FRI 9th JUNE 2017

 Greedy Git  Greek Socialist

1983; the tory party under thatcher won a second gobsmacking landslide victory.
Against the left wing leader Michael foot - turnout 72.7%.
The electorate voted for the rich gang.
This was the era of the start of real inequality.
Aware or not - some plebs became greedy gits.
Don't mention the politicians of any persuasion getting in on the game GOSH

Is Scotland reverting to historic type! - even in the age of information
The election result of yesterday was just another non violent battle in the war between the haves and have-nots.
You ain't seen nothing yet...
Will it end up a crying game! GOSH

Oh Theresa Theresa May they are whispering you away.
You won't walk down Downing St. any/much more.
There she was gone GOSH

Channel 1V had the sacked/sod off expediantly socialist Greek minister of finance on as a pundit last night.
Not many nation states have an actual academic economist in charge of the money - funny or 'not' the money not him.
He had to go cos he said, 'gehen seh' to the germans - failed to reach agreement - re the loans.

SAT 10th JUNE 2017

 Glenshiel Battle  Greek  Anti Austerity Demo

1719; the battle of Glenshiel - west highlands - government soldiers mostly jocks v Jacobites and Spaniards was won by the mercenary clans of the aristocracy.
The was the last 'close quarter' scrap against 'foreigners' on british soil.
Wonder when the 'two scotsmen fighting over a penny' joke originated.
The Scots have been split from loch to glen; since clans beganGOSH
Today emotions are high again; over the division of devolution and Europe.
If you are aware that England has been ripped apart economically by foreign - condoned by Brits - 'investment'... Spare a thought for those over the 'border'
No other 'country' on the planet is owned more by; those that don't live there.
Pst. wanna buy a holiday estate - just a few groats per glen.
Us rich don't care what currency or dosh GOSH

1921; the hubby of betty 11 was born as; Philopos Schleswig-Holstein Soenderburg-Glücksburg on the Greek island of Corfu.
Nice place shame about the prince.
Not many nation states pay/put up with royalty these days.
There they were gone GOSH.

Bob - boom town rat - Geldorf and John Paul - oily trust - Getty 11 were made honorary knights by betty 11.
Bob made his name from charity; made the top 100 list of britons - despite being a second generation Irishman of Belgian ancestory.
John Paul son of a yank billionaire who made his money from Arab oil; was a naturalised Brit - 'philanthropist'.
Wonder if his donations to the better off institutions and the tory party helped or hindered the rise of inequality.
Not so much a greedy git as a greedy getty GOSH

1990; British Airways pilot survived after being partly sucked out of the cockpit at 23,000 feet above London.
This year the BA CEO outsourced the IT department to India. How many shareholders have been suckered out of £x million when the system crashed.
Airlines can't cut corners can they; - don't you dare call uncontrolled capitalism greedy GOSH

As decision day for the greek loans repayment nears - the more and bigger the anti-austerity demos.
The fun has just begun in Greece and the UK.

SUN 11th JUNE 2017

 Wat was killed by the kings men  Socialist or Sucker

1381; Wat Tyler led the peasants of Southern England in a march to London; the first popular rebellion in English history.
His leadership proved one of the chief factors in the success of protest against the harsh taxation of the poorer classes.
Today; one can march independently to a polling booth - so near yet so far away.
The politics of the last generation and a half has produced a newish breed of more than collusion suspecting ; non-voter.
The last election results have brought about a 'time for change'; an even newer game GOSH

1907; Gloucestershire dismissed Northamptonshire for 12 runs. It was the lowest total in English county cricket.
George Dennett (a left arm spin bowler) took 8 wickets for 9 runs and the other 2 were caught by
England Test Player Gilbert Jessop.
Cricket is a sort classless game - there are still a number of pitches/clubs throughout the North East.
Personally; I am of the opinion, it's a pastime for the more lazier type of person.
Play the Game GOSH

Has one noticed the conveient collapse of whatever level of team - fill them seats.
More noticeable in cricket than most 'sports' cos of the no. of days of 'playing'.
True competition takes second place to money in all sport now.
Play the lucrative game GOSH.

