protest again inequality; giz a decent job
Let's hope us plebs know where we are going GOSH

Greece has quite a few grexiteers - not enough! for a referendum.
A real socialist government has no truck with the centre right dominated condoned by the establishment EU.
However; as yet, the Greeks want to see change come from within...