Hold it; some gadgee - who makes a living from sport - is over egging British sport on the radio, this very moment.
All things international are coming to the UK - sport is more stable than politics.
Sport; and many other - not least the media - means of making a living in the UK are now dominated by the middle classes +.
All sport in this economy under pressure is now being subsidised by the taxpayer.
Footie fan fellows (and gals)don't believe me! - ask the taxman...
The game is a much gambled on less of a game GOSH

1987; Margaret Thatcher declared she was 'raring to go' after winning a record third term as Prime Minister.
Many years after 'they' had got rid of her; she was asked the secret of her success!
Was the reply, 'Tony Blair' a truism or taking it?
It's time for change - it's a different game now - there's no gamble GOSH

2012; Downing Street admitted that David Cameron had left his eight year old daughter in 'the pub'.
It took two months for the plebs to hear about it - have you ever left a young pleb in a pub?
The story proved embarrassing for the Prime Minister, as it came on the same day that the government relaunched its £450m 'Troubled Families Programme'.
Good timing from friendly! foe...
It took another two years and brexit for him to go GOSH

2014: JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, made a £1m donation to help fund the campaign against Scottish independence.
JK was born in the cotswolds and adopted Scotland - living in Edinburgh - when she hit the hard times.
JK is now a rich chum of 'new labour' - having made donations to the labour party.
Wonder if she'll make a donation to Jeremy Corbyn - 30 quid should do...
Real democracy isn't a game GOSH

The loan repayment Plan - more loans to pay off the last loans - has been agreed to by the Greek parliament.
More than half of the ruling coalition voted against - the socialist leader is losing influence.
These loans were arranged and given by private banks with the collusion and condoning of the at the time in power right wing government.
The Greek plebs are far from happy...

MON 12th JUNE 2017

 Dutch Man 'o' War  Trident Rocket

1667; The Dutch fleet under Admiral de Ruyter, burned Sheerness, sailed up the River Medway, raided Chatham dockyard, and, then escaped with the royal barge, the Royal Charles
A few determined people Eh - how can one stop them.
Does a nation state with a massive arms industry and a 'up yours' foreign policy rely on nukes!
Whats a few pleb lives cost in a minor fracas - give em a bit -not too much- gold GOSH

This world has lurched to the right - politically and economically.
As each generation comes on line; they make the best of what is put in front of them.
The haves barge about delirousily oblivious to the inequality experienced by the have-nots.
A surreal world without greedy gits GOSH

We are now suddenly, in a world of sudden realisation.
This is the third time the really greedy gits have got it wrong.
Trying to get it right; plebs have moved to the right - that's life
They can't be wrong and still greedy - time for change; where's the gong NO GOSH

Before and since; the last UK election result; all manner of well off haves have cried too loudly for 'stability' 'Stability' means, let's (me me me) hang on to what we got GOSH

The brexit vote came about cos of inequality.
Greece has greater inequality than us - yet they remain in the EU by economic principle not preferred practice.
Funny that - funnier than the funny money the western greedy gits are using to keep their world together

TUES 13th JUNE 2017

 King Charles the First  Princ Charlie

1625; Charlie one married Henrietta Maria of France - she was a fifteen year old catholic .
An intense period of international indulgence - when the rich arranged marriage for money.
Sex and a bit less violence for the gold GOSH

1652 George Fox preached from a wild and remote spot on Firbank Fell, - one of the flatter bits - Cumbria; to a congregation of about 1,000 for 3 hours.
"The meeting was the first mass gathering of the Society of Friends, known as Quakers." Today the quakers in the UK - Excluding N.Ireland - number about 14,200 adults.
The ones most likely to knock on a door near you; 'Jehovas witnesses' - just over 137,000 of them!
Being a man/wo of God is a die/trying trade in this era of time...
The word for all forms of non-believers is irreligion.
True practicing religous numbers are going...GOSH

Many of the original immigrants to the Americas were persecuted religious minorities.
In this present world of uncertaintity; what has The USof A got in common with Israel?
The oppressed have become the oppressors.
Does the good lord pra(e)y for/on the guillable. GOSH

Quaker oats was wrongly associated with the UK/Scotland - It's an American Multi and has been for generations.
Scots porridge oats was Scottish - all the fields and mills (all) are now owned by pepsico.
They even own that brand of crisps - and many super maket stocked snacks - advertised by an ex footie fellow from Leicester.
Mergers and acquisitions is a nice little earner for those bankers and legal chums that now create funny money.
Life for some is even grander GOSH

1974; the present prince charles - next in line! to be boss of the freebie factory - maid his maiden (no giggling) speech in the house of lords; Oh lordy!
The first royal hanger on to do so for 90 years.
A resurgence to riches for the royals.
Today; the royal greedy git gang are relatively more well off than those in a wheelchair.
Let them smell gold and off they go GOSH

Greece and Turkey have just shared an earthquake - Greece got the worst of it by far.
The two countries didn't share the refugees when Turkey done the deal with the EU.
Heres a few bob to close your borders - Greece took the brunt of immigration.
Greece is a member of the EU - Turkey is desperately applying to join.
Pressure from all angles - don't mention the EU - mostly German - Loans.

WED 14th JUNE 2017

 Blackheath Today  Tennis or technology

1381; Richard II met leaders of Wat Tyler's Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath - a neutral venue for not happy with their lot plebs
The Tower of London was stormed by rebels who entered without resistance.
The revolt later came to be seen as a mark of the beginning of the end of serfdom in medieval England.
Although the revolt itself was a failure it increased awareness in the upper classes of the need for the reform of feudalism in England
And; the appalling misery felt by the lower classes as a result of their enforced near-slavery.
What goes around; comes around
Unless your pleb mate is shot
Don't go to ground

1822; Englishman Charles Babbage proposed an automatic, mechanical calculator (he called it a difference engine).
He is considered a 'father of the computer' and is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer
that eventually led to more complex designs.
The IT industry was meant to aid the manufacture of material artifacts.
The tail is now wagging the dog...
Invest in me and I'll flip flop you free...
We'll have a great lifestyle
They giggled with glee...

There's a disconnect between humans and computers - the gap is increasing.
Not in the training as such; as nation states compete for economic advantage.
Don't shove your kids up the chymney - get another nations kids to make chips not eat them.
In the era of instant information; technology is creating more irony than affluence.
The haves can only taste the affluence - they can't see the irony.
The keyboard rules ok - don't go back to the crayon.
Tell that to the second generation offspring of the still alive granny GOSH

The family that plays together; stays together.
Greek families; despite the advances in technology; still play together more than the more developed economies.
The family unit on the mainland of Europe is stronger than the one on the UK.
Families throughout the world cannot suck keyboards together - they never sucked but could; suck crayons together.

THURS 15th JUNE 2017

 No Pics for Rubber kneckers

1381; Wat tyler - leader of the plebs revolt - was killed today at Smithfield; a meeting with the king.
At a white flag truce; the unnarmed Tyler was killed by the Mayor of london and a.n. other greedy git.
The untrained plebs panicked and fled.
Has anyone seen that video of the previous mayor - boris johnson - telling a member of a meeting to 'get stuffed'.
He had raised concerns about the cuts affecting fire safety.
How many fires in a high rise yacht!
Who's to live and who's to die - isn't life great GOSH

Does it take a tragedy like the towers to concentrate the mind!
Yesterday; we we made aware of the difference engine - are all men and women fitted with an indifference heart!

'I have nothing against rich brothers and sisters. Pray for 'em every day'.
But callousness and indifference, greed and avarice is something that's shot through all of us.'

'Nothing is so fatal to religion as indifference.'

'The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush.
It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.

In this era of 'lets hang on'; has a prayer got about as much weight as a politicians promise!
Is it irony or a fact of life; that a royal borough has one of the greatest levels of inequality
What's that cliche!
'When the going gets...' No GOSH

GREECE The Greeks have a history of tragedy.
Has Greece greater inequality the the UK.
Life - for some - goes on as money makes the world go around.
Is life a bitch!
Walk a mile in... or live in his/her flat - sorry apartment.

FRI 16th JUNE 2017

 War Cry  Womens Institute

1779; Spain declared war on Britain, and the Great Siege of Gibraltar began.
In February 1783 the siege was lifted and the French and Spanish troops retired, disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months' conflict.
The final peace treaty left Gibraltar with the British, but the victorious British garrison sustained a loss of 1,231 men, and expended 8,000 barrels of gunpowder.
In the days of war war before jaw jaw; gunpowder was black gold; for those plebs that died early it was fools gold. GOSH

1880; The distinctive Salvation Army ladies' bonnets were worn for the first time when they marched in procession in London.
You're in the methodist army now...
A charitable quasi army organisation that relies on charity.
Is the concept of a church army a uniform irony.
Give god everything but a gun GOSH

Once went to Saltwell Park to walk the westie.
This generation think that the park is a haven of well kept somewhat organised escapism.
The park and other public spaces used to be kept relatively immaculate.
Must have just missed the sally bash band, at the bandstand.
The jazz/rockandroll impromptu private session of five of the remainers in the nearby shelter, was certainly a sight and sound to proverbially behold.
A one off; of, brass joyously going for gold GOSH

1915;The foundation of the Women's Institute, the WI. - imported from America
Its two aims were to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War.
It is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK.
Once had to pass through the room of a displayed WI food competition.
The quality and the quantity - I understand it was duly scoffed - was truly staggering; for 'amateurs'.
The WI is now said to be a middle class organisation - ever heard of the towns women Guild GOSH


The people who hold the Greek debt are the ones insisting on reform.
Reform means privatisation of Greek national assetts.
The private banks are queueing up to grab the 'loads of money'; they hope will soon be up for grabs